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AWS Madness EP2

The results for the latest episode of AWS Tuesday Night Madness.


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This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Do NOT try to do reenact anything you see from this event at home.

Royal Albert Hall in London

[The scene opens with a sweeping shot of a packed arena, buzzing with excitement. The roar of the crowd is palpable, their anticipation for the night's action fills the air. The camera transitions to our commentators for the evening, Charles Clements and Kathy Mills, positioned ringside with bright smiles and an air of excitement.]

Charles Clements: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an electrifying night of wrestling here at Asylum Wrestling Society's Tuesday Night Madness! I'm Charles Clements, alongside the ever-knowledgeable Kathy Mills. Kathy, the atmosphere is electric tonight!"

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles! The energy in this arena is off the charts, and for good reason. We have a stacked card tonight with six spectacular matches that promise to deliver action, drama, and maybe a few surprises along the way."

Charles Clements: "Kicking things off, we have a fiery opening match as Trelisa Perrault takes on Lindsey Flare. These two rookie competitors are on a collision course, and tonight, they go head-to-head. Expect fireworks right from the get-go!"

Kathy Mills: "And that’s just the beginning. The lineup tonight is nothing short of spectacular. We've got high-flyers, powerhouses, and technical wizards all ready to lay it all on the line. From grudge matches to showcases of pure athleticism, tonight has it all."

Charles Clements: "Indeed, Kathy. And let’s not forget the tag team action we’ve got in store. The synergy and team dynamics will be tested, as teams aim to climb the ranks and get a shot at the tag team gold."

Kathy Mills: "Plus, the anticipation for our Main Event is through the roof. The Center of Attention will face off against The Reapers in a Trios Match that has everyone talking. These two factions have been at each other's throats, and tonight, they'll settle their scores in the ring. It's going to be a battle of strategy, strength, and sheer will."

Charles Clements: "With rivalries intensifying and championships on the line, every match tonight is must-see. Our wrestlers are ready to put on a show, make statements, and fight with every ounce of their being."

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. And let’s not overlook the importance of momentum. Victories tonight can change careers, setting the stage for future title shots and elevating wrestlers to new heights in Asylum Wrestling Society."

Charles Clements: "Fans, strap in for an unforgettable night of action. This is Tuesday Night Madness, and the madness begins now!"

[The camera pans back to the ring, where the lights dim and the spotlight focuses on the entrance ramp, ready for the first match of the evening to begin.]

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Singles Match
Trelisa Perrault • versus • Lindsey Flare

Charles Clements: "We're in for a treat as Trelisa Perrault takes on Lindsey Flare!"

Kathy Mills: "That's right, Charles! Both competitors are known for their technical skills, but Trelisa has that edge with her signature move, the Unlucky 13."

[The bell rings, and the match begins.]

Charles Clements: "Both competitors are circling each other, gauging their opponent. Lindsey goes for a quick grapple, but Trelisa counters with a swift arm drag."

Kathy Mills: "Trelisa's agility is on full display here. She's not giving Lindsey any room to breathe."

[The match continues with a series of back-and-forth exchanges. Lindsey manages to gain some momentum, executing a series of high-flying moves.]

Charles Clements: "Lindsey is showing her athleticism here, but she needs to be careful. Trelisa is known for turning the tide in an instant."

Kathy Mills: "You're absolutely right, Charles. Oh, wait! Trelisa has caught Lindsey in a reversal!"

[Trelisa manages to lock Lindsey into the Unlucky 13, a modified figure-four leg lock. Lindsey struggles to reach the ropes but is unable to break free.]

Charles Clements: "The Unlucky 13 is locked in! Trelisa has it cinched in tight!"

Kathy Mills: "Lindsey is in a world of pain! She's trying to hold on, but I don't know how much longer she can last!"

[Lindsey continues to fight, but the pressure of the Unlucky 13 is too much. With no escape in sight, she taps out.]

Charles Clements: "That's it! Trelisa Perrault secures the victory with her devastating Unlucky 13!"

Kathy Mills: "What a match! Trelisa's technical prowess was on full display, and that submission was executed to perfection."

[Trelisa celebrates her victory as the referee raises her hand. Lindsey is helped out of the ring, nursing her leg.]

Charles Clements: "A fantastic start to the evening, folks. Stay tuned for more action-packed matches!"

[The match ends, and the commentators transition to the next segment of the show.]

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*The scene opens in the bustling backstage area. Sophie Masterson, the diligent secretary of AWS, is at her desk organizing papers and taking calls. Suddenly, a delivery person approaches with a large, beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers.*

Delivery Person: Excuse me, are you Sophie Masterson?

Sophie Masterson: Yes, that's me. Is there something I can help you with?

Delivery Person: I have a delivery for you. These flowers just arrived.

*The delivery person hands the bouquet to Sophie, who looks surprised and delighted.*

Sophie Masterson: Oh, wow! These are gorgeous. Thank you. But, there's no card. I wonder who they're from.

*Suddenly, a chilling voice cuts through the air, coming from Groucho, the infamous evil ventriloquist dummy sitting on a nearby shelf.*

Groucho: Love stinks, throw that shit away.

*Sophie looks over at Groucho with a mix of amusement and annoyance.*

Sophie Masterson: Very funny, Groucho. But I think I'll keep them. They're too beautiful to throw away. Now, if only I knew who sent them...

*Groucho smirks, but remains silent. Sophie takes a moment to admire the flowers, her curiosity piqued about the mysterious sender.*

Sophie Masterson: Well, whoever you are, thank you for brightening my day.

*The scene fades as Sophie returns to her work, the flowers adding a splash of color to her desk, and a touch of mystery to her day.*

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Trios Match
The Dogs of War • versus • World Elite

Charles Clements: "Welcome back, folks! With an explosive trios match. The Dogs of War – Mike Dimter, Alex Evans, and Darien Jackson – are set to face World Elite, comprising Kofi Von Erich, Agent Carter, and AJ Flare."

Kathy Mills: "This is going to be a high-octane match, Charles. Both teams are known for their teamwork and in-ring chemistry."

[The bell rings, and the match begins with Mike Dimter and Kofi Von Erich starting for their respective teams.]

Charles Clements: "And we're underway! Mike Dimter and Kofi Von Erich locking up. Kofi uses his agility to gain the upper hand with a quick arm drag."

Kathy Mills: "Kofi's speed is going to be a key factor in this match. But don't count out Mike Dimter's power."

[The match progresses with frequent tags from both teams. Alex Evans showcases his technical skills, while Agent Carter counters with his espionage-inspired moves.]

Charles Clements: "Alex Evans with a beautiful suplex, but here comes Agent Carter with a stealthy counterattack!"

Kathy Mills: "The action is non-stop, Charles! Both teams are giving it their all."

[Darien Jackson and AJ Flare face off, with AJ using his high-flying moves to take control.]

Charles Clements: "AJ Flare is lighting up the ring! A spectacular dive from the top rope!"

Kathy Mills: "Darien Jackson is in trouble now. World Elite is looking to capitalize."

[As the match nears its climax, all six competitors are in the ring. Amidst the chaos, World Elite manages to isolate Mike Dimter.]

Charles Clements: "It's pandemonium in the ring, but World Elite seems to have a plan!"

Kathy Mills: "They're targeting Mike Dimter. This could be the turning point!"

[Kofi Von Erich hits Mike Dimter with his signature move, followed by a tag to Agent Carter, who executes a precise finishing maneuver. Agent Carter goes for the pin.]

Charles Clements: "Agent Carter with the cover!"

Kathy Mills: "And that's it! World Elite secures the victory!"

[World Elite celebrates their win as The Dogs of War regroup outside the ring, clearly disappointed.]

Charles Clements: "What a match, Kathy! World Elite showed why they're one of the top trios in the business."

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. Their teamwork and strategy were on point tonight. The Dogs of War put up a great fight, but in the end, World Elite was just too much to handle.

[The commentators transition to the next segment as World Elite continues their celebration in the ring.]

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[The scene opens backstage with interviewer Eva Jones standing by with World Elite, consisting of Lindsey Flare, Kofi Von Erich, Agent Carter, and AJ Flare. They are still riding high from their victory earlier in the night.]

Eva Jones: "I'm here with the World Elite, who just secured an impressive victory in tonight's trios match. Gentlemen and ladies, what's next for you?"

Kofi Von Erich: "Eva, tonight was just the beginning. We've proven time and time again that we're the top team in AWS. And now, we want the world to know that we're coming for the AWS Tag Team Championships."

Agent Carter: "That's right. We're not just here to compete; we're here to dominate. And we're not willing to wait. The Tag Team Championships are long overdue for a change, and World Elite is that change."

AJ Flare: "Every team in AWS better be on notice. We're not just a threat; we're a promise."

Lindsey Flare: "A promise of a new era in the tag team and trios divisions, and it starts with us holding those Tag Team titles."

[Suddenly, the interview is interrupted as an unknown group of five masked individuals attacks World Elite from behind. The assault is swift and brutal, leaving World Elite reeling on the ground.]

Eva Jones: "Oh my God! Can we get some help here? Security!"

[The attackers quickly flee the scene before security arrives, leaving World Elite and Eva Jones in shock. The camera captures the chaos and confusion as medical personnel rush to check on the injured wrestlers.]

Eva Jones: "This is unbelievable! World Elite was just attacked by an unknown group of assailants. We have no idea who they are or what their motives might be. We'll keep you updated as this story develops. Back to you."

[The segment ends with World Elite being helped to their feet, clearly shaken but more determined than ever to find out who was behind the attack and why.]

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Tag Team Match
"Yami no Musuko" (闇の息子) [Sons of Darkness] (Kuro Honō & Ryūjin Ōkami) • versus • Bayou Blaze (Antoine & Gabriel LeClair)

Charles Clements: "Up next, we have a tag team match that's sure to be a barnburner! The Sons of Darkness, Kuro Honō and Ryūjin Ōkami, are set to face off against Bayou Blaze, the dynamic duo of Antoine and Gabriel LeClair!

Kathy Mills: "Both teams bring a unique style to the ring, Charles. The Sons of Darkness are known for their intimidating presence and hard-hitting moves, while Bayou Blaze is all about speed and agility.

[The bell rings, and Ryūjin Ōkami starts the match against Antoine LeClair.]

Charles Clements: "And we're off! Ryūjin Ōkami wasting no time, going straight for Antoine with a series of powerful strikes.

Kathy Mills: "But Antoine is quick on his feet, dodging and weaving, looking for an opening.

[Antoine manages to tag in Gabriel, who uses his agility to gain the upper hand against Ōkami. After a high-paced exchange, Ōkami tags in Kuro Honō.]

Charles Clements: "Here comes Kuro Honō, the powerhouse of the Sons of Darkness. He's looking to slow down the pace and assert dominance.

Kathy Mills: "But Gabriel LeClair is not backing down. He's taking the fight to Honō with a flurry of kicks and aerial maneuvers!

[The match continues with both teams showcasing their strengths. The Sons of Darkness use their brute force to wear down their opponents, while Bayou Blaze relies on their quickness and teamwork.]

Charles Clements: "This match is a clash of styles, Kathy. It's power versus agility, darkness versus fire.

Kathy Mills: "And so far, it's been an even battle. Both teams are giving it their all.

[As the match progresses, Bayou Blaze starts to gain momentum. Antoine and Gabriel execute a series of tag team moves, keeping their opponents off balance.]

Charles Clements: "Bayou Blaze is on fire! They're working like a well-oiled machine.

Kathy Mills: "The Sons of Darkness are struggling to keep up with the pace. Bayou Blaze might just have their number!

[In the climax of the match, Gabriel hits a stunning high-flying move on Kuro Honō, followed by Antoine securing the pin.]

Charles Clements: "Gabriel LeClair with an incredible move from the top rope!

Kathy Mills: "And Antoine with the cover! They've done it! Bayou Blaze secures the victory!

[Bayou Blaze celebrates their win, while the Sons of Darkness regroup, visibly frustrated.]

Charles Clements: "What a match, Kathy! Bayou Blaze showed why they're one of the most exciting teams in the division.

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. Their speed and teamwork were too much for the Sons of Darkness tonight. A well-deserved victory for Bayou Blaze!

[The commentators transition to the next segment as Bayou Blaze continues their celebration in the ring.]

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                   Ace Sky( voice over):

It took me 12 years to accomplish my boyhood dream of wrestling in Japan. That was my pipedream, the ultimate goal. My goal was never to be a superstar level wrestler in America, that seemed impossible. It is wild to put it in perspective. If you just count starting from my professional care


er debut on March 29th 1998 it was 6 years, 9 months and 10 days. 


In 2004 I got on my first international tour of the UK and Europe from October 16th to December 27th. Got back and got contacted through Myspace of all places the offer to work for Toryumon Titans , a company which worked with all Japanese cruiserweight federations to create one federation. I was one of the few select foreigner/ American wrestlers chosen. My time there was two years, first match on January 8th 2005 and last match on January 8th 2007. 


I took a couple trips back to the states to work on the West Coast.  I went from child prodigy from Sugar Land Texas, expected to be the next Isaac Newton, to just killing it in Japan by 21 years old.

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Singles Match
Ace Sky • versus • Miguel Lanza

Charles Clements: "Welcome back, everyone! We're set for what promises to be an electrifying singles match. Ace Sky is going head-to-head with Miguel Lanza!

Kathy Mills: "Both competitors are known for their high-flying moves and technical prowess, Charles. This is going to be a fast-paced and thrilling match.

[The bell rings, and the match begins with both competitors sizing each other up.]

Charles Clements: "And we're off! Ace Sky and Miguel Lanza are circling the ring, looking for an opening.

Kathy Mills: "These two have a lot of respect for each other, but you know they're both looking for the win.

[Ace Sky starts off strong, using his agility to gain the upper hand. He executes a series of quick strikes and high-flying moves.]

Charles Clements: "Ace Sky is in control! He's using his speed to keep Miguel Lanza off balance.

Kathy Mills: "But Miguel is a seasoned competitor. He's looking for his moment to strike.

[Miguel Lanza turns the tide with his powerful offense, slowing down the pace and grounding Ace Sky with a series of impactful moves.]

Charles Clements: "Miguel Lanza is turning up the heat! He's showcasing his strength and resilience.

Kathy Mills: "Ace Sky needs to find a way to regain his momentum, or this match could slip away from him.

[The match continues with both competitors trading control. Ace Sky attempts a high-risk move, but Miguel counters, setting up for his finishing move.]

Charles Clements: "Miguel Lanza has countered! He's setting up for the Torpedoes Away!

Kathy Mills: "If he hits this, it could be all over for Ace Sky!

[Miguel Lanza connects with the Torpedoes Away, a devastating spear, and goes for the pin.]

Charles Clements: "Torpedoes Away! Miguel Lanza with the cover!

Kathy Mills: "And that's it! Miguel Lanza secures a hard-fought victory!

[Miguel Lanza celebrates his win, while Ace Sky is helped to his feet, acknowledging the better man won tonight.]

Charles Clements: "What a match, Kathy! Miguel Lanza showed why he's one of the top competitors in the division.

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. Ace Sky gave it his all, but in the end, Miguel Lanza's power and timing were just too much.

[The commentators transition to the next segment as Miguel Lanza continues to celebrate his victory in the ring.]

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“Circus Apocalypse” by Vermillion Lies begins playing and the crowd already begins to boo for they know who is coming out from the back. Smoke precedes Armand von Krauss as he steps out from the back in a tailored business suit while smoking an imported Egyptian cigarette. 

He regards the booing crowd with a look of disdain, taking a drag from his cigarette and blowing the smoke into the air. He casually begins walking down to the ring. 

Clements: Armand von Krauss is here in London.

Mills: Can’t be a good sign.

Armand gets to the ring steps and walks up them. He puts a hand on the ropes and takes one last drag from his cigarette, flicking the butt into the crowd to create a commotion as the crowd moves to avoid the fiery projectile. He then steps into the ring where he is handed a microphone. 

Armand von Krauss - It’s funny being here in London not long after CWF’s Urban Warfare in Mexico City. The smell is the same though. Dirty, unwashed masses in their dirty, unwashed town. Mexico City has the excuse of rebuilding still after an earthquake did billions of dollars worth of damage. What’s London’s excuse?

Clements: Did he come here to insult the people of London?

Mills: The crowd ain’t liking that.

Indeed, the crowd takes up their booing an additional notch and Armand is quiet as anything he would like to say right now would be drowned out by the capacity crowd that hates him. Once they have calmed down a little, he smiles and continues.

Armand von Krauss - I didn’t come here to insult the people of London. You people know that you stink already. I was only restating the facts. No, I am here to talk to Charlie Feigel. The owner of this dump of a federation. He stood up and defended his company here and his company in Ik0n Wrestling Entertainment. He lost. Plain and simple, he was crushed in the ring like a bug.

Clements: He exaggerates. Charlie was putting the boot to him throughout that match.

Mills: He still lost though.

Clements: Yeah, but it wasn’t a one-sided affair like he’s saying now.

Mills: Maybe he remembers it differently.

Armand von Krauss: Our match at Urban Warfare just goes to put  point on the act that CWF talent is better than AWS talent. Better than KORE talent. Better than anything that either of the two places can put out. Have you seen Abbgail Dresden in the ring? Have you seen Eddie Williams in the ring? Victories come easy for them as they come down to the ring, representing CWF. 

Clements: Isn’t Eddie one of the Bastards?

Mills: Yeah, why?

Clements: He wants to rid the wrestling world of the Bastards. How do you exploit the Bastards and wage war on them at the same time?

Mills: Very carefully.

Armand von Krauss: Charlie, our next meeting is at Champions Carnival in something you called a Circle of Pain? Circle of Steel? A match of your own creation I assume to give you some kind of advantage. I have fought against the advantage for longer than you’ve bee alive. Longer than generations of Feigels been alive. You think that the outcome of this match will be any different? I’ll gut you like a fish in the circle of junked cars. You bleed like you’ve never bled before in this upcoming match as I take you apart. 

Clements: I don’t know that Armand should be quite so arrogant.

Mills: He’s defeated everycomer since he’s left that other company. Why not be arrogant?

Armand puts the microphone under one arm while he gets out a golden cigarette case ad lights up a fresh Egyptian cigarette. He holds the microphone right when he puts the case back away.

Armand von Krauss: Oh it’s the Circle of Steel Deathmatch. I can’t wait to win the second of our two matches. Will we need a third match? I mean it is a Wargames at Anarchy so why not have it even after I defeat you in this Circle of Steel. It will put an exclamation point on how CWF is the best place to be. 

“Circus Apocalypse” by Vermillion Lies begins playing once again as Armand von Krauss makes his way to the back as the fans boo him.

Clements: Boy won’t Armand’s face be red when Charlie beats him at Champions Carnival.

Mills: You know it.

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Singles Match
Eddie Williams • versus • Rex Chapman

Charles Clements: "Up next, we have a singles match that's sure to get the crowd on their feet! Eddie Williams is set to face off against Rex Chapman!"

Kathy Mills: "Both of these competitors are known for their tenacity and resilience, Charles. This is going to be a hard-fought battle."

[The bell rings, and the match begins with both wrestlers engaging in a series of technical exchanges.]

Charles Clements: "And we're underway! Eddie Williams and Rex Chapman are wasting no time, showing off their wrestling prowess."

Kathy Mills: "These two are evenly matched, Charles. It's going to come down to who wants it more."

[The match progresses with Eddie Williams gaining the upper hand, showcasing his athleticism and technical skills.]

Charles Clements: "Eddie Williams is in control! He's really taking the fight to Rex Chapman."

Kathy Mills: "But Rex is a fighter, Charles. He's not going to go down without a fight."

[Rex Chapman turns the tide with a series of powerful moves, putting Eddie Williams on the defensive.]

Charles Clements: "Rex Chapman is mounting a comeback! He's showing why he's one of the toughest competitors in the division."

Kathy Mills: "Eddie Williams needs to regroup if he wants to stay in this match."

[As the match continues, both competitors spill outside the ring. Rex Chapman manages to get back inside just in time, while Eddie Williams is unable to beat the referee's count.]

Charles Clements: "Both men are outside the ring, but wait – Rex Chapman slides back in!"

Kathy Mills: "Eddie Williams is struggling to get back to his feet! The referee is counting!"

[The referee reaches the count of ten, and Eddie Williams is counted out.]

Charles Clements: "And that's it! Rex Chapman wins by count out!"

Kathy Mills: "What a turn of events, Charles! Eddie Williams was looking strong, but in the end, it was Rex Chapman's resilience that paid off."

[Rex Chapman celebrates his victory, while Eddie Williams looks on in frustration, knowing he was just moments away from getting back into the ring.]

Charles Clements: "A tough break for Eddie Williams, but a well-earned victory for Rex Chapman. He proved tonight that he can win under any circumstances."

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. In this business, a win is a win, and Rex Chapman will take this momentum forward."

[The commentators transition to the next segment as Rex Chapman continues to celebrate his victory in the ring.]

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*The scene opens up in a darkened area of the arena, with the sounds of "Shadows" by Aviators whispering in the background. Soon, the camera comes upon The Mystery Man talking to KD Fiegel and James Walker. They seem to be making plans for their future, as one of them asks a question*

KD: I don't mean to be the downer, but how do we know we can trust them??

*The Mystery Man smiles, and nods to the other two. He places his hand on KD's shoulder, as he speaks*

Mystery Man: I understand your concern, but they have no choice but to fallow us.

James: I'm ...Uh, not sure I trust those witches.

*The Mystery Man frowns a bit, as he puts his other hand on James' shoulder*

Mystery Man: Careful how you speak about The Craft, many strange things have happened over the centuries. They are not to be over looked, and those that have done so ...have failed in their attempts to beat them.

*James and KD look at each other, and seem completely confused. The Mystery Man speaks again*

Mystery Man: We have to keep focus on the return of The Shadow Walker ...

*The Mystery Man trails off, as two dim shadows enter from each side. KD and James step closer to They Mystery Man, as soon enough. They're revealed to be The Daughters of Darkness*

James: What the F*ck are they doing here??

*The Mystery Man tightens his grip on James' shoulder, and pulls him back a bit*

Mystery Man: Easy brother, they come to deliver a message that I've been waiting for.

*After several moments of both groups sizing each other up, Necra Kane speaks*

Necra: I have word, he's on his way. He'll be here, when everyone least expects him to be here.

*James and KD look at each other with a shrug, as The Mystery Man has a smile from ear to ear*   

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Main Event
Trios Match
Center of Attention • versus • The Reapers, MC

Charles Clements: "It's time for our main event, folks! The Centre of Attention, consisting of Olympia Waybright, Mason Hurst, and AWS C4 Division Champion Xander Croft, accompanied by Desiree Forte, will take on The Reapers, MC, featuring Darrick Kaine, Cage Eames, and Byker Bytch!"

Kathy Mills: "This is going to be a clash of titans, Charles! Both teams are at the top of their game, and with Desiree Forte at ringside, you know Centre of Attention has a game plan."

[The bell rings, and the match begins with Mason Hurst and Darrick Kaine starting for their respective teams.]

Charles Clements: "And we're off! Mason Hurst and Darrick Kaine are kicking things off with some intense back-and-forth action."

Kathy Mills: "Both teams are looking to set the tone early, Charles. This is going to be a battle!"

[The match sees frequent tags from both teams, with each member showcasing their unique styles. Olympia Waybright and Byker Bytch have a particularly heated exchange, foreshadowing the chaos to come.]

Charles Clements: "Olympia Waybright and Byker Bytch are really going at it! You can feel the tension between these two."

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. This rivalry is personal, and it's only a matter of time before it explodes."

[As the match progresses, Centre of Attention gains the upper hand, with Xander Croft displaying his championship-caliber skills. However, The Reapers, MC, refuse to back down, using their gritty and aggressive style to keep the match balanced.]

Charles Clements: "Xander Croft is showing why he's the AWS C4 Division Champion, but The Reapers, MC, are not backing down!"

Kathy Mills: "This is a seesaw battle, Charles. Both teams are giving it their all!"

[The climax of the match sees Olympia Waybright in the ring against Byker Bytch. In a moment of desperation, Byker Bytch grabs a biker chain from ringside and uses it to choke out Olympia.]

Charles Clements: "What's this? Byker Bytch has a chain! She's using it on Olympia Waybright!"

Kathy Mills: "This is out of control, Charles! The referee needs to put a stop to this!"

[The referee calls for the bell, disqualifying The Reapers, MC, and awarding the victory to Centre of Attention.]

Charles Clements: "And that's it! The referee has disqualified The Reapers, MC! Centre of Attention wins by disqualification!"

Kathy Mills: "Byker Bytch let her emotions get the best of her, and it cost her team the match. But something tells me this feud is far from over."

[Centre of Attention celebrates their victory, albeit concerned for Olympia's condition. The Reapers, MC, retreat, with Byker Bytch showing no remorse for her actions.]

Charles Clements: "What a chaotic end to an incredible night of action! Centre of Attention stands tall, but at what cost?"

Kathy Mills: "Olympia Waybright took a brutal attack, Charles. I hope she's okay. As for The Reapers, MC, they'll have to regroup and deal with the consequences of their actions."

[The show ends with Centre of Attention celebrating in the ring, while medical personnel check on Olympia Waybright. The commentators recap the night's events and sign off.]

Charles Clements: " What a night it has been, folks! We've seen some incredible action from start to finish.

Kathy Mills: "Absolutely, Charles. We kicked things off with Trelisa Perrault securing a submission victory with her Unlucky 13. Then, World Elite showed their dominance in a high-flying trios match against The Dogs of War.

Charles Clements: " And let's not forget Bayou Blaze's impressive tag team victory over the Sons of Darkness, showcasing their speed and teamwork.

Kathy Mills: "Miguel Lanza also made a statement tonight with his spear, the Torpedoes Away, to secure a win against Ace Sky. And Rex Chapman's resilience paid off as he won by count out against Eddie Williams.

Charles Clements: " But the main event was something else! Centre of Attention versus The Reapers, MC, ended in chaos with Olympia Waybright being choked out by Byker Bytch's biker chain, leading to a disqualification.

Kathy Mills: "It was a night of intense battles, unexpected turns, and unforgettable moments. The rivalry between Olympia Waybright and Byker Bytch is far from over, and we can't wait to see what's next.

Charles Clements: " That's all for tonight, folks! Thank you for joining us. We'll see you next time for more action-packed wrestling. Goodnight!

[The show ends with a recap of the night's highlights, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next event.]

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