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Dini Sorkin • versus • Abbigail Dresden


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~Behind the Scenes~

~Inherited Legacies and Building one~


~London, England, United Kingdom~


Abbigail sat in a pub not too far from the hotel she was staying in.  It was definitely good to be back in civilization, where she could relax and unwind with a pint in the pub, something that was largely impossible in the USA.  At the table with her was her friend, Rosalyn Crowley.  The posh, young English noblewoman fitting in fairly seamlessly with the normal customers.  Rosalyn smirked looking over at her friend and nodded.  “This is balmy, you know.  You could stay with me at the Estate.”


Abbigail returned her friend’s smirk as she drank from her pint.  “Uh huh.  Cause that won’t start rumors, right?”  She said as she set her pint down and started in on her fish and chips. 


Rosalyn lets out a small laugh.  “A little scandal now and then can be a good thing.”  She says, her eyes twinkling with mischief.  “Besides, luv.  You’re a female footballer.  If you think people aren’t making assumptions about your sexuality?  Hell, you’re a female footballer who became a female professional wrestler.  If you don’t get caught on a date or being with someone, the press and public will decide for themselves what’s going on.”


Abbigail let out a small sigh.  Rosalyn wasn’t really wrong, and one couldn’t really complain about the unfair stereotype because amongst female footballers all sexuality types were pretty well represented.  She also found herself thinking about William McClancy.  It was an odd arrangement in that family.  Akame desperately wanted to carry on the family tradition and legacy in wrestling but her father did not want her to.  Her father wanted his son to carry on the family legacy and he was less than not interested in doing so, preferring to play the version of Rounders the Americans called Baseball.


When she thought about, Abbigail was pretty lucky that she was free to pursue her own destiny.  At the moment, that pursuit had her trying to live up to and continue the wrestling legacies of her parents.  Rosalyn, showcasing her own abilities leaned in and said softly.  “It’s definitely the accent that has the young American interested in you.  If you’re curious..”  Rosalyn didn’t have to finish that thought and she knew it.


Abbigail rolled her eyes.  “You’re suggesting I treat him like some rent boy or something?  I like him too much for that!  Now, if we can get our minds out of the gutter for a bit, I have a question that I could use some advice on.”


Rosalyn simply shrugged and smirked. “ First off, you would be shocked at what men are willing to put up with if it means they get to have sex with a beautiful woman.  Now, as for the question, no need to ask.”  She says with a wink.  “You’re very likely the best goalkeeper I’ve ever seen play.  But we’re all prisoners of our legacies and your current profession is one that you also seem to be talented in.  This profession also makes it easier if some things become public.  You know what I find interesting?”


The suspense hangs in the air as both girls are interrupted by a third woman arriving.  “Abbigail?  I’m Laura Andersen.  Interviewer for AWS Ward.  We spoke on the phone when we set up the interview?”


Abbigail winced.  Timing.  But such is life.  Rosalyn moved over to the next table to make sure she was out of the way and Abbigail turned to Laura and nodded, gesturing for her to have a seat.  Laura did so, sitting down, taking out her smartphone and setting it up.  She recruits Rosalyn to be the on the spot cameraperson.


~On Camera Interview~



~Unnamed Pub~

~London, England, UK~


Laura smiles as the interview starts.  “Hello, AWS Fans!  I’m here in London with Abbigail Dresden ahead of her round 1 match with Dini Sorkin as both women fight in an attempt to see who will move on towards the goal of becoming the first ever AWS Legacy champion!  So let’s start off there.  The AWS Legacy championship.  Surely as a second generation wrestler, a title like this has some weight and meaning, yes?”


It was a good opening question, Abbigail supposed as she took a drink from her pint and nodded.  “Well I think the title is probably more focused on the legacy of the company than the wrestler, but the chance to be the first ever person to hold the belt is definitely a big deal and a piece of history I would really like to get my hands on.”


Laura nods and continues.  “I’ve also heard you have your sights set on the United Kingdom Championship too.” 


Abbigail laughed a bit and shrugged.  “Well, being British, obviously I’d like to hold the UK championship.  But we’re not talking about that title at the moment, I won’t disrespect the Legacy title by talking about other belts.”


Laura smiled a bit at the answer and nodded.  “Well, I do need to mention two more title belts, but I promise it will tie into this match too.  Firstly, I want to talk about the CWF Valor title.  This is a belt you have fought for twice.  Both times involved the Bastards.  Both times ended with controversy.  The first time you tried for the belt, Frank Windsor deliberately violated the pure wrestling rules of the belt and there was no punishment for it.  Then there was the scramble where at the very least, Eddie Williams was punished for cheating but you lost because someone got a pinfall before your foe tapped out, though replay being what it is, there are forums where some fans claim your foe tapped but the refs missed it.”


Abbigail lets out a bit of a laugh.  “Yeah and on some internet forums and in the rags here in the UK you can find people who believe everything from the Princess of Wales has been converted into a lizard person V style, to she’s been murdered and replaced by a clone, to a whole plethora of other theories that are insane.  I was in the ring.  The pinfall happened first.  I took a risk going for the submission and it didn’t pay off.  As for Riot’s Monster.. Meh.  Yeah I’m a bit perturbed that he got away with no punishment, but it’s also an issue that’s done and dusted.”  


Laura nods and follows up.  “Well, to get into the present, you are, as of right now, in the tournaments for the Vixens title in KORE.  You’re also participating in the Battle Royal at Champions Carnival.  Finally, you are in the tournament for the Legacy title here in AWS and your name has been mentioned as potential challenger for the United Kingdom Championship.  It would seem to me that it is highly likely that a first title reign for you will come here in AWS rather than CWF.  Thoughts on that and the rivalry between the two feds?”


This caught Abby for a bit of a loop and she had to think for a bit before answering.  “Well first off, I’m not the biggest fan of Armand von Krauss.  He likes to take credit for the good, but, as you pointed out.  There was nothing done when Riot’s Monster broke the pure wrestling stipulation for his Valor title reign.. At a bare minimum his title shot that he has at the moment should be stripped from him since it’s too late to strip the title from him.  Also, I didn’t take kindly to his comments about AWS and KORE.  First off, they make it difficult for CWF talent coming over and competing, secondly, it’s just a cheap heel move to get under people’s skin.  Now, as for titles, I have to agree, the odds are much better that my first title reign will be coming from either KORE or AWS.  I have no idea when or even if CWF will give me a Valor title shot.  My mother is the Elite Champion and Kronin just seized the World title and immediately will have Rob Riot wanting to use his rematch clause and Riot’s Monster using the title shot clause he does not deserve.. So yeah Hell will freeze over before I get any sniff of a title shot in CWF.  Doesn’t bother me, CWF is the retirement home where the old Veterans go for that one or two more last runs.. Wait, just one more run, I swear to God I’m done this time.. No I want more spotlight!’  Fed.”


Abbigail smiles a bit as she can tell Laura loved getting that on camera as it will give a much needed return shot to CWF.  Abby takes a drink of her pepsi and continues on.  “So yes, thus far AWS and KORE have been much more fair about giving people title shots.  I definitely appreciate that.”


Laura nods, connecting the discussion so far to the main point with her next question.  “In the Vixens title tournament, you defeated Dini Sorkin in a very close match to advance in the tournament.  Once more, you find yourself in the ring against her.  Looking at the promos, it seemed that there was a budding rivalry there.  Dini seemed very dismissive of you and you seemed to return the favor by insinuating she had edited a previous promo and also by what seemed to me to be intentionally mispronouncing her name as ‘Diri’ Thoughts?”


Abbigail laughs a bit.  “Well, I don’t see a rivalry forming yet.  Dini made a mistake.  She wrote me off.  Looked at me and saw a 17 year old kid and figured I couldn’t be a threat.  Too bad for her I’m a second generation wrestler, trained by one of the best professional wrestlers to have ever stepped foot in a wrestling ring and hopefully the Canadian battle will teach her a lesson and this time around, she’ll treat me with a little more respect.  Take me a bit more seriously.  If she doesn’t, well I’ll knock her out of a second tournament.”


Laura nods and considers before her next question.  “It is a matter of public record that you are the daughter of Valora Salinas and there is a lot of speculation that Rob Riot is your father.  Despite this, you have thus far kept your last name of Dresden.  Is there a reason why you are doing that and not taking the name of Salinas or Riot’s actual last name?”


Abbigail shrugs and thinks for a moment.  “Well, mostly, I want to make my own name.  I also haven’t really talked to my biological parents about last name stuff yet and would want their consent before doing so.  As for the rumors of Rob Riot being my father?  No comment.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions or anything.  I mean, after all, if the rumors are true, then Rob’s buddies in the Bastards have had their asses kicked by his daughter.  That might make the nightly get together down the pub a bit more awkward.  So I’ll let him decide that side of things.  But for the moment, I’m happy to use the name Dresden and I seem to be off to a good start in the quest to make a name for myself.”


Laura nods.  “Finally, the Upstarts.  You and a group of young wrestlers.  All under 23 years old.  Most of you are second generation athletes.  Are you guys a response to the Bastards?”


Abbigail shrugs.  “Partly.  I mean none of us in the Upstarts are fans of those blowhards, who, by the by, are the chief perpetrators of the ‘demanding more time in the spotlight and keeping those worthy of the spotlight out so they can stroke their egos a bit more’ shite.  But it’s not just the Bastards.  CWF has that problem too.  I could and would say Valora and Rob Riot have shown the talent to justify their positions at the top, but both of them have also deliberately kept new talent down as well.  I would put Kronin in that slot too as he also has been wrestling longer than I’ve been alive, but he has thus far not shown himself to be one of these veterans who will try to keep down new talent.  Now that he’s half of the Tag team champs and the world champ in CWF, we’ll see if he keeps that trend or joins the Millionaire’s club.”


Laura nods.  “Well, I think that’s a good introduction there.. Oh wait.  According to my research it would seem AWS is paying you more than CWF and AWS published that they gave you a $25 thousand dollar signing bonus.  I could not find any signing bonus from CWF.  With the Trios titles, the Battle Royal and the very personal feud between Charlie Feigel and Armand von Krauss, it seems people are splitting into teams.  You seemed to indicate you were, at the moment, tempted to side with team AWS.  Can I get you on the record for that?”


Abbigail laughs a bit.  “Well I guess thank my agent for the signing bonus, though in defense of CWF, they signed me when I had never set foot in a ring before so.  AWS signed me after they had seen me wrestle a bit.  So I can understand why AWS gave me a bonus and CWF didn’t.  That’s fair.  As for the team issue, yeah I kinda get that feeling too and if you asked me to pick a ‘team’ right now, yeah.  I’d be tempted to consider myself team AWS.”


Laura nodded.  “Now, unlike the Vixen’s tournament you’re in.  This is a one night tournament, meaning that to win the title will require you to wrestle and win 3 separate matches in one night and there is, of course, the chance that you and your stablemate Miguel Lanza might have to face off against each other.  Do the upstarts have a plan for that if it should happen?”


Abbigail nods.  “Well, I spent an hour straight fighting in the Valor Scramble match so while 3 matches in one night is definitely a tough ask, I think I have the stamina and conditioning to make it through.  If Miguel and I face off, I would assume we have a straight match and see who win.  We haven’t really talked about it.  Do I think I have a chance to beat Miguel?  Yes.  I did beat Billy Fowler, so I have proven that I can beat people bigger than me.  Will I?  Who knows, Miguel is damn talented and he is just as likely to beat me as I am to beat him.  At the end of the night as long as one of us walks out Legacy Champ, I’m happy.”


Laura nods.  “A team player.  Rare thing in this business these days. Best of luck to you, Abbigail and hope to get a chance to talk to you again soon.”


Abbigail smiles and nods as the interview ends.  “Thanks.  Nice to speak with you.”


The camera fades to black.


~Behind the Scenes~

~After the Interview~

~Abby’s Hotel Room~

~London, England, UK~


Abbigail got into her hotel room and yawned as she noticed she had some messages.  Rosalyn took a seat in the room too.  Abbigail grabbed a slice of leftover pizza and checked her messages.  One from Oni.  She marked that for a reply and then she saw one that almost made her heart skip a beat.  A message from Blaise McClancy saying he wanted to meet and have a chat.  Abby could just guess what that was referring to.  For now.  She called Oni and when bounced to voicemail, gave her friend the heads up.


“Hey, it’s Abby.  Your dad has officially started the hunt.  He sent me a message saying he wants to talk about the ‘Tetsu Oni IV situation.”


Rosalyn raises an eyebrow at this.  “That does not sound promising.”  


Abby sets her phone down and nods.  “Oni’s father doesn’t exactly approve of her being a wrestler.  Now, she’s got the support of.. Well it’s complicated.  Bottom line is even though she has acquired ‘official’ recognition and permission to assume the Tetsu Oni mantle, she hasn’t exactly told her father yet.”  


Listening to this, Rosalyn nods and smirks.  “Interesting times.  I’m glad I decided to come to the arena to see your night of wrestling.  I am glad you are in the UK every so often, the travel is so much shorter.”


Abbigail laughs.  “You should try flying half way around the world, staying in hotels, fighting, then, before you fully heal, you’re off to do it all over again.  Honestly, I’m impressed as hell that people like my mom, Rob Riot and Kronin could do this for 20 yrs.”


Rosalyn nods.  “True enough.  How do you feel about your match?  Dini Sorkin, was it?”


Abbigail thinks.  “I was going to do another promo, but I kind of feel that the interview should have done the job.  Right now, I’ve got the edges.  I beat her once already.  I have the momentum, I’m fighting on my home turf, so to speak.  Still, I might want to plan ahead on the chance I advance in the tournament..”  Abby says as she finishes off the slice of leftover pizza.  


Rosalyn raises an eyebrow at this.  “Have something in mind?”


~On Camera Promo~

~Apparently Abby did have something in mind~


~Crowley Estate~

~London, England~


The camera comes on and we see Abbigail standing in a room, on what is likely a green screen behind her is a picture of the AWS Legacy Championship.


Abbigail glances at the picture and then looks back to the camera and nods.  “Legacy.  A simple word, but one that carries the weight of history and tradition.  A word that inspires a lot of emotions and thus tends to be more complex than it’s perceived simplicity would lead one to think.”


The screen changes to showcase the Welsh flag.  “The legacy of Wales.  We are the descendents of the true Britons.  The Englishmen of today are the result of taking Romans, Germans and Scnadinavians, mixing them together and with picts and Britons and such and voila.  England.  The term Anglo-Saxon is itself proof of this heritage as anyone who can read a map will notice that Saxony is a province in Eastern Germany.  Today, my people’s legacy is one of being at the mercy of London.  They stole our culture by taking our tales and rebranding them as English lore.  They took our language by trying to ban it and even after making it legal by strongly discouraging us from speaking it.  They asked our longbowmen to fight their wars for them, they stole our coal, and when accidents happened because of their shoddy, negligent mismanagement of the mine, they allowed an entire generation of children to be buried alive in Aberfan and did… nothing about it.”


The picture clicks over again and the British flag is shown.  “For fuck’s sake, our flag, our colors aren’t even represented in the United Kingdom’s flag.  But Legacy bites us all at times too.  London once commanded the world.  The sun never sets on the British Empire, it used to be said.  At its height, 25% of the world’s population were subjects of the British Crown.  Not bad for a tiny Island in the Northern Atlantic that is, itself divided into at least 3 countries and at times throughout history even more than that.  But over time, that changed until we as Brits were left with our legacy, both good and bad.”


The picture changes once more, to show AWS and CWF logos.  “Then there is the legacy of wrestling companies.  How prestigious are there belts?  What does it mean to be a talent in the fed?  Does the fed have a legacy of giving everyone a chance?  Are they instead a retirement fed, where egotistical, self-entitled veterans go to jealously hold onto their titles belts like Gollum, stroking their belt as they whisper their mantra of ‘My Precious’ over and over?


The picture changes to show the CWF Valor title belt.  “Does the fed set up rules for a title belt and then ignore those rules and treat as valid the illegal reign of a self-admitted cheater, bastard and all around bellend, like Limey Trump?  Riot’s Monster?  The legacy speaks for itself…”


The background changes once more, showcasing the CWF Conquest Championship.


Abbigail clears her throat.  “Mr. von Krauss.  You asked for this when you decided to declare your product superior.  I offer my rebuttal.”


Abbigail points to the CWF Conquest Championship title picture.  “Let’s look at the ‘Legacy’ of this title, shall we?  The inaugural CWF Champion was Tetsu Oni the 3rd.  Now known as Greg Salazar.  Now, it’s true he doesn’t exactly fit the ‘entitled veteran’ picture, but then.. He also isn’t the champ anymore, is he?


So, Tetsu Oni the 3rd lost the title to the very poster child for entitled veteran, Sir Robert of Riot.  The man who gets pissed at the comparison of him to nobility, but who acts just like it, believing he can decide who is and is not worthy of his divine notice and who came into the last pay per view, literally demanding people worship him.  But we all know Brutus and the Senators are honorable men.”  She pauses and winks at the camera.  “Little bit of Shakespeare there for you, Mr. Riot.”


Abbigail smirks and shrugs.  “In that pay per view match, he claimed 2 and a half people in the match were not worth his time.  Kronin.  El Diablo Gringo.  And he seemed conflicted as to whether or not his creation was worthy of a title shot.  However, he lost.  The belt passed to Kronin.  CWF has had 3 Conquest Champions.  2 of them are veterans of at least 20 years in the sport and almost no one got a title shot that was not also a veteran approved and stamped.  El Diablo Gringo was a pleasant shock.  But, I couldn’t help but notice how the Vet squad made sure he was the first to go.”


Abbigail waves her hand and the picture changes to the CWF Elite Championship.  She smirks and winks at the camera.  “Hi mom.  Your turn now.”  She says as she clears her throat.  “The CWF Elite championship has had one champion.  My mother, Valora Salinas.  To her credit she fought a mix of veteran and newer talent, and also to her credit, my mother often goes out of her way to put the belt up and give all comers a shot at it.  If my mom has any redeeming quality it is her reputation as a fighting champion.  But she is, much like her man Rob Riot, an entitled Veteran who is keep younger talent down by demanding they ‘prove themselves’


Abbigail shrugs.  “We talked about the Valor title. Limey Trump has destroyed any credibility the belt had.  It’s no secret I want this belt.  But now, I want this belt not just to say I was Valor Champ, but to help restore the credibility to the belt it desperately needs and because my legacy.  My belt was stolen from me and I’m still a bit raw about it.  However Iro Waters is a very talented young talent and I hope he is successful to not only using the belt as a launchpad to bigger and better things in CWF but also is successful in restoring some honor and credibility to the belt.”


The picture changes once more and shows the AWS Logo and Legacy title. 


Abbigail looks at the belt.  “No one has held the Legacy title yet.  We’re fighting for the right to be the first ever AWS Legacy champion.  The rare chance to help define a title.  To begin the legacy.  To be the first title holder is something that can never be taken away and 8 of us have a chance to become that first ever Legacy champion.  But in the end… there can be only one.”


Abbigail pauses here and lets out a small giggle at that.  “Always wanted to say that.”  She says before returning to her focus.  “Dini Sorkin.  I’ve beaten you once and I will throttle you one more time.  You are not on my level.  That is not the judgment of an entitled vet, it is fact.  I beat you in Toronto, and I will beat you again in London to prove it wasn’t a fluke win.  Miguel Lanza.  My fellow member in the Upstarts.. I really hope I can avoid having to face off against you, but if we have to, we have to and our match will probably be match of the night.  Definitely match of the tournament.  As long as one of us comes out Legacy champs, I’ll be happy.  It’s time we started putting title belts in the Upstarts trophy room and I am confident you or I will come out as Legacy Champ.  The 1st ever Legacy champ in AWS history.”


Drake Nygma?  The Sphinx.  A good nickname since you seem to be a bit of a riddle.  I don’t envy you taking on Miguel.. But it doesn’t get easier for you because if you manage to somehow get past him, you might just have to deal with me.


Abbigail looks around and takes a drink of her pepsi and shrugs  “Kordell Graves?  I would say your absence from the roster of AWS says all it needs to about your chances of doing anything in this tournament.  Your Boulevard of Broken dreams seems on pace to stay broken.”  Mason Hurst, a giant Australian.  As with most giants, a threat to do well, but I’d guess conditioning is going to be an issue, so it’s a question of can he make it through three matches?  I would bet on no, he can’t.”


Abbigail watches as the picture makes a change to show AJ Flare vs. Ace Sky.  “Aj Flare.  Ugh.  Anyone who must say ‘I am the King’ is no true king.  Same goes with calling yourself the Greatest.  Get in the ring and prove it.  You don’t know or care about legacy.  You’re just another punk here to make money.  Money, money money.  You don’t deserve to be competing for a belt with the name Legacy attached to it, but you luck out that AWS seems to be willing to be fair and give anyone a shot.  You opponent, Ace Sky, seems to be a much better candidate for the title and gotta say, I like his finisher.  I’d really enjoy competing against him.”


We change once more to the AWS Madness Logo and Abbiail heads into the wrap up.


“Monday night, we all gather in London.  It’s primed to be a night of Madness to be sure.  4 of us will win our bouts, and will have no idea who our next opponents will be.  2 will survive that, and in the end, 1 person will make history.”


Abbigail clenches her fists and nods.  “It’s also the beginning of my Legacy and the Legacy of the Upstarts.  Tetsu Oni IV will defeat Kelsey Stone.  Miguel Lanza or myself will emerge as the Legacy Champion.  Let the madness begin.”


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*The camera fades in to reveal the closing moments of the Vixens Tournament match, that transpired upon the last of Kore’s Assault. Abbigail Dresden manages to rise to her feet through sheer determination, and willpower as the newcomer sits perched atop the top turnbuckle. Then, when the opportune moment arrives, the woman flies as if she were a Raven soaring through the sky to deliver the final blow; a second The Swansong to the newcomer. Ultimately, eliminating Sori from the tournament*

~The three count, and the end was decided~

*Then, just as the image of “The Jestress” is seen locking eyes with her new challenger, the scene abruptly goes black. For several long moments, there was nothing heard nor seen other than the endless black of a vast abyss. That is until a single light suddenly came to life, illuminating a lone person beneath it. The person, a woman with long shock-white hair, and a porcelain pale complexion. She stood with a domineering presence that unequivocally commanded the attention of all that watched. With her face a mask of stern determination, and eyes are shown but shadows. The alluring voice of her's cut through the silent tension that had been built*

Dini: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Asylum Wrestling Society, I have done what many of the faithful deemed impossible for me to do; I escaped the grips of the Asylum. With not one, but two Silver Bullets …I effectively killed the supernatural force that sought championship gold at the expense of a current champion. Yet, for Abbigail Dresden, that only means her chances have gone from bad to worse. For, instead of facing a certified AWS legend, she is forced to share the ring with a newcomer once again …whom she has already deemed unfit to challenge her.

*An absurd thought, when you realize that she herself was unfit to challenge for the Vixens Championship. Slowly, a Cheshire-like smile began to tug at the corners of the woman's deep red lips*

Dini: Then again, absurdity has been at the forefront of your twenty-twenty hasn't it Abbigail? After all, it has been documented many times …that you have an incurable sickness, when it comes to flagrantly asinine claims and unfounded boats. For example, the claims you made during our little ...match in which you made some fairly absurd statements.

*With an elaborate flourish, the woman raised her left hand up to the height of her shoulder and loudly snapped her fingers. As if on a wordless command, two more lights appeared to come to life to illuminate the visages of Byker Bytch and Synful Diamond Steel. Both former holders of the Vixens Championship*

Dini: That night you claimed, that the reigns of these two women should not be recognized …that their achievements shouldn't be touted, and celebrated solely because you felt that you never had the Vixens Championship before. In fact, you went so far, and declared that Synful's year-long reign ….and main event status at Bloodiemainia V to be nothing more, than an overly elaborate stint of a paper champion. Yet, from where everyone else sits, you're nothing more than a delusion shill of an athlete …who allows their childish sense of jealousy, and ineptitude to color their bias. Thus, bending the narrative of reality so that your fragile ego is left unbruised.

*Dini chuckles a bit, and then speak rather loudly as she continues on*

Dini: If anything, it is YOUR claims …that should not be recognized, as legitimate!!

*With the second snapping of her fingers, the lights illuminating the images of Byker and Synful went dead only to be replaced by a third separate light that came to life. The visage of the last Champion herself basking within the glow of a single light. Yet, despite the sudden change in lighting, it was the disappearance of the woman's cat-like smile that kept the attention of the viewer*

Dini: Correct me, if I'm wrong …but, by your own admission. You quit Ikon Wrestling, while you still had a chance to become the Vixens Championship for a second time …because you did not see eye-to-eye with the guy that owns the company. Meaning, in no uncertain terms, that you willingly forfeited the right to go after that championship …and all rights to it simply because you're an overly greedy bitch. Yet unsurprisingly, you are so deluded in thoughts. That you unfoundedly claim, that you never lost the championship. Despite there being documented proof that you did??

*Dini pauses for a moment, thinking to herself. Then speaks shortly*

Dini: Seems like you're in need of a reality check, Abbigail. A reality check, that comes in the form of an undeniable defeat.

*Dini’s eyes spark to sparkle with a far-off look. Yet, somehow she continues speaking*

Dini: In fact, that is exactly what you are going to get …once we step into the ring. During the last Assault, you sat safely amongst the intrepid duo of little friends …in an effort to gauge the skill of whoever met you on that night. Yet, what you bore witness to that night …shall pale in comparison, to what you'll meet within that ring come Ward. For that was a true confrontation, between the very forces of nature …that undoubtedly shook the very realities that run parallel to our own! Just how do you plan on standing against a person, that can bring that much fight? How do you plan to stand against ME??

*Turning her attention to the visage of Sabin, the woman deliberately made her way to where it stood. Then moving with unearthly grace. Once their two lights had merged into one, the woman produced an elegantly decorated knife with a flourish of her hands. Then, as if she were a predator stalking its prey, she moved behind the visage of the last Champion. The tip held to its throat*

Dini: You simply, can't!!

*With a quick and deliberate motion, she pierced the visage's neck and slid it across in a simple slicing motion. Yet, and thankfully for the squeamish, there wasn't a crimson cascade that many coupled with the notion of a person slitting one's throat. Instead, the visage of Sabin quickly deflated as if it had been nothing more than an elaborate blow-up doll falling at the woman's feet in an uninspiring heap*

Dini: You see, Abbigail … you're nothing more than an inflatable doll to be used, and abused by the masses. Whenever you're on camera, you talk a big game and claim that you were made to business; to be a star. Yet, at just about every opportunity given …you deflate, and prove that you're filled with nothing more than hot air and empty words. Even when you rarely attain victory it's an embarrassment to everything, to AWS and to the Vixens Championship. Therefore, much to your chagrin …I'm going to be taking this match from you, and I'm going to do what you will never be able to do …give the women’s division some meaning, and prestige!!

*Dini smirks, as she looks into the camera for a few moments. Then she speaks again*

Dini: Unlike you, Abbigail …I do not demean and insult without purpose, or reason. Neither do I make wild claims, and absurd accusations. When I speak, people listen eagerly for it is nothing short of the truth. When I step into the ring, people eagerly await the spectacle …that only I, can provide them. This Monday, when it truly will be hades Damnation …you will quickly discover, that your All amounts to absolutely Nothing. The Jestress of the Asylum Wrestling Society’s battlefield is coming. Abbigail, this time …the match shall be MINE!!

*Using the frantic energy that had been building, the woman reared back and let loose a savagely guttural scream. That would cause even the fiercest of monsters to second guess themselves, upon hearing it. Then, as the camera began to fade. The woman ceased her scream and fixed the camera with deadly diabolical glare. The iris of her eyes seemingly glowing a frightful red within the shadow cast upon her face by the light. Yet, even as the scene completely faded to black, her haunting voice could be heard*

"You don't have to be crazy, to be in love ...but it helps"


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