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Vin Halsted • versus • Rex Chapman


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~A video tape was sent into Ikon Wrestling  management with a note saying “Play Me”. So, what did management do? They took the tape to the offices of Extreme Wrestling Empire, and put it into play~

*We open somewhere in the middle of nowhere, to find the newest signee to Ikon Wrestling. The British Brute pacing back and forth, as Ivan "Vanya" Levistkey tried to keep him calmed down. Rex seemed a bit more heated, than Ivan as a voiceover was heard*

Ivan: It all started with Lance, and Jay Williams ...

*Ivan paused, as Rex continued to pace. Ivan seemed to calm down a bit, as he continued to attempt to calm down Rex*

Rex: Kaleb himself, once held the Titles ...as embarrassing, as that is!!

*Rex was heard talking to himself! As the voice paused once more, as Declan McGinnis stepped into the view with a smile on his face*

Declan: We’ve seen new champions crown constantly, from Daughters of Darkness, Darrick Kaine, Scotty Paine ...even greats like Centre of Attention, who became the AWS Tag Team Championships! But the titles might go over to DoD, soon enough. The World Elite, Aj Fare, Lindsey Flare, Amanda Macleod, and Agent Carter might bring them back to life again ...and when they do, the division will be alive again as The House of the Rising Sun, The Alliance, The Kaos Twins, or Sanctum all could became Tag Team Champions! Somewhere down the line, House of Paine holding those Titles has KILLED this division! That’s why these two men are coming to Madness...why they’re getting in on this match, that Ikon has for me. Now I understand, that there is probably a slim chance to none to take this match ...since the people running this place, have had their heads clear up the Tag Team Champions' ASSES!! But if there is a chance, that these two men do get those titles and end this garbage reign. The Ikon Wrestling fans are living in with DKM and his brother, or girlfriend ...or bott, or whatever they are to one another. It doesn’t matter, because on Tuesday night at Madness the world will witness the crowning of something new ...the rebirth of the Top Contenders Division, will happen this Tuesday night ...when the Top Ranks find a new home, with The British Brut! You have been a great competitor, within your own minds, but the truth is …you are half the reason this promotion has been trash for the past few months, but all that is about to change ...and it’s your own stupidity, for throwing out this challenge.

*It wasn’t long, before Rex stepped towards the camera*

Rex: Cut the shyte bloke, he knows what he's done with this f*cking division ...he just don’t give a shyte about what he’s doing. All he give a damn about, is that he live another day as a top contender ...but what he need to realize is, that what he’s doing is sending this division ...the same division, that Ivan and I have will dominate elsewhere since f*cking birth. But, never have we been given a chance to dominated the division in Ikon Wrestling. That will start soon enough boys, and girls! Eddie, your time at the top is over and I'm going to make damn sure ...that I do it! You see, when you look at my brother and me ...you're thinking, I'm just a Brit looking for the next buck. But, that isn’t the only thing I'm looking for. I'm looking at being, what I already know I am ...and that is, the BEST F*CKING WRESTLER IN THIS PROMOTION!! And guess what, Tuesday Night I'm going to make it happen. When I become the one that puts Havok down!!

Ivan: He's not just going to rip that motherf*cking heart right out of your chest boy, he's going to rib that brain from your f*cking skull ...and when he takes those, he’ll also rip your little soul out too! So, I guess y’all can say it’s going to be two birds with one stone ...cause not only will he rip them vitals from your body. He's going to devastate you in the process, man! This Tuesday night, at Madness ...y’all have no idea, just who the hades he is boy. I promise you, when the night is over, you're going to KNOW ...just who the Hades, he is and that’s the future of Ikon Wrestling!

*Ivan smirked, as Declan seemed to have been scolding him over the interruption of Rex, who shook his head. He stepped forward, cutting off Ivan once again, who only seemed more shocked at him. Ivan motioned for Declan to calm down, as Rex tilted his head to the side*

Rex: See, you have been all over the wrestling world ...because you haven't had the competition around here. And let’s face it, we all know what you have been doing to keep that going as long as you have ...don’t worry though, your secrete with that member of the board ...is safe with us. All we want, is those Tag Team Championships. At Madness, I'm taken this damn thing and bringing it back here to the Allied Forces' Home! Spoiler Alert, motherf*ckers ...we about to make 2024 our f*cking year, and come Tuesday night? I don’t give a shyte who tries to step in my way ...I'm about to make sure, to make the my first madness of the New Year scream ...I'M BIGGRR THAN BIG BEN!!

*Rex bobbed his head up and down, sending a scowl towards the camera, before quickly lighting up a cigar and exhaling the smoke into the camera. Ivan stepped forward his hands in prayer, as Rex and Declan stepped back behind Rex. A slight snicker crept across his face, before speaking*

Ivan: Lady and Gentleman ...idiots, I hope you realize just what you’ve put yourself into by opening up this little invitation for this match on Tuesday ...I HOPE you enjoy the last days of your reign of terror over this division, because come Tuesday ...no matter if it’s one on one, two on two. Or even a dozen on one, this terror you have over the top contender's division will FINALLY come to an end! Not at the hands of anyone of those others that could enter into this thing, OH NO ...it ends at the hands of The British Brute! You might think, you’re doing good to this division, but you're not ...and we’ve sat back, and watched you BURY the contenders division into the damn ground ...a division, that was once run by some of the greatest in Ikon Wrestling. All starting with Bram Connan and that Mystery Freak, but to see how this company have allowed you to absolutely tarnish this division makes me sick ...it’s time for a change!!

Rex: Damn right man, this division deserves better and on Tuesday night on a new episode of Madness ...where I usher in a new era for Madness, and the entire Ikon Wrestling Entertainment. Not just that though, I'm about to usher a new era into the top contenders division ...after whooping all them asses, I'll be leaving London with the Top Contenderships ...held high above my head! I hope, you're ready to walk around London with the shape of The British Brut's boot on your ass …'cause I'm about to whoop that ass, and take your Pride!!

*Rex took a drag of his cigar, exhaling the smoke towards the camera once more before making his way out of the camera view. Declan let out a scream, looking wide-eyed and crazed into the camera, as he slowly backed out of the camera frame. Rex motioned for ivan to follow them, before turning his attention back towards the camera*

Rex: See Eddie, the only reason you’re still within the top contenders ain’t only because they are protecting you ...it’s because, there were no others worth a shyte in Ikon Wrestling, but now you have the greatest in the UK in your face ...I will bleed for this division, I will sweat this division, and I will FIGHT to keep this damned division where it needs to be ...at the top of this industry! It’s time for me to add my name to the legacy of Ikon Wrestling, and in the process ...remove you from it! I’ll assure the fans of one thing, The British Brute WILL BE TELEVISED, AND IT WILL BE A BLOODBATH!!

*Rex takes a moment to glare into the camera, before an evil smile crept across his face. Ivan, and him steps away from the camera, as the scene faded to black*


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AWS - Vin Halsted - In Case of an Emergency


::The following takes place several years ago.::


Halsted: Ok… So, what are we doing here, Angelina?


::In front of Vin Halsted stands a statuesque raven haired beauty named, Angelina. She is his first valet now the head maid of Halsted Manor.::


Angelina: I decided to have an emergency phone installed in your secret study that’s located in the center of the Halsted Labyrinth.


Halsted: Why do we need this?


Angelina: Well, I know how you get lost in the Manor at times so besides the intercom system, I thought this would be a great back-up in case you can’t get to one of the panels.


Halsted: Right, but why is it red and in a glass dome?


Angelina: Nostalgia, I guess.


Halsted: Sure… that makes sense.


Angelina: Plus, it will serve as a last resort way to contact you.


Halsted: Aren’t my cell phone, email, landline, Halsted signal, intercom, smart watch, pager, and everything else enough.


Angelina: Wiat… what’s the Halsted Signal again?


Halsted: Nevermind


::Angelina scoffs.::


Angelina: This phone will be attached to a transcription device, voicemail, answering machine, and a red signal light with an alarm that will be placed outside of my room.


Halsted: That’s a little extreme, isn’t it?


Angelina: Everything about you and the Halsted Manor is extreme.


Halsted: Good point.


::Angelina looks at Halsted and shakes her head.::

Halsted: Are you sure you don’t want to be on the road with me anymore?


Angelina: Absolutely!! I’m needed here at the Manor with Joe, Caden, and Mr. Han. You built the Manor so that we could all enjoy life after CWI and HHW. It’s time for me to settle in and enjoy it. Besides, who will make sure Caden goes to school on time?


Halsted: If anyone can keep this place from getting sucked into an interdimensional vortex, it’s you. Joe and Han will be lucky to have you.


Angelina: Thanks, Vin, and what about you?


Halsted: Oh… I don’t know. I’ve been wanting to map the Manor and explore the grounds.


Angelina: Sure… and you don’t have any more desires to find another fed to disrupt and destroy?


Halsted: Who… me?


::Angelina stares blankly at Halsted.::


Halsted: Who does that?


::Angelina smirks and scoffs as she turns to attend to the emergency phone.::


Halsted: Well, I know we don’t need that thing. 


::Angelina peers at the red phone through the glass dome and shudders at the thought of it actually ringing. Scene fades to black… END SCENE.::


:: PRESENT DAY - Halsted is enjoying a drive in the far west suburbs of Chicago in his brand new red Rolls-Royce La Rose Noire Droptail. He pulls up to a small cemetery and walks over to a small gravestone. He kneels down and places a remembrance stone next to it. He has a quiet moment and says a few words to a fallen friend. He clears the grass around the gravestone and then stands up. He nods and walks back to his car. He starts to think about legacy and purpose as he drives back to the Manor. He wonders if he’s accomplished everything he could possibly accomplish in the world of wrestling. He’s reminded that he’s always in peak shape and that he could walk into any fed at a given time as the top star. He’s, also, reminded that he can only accept so much chaos that the world of wrestling offers. As all of these thoughts ring in Halsted’s ears, his cell phone chimes. He looks at is and sees a call from Angelina on the screen.::

Halsted: Hey Angelina… what’s going on?


Angelina: Umm… the emergency phone rang.


Halsted: What’s that?


Angelina:  The red phone in the dome.


Halsted: Umm… sure.


Angelina: Well, you got a call from the last person I would ever think would call you.


Halsted: What… no!


Angelina: I think you two need to talk this out.


::Halsted starts to think about the last few years of his storied career. He clenches his teeth and sneers.::


Halsted: What else is there to talk about?


Angelina: That’s what you need to find out. Call him and hear him out.


Halsted: Didn’t we agree that we wouldn’t open that door unless there was an emergency?


Angelina: Well, the estate can always appreciate an influx of funds, again.


Halsted: What do you mean… the investments are going off and the dividends are constantly paying out.


Angelina: Right but you wanted to do more philanthropy work, so we can push the new funds in that direction.


Halsted: Yeah… much to the world’s shock, Vin Halsted does give back.


Angelina: And that has a cost.


Halsted: Alright, Angelina… go ahead and break the glass dome. Call him and let me know what he has in mind.


::Scene fades to black. END SCENE.::


::Halsted walks up to the Manor and his cell phone rings. He looks down and sees an old contact on the screen.::


Halsted: Are you sure you want to be making this call?


::Halsted listens to the response on the opposite side of the phone.::


Halsted: Well, let’s see how it goes. Who did you say you wanted me to face for my return?


::Halsted pauses again.::


Halsted: Does this guy even know how to work a singles match?


::Halsted listens, scoffs, and chuckles.::


Halsted: Ok.. Well, I’ll see you there. This should be something for sure.



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