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Apocalypse Chamber Match

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A match inside the confines of a modified elimination chamber (without the pods). The only paths to elimination are by pin falls, submissions or knockouts.
The top 8 lunatics will receive titles shots at the AWS championships based on their order of elimination.
7th/8th Place Shot at the AWS Tag Team Championships
6th Place Become the AWS Pure Champion
5th Place Shot at the AWS Parental Advisory Championship
4th Place Shot at the AWS Radical Championship
3rd Place Shot at the AWS Underground Championship
2nd Place • Shot at the AWS Goddess Championship
1st Place Shot at the AWS Pinnacle Championship
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"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter is seen walking into the Carrier Dome in Syracuse,New York then he starts walking down the hallway towards the locker room then he sees his new girlfriend Julieta standing in front of his locker room and she's pacing back and forth as she seems upset about something then "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter walks up behind Julieta then he spins her around then he playfully pushes her up against the wall then he passionately kisses Julieta

Julieta's eyes widened in surprised but she gave into the kiss, breaking it after a moment just to voice her reaction from the sudden yet passionate lip lock,

Julieta:Wow...what's that about baby?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I just wanted to calm you down because you looked like something was on your mind...Are you okay baby?? you know you can tell me anything

Julieta: I'm just worried about you. Since you told me that you might be in the Apocalypse Chamber match. Are you sure about this?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I am going to enter the chamber match because i could possible get a championship match in my back pocket even after i win the pinnacle championship on ward in a couple of weeks

Julieta: I know but I just don't want to see you get hurt too much.

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter takes her hand as he looks into her eyes

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:At least i would have a hot nurse

Julieta's parents warned her about men like Mike. Handsome, dangerous, can charm almost anyone into doing what he wanted. But Julieta didn't care. Mike made her feel good, made her feel loved.

Julieta: You sure would handsome.

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter guides her into his locker room and he sits down and pulls Julieta on to his lap

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:How are your parents?? do they know about us??

Julieta's smile faded upon hearing this question but not by much.

Julieta: Not yet but I thought about it. Are you sure you want to meet them?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter leans to Julieta then he kisses her lips as he looks into her eyes then he pulls away smiling

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Yes i would love to meet them and i have no problem meeting them..parents love me

Julieta: I'll tell you what. After your match at AC I'll have you meet mi familia.

Julieta answered this with warmth in her tone and Mike convinced her. She'd introduce him to her folks after his big event match.

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter kisses her once again

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I'd love that..how about we go to this interview then go home?

Julieta nodded after the kiss.

Julieta: That's a good idea.

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter wraps his arms around her as he looks down at her

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Okay...Why don't we get back home?

Julieta:Okay babe..let's go

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter & Julieta leave the Carrier Dome in Syracuse,New York

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"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi W/Aimee Rossi are seen walking the streets of Syracuse as she hands her cell phone over to her sister Aimee as she is recording her promo

"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:Now i have decided to participate

"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:It don't really matter to me which title shot i get

"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:The Wrescking Crew is here to wreck havoc and take what's ours

"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi tells her sister to cut the feed then she walks away

The video feed ends

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The arena is eerily quiet as the place is empty, a single white spotlight suddenly illuminates the entrance area and there stands the son of AWS Founder Charlie Feigel, Kid Kaos raises a microphone up to mid chest.

"There comes a time when a son must step out of the shadows of his pops, my father is of course the biggest name in this company to date. His shadow shades just about the entire roster except maybe Scotty Paine, alas I come out here tonight with my father's blessing to live my dream of one day holding one of the many championships of this company. A company that one day will be mine, a company that has history dating back almost 20 years to Asylum Sports Entertainment and beyond even that to be quite frank."

Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing.

"The concept of the match of which I'm about to enter, it was created to severely shorten careers; whether my father admits it or not. The Apocalypse Chamber has been created, the response to it has been phenomenal and my god I want to be a part of that, of the history in the making if you will. Fuck I don't just want to be a part of that, I want to be a the winner of the match and to do that I must kick some ass and take names like the man I look up to, my father. I seen what everyone else has been spouting, I heard them all loud and clear and I looked closely at the screen into the eyes of the wicked beasts themselves and for the first time I sensed fear in those eyes. Fearing the unknown, fearing the what ifs, fear the what and the why, how come? It's only two miles in chains and weapons for days all over the damn place. Then I thought about that question, I thought why the hell not? Fear is the most used emotion in the world, we're afraid of our own shadows, we have doubts in our minds about our safety daily with the Corona Virus looming over our heads for years now. We down ourselves as weak and insignificant when our job security is in constant peril, we navigate the deepest end of the swimming pool that is life and damn it looks fucking terrifying."

Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing.

"Terror in the cage, terror in the world that is the ultimate cage for all of us animals, what to do, what to do. Now look, I came to the realization that my opponents fear each other and they fear what one might do to them to get what they want, with me in this match you don't have to wonder what I will do, I will actually show what I am going to do to all of you in that cage of chains and the violence that will be displayed by everyone and of course myself will be so intense it won't be deems suitable for children or for those weakened by their sensibilities. OH BOY! Blood will flow, hell you might see someone's guts splayed open like an autopsy is being performed on them. I am not going to say what I might do, I won't even say what I will do, like certain family members I have I will show up and I will give you a show that will leave no doubt about who the hell I am."

Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing.

"Let me highlight some of the names in this bitch, Scotty Paine the hardcore icon, the true elder statesman of this company and the patriarch of the House of Paine. Mr. Paine or Scotty, whatever the hell you wish to the be called is neither here or their but you've earned my respect. I respect you because you are the man you say you are, the man who does the most hardcore moves I've seen in my damn life and even sometimes you surprise the world with ones we haven't seen. Scotty your time should've end years and years ago, shortened by age and ultra violence, you depress me old man because you should be enjoying your twilight years and not facing youngsters such as me in matches anymore."

Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing.

"Lucky, ducky we have women of extreme violence in this company, I am well aware that it's 2022 and women's rights to do whatever the hell they please gives them license to come into this damn match. Summer Bliss is a two time AWS Pinnacle Champion, two times you've lost that title. A reminder that the best of the best can be beat by anyone, the gold comes to those who work hard, to those who have skills and to be truthfully honest with you honey that you may have both traits, but you've hit a slump that isn't going to end in this match."

Kid Kaos laughs a little then his face turns serious again.

"Anyways, I do not have anything else to say, my talking will be inside that chamber of horrors. Oh betcha ass it's going to be a horror show. Welcome to HELL!"

Kid Kaos laughs a little, then walks backstage.


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Act 1: Going Native


"They say if you stay in a place long enough you start to believe you are part of that culture... Maybe it's true but maybe it's just something in the air... But then again... Maybe I'm just crazy..."


The scene opens on the beautiful Georgia countryside. The late afternoon sun had started to settle behind the horizon for another day, as the sound of the birds filled the air as the sweet smell of fresh cut grass drifted to ones senses. The weather had started to turn warm and the land was once again turning green as the small blooms on the trees could be seen. Bright yellow daffodils sprung up in front yards while tulips  could be seen just starting to bloom. The camera moves along the long stretch of road passing by older homes  and toward the massive fields where farm animals roamed and grazed. The camera passes over the fields and soon comes to a stop on all too familiar home that seemed to be right out of a horror movie. The outside seemed in disrepair and the grass had faded to a dull brown. The camera moves to the interior of the massive estate where the interior is nicely kept and seems to be kept as it had been when the house was first built. The dark hard wood floors had been polished to a bright shine, and the dark walls were covered with pictures and awards that had been earned. Voices could be heard coming from the kitchen somewhere in the back of the house as the smell of something sweet seemed to drift on the air. We see an all too familiar face, the young Goddess of the Dead, Necra Octavian Kane dressed in a pair of cut off Daisy Dukes and a low cut top that left very little to the imagination. A pair of black cowboy boys were on her feet as she stood at the island in the kitchen looking over a cookbook. Sitting on one side of her was a yellow pony with a brown cowboy hat with three apples on her hind quarters. While a bright pink pony with balloons on her hind quarters. 

Voice 1: You should make more cupcakes!

Necra: I have some in the oven Pinkie!

Pinkie Pie: You can never have too many.

Voice 2: What about something with a bit more substance? 

Necra: What did you have in mind Applejack?

Applejack: Well what about a pie? 

Necra looks down at the cookbook and sees that there was a recipe for meat pies. She smiles a strange smile as Ex and Johnny come in through the back door.

Ex: Hey babe.

Johnny: Hey Spooky.

Ex: What's that smell?

Necra: Cupcakes...

Johnny: They're normal cupcakes right?

Necra: Of course... Why would I ruin perfectly good cupcakes?

Johnny sees the page with the meat pies on it and looks back at Necra. 

Johnny: What kid of meat are you going to use?

Necra: I'm not sure... But just know when I'm done with them they'll be perfect in every way. 

Ex: Oh yeah something came for you in the mail.

He hands Necra a letter. She slowly opens it as a strange smile appears on her dark lips.

Johnny: What is it?

Necra: It's a contract...

Ex: From who?

Necra: AWS...

Johnny: I thought you were done with them?

Necra: I did to, but I've been in talks and well... They must have finally agreed to what I wanted. 

Ex: Knowing you it was a lot.

Necra: Don't be silly... I just asked for what I deserved, that's all. 

Johnny: We all know that you don't come cheap.

Necra narrows her eyes and sighs. 

Necra: Haha. Very funny. Now if you excuse me I still have pies to make. 

She kisses Ex on the cheek as Johnny tips his hat to her before they head out of the kitchen. She looks over the contract and signs the bottom before setting it aside. 

Apple Jack: So who are you facing off against?

Necra: It's a bunch of different people. It's a battle royale, over the top match for chances at the current title holders... And I have such plans on getting back what is rightfully mine.

Pinkie Pie: Their souls? Their blood? Their organs?

Apple Jack: I think she means a title there Pinkie Pie.

Necra: That's right, but first I have to get through the  rest of the losers first before I can do so. 

Pinkie Pie: Who are the losers you have to face?

Necra grabs her phone and starts to run down the last few promos that people had posted. She couldn't help but laugh at the last one. Kid Chaos. 

Necra: Kid Chaos... You have talent... Maybe, but it won't be enough to stop a former Pinnacle Champion,  and Goddess Champion. What have you done? Anything? You go after the big threats in the match and you don't think that you're going to lose? You will lose and when you do you will realize that you are not worthy of even holding a title, let alone stand against someone like myself. I may have been out of the business for a little while but I've kept myself ready, in shape, and ready for anything and anyone if I ever stepped back into the ring. My boy you have no idea what you are about to face.

She smirks as she starts to pull ingredients from the cupboards and sets them on the counter.

Apple Jack: What are you making?

Necra: I think it's going to be something that my daddy taught me.

Pinkie Pie: A special pie?

Apple Jack: If it's one of your daddy's recipes then it could mean just  about anything.

Necra: I know but you know what it's worth the look on my man's face when he takes that first bite.

Apple Jack: True. 


Necra: It'll be the same one I get when I put my opponents  over that top rope. I mean look at who else is in this match. Someone that calls herself the Byker Bytch? What kind of name is that? I mean who does she think she is really? Come on. What has she done to even make take notice of her besides boss around some guy named Darrick? I've never heard of her. She doesn't pose any threat to me. I've taken down bigger names, and bigger people. Tell me Byker Bytch... Have you ever won any titles? Who have you defeated to get where you are? Or should I even bother addressing you at all? I don't think I'm going to waste too much time on you because we all know that I am superior to y'all. 

She smiles as she starts to mix a few things in a bowl and forms a soft  dough within. 

Necra: Miss Bliss... You claim that you lost YOUR Pinnacle title, but I'm afraid that it's mine. I laid claim to it long before anyone else did and I plan on doing whatever I have to, to get it back, and if that means I have to push you over the top and make sure you hit that floor below then I'll do everything that I can to make it happen. You see I might have been away for a little while but it's not going to change anything. I haven't been out of the game that long, and I plan on doing everything that I can to make it all the way to the end and face off against whoever has it by the end of the night.  And what about this The Forgotten One Sabrina Rossi? Honey you will be forgotten by the end of this match. You see I plan on taking you and everyone else that stands in my way out one way or another. So if you have any idea about trying to stop me, then you better get those thoughts out of your pretty little head before I take it from your shoulders.

She laughs as her eyes  flash red. 

Necra: And lets not forget Mister Mike Dumb ass! I mean Dimter! Tell me how has life been treating you? Are you still worthless and utterly useless like you were before or are you actually trying to get somewhere in the company?  I mean it's just a friendly question... Actually... Who am I kidding? You are one of the biggest losers in this company and not such a hit with the ladies. What did you have to do to get the one you got now? Drugs? Hypnosis? Because from what I heard you're not such a ladies man. But I digress. I  plan on making you an example of what you are and what you always will be. A dumb ass! Jada Pinket Smith... I mean Jada Phoenix... Really sleeping with the babysitter? That is just wrong on so many levels. Jesus girl find a man, find someone that doesn't have kids before you fuck them and enjoy life. Life is too short to be tied down to someone.  But why join a company such as this? I mean are you in it to win it or are you just looking at this like a game and want to play with the big boys and girls? Or are you just trying to prove something to yourself? I hate to tell you but you're not going to stand up to me. I've been in this business a long time and don't plan on going away anytime soon.So enjoy your view from under my boot when I walk away with what is rightfully mine.

Necra picks up a knife that looks somewhat out of place. It's jagged and darker in color than the rest. She twists it on her finger drawing a slight bit of bright red crimson and lets it drip on the counter below. She sets it back down and gets a towel to wrap her finger in.

Apple Jack: The color of an apple dipped in candy.


Pinkie Pie: Or the aftermath of the Pegasus Device.

Necra: You're right Pinkie it does. You know when I stand before my followers they quake in fear of me, but they love me. So it's a love fear thing... But tell me... What do you think of when a teacher stands in front of you?

Apple Jack: You mean like Twilight?

Necra: No I mean like an actual teacher... 

Pinkie Pie: Like Miss Cheerlie?

Necra: Yeah. Do you see a fierce competitor? Or someone that can stand to a former champion twice over? I mean how pathetic is that really? So what if she was trained by more losers? They held titles, they did this, they did that... On and on and on... Who cares who trained Miss Mario? I was trained by the BEST in the world. I don't speak his name for he might come and sit beside me. But then again, I had my parents train me, my boyfriend and so many others that I've known over the years and I've done well for myself. I've been in hall of fames, champion in so many places. Hell my name is on a plaque somewhere in the AWS under the Pinnacle Championship. Tell me why I should be worried about some wannabe trained by losers and gamer geeks? I'm not, but she should be worried about me. I don't back down. I wonder how many languages she speaks... I speak eight fluently. Ten if I count ancient languages. I am superior to Miss Mario in every sense of the word and she will be schooled in a lesson she won't soon forget. 

She laughs as the other two voices join in. 

Necra: Scotty... What about Scotty? Who cares about Scotty? You've come out of retirement for this match? I never knew you existed in this company let alone be anything of a threat to anyone. You sound like a whiner, not a winner. You think you all big and bad when you're nothing but an old star looking for new glory and a title that you don't deserve. I plan on making sure that you don't make it past the first few eliminations.  Aloni... A former champion. Congrats. But I don't care if you held a title, or lost it or who you lost it to. Do you know why that is? It's simple. I'm better than you. I don't back down from a fight, I don't care if I bleed, if I make you bleed that's all the better. I do commend you on your service though. But what you learned in the service isn't going to help against someone that embodies death in every sense of the word.

Necra pulls a rather large knife from a wooden knife block and  takes a piece of her hair splitting it on the knife's edge.

Pinkie Pie: That knife is so shhhhaarrrppp!

Apple Jack: That would take the hide off of anything you used it on.

Necra: It's a good thing though. I need to cut the meat that I need now don't I?

Apple Jack: Yeah, I guess you do.

Necra: It's hard to see the last fool that thinks they're going to win this match. I mean he's called Shadow Walker... I've known a few...I mean I come from a world where I walk in shadow to tread in the footsteps of the living. I'm always there, just out of reach, lost in the darkness around them. But shadows move, but never leave a trace. They are silent, but seem to be almost heard on the wind. But this one... This so called Shadow Walker will feel the wrath that I will bring down upon him in the end and whoever else decides to step into the ring for this match. I might have been away for a little while but it hasn't been that long and I know when all is said and done I will be the last one standing and going after what is rightfully mine. You can come at me with everything that you have and hope and pray that it'll be enough to put down the Goddess of Death, The Queen of the Dead, The Lady in Black, The Reaper of Souls, The Angel of Death, and The Child of Heaven and Hell. Fear me; for when you look upon me you'll see your end. See you soon and good luck... You're going to need it.

With that Necra walks to what appears to be a walk in freezer as cold air rushes out around her. She moves past large slabs of meat and moves to the back of the freezer and smiles a sinister smile as muffled screams are heard, with the scene fading to black.

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Konrad's counselling session with Aaron. Chicago, Illinois. Tuesday 12th April (Off-Camera)

Hard times have hit Konrad as he's in the building of Chicago Cognitive Behavioural Treatment Centre, somewhere he regularly visits since a month ago to tackle his explosive behaviour, but not only that but his anger issues. Since March last year, Konrad had lost the plot with everything because of his career falling flat, and he was known to drink a lot of alcohol because he wasn't happy.

They sit in the office, looking directly at each other in the eyes, even with Konrad fidgeting his hands, as he always does as a sign of nerves. It is also a sign of him being ready to get into action if things ever get heated like they usually do. However, today was different as Aaron nodded his head at Konrad, who had always felt comfortable wearing the red and black face paint.

Aaron Tyrone: "So, how are things with you?"

Konrad Raab: "I've lost my anger more than once lately. For some reason, all I want to do is be angry. Just feel my life is collapsing to my knees."

Aaron Tyrone: "That doesn't sound good at all. What makes you want to explode on everyone, and why do you feel your life is collapsing?"

Konrad Raab: "It's more people still taking the piss out of me in wrestling, especially those who don't even know what I've been up to. I've lost control of myself. So much so that I'm beginning to enjoy being angry."

Konrad had changed so much with his life with his ex-wife and being with his children. However, Konrad hadn't gotten into that part of his life, apart from being divorced in his life. He already shakes his fist on the table.

Aaron Tyrone: "It still didn't answer the question of why your life is collapsing."

Konrad Raab: "I feel it is. With me not able to do anything about my past, I have to live with the fact I have to cope with my dad torturing and beating me my whole life. It made me feel the hidden anger I bottled up wasn't worth it."

Aaron Tyrone: "Could that be why you've wanted to end your life on more than one occasion and enjoy being angry?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes, but I'm angry at the world with people treating me like a piece of shit. It didn't help or benefit me. But I have problems if I enjoy anger a lot. Aaron, and hear me out when I say this, I got to be honest, and you better not do anything when I do."

Aaron saw the tension of Konrad being very shaky, having his left fist on the table, leading to having him have his right fist on the table. It was apparent Konrad wanted to fight Aaron but was unable to. However, what struck out was Konrad having something to say and Aaron, who looked severe at Konrad.

Aaron Tyrone: "I'm all ears."

Konrad Raab: "Sometimes, wrestling isn't enough for me to let all of my anger out. So much anger I let out that I go and do the one thing I never want you to report me for, illegal street fighting. I love fighting. It's an addiction I've had ever since I discovered my ex-wife cheating on me. I go out and do illegal street fights because it's the one place in the world I never feel restricted from doing anything. I love to fight, and I thrive on it. Boxing and MMA restrict me from doing what I want to do to people, and wrestling does sometimes restrict me from beating people."

Aaron Tyrone: "I understand, but at the same time, you realise you'll be arrested potentially if you're caught doing the stuff you do regarding your illegal street fighting?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes, but I love it. I love beating people and being a bully. I do it all with anger and the intent to hurt people. I love to make them and myself bleed. So much so that I feel I'm a god damn vampire. I love having blood sprayed on me. I love cutting myself and my opponents open, making them bleed."

Aaron Tyrone: "Because of the hell you've been put through when you were younger?"

Konrad nodded, admitting that he was doing it to make himself feel better. It's the one thing he had grown a lot to doing as of late, and it wasn't good, not in any way, but even to go the lengths of being a vampire? That was a new one on Aaron. Aaron heard everything Konrad said, and it got him super curious.

Aaron Tyrone: "So you are a psychopath. That's very clear as day to me, and you have a mind that is very well not you. I hear you want to be a vampire? You don't look anything like a vampire to me. But this addiction to fighting and blood, that's not good."

Konrad Raab: "Oh wonderful, thanks for telling me I'm a psychopath once again. I love fighting and violence. I don't fucking kill anyone, as much as I want to at times, but I back the fuck off once I know they are well and truly done for. If there's fighting in the alleyway with gangs, I watch them beat people down, and I sometimes join the gang to fight. It's the joy of violence."

Aaron Tyrone: "All of the things you will get arrested for. I appreciate you don't use knives or guns to kill people or beat people to death, but you will eventually get to that stage. You will eventually begin to hate yourself more than you do right now. How does that feel, knowing you got kids and they see you wa................."

Konrad Raab: "Don't you dare bring them into this. Having my kids with me is the only time I don't fight because I'm fucking responsible around them. I don't fight or watch fights with them around, and I have them home bi-weekly. I got them for Easter this weekend. The last thing on my mind with them around is fighting."

It became clear to Aaron that it was an issue when he was on his own. More when he had the freedom to have fresh air and enjoy fighting both as a spectator and to be a fighter. It was a severe problem. Especially Konrad admitting even if he doesn't have tenancies to kill people, the thought of him doing so was there.

Aaron Tyrone: "OK, I'm sorry. I only said that so I could help you. I'm glad you act normal around them. The last thing we need is for you to encourage your kids to be violent and become bullies. I hate to say this to you, but since you were honest about you doing the illegal street fighting, now it's time, to be honest to you."

Konrad Raab: "Like I've not heard anything worse, but go ahead."

Aaron Tyrone: "I need to see you wrestle and do these illegal street fights to see how you are like."

Konrad Raab: "No way. I don't want to be treated hand and foot like the rest of these fucking idiots. No, I want to do shit on my own, thank you very much. I trust myself, not other people."

Aaron Tyrone: "OK, but I need to see you fight to see how far you go. It doesn't have to be at Supreme Championship Wrestling; it can be anywhere. I want to be honest to you that you will have to be admitted into an asylum."

Konrad Raab: "Oh, so my freedom gets taken away as well? Fucking wonderful, knew you were fucking useless."

Konrad threw the chair across the room and went straight for Aaron, but little did he know that a security alert went, and they jumped in and pulled Konrad away from Aaron; more, he didn't like the sound of him being admitted in an asylum. The problem was Konrad couldn't stop. He couldn't stop kicking, and punching people and Aaron saw Konrad having a smile on his face, seeing blood from the punch he gave to Aaron.

Aaron Tyrone: "Oh, I get it. You did that because you want to beat me? You can't seem to handle the truth is your issue, Konrad. Also, how do you know I was planning to put you into a normal asylum. No, you need a lot of fucking help and one you will benefit from. I saw a wrestling company called Asylum Wrestling Society, and I believe they are looking for more admissions."

Konrad Raab: "Yes, taking away every right of me living free is exactly what I wanted to do, fantastic Aaron."

Aaron Tyrone: "You're looking at it all wrong. I've admitted you there because you get the time to go and do your NASCAR racing and wrestling in other companies, they are aware of that, but you do need to go in because you need consistent help. You get to wrestle there, even if it means at times living there."

Konrad Raab: "You lying piece of garbage. Let me go, guards."

Konrad was struggling to get free, and he wanted to beat more sense into Aaron, who saw Konrad having this pent up anger, and the worst thing was he enjoyed it. Aaron thought it was going to do Konrad a lot of good, a place where he would have to wrestle and get the help he desperately needs, but at the same time, have the freedom to go where he wants.

Aaron Tyrone: "I got the contract to prove those freedom plans exist. Look."

Aaron picked the papers up and showed them right in Konrad's face, who tried to be free and fight Aaron again. Konrad licked the blood from Aaron's face since the security guards had grabbed Konrad's arms. Konrad looks at the papers, and then for the first time since Aaron brought up the asylum discussions, he relaxes, and the security stands at the back of the room.

Konrad Raab: "See, I love getting angry."

Aaron Tyrone: "I also see you love blood too. Does it satisfy you when you bust someone open?"

Konrad Raab: "Yes. I love placing blood on my wall and feeling victorious with it. Like a trophy I take with pride."

Aaron Tyrone: "You are very sick and need a lot of help. I will still be your therapist, but you need to relax and stop thinking of violence, pain, and blood. You're going to Asylum Wrestling Society and wrestle there. Your first match will be in the Chamber match."

Konrad Raab: "Fine, you can see me wrestle there, but you're banned from coming to other wrestling shows, alright?"

Aaron nodded his head; clearly, Konrad was forbidding Aaron from seeing him compete in Supreme Championship Wrestling specifically but wasn't with Asylum Wrestling Society for some reason. More so that, Konrad knew when he starts there, Aaron would be far from being hurt, and Konrad not feel responsible for it. 

Still, it was the life he had to accept, no matter how much it hurt Konrad. It was best for him, and Aaron knew it would benefit Konrad more than a regular asylum. Konrad was allowed to go back home.


Being forced to wrestle inside an asylum wrestling company, but gladly take the challenge on. Chicago, Illinois. Wednesday 13th April. (On-Camera)

It's been hard for Konrad to overcome when his psychologist forces him into an asylum. Although Konrad got special permission to leave when he had to because of other wrestling venues and NASCAR races, he was allowed to come in and out, knowing he'd have to sleep in one for a day or two inside the asylum. 

However, today is where he usually does all of his videos for matches in an abandoned warehouse. It's where someone covered the windows in blood, skeletons on each corner of the room and the blood of victims he has placed on the wall. But there's one crucial thing Konrad has with him, the Underground title. He holds the belt close to him before he puts it behind him. He sits down on the metal chair with the floor covered in red paint, looking directly at the camera.

Konrad Raab: "I didn't expect to be here for you useless fucks. First, it wasn't my idea to be in this asylum, nor was it the companies. I was forced to be here by my psychologist, who, according to him, would benefit me by being here and seeking help for my anger issues. I've become one truly nasty fucker you do not want to mess with. Because I don't know who the fuck I'm facing in a match, nor do I want to know, in these situations, I end up talking about myself so let me introduce myself to those so-called lunatics who the hell I am for those who don't know me already."

He breathes in and out, giving him time to catch his breath, especially since he gets angry very quickly and doesn't know who he will face in the battle royal. Looks with intensity at the camera.

Konrad Raab: "I'm Konrad Raab, a wrestler who's been in this business ten years, and currently, as we speak, I'm the Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground champion. I have to be the one representing the company in this type of environment. Although it was bullshit how I was forced into this situation, I will take it because I love getting involved in violent matches, brutally beating the shit out of everyone in my way."

It was clear that Konrad was relishing the forced opportunity to show how much of a lunatic he could be in the ring. He hadn't long been this hateful and vicious, but at the same time, it's to leap him forward for the future.

Konrad Raab: "Most importantly, I intend to not only make you all hate me but hate the way I collect blood from my victims, and anyone who's stepping in this match against me are victims of what pain and suffering I will give to you all. I don't care who you are or what companies you're from. I aim to treat every one of you like pieces of shit. Because you see, it's never been all happy roses; I've been bullied, abused, mocked, and taken the piss on and even been viciously beaten by my father, who is dead. So you may know me, may not, but I aim to cause so much pain that you will eventually not like me. Why? because I feel psychical and emotional pain every single day."

Konrad had the one thing he always does when he does these types of videos: to pour red paint all over his body as he laughs evilly, surrounding himself with the sounds of screams, licking his lips.

Konrad Raab: "So the only way to remove that pain is to beat all of you, making you all bleed and make all of you cut me open to remove my pain, and I will be happy. So Apocalypse Chamber match is where I make my start, huh? It sounds like my cup of tea, as the saying goes. From the information I was given, it's not about how both feet must touch the floor garbage; you can eliminate anyone by pinfall, submission or knockouts. Inside of a lunatic elimination chamber, something I have been in a few times before, but the difference now compared to back then is I will thrive off using the chamber to crack people open. I won't hesitate to make everyone bleed from the chains I'll use to wrap around my fist and punch them."

It was pure addiction for Konrad to have the sense of blood addiction in his nature, and he realises the case of his thoughts could be spot on as he pours more red paint on his body. He imagined that the blood of his victims was all over him.

Konrad Raab: "I bet some of you in this match aren't labelled as lunatics or even come close to it. The only reason why most of you are in this company is because of the chances of being a champion or having a title shot soon. The tag titles are the only title I will refuse flat out because of being backstabbed back in October. Other than that, I don't give a shit. As of right now, I don't even give a shit what you wrestlers have to say to me because this is every person for themselves. We all are hungry and should be violent enough to go and hurt every single one of your opponents to win."

Although he's hyping the match, he enjoys the taste of paint he eats, feeling that his opponent's blood is covered all over his black and red suit and himself. He heard the screams, nodding his head with a smile.

Konrad Raab: "I will do everything it takes to win because that's what I'm forced to come here to do. I will beat the living shit out of you weak, vulnerable souls. I will hurt and make you all scream in pain. Most importantly, I want all of you to make me taste my blood. Because you see, when you cut me open, when you do everything to hurt me, I will laugh and enjoy the pain. I would even cut my own body to make myself happy. I will cause violence on every one of your sorry souls who dare to enter a match with me."

From the title list he saw on the website, he remembers that there was a title a lot like Konrad's that he's holding right now. He has up the Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground title to the camera.

Konrad Raab: "I feel even more sorry for the poor soul if they face me in a match of them holding the Underground title. It's fine because this is the title where I retired a legend from professional wrestling, Lucas Knight, in Supreme Championship Wrestling. I've recently successfully defended this title as well. I worked my ass off to get to the point of being the Underground champion, and it'll be an honour should we face in the match, but I will be the better wrestler and a better Underground champion. But I want more than just this title; I want to be the top champion, and I have to go through god knows how many of you idiots are in the match to make you all scream in pain. I won't also hesitate to break bones in your body, hearing the screams as I do in this abandoned warehouse I brought to do my videos."

Konrad laughs at the screams, turning to the blood wall of fame he had a collection of victims he had, with Konrad going from legends to even some that were wrestlers for a while to some who still wrestle for the company now.

Konrad Raab: "I'm going to beat the shit out of all of you, and none of you will be able to stop me from destroying every single lifeless body in the ring. I will be more than likely to bring weapons to the ring with me, even the lightbulbs that nobody but myself can handle being cracked open with the lightbulbs, hearing and seeing you all scream and being cut open. I want nothing more than to eliminate each of you with the methods given and be the new title contender for whatever top belt there is in the Asylum Wrestling Society. I'll embrace the violence and me being a raging lunatic, beating the shit out of all of you because I can and I will. I will be the most violent fuck you'll ever see, and I will be winning. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood."

Konrad nodded his head, being done with everything he had to say, as the camera went black.

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Max Daemon pulls over to the side of I 80. He had just passed the state lines for Ohio an hour or so ago. The night sky is pitch black, leaving Max silhouetted only by his headlights.

He leaves the car on as he opens the car door. He checks his cell phone and see it’s nearly 2 in the morning. He puts the phone away and grabs a nearly empty can of beer.

He finishes it before tossing it into the nearby ditch. He joins it not long after, standing over said ditch and unzipping his pants.

As he begins to relive himself with one hand, he uses the other hand to take out his pack of cigarettes. He beats the cig open before putting it in his mouth. He puts the pack back and grabs his zippo lighter. Once the stick is lit, he returns the zippo and begins to breathe in the tobacco.

He remains standing there, closing his eyes and embracing the chill Ohio air. He lets the smoke enter his lungs and the liquid exit his body.

Eventually, he hears somebody join him. Max opens his ears, still staring up into the dark skies. He narrows his eyes as he hears his partner unzipping the pants before beginning to use the ditch as a urinal.

Max looks to his right, checking to see who joined him.

Suave, brown hair.

A white button-up shirt with the top few buttons unbuttoned over an unzipped brown jacket.

Brown slacks with a couple pistols in holsters.

Max sighs. He takes his cigarette and throws it into the path of his stream.

“What can I do ya’ for Mr. O’Connell?” he asks.

His ditch buddy just smirks, finishing his own stream before zipping up. He pats Max on his shoulder a couple times.

“Hey buddy. Just wanted ta’ talk ta’ ya’ about your brother,” he says with a faux sense of glee.

Max shakes his head and finishes his own stream.

Once completed, the two make their way away from the makeshift bathroom.

Upon reaching the other side of the car, Max leans against the door.

“Nice Camaro. How’s you nab that?” Rick asks.

“Gift from my sister,” Max says.

“We both know Revy can’t afford a 2020 fucking Camaro.”

“Wrong sister.”


With that, Rick’s smirk returns. Max rolls his eyes before opening his door. He pulls out a couple cans of beer, tossing one to the soldier behind him. The two pop open their cans, taking a drink from each one.

“You do know that’s illegal, right?” Rick asks.

“Rick, what the fuck do the Peacekeepers want?” Max asks.

“Hey Max…”


“Where’s your brother?”

Max grips the can tighter before going for another drink.

Or a sip.

Or a gulp.

Hell, once the drink is emptied, Max tosses it back into the ditch.

“I haven’t seen him since before I left San Mateo. And ideally, once I get ta' Baltimore, I’ll never have ta' see him again,” he says.

“That’s nice that you think that…” Rick says. “So where is he?”

“I don’t know, Rick! I’ve been a little too busy ta' worry about him!”

Rick takes out one of his pistols, pointing it at Max while throwing the perfectly good bear onto the road.

“What do you know?” he asks.

Max rolls his eyes and leans back further into his car door.

“We last had a conversation a week or so ago. Since then, he’s been AWOL. I think he somehow got Kat’s memories back, but beyond that, I haven’t heard from him,” he says.

“You willing to testify to that?”

“Not fuckin really. Rick, I’m a little bit busy recently, in case that wasn’t made obvious by me literally just telling you!”

Rick shrugs, spinning his pistol on his finger before returning it to its holster.

“Don’t move. I’m gonna make some calls, but if we find out you knew something, it’s your ass,” he says.

Rick walks across the empty interstate before taking out his phone and calling someone.

Max rolls his eyes before opening the car and sitting down.

He pulls his hands through his hair before putting a new cigarette in his mouth and lighting it up.

After a few moments of sucking smoke, he speaks.

“Another month. Another show. Another clusterfuck match ta' spread my name with.

The difference between this one and every other one is that this involves not throwin people over the top.

The idea is different, the ways ta' survive are the same.

Survivin is kinda what I do, by the way.

Not that anybody here seems ta' give much of a shit.

What kind of halfway house did I walk inta’? I’ve seen better places recently and I wrestled in a fuckin desert a couple weeks ago. What makes Asylum think that that type-a’ thing is anythin ta’ go nuts over?

So it’s inside a chamber instead of an open floor.

I wrestled and did pretty damn well escapin from a fuckin decrepit buildin a few months ago.

So it’s pinfalls and submissions versus over the top rope eliminations.

Let me tell ya’ about somethin called the Pure Division. It was a division that specialized in knockout and submission style victories. Guess who was the dominant figure in it for so long? Me, bitch.

So it’s a new place, a new locale, a new style than the other clusterfuck matches I’ve been in recently.

Do I look like I’m fuckin worried?

No, I don’t, so don’t fuckin lie and say that I do.

So what does Asylum offer that the other places don’t?

Beyond somethin new with the match concept, it’s the same idea.


Beat everyone else.

Walk away the winner.

Easy enough, and all the late players you pull outta your ass won’t be able ta'stop the inevitable.

I didn’t come here ta’ wrestle on whatever weekly show this place puts on. I didn’t come here ta’ give this props, or thank ‘em for havin me, or whatever other bullshit I do whenever I’m respected.

I came here ta’ enter the Apocalypse Chamber and win.


That’s it.

It’s the only goal I had when I signed that contract ta' participate.

So yeah, my focus last time wasn’t all there.

But it is now.

And boy-oh-boy, am I pissed.

So take your arrogance, your confidence, your guarantees, your spoilers or predictions, hell, take your sob stories or monologues and shove 'em right back where they came from.

Here’s where things become clearer.

I’m Max fuckin Daemon.

You’ve never seen or wrestled someone like me before. That is a guarantee. That is arrogance and confidence.

The spoilers and predictions come on April 17 when I’m the last one standin.

Or, more apt, the last one to survive.”

He gets a knock on the hood. He tosses the cigarette bud out into the middle of the interstate before getting out of the car. He looks at Rick, who doesn’t look happy.

“Alight. The Others seem to have bought your story. Get the hell outta here before I arrest you for DUI,” he says.

Max rolls his eyes before getting back into the car and closing it.

“Ya’ don’t have jurisdiction, but alright,” he says.


Max groans, rolling down the window to once again hear what Rick has to say.

“…and if you cause any trouble in Delmarva or Beach City, I will make sure Lapis isn’t the only one to kick your ass.”

With a harsh grunt, Max puts the car into drive and pulls back onto the interstate. He doesn’t even look behind him as Rick stands there in a plume of smoke.

He opens the last can of beer in the car before depositing it quickly down his throat. Once it’s emptied, he tosses it out the driver’s window. He rolls it back up before leaning back and letting out an exhale.

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"In the world death is important. More important that most people even realize. When I disappear there is always a reason..."


The sound of thunder ripped through the night sky, as lighting flashed bright in the sky. The Georgian countryside was quiet until the thunder rumbled, and a wind moved through the tall trees that lined either side of the road. The camera moves along the long stretch of road and soon comes to an all to familiar spot. The old massive manor loomed out of the darkness as a flash of lighting as the lights in the house flicker off and on before going out.  The camera moves to the interior of the house as candles are lit and a soft glow seems to fill the living room. Footsteps are heard as the sound of voices seem to echo off of the high ceilings.

Voice 1: Ex? 

Ex: Yeah?

Voice: Go and see if Johnny can help you with the generator... It's to hot not to have the air conditioners going!

Ex: Are there any lights on over there?

A single light seems to move through the darkness as we see a slender hand holding a golden candle holder. Necra stands in front of the window as she looks out across the vast darkness seeing a bright light.

Necra: Yeah. It looks like they got their generator going at least. 

Ex: Alright, I'll be right back. You going to be alright on your own?

Necra: I'll be fine. I don't mind the candle light.

Ex heads toward the front door as the sound of thunder cracks through the sky once more. The door closes once more leaving Necra alone in the dimly lit house.

Necra: Brandy Danielle... There's a name that I haven't heard in a long time, and one that I thought I wouldn't hear ever again. I thought you retired, and started your own school to train more losers? I guess you did. But when you look at it your newest little protege hasn't even had her first match yet and you are already praising her like she's the best thing in the world. I'm afraid that she's nothing more than a little wannabe. Oh and by the way I figured out if you replace certain letters in her last name you get Mario. Sorry but it's just the way I see it and heard it. But that's neither here nor there now is it? This about you calling me out. You see I don't take to kindly to those that disrespect me. But I think you already know that don't ya?

The screen seems to have a glitch as the camera still rolls. Static moves across the scene as lighting flashes behind Necra.

Necra: I'm really surprised that you went to the commentary table,I mean how boring is that? But then again, you're not really the exciting type are you? I mean look at me... I've traveled the world more times than I can count, run my own company, I have a boyfriend that would do anything for me, and well I'm not plain white trash like you are most of your so called friends are. I was born into wealth, and talent. That's more than what I can say for you Brandy. And that's saying a lot. As for not being that bright... Well lets see, I've been trained in the best schools in the world, can speak eight languages fluently, twelve if you count ancient dialects know more about fashion then you ever will, along with human biology and the human form. Tell me can your precious Miss Mario claim any of that? I doubt it. 

She smirks as the static seems to reappear on the screen. As it flashes we see Necra with her long black hair over one eye and the other a blazing red before it shifts back to normal.

Necra: Where was I? Hmmm... Let me think about that. Oh yeah I was called away because of my other line of work. Between the fashion show season, and being a reaper I was busy. You don't realize how many people die in one day. We are always there, waiting for the next death, no matter how bad,no matter where it is. You see I did what they said was impossible and took the Pinnacle Champion before any of you even came into the AWS! So needless to say I was the one to start it. And all of you are nothing but wannabes and Jensen... Well she's just holding onto it until I take back what is rightfully mine. If you haven't noticed, my name is on a name plate underneath the case in one of the guilded halls of AWS. Where's yours? Oh that's right, you never had it. And Veronica didn't run me out... I'm not afraid of anyone... But you should be afraid of me.

Necra walks up the stairs and stops at the massive bay window that over looked the yard that stretched out before her. The soft glow from the candle that she had in her hand seemed to give her a strange glow. Lighting flashes once more as the thunder rumbles once again. 

Necra: What part of I had more important things to do then stick around here do you not seem to understand? You don't get it do you? When you actually stop and pay attention to what is going on around you, you understand more. But then again, that's why no one respects you or even considers you a worthwhile challenge. And smoking does take years off of your life... You've already moved up my list four or five times already. And don't get me started on your so called nickname... "Wild Cat"? Please. You don't even give off of the wild cat vibes. I'm more vicious then you could ever imagine. I live for the shedding of blood in the middle of the ring. I don't care who bleeds. It just makes it all that much better. Oh and if you think that I'm going to stop doing what I have been doing you better think again. I'm going after whatever title that I want and trust me Jensen is on my list of people to take down and get what is rightfully mine in the end. You are nothing to me, and nothing more than a bad dream, you will never be a nightmare to anyone. But me...

A loud roar of thunder echos through the house, before another flash of lighting lights up the upper floor. As it starts to fade a strange shadow of what could be a horse with deep green eyes is seen before it fades away. 

Necra: I AM everyone's nightmare. I don't stop when the light comes back on, I don't hide away from the light. I will fight until there is nothing or anyone left to stand in my way. I will take what I want and if you think that you are going to stop me, you better think again. There is only one way this match will end and that is with me standing tall in the middle of the ring with my hand raised high looking to the outside of the ring, at what is left of your pathetic broken body. 

She laughs as she walks down the long hallway that is still plunged in darkness. She soon reaches a door and opens it slowly revealing what could be a black marble floor, with cases lining the wall.

Necra: Konrad... Where do I even begin with you? The fact that you are going on and on about how you are going to collect blood for your victims is not a good idea. I mean you have broken a few dozen rules within the Masquerade or do you even know what that is? Probably not. See my uncle taught me a lot about what it is to hide among the cattle, the humans rather than to expose everything that they have done to keep them from figuring it all out. Hell I have to deal with that shit on a daily if someone like you exposes themselves! Or are you just some wannabe vampire kid like so MANY others are? Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it all out when I beat the holy hell out of you. I'm not afraid of you, or even worried about what you've done somewhere else. You came here because there was nothing left at the other company for you? Or did I hear that wrong? Are you bored or do you just want to try and piss someone like me off and hope that you will some how manage to beat me and make your way to the end? I'm not sure where you stand let alone understand what you want... But I digress. You see I don't care what you are, or what you had to deal with in your life, or if you are even a threat to anyone; because I know one thing... you will fall just like everyone else in the end.

Her high heeled sandals click along the marble floor as she moves around the darkened room.

Necra: Max Daemon... Irish mob if I'm not mistaken... If she was here she would have a field day on your ass. She's not a fan. Me, I don't care. I mean if you think you have what it takes to get past me then try with everything that you have. I mean you've never faced anyone like me before and you will never will again. I'm not even sure what to say to you, to tell you the truth. I guess that just means I won't have to worry about you as much I guess. You'll be my first target and when you're gone well then I'll move on and go all the way to the top and not stop until I have what I want in hand. 

As she turns to look up at the camera the lights come to life. She stands in the middle of a room that is filled with glass cases that all held titles. They glistened in the light over head as she smiles. 

Necra: Do you understand what I am? The lengths I'll go to, to get what I want in the end? How many people I have destroyed to get my hands on gold of all types? Not just here, but in other companies? None of you seem to understand what you are up against and I will use that to my full advantage. I am the Goddess of the Dead, The Queen of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Angel of Death, The Lady in Black, The Creeping Chaos, The Child of Heaven and Hell; fear me! For when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck. You're going to need it.

She blows out the candle and smiles as the screen starts to go to static once again, as the scene fades to black.








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