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  1. the cameraman stumbled through the area, finding a lit hallway where two torches stood, one of a blue flame and one of a silver flame. The cameraman more intrigued went for the Silver one which then the blue torch flared up first. The cameraman, then sighed reaching for the blue torch. The cameraman then pulled the door open, where he stepped through smelling the crisp night air. A city lay below dormant, as the cameraman saw a wolf with silver eyes appear next to him. The cameraman tried to wave it off, but it would not have any of it. The cameraman began his trek down to the city, as the Gatekeeper awaited him there. The cameraman looked around a storm was brewing in the distance, then he turned back looking at the gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper saw the wolf at the side of the cameraman. The Gatekeeper: Danae as I have told you many times, the Queen does not want the two of you together right now. See I get it, Kassandra is your friend, but this is her environment, and the Queen always forbids it. Cameraman, you may pass, heed any warning that she gives you. The Gate begins to open where Kassandra is seen standing there waiting for him. Kassandra waves at the gate keeper who is currently holding the silver wolf. The cameraman steps through, then the doors closed behind him. Kassandra put her hand out, the cameraman took it and shook her hand. He then turned to her, as they stopped just inside the secondary gate. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: the gatekeeper gave you a very specific instruction, which is to heed any warning I give you. In this city, I am the Queen, and hence you stay off any side street. I avoid those like the plague because I know what is down those streets. Now, you stay on the main streets you survive. Got it? The cameraman nods, looking around still holding the torch. Kassandra takes it away from him, she then marches into the city. The cameraman followed her in tow, he looked around, the walls reaching high, and the city, dark. Kassandra turned around and looked at him, then bowed. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: the last time we competed as a team, we obviously won the #5 spot in the Gauntlet. So, the other teams are just jealous, because that gives us a distinct advantage going into this contest. The gauntlet is always a tough challenge, and in our first match, Danae and I earned the #5 spot. I remember back when we first debuted as a team, we were placed in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWH World Tag Team championship. We learned there that nothing can really stop us when it comes to a match, sure we lost as a team, but it showed the world, that the House is prepared for any scenario. Kassandra then vanished the city, goes to darkness. The cameraman looks around, as two lanterns light up on either side of the lamp post, the cameraman nods, as he sees Kassandra sitting on top of one of the lower buildings looking down at him. He moved close for a moment, then hands pressed up against the glass, which made the cameraman jump back. She laughed as she dropped down in front of him, she then looks at the souls waving the flames in front of them getting them to back off. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: Where do I want to begin? Oh yeah let’s start with the Samoan Dynasty. You know the boys put up a good fight, I am not going to lie. They could have easily gotten the #5 spot in the gauntlet to be close. Boys, you see when Danae and I want something, there isn’t a damn person who is going to be able to come to us and be like step back. Danae and I have been a tag team for a long time, and a reverse gauntlet match, means that we will take anyone down in our way. If you happen to be the one to get in our way, then we will go through you simple enough. Samoan Dynasty you two will feel our wrath and be subject to the Wolf’s End if needed. Kassandra then tosses the torch she was carrying through the window, as the cameraman looked on. He listened to the scream, then he began walking again, as Kassandra was just down the road a bit, watching him. She then had another torch, as she watched the cameraman approach her. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: I think it’s pressure, that will be the thing that ends the champions run as Champions. See the Violent Generation, you must run the gauntlet in order to say you are the best, and you are the AWS Pinnacle Champions. The problem is that there is a house standing in your way. Two women who for 5 years have been hungry, waiting for a chance to call ourselves champion, and that drought ends Tuesday when we take those Pinnacle Championships from you, and hoist them up calling ourselves Champion. 5 teams, need to fall, 5 teams fall, and the Wolves will be on the hunt. Kassandra takes her torch and tosses it through the window, again the building front lights up, as the cameraman watches in horror. Kassandra vanishes in a puff of smoke, as the cameraman is about to cross the main street. He turns and looks down it, seeing two wolves scurry across the alleyway. A hand comes over his shoulder, he gets spun around, then looks into Kassandra’s eyes as she stands there with another torch. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: I told you at the start, do not deviate off the course, if you want to find out about those two wolves, you can go after them, but I will not give penance for it. Shall we continue to the superheroes? I mean World Elite. Sometimes the remedy for a win is to add a woman’s touch. See this is a big group, they really could send anyone out. And that is a problem, because then you never know what combination to study until such time you are wrestling. But if I have learned anything from the Queen, its that you can prepare for all eventualities, and those who cannot, do not understand what they need to do. Danae and I have been given one simple mission, bring back the AWS Pinnacle Championships by any means necessary. World Elite you can send anyone you want, or all come, Danae and I will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime. The House is always prepared with solutions, maybe you will learn that. Kassandra moves past the store front this time, where the souls do not seem to fear her, and press against the glass. Kassandra snarls, and her wolf eyes appear. The souls then slowly back up, and she throws the torch through the window. The fire spreading through the city moving from building to building. The cameraman watched, in wonder as they moved a bit closer to city centre and the spire that stood there. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: then we got the big boys in the match, the Bluegrass Mafia. We used to travel with a big boy, our beast, our shield Mister J. But the Queen had decided to move to a different shield, and our bond is stronger than ever. See Boys, when we travel, yeah we may seem small compared to you, but we tower over everything else. We were trained to be the powerhouses, so that when the Queen demanded it, we would be the ones she required. Now Bluegrass Mafia, sure you look intimidating, I have no doubts about that, but intimidation can get you so far, running a gauntlet, by intimidation is not the way to win. Kassandra then disappeared from beside the cameraman, the cameraman watched as the fire dragged through, then the cameraman stepped to the spire, where Kassandra was waiting with one final torch. She laughed as she dropped the torch, watching the spire go up, as she turned to it. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: Age of the Fall, and anyone else who dare step up to this gauntlet match. Tuesday night, is all about those tag team titles, and the chance is too great for us. Anyone who wants to step to us, will have to go through 4 teams first, we will be waiting, near the finish line for those who can make it. Now, I don’t have to remind you of what the Queen desires to pass? The cameraman patted his pockets, he pulled out two gold coins, he looked at them, then slowly pulled them close to himself. Kassandra laughed, as she reached out then took the coins when he started to protest, Kassandra slapped him. “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: draakki is a very serious thing, and the Queen has been trying to contain it. So boys in the Gauntlet match we’ll see you Tuesday night, and remember Memento Mori! Kassandra then summoned the door, as she vanished, her world burning the cameraman quickly moved through the door, re-arriving at the hallway. As the door slammed shut behind him, the blue torch sitting there vanished and the door sealed off behind him. The cameraman stepped through and went over to the door with the silver torch sitting upon it. He took the torch out, and the door opened. The smell of falling rain had occurred, as he came in the field, and the workers there, someone met him right at the door offering them their hand, as the door closed behind him. “You must be the one Miss Danae has been going on about. She’s just over here, she’ll be pleased to see you.” The lead walked him over to where a tall woman was standing observing the people working as the cameraman walked up. Danae turned to her lead hand, letting them go, as she looked at the cameraman. Danae laughed as she turned to him. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: Time goes in a linear fashion. A few weeks ago, we earned our position within the gauntlet match. The others will have to learn that we are just as strong as we have always been. Kassandra and I have been tagging for so long, that 5 years seems like nothing compared to cosmos. Here’s what I know Tuesday Night, the girls are going to have a rough run, and their run might be good till they hit a brick wall on the side of the House, and then we can walk away from the gauntlet as Tag Team Champions. That will be a significant win for us because that will be our first. Danae draws an arrow, and takes some of the fire, launching it off into the field. She watches her crew go to watch as the fields start to burn. Danae clapped as she laughed, picking up her quiver, and her bow, walking along as a black wolf with Blue eyes comes walking beside her. She reaches down and scratches her head, then she turned around to the cameraman. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: the Samoan Dynasty, the first team we ever faced within the AWS. See that was a tough one for us because we had been just resting and getting back into where we would be comfortable in the ring. Within a minute of figuring that rust out, we knocked it off, and we claimed the spot we needed. See Samoan Boys, I told you the last time, that if you want to step to the House, it’s fine, but then you got burned, Tuesday night, we hope you make it through the battle, because the house will be waiting, and then we will put you down for good at that point. Danae then drew another arrow from her quiver, learning the fire. She took some more fire and fired the arrow off into the oblivion. The workers try to put out the one fire, as the next fire began. Danae then turned to the cameraman, as a white wolf with red eyes appeared next to Danae. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: You know, I figured the Bluegrass Mafia would be the ones to be the threat. Their big, hulking, brutes, but Kassandra and I both laughed when we saw the photo. It kind of reminded us, of us, but men. So, where’s the fun in that? I enjoy a challenge, and they look like they would be one to us. Maybe it’s just that, I find threats, and I like to extinguish them before they begin to make their point. Bluegrass boys, depending on where you enter, good luck we will be waiting. Danae leaves the arrow in the quiver, as she stopped to admire her handy work. She then turned to the cameraman who was still in tow, watching as the chaos in the field was more entertaining for the moment. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: You know I feel sorry for the violent generation. Those two ladies are about to have a rough night, especially if they go through each team. Then they get so close to the finish line and then are stopped by the house. See Violent Generation, you two might be the AWS Tag Team Champions, but this is not your show anymore, this is the beginning where the House always wins. You two want to step up its fine, we can take you two, but to get to us, you have to go from #1… We sit 4 teams back at #5 and the other teams are not slouches. So you have a chance, but slim that those tag team titles are not going elsewhere. In the chaos the workers start getting water, and other things to try to help combat the fire, Danae had a good laugh, as she snaps her fingers and the water buckets disappear. Danae then keeps watching, her silver eyes focused, while thinking. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: What’s going to take superheroes to do might be the impossible. See world elite you can keep heroes, and people who might be intimidating , but we once had our shield. Now we hide from no one because that is the Queen’s orders, World Elite, send out whoever you want, in fact come as a team, because then you might have a slim chance. See every team in this Gauntlet match want one thing, and that is the AWS Pinnacle Championships. Two big groups in this match, includes the age of the Fall, again the two teams could send anyone, and they could send everyone if they think it is enough to take down the House. Danae laughs then disappears from beside the cameraman. The cameraman watches as more equipment is brought out. Danae appears farther down the path, just by the castle, watching. With a snap of her fingers the snow begins to fall, Danae then laughs as the fires slowly begin to disappear. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: Everything we do, everything we are comes to ahead Tuesday night, and the Gauntlet match. Everyone who dares come in, can step to us, but when the finish line is blocked by the two intimidating prescences of the house, then you know what we want. Your passage awaits. Danae lifts her hand, and a door appears, the cameraman reached into his pocket pulling out two gold coins, handing them to her quickly. He walked over to the door and Danae put her arm out. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: Remember death, despair, and Memento Mori She laughed as she then let him pass, he quickly pulled the door open and exited.
  2. The cameraman walked along the darkened hallway, where three torches stood lit in their holders. A gold torch, a blue torch, and a silver torch. The cameraman removes the gold torch from the holder, then the door opens. The storm washed over the cameraman as the rain fell before him. He stepped into the dark doorway; the camera came into focus on a darkened path before him. The lightning cracked, as the sound of circus music is heard throughout. The cameraman looks around then begins walking as someone appears in front of him, a ballerina pirouetting for him. She giggled and vanished as the lightning in the distanced kicked up and a woman is seen lying against a tree. The cameraman digs a small hole placing the torch within it, as he offered his hand to the woman. She sits up giggling to herself, as the cameraman has seen her multiple times before. “the RINGMISTRESS awaits you in the distance. The dark circus has corrupted this world for the longest time, we are all just players in her show. You are just witnessing what she can do, go now she awaits you, I am tired…” The cameraman turns seeing the bridge beginning to form. He watches as the woman fades to ashes, he then sees the bridge in its full form. A loud cackle is heard through the realm, then a crackle of red lightning appears. The cameraman moves along the bridge slowly, as the fog began to roll in. a hand seen only by the fog begins to form, and the cameraman has no clue. The hand crawls along behind him slowly, then tries to grab the leg of the cameraman, when the lightning turns and cracks again, this time hitting the hand sending it flying. The cameraman turns seeing the writhing hand sitting against the wall. He then sees the long whip type strand sitting there pulsating with the red lightning. The cameraman steps off the bridge, watching as the bridge collapses and falls back into the river of blood. The cameraman ignores this and sees the doll sitting off to the side, where he slowly moves over to it, picking it up from the ground. He removed the two pins within it’s throat, then it begins coughing hard, eventually spitting up two gold coins. The cameraman sees them, and puts them immediately in his pocket, then he puts his hand out, and the doll stands up. “the RINGMISTRESS circus, a dastardly place, of mischief and sorrow. She waits for you at the end of the small path, where the circus tent forms. She has her team always prepared for the show. Enjoy, now let me go…” The doll then pushes its way out of the cameraman’s hand. It then runs across the blood red river, as hands reach out and take it beneath it’s depths. The cameraman shakes his head, then turns to where the path has been cleared by the trees. A soft giggle is heard through the trees and a woman in all white emerges from the trees. She puts her arm out and the cameraman takes it as she looked at him. ”the Ghost” Tarja Kingston: This is always such a beautiful place when it comes down to her design. She always has a flair for this, the world, the people. Sometimes I wish I had this wonderful gift, but now the show is about to begin. Follow me. Tarja walks along the path, then she walks up to the bouncer standing at the front of the tent. She presents two tickets, winking, as the cameraman approached. The man nodded then stepped out of the way he raised the curtain, and then disappeared afterwards letting the curtain fall back into place. Tarja takes her place upon the bleachers that happened to be sitting there, the cameraman takes a spot next to her. A woman in a single leotard happens to be standing in the middle of the ring, she has her head down as Tarja offers the cameraman some popcorn. “The Ringmistress” Legion: Ghost, how many times have we told you, we do not expect you to be in our audience, but in our show? Regardless, we are so happy that you finally have come, outsider. Tonight, is a very special performance when it comes to us, and we finally get our chance to prove ourselves against a champion in this place. AWS last time you had us face that woman Hollie Holt, and gave us a win because that other person has issues with Ms. Holt, now we gotta team up with someone else who lost last time, Zoey Epsilon, against Necra and her mother… Don’t worry, the show is about to begin. Legion then runs her gloved hand along the brim of her hat, and then she snaps her fingers, the lights go out under the big top. Tarja claps as the cameraman looked over at her, as the lights come on, Legion is standing in the middle circle still, lifting her hand up, the spotlight goes on the tightrope walker with Zoey Epsilon’s face covering theirs. They slowly begin walking the tight rope, as Legion looks up at them. “The Ringmistress” Legion: the last time we saw Ms. Epsilon, she had lost her spot for this very event. Here she is now though, rebounding from that and teaming with the one person, whom most people consider the odds-on favorite. That is us, and in a casket match, nonetheless. Now, she might get very lucky, because if it comes down to throwing Necra and her bizarre mother into a casket, or throwing her, then we will not hesitate. See Zoey, we are not friends, we are not enemies. We are just common people, who have an interest to take down the ones known as Necra Kane and her deranged mother. This fight will give us an edge because we’ve been buried before, set on fire, and even competed in a last Ride match. Zoey do not go in thinking we will become friends, because the Queen does not have friends, she has her inner circle, and that’s about it. Now as you can see the tight rope walker is very good at what they do. Zoey, were just a hand away, and your confidence will thrive or die, depending on the moment. Legion goes over and bumps the tight rope walker, who falls to the side catching themselves on the rope. Legion then smirks, snapping her fingers and the lights go out, when Legion snaps her fingers again the tight rope walker is taking a bow, as they are on the other side of the platform safely. Legion claps with them, then takes a quick bow. “The Ringmistress” Legion: Now, on to our next performance… Legion then points just off to the side, where two trapeze artists await, both wearing the face of Necra Kane. She laughs then motions for them to begin. She then steps into the shadows letting the two do their thing. “the Ringmistress” Legion: Necra Octavian Kane, the current reigning, defending WXW Goddess Champion. For the first time ever, we meet on a battleground, and in doing so we can create chaos. See you believe in the macabre, those things that the world cannot explain, but can be seen by those who know. See us though, we have already lived this world, we are a living curse. Last week you defeated Roxanne, in a grueling match, we watched from the shadows among you. Now, this time we get to face off in a casket match, and the stakes there can be interesting. When you touch the fringe of our world, there is so much you can learn. One day we will want to face you one on one because then we can see who the true better demon is. For now, our trapeze artists will wow you, because they truly represent you, a high risk and a high reward. See Necra, for now you can clutch your precious because you’re walking into a dark path, and you have your mother with you. Legion then watches as the two do their act, above, flipping through the air, catching one another, then Legion motions back to the platform, where the two go. “The Ringmistress” Legion: Finally the fire hoop… Legion then looked over at the two pointing off to her side. The hoop lights up, as two wolves emerge from the back. The two handlers are wearing the face of Rene Volkov. Legion goes over to join them, as she laughs silently for herself. She snaps her fingers and the ghost disappears from the crowd, into the ring with her. Legion motions, then Tarja lights the hoop on fire. Legion sent her away, she came back carrying a black leather box, which Legion looked out for a moment. “The Ringmistress” Legion: We come to our final competitor in this Grave consequences match, or a casket match. A woman who comes from home, and where is home you may ask? Well, it’s a little forest just outside of the city, cursed place you would love it. See we are prepared for every instance of an occurrence, but with unknown variables comes risks that are not something one can prepare for. We are an x-factor in any match, but when you learn by watching a competitor that is unknown, is fun to compete against. Legion opens the box pulling out a whip, she looked at the fire. The Red lightning still pulsed through the whip, as the cameraman stepped down moving closer to get a better look at the weapon, Legion smirked. She had her blue-eyed wolf, come off her chain, as she then turned to him. “The Ringmistress” Legion: You may be the reaper of death Necra, but you have never come up against a monster like us. You could bring your mother, your father, your sisters. Do you think it will be enough? Your mother is in this match, and once we are done we will stack you up like cord wood and throw away the key, in the grave consequences. Zoey, you are just on the right side. The Black Wolf appears next to Legion, as she cracked the whip again, the other wolf comes off its chain hopping through the ring of fire, taking its position next to Legion. Legion then bows. “The Ringmistress” Legion: and this concludes our program, so let’s recap shall we? Tuesday night we go into a Grave Consequences Match with Zoey Epsilon, against a woman who wants to be us, and her mother. The Queen will be pleased, now cameraman if you do not mind the dragon awaits… Legion then gets the other performers to join her around her. Ms. J & Tethys bring out the chest, the cameraman stands up looking down at the two coins in his hand, Legion laughs then motions for him to come forward. “The Ringmistress” Legion: the Sickness has always been a problem, even since we started collecting the coins. Now it’s just a phase we have all gone through, in order to protect the sacred coins. Return them now. The cameraman shakes his head, as Legion stands waiting. Legion then motioned to Ms. J who goes over taking the two coins from the cameraman by force, then she takes them over to the chest. She places them within the chest, then nods to Legion. “The Ringmistress” Legion: Be gone, and remember death! She took a bow as did her performers then she snapped her fingers. The Lights go out, and a door appears, the cameraman goes over to it, where it returns him out. Legion, Ms. J & Tethys walk by him, Legion smirks, as the door slams behind him.
  3. Two doors appeared off to the side, as the cameraman approached one with a Blue torch and one with a Silver torch. The cameraman tries to go for the silver torch first, but the Blue one flares up and the cameraman immediately turns his attention to it. He removes it from the holster, then pulls the door open. As he did the door sucks him in immediately, and slams behind him. When he arrives at the place he sees the Darkened City where the Spire rises above the rest of the city. A Silver-eyed Timberwolf greets him, he reaches down to pet it. The Silver Wolf moved to him gently nuzzling against his hand, the cameraman then began to walk down the hill. The Gatekeeper standing by, as he approached, the cameraman’s torch seen from the distance. The Gatekeeper looks at him, as he approaches with the Silver-eyed Wolf following him. The Gatekeeper takes the torch from him, then looks over at the wolf. The Gatekeeper: This place is not meant for you. I understand you wish to see your friend, but she is busy with a new purpose as will you. The wolf bows her head, then heads back up the hill. She turns around for a moment, watching to see if the Gatekeeper would change his mind. He shoos her away, then she vanishes into the night sky. The gatekeeper goes inside his gatehouse, pushing a button, allowing the gate on the enclosed city to rise. Kassandra was standing on the opposite side of the gate smiling softly, as the cameraman moved quickly to her, then the Gatekeeper closed the gate behind him. As it went back into position the soft hiss of the gate, startled the cameraman. Kassandra giggled, as she looked at the cameraman who now was in her city. “The Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: Two rules in my city, #1 follow the main road, I am not responsible for what or who comes at you, if you do not follow it. Rule 2 see rule #1. The cameraman nodded, as he looked around two piercing sets of eyes followed him, as he moved. He kept up with Kassandra as best he could looking at her, she smiled sweetly. She pulls out a small piece of paper from the jeans she was wearing. She looked at it then laughed. “The Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: So if I am to understand this correctly, then Danae and I have a chance to get into the gauntlet match, and get the next to last spot. If we win that Tag Team Gauntlet match, then we get to win the Tag Team Titles, what are the odds of that? Maybe winning the lottery, but we have a lot to go through. Come this way, and give me that. She takes the torch from him, there seemed to be something pressing on the glass in the one window. The cameraman had been curious, then moved over to it. He looked and several hands pressed against it, which caused him to jump back. As he did Kassandra was right there, watching him, shaking her head. Apparently he did not listen the first time, as she took the torch she had just got from him, and threw it in the window, the souls escaped but the fire started to consume the building, as the cameraman looked on in horror. Kassandra shrugged it off, skipping along as if nothing had happened. She turned around to the cameraman. “The Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: in three days' time, the House begins their quest to the top against the Samoan Dynasty. The first step is securing the #5 spot, because that will give us a key advantage against the team surviving through the Gauntlet match. Then we only have to face the winner of Blue Grass Mafia and Agents of Anarchy because they will hold the last spot. Dangerous is the House backed into a corner because we will do anything, to fight. Doesn’t seem to matter who is in our way, 1 man, a hundred men, a thousand. The point is, we want to do something that we have not been able to do just yet, and that is capture tag team gold together. The fact is that Samoan Dynasty, might be a good team there is no denial of it, but Danae and I are a strong team, we have been together for so long that we know what the other tends to be thinking. Sometimes we tend to have a misstep but the two of us work well. The cameraman nods, as he looked down one of the main streets, deviating off the course, Kassandra had not noticed for a moment, as he looked at all the souls trapped within the building around. The cameraman then sees two wolves emerge, one with the Silver Eyes from Earlier, and a much larger White wolf with red eyes. The cameraman immediately falls back, looking at the two, he started crawling backwards, as the two wolves pushed forward. Kassandra then stepped in between him, and the wolves, breaking her one rule within the city. Kassandra looked back, then growled at him. “The Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: You just made me break the one rule of the city, because you were nosy, and had to see everything. My Queen, I am sorry, he does not know what he is doing. He is just here as a visitor, please do not harm him, we still need him to see what wonders Danae can give to him, so in the end. I will take the brunt of the punishment later. Kassandra then pulls him along dragging him away. The two wolves retreat into the darkness, Kassandra then puts him down letting him stand on his own accord. The cameraman picks himself up, and dusts himself off, Kassandra then gives him a swift kick back onto the main drag, getting closer to the spire. She looked up at it, as the cameraman walked beside Kassandra. “The Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: This night is all about the House gaining some of the honor we once had. The true honor we should have considered who we are, something the Queen would be proud of. Danae and I will take this, the #5 spot, hell we could enter #1 and have that advantage throughout because we are just that competent as a tag team. The other teams you need to be ready because the night the tag team titles are on the line, you will see Danae and I raising them up. Kassandra laughed as she looked over at him. She disappeared down below, the spire called her name, as Kassandra stood at the bottom, watching as the buildings around her caught fire, she stood there laughing as the spire, begins to crumble behind her. “The Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra: Three days, Samoan Dynasty, that is what you have left. Then you will get a lower number in the Tag Team Gauntlet. Remember this the House always wins, and hence you two need to have better luck. Kassandra puts her hands out, and the cameraman takes out the two coins immediately handing them to her. She puts them in her pocket, and her hand points behind her, the door appears, as the cameraman rushes to it. He opens the door and Kassandra blows him a kiss, the door closes behind him, the Blue torch going out and the door locking. The cameraman then goes over to the silver torch, removing it from its holster above the door, he pulled it down staring at it for a moment. The door opens in front of him, and he steps through prepared this time for what is about to happen. The cameraman makes it through where there is a field, and a castle in the distance. One of the workers comes over to him, smiling softly. He shook the cameraman’s hand, motioning him to follow him. Worker: Danae will be pleased to see that you have finally made it here. She has been expecting you for some time, and hence it is an exciting time. He laughs to himself as the cameraman looked nervously at him. Danae was just standing up the road a bit watching as she had usually done during the days, and she then turned seeing the worker walking with the cameraman. She shooed him off, and the worker bowed, moving away from the cameraman. Danae then motioned for the cameraman to join her, which he moved swiftly to join her. She then put her arm on his shoulder looking out into the fields. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: It’s beautiful isn’t it, just the simple beauty of the day, with people working ensuring the Queen gets what she wants. Kind of sight that makes you wonder about the world. The cameraman nods, as Danae picks up a bow, lighting a bit from the torch, then firing it off into the group. She watches the squirm and run as the fire begins to spread. She laughs and claps her hands, she then started walking getting the cameraman to walk with her, as she watched the fire spread further and further. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: In three days’ time, there will be a match at the Asylum, and we will be taking on the Samoan Dynasty. The team that wins that match, gets the #5 spot in the Gauntlet match. I’ve spoken to Kassandra and she and I both agree that the two of us, have something we need to prove to the world. We still have a lot to do because we are a unit, and those tag team titles are something we will hunt. She watched as the silver flames started to traverse the fields, a blue-eyed wolf comes up beside Danae and sits down, she smiled softly. She scratched it on the back of the head, as she then turned to the cameraman. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: Here’s what I know though, this will be our chance in AWS, maybe to set our own destiny. Do we know which way the path goes through our fate? No, because that’s not the fun of the Journey, we know were on a journey, the tag team titles call to us. Whether we must go through 1 team, 10 teams or even 100 teams. The fact is Kassandra, and I are ready for just about anything they can throw at us. She laughed as she picked up another arrow, lighting it from the torch, then she fired it off into the field, watching the next set of crops starting on fire. Danae then laughed, motioning to the Black Wolf to follow her, as the cameraman walked with them. Danae turned to him, also looking out at the chaos she was causing, when a much larger wolf, white with red eyes comes up and sits next to Danae, she reached down scratched the back of the Alpha while looking at the cameraman. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: There is always something to be said about those who you remain loyal to, and the people that they surround themselves with. The Hive has been together for long enough, that we know the queen’s strengths, but also, she knows what ours looks like. This is what a team looks like, Samoan Dynasty, you might think you have the answers for the Hive, but the House, you don’t have answers for. We do not reveal our hand, our strategy, and once you have figured it out, it’ll be too late. Danae turns and begins walking once more this time letting the white wolf lead the way, the castle drawing closer, the workers in the field trying to fight the fires, as Danae laughed at them, she knew the secret, but she looked over at the cameraman. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: ignis Graecus, is the secret out there, no matter how you blow this fire, it does not go out. So, what they’re doing out there is a losing battle, I suggest running. I am not a cruel person, please don’t get me wrong, that fire will go out, just not the way their doing it. We are placing the other teams on notice, that there is a change coming, and that change will lead to the House ruling over the tag team division with an iron fist. This match takes time to prove that we are ready for just about any challenge given to us, put us at #1 we take out the Gauntlet, put us at #5 and we win there we take out the other teams. That is our purpose, to appease the queen in the way she sees fit. Danae laughed as she lifted her hands, and snow began to fall on the crops and the people. Danae pulled on a jacket, passing one to the cameraman, who pulls it on, the two wolves shake it off, as Danae watched the fires slowly begin to die, the workers congratulating each other. Their silver-eyed mistress watching, as they went back to work. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: When kindness and mercy are shown those who dare follow it, were just wanting to see the truth. That is what the queen also offers, truth and guidance. I was once an unfocused weapon, now I have my focus, and there is no one who can stop me. She put her hand out, the cameraman dug into his pockets, and pulled out two gold coins. He slowly hands them to Danae, who takes them from him. She hands them to the white wolf, who vanishes into the whiteout that was beginning around them. The castle did not seem visible, and Danae laughed. “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: The Prophecy begins in 3 days, Samoan Dynasty, you will learn this. The door appears behind the cameraman, he pushes it open, as Danae vanishes in a blast of snow. The Blue-eyed wolf, charges at the cameraman who slams the door. Scratches are heard on the door, as he slid down it is taking a deep breath. The door locks behind him, leaving him to sit there for a moment, in a fading light.
  4. The cameraman walks along the hallways trying to figure out what was going on. Two entities walk beside him dropping a coin in each pocket. He doesn’t know who they were just that his pockets had gotten heavier because of it. The door appears, and Kassandra and Danae appear next to the cameraman pushing him through the door. The lightning cracks along the deck, as the cameraman appears looking outwards. A storm had arrived by the dragon boat, and the crew seemed unphased by it. The wind took the cameraman’s hat, he looked out amongst the storm, seeing nothing in the distance, a hand appears through the storm grabbing him, by the collar. The cameraman reached for the hand, turning around to see Ms. J standing there looking at him. she brushed her hand away once she realized he was there. Ms. J turns looking up at the woman who was standing above them, looking down. “the Shield of the Hive” Ms. J: A’ Bhan-righ agam, an t-àm air son a dhol seachad? (My Queen is it time for him to pass?) Legion then turned to him, then turned to her shield, looking down upon the two of them. She shakes her head no, but points to the cabin below her. Ms. J nods, as she lets the cameraman lead her, then she follows him. Legion with her long black hair happened to be watching the two as they had arrived. She put her hands out for Ms. J, giving her a soft hug, then looking over at the cameraman, while her wolves lying by the fire turn and growl at him. Legion puts her finger up, the wolves go silent then lie back down. The queen goes over sitting on her couch, looking up at the cameraman, motioning for him to sit down next to her. He does, she looks over at Ms. J, motioning for her to stand guard at the door. “the Queen” Legion: You can never be too careful, especially when you don’t know who you can trust. Our crew, our shield, and our wolves are people we can trust, and hence, we make our debut in three days time against Hollie Holt. Someone who remains a mystery to us, but someone who could be easily added to our crew. Those out there you may wonder who they are? The cameraman nods, as he looks out seeing men, and women on the row crew. Legion laughs, as she then motions and one of her minions come running with a glass for her. She takes it off the tray, then looks over at the cameraman taking a drink. “the Queen” Legion: Here’s what we know, with the fight comes a challenge. This challenger who dares step to us, Hollie Holt. She is going to learn very quickly that we are not just a run of the mill competitor. We are the current Zion YouTube Champion, we are the current EHWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion. Do you think we have earned these by coincidence? No, we have earned them because we go through everything and everyone. Just like the Feigel cup. Those who have dared to enter, will have to face us through this tournament. It is something we can earn, adding another notch to a storied career. Legion laughs as she takes a deep drink, she lets a little of the blood trickled down her mouth landing on the black pants she was wearing, the blood fades into the material, as she laughed. She then looked over at him. “the Queen” Legion: Maybe at AWS, they could provide some new match-ups that we have never seen before. See like this Hollie Holt is a new challenge, which is what we truly live for. That one live for the fight, fight to live, maybe from time to time, it is easier for us to figure out. Hell, even you know what we are capable of correct? The cameraman nods, as Legion gets up going over to her window, motioning for the cameraman to follow her. She watched the rain falling, the Island grew closer but the fog, was blocking the view, so Legion’s crew was uncertain of where they had been headed, but the Queen opened the window. “the Queen” Legion: When you demand loyalty from your crew, you earn their trust. People around us know, that we are merciful, we can be kind, but we can also be cruel and full of malice. Like this for example. Legion looks over at Ms. J taking the camera away from the cameraman, then Legion grabs him. She then pushes him out of the window, hanging on to his ankle. The cameraman dangled from the window looking down seeing nothing but the black abyss below. Legion laughed as Ms. J then came over laughing as well, as he wriggled below them. “the Queen” Legion: See this was never meant to be this way, it was meant to be something more. The fields of bliss call you, and you will answer the call. The truth shall be the thing that sets you free. And we are finished with you. Legion lets him fall, as a blinding light appears. When the cameraman arrived he is standing in a white tent, with the sun shining, Ms. J standing there watching him. Legion appears, looking at him, the fear still in his eyes, as she steps around him. “the Queen” Legion: We told you to have faith, and things would be alright? Did we not promise this? He nods quickly looking at her, she then brushed her hands along his face, tapping his cheek gently. She looks over at Ms. J who nods, she laughs to herself quiety, the fields still ripe with people who dare fight. Legion goes and sits on her throne, the cameraman follows her. She looks down upon him, whistling, two dark shadows appear, and her wolves appear on her left and right kneeling on the position. “the Queen” Legion: You’ve heard the story of the Queen? Tragic as it might be? Well that story remains a mystery this day. Only those who we have declared worthy can be the ones to hear the story. Maybe if this Hollie Holt listens closely, then she will hear the Queen’s Story, before she is planted in the mat with the Shattered Realm, then locked into the Storytime, where she will be given two choices, submit or be broken. It’s always a simple choice. Legion then laughs as she hears a commotion in one of the far rooms. Legion quickly gets up descending the stairs in front of her, Ms. J quickly follows suit, as well as the wolves. Legion sees two men brawling forgetting where they were, as the Queen looked at them, her purple eyes flaring up, then she grabs the two of them, pulling them apart throwing one to one side the other to the other looking at them. “the Queen” Legion: This place has rules, and the two of you have broken our rules. We will give you one chance, if you do not leave now, the wolves will feed. The two men nodded, then ran out of the hole they had created in the tent. Legion whistled, and the two wolves went out behind them, she laughed. She then put her hand up by her face, then turned to the cameraman. “the Queen” Legion: If we do not have rules, we are just as bad as the animals. Hollie we will see you soon. Now our associates dropped two gold coins in your pockets, we want them back please. The cameraman digs into either pocket, and pulls out two gold coins, he looks at them, as Legion places her hand out for them. He closes his hand holding them close Legion then looks at him curiously. “the Queen” Legion: The Drakon sickness, a known fact, but those coins have never belonged to you, you are just a pawn. Hand them to me! Legion goes over and opens the man’s hand, removing the two coins from them, then she looked at him in the eyes. Ms. J steps between the two, as Legion goes over whispering something to her chest, then pulls it open, placing the coins inside with the many. She then stands up, going back out of the room, closing the curtain behind her. “the Queen” Legion: Go, we will see you soon. The door appears behind the cameraman, which he turns around and opens. As he steps out from it, Legion and Ms. J appear next to him, walking along the corridor. Making the cameraman wonder if he was dreaming or did that just happen, as the scene ends.
  5. Picture Bases : Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell Tag Team Name : the House of Wolves Tag Team Members: Danae and Kassandra Combined Weight: 326 lbs. Alignments: Heel Similar To: Persia Pirotta and Indi Hartwell Entrance Description: The arena is currently buzzing, as “Timber and Winds” by Paola Bennet is gently playing over the speakers. The fans are wondering what is going on, as the song begins to play a bit louder, then the song begins to fade after, the fans hear… Lady Catelyn alone had the river’s sharp ear Heard dancing reels turn to the Rains of Castamere. Right as that last phrase is spoken, the lights go out in the arena. The screen flickers on, and a video is shown as “the Rains of Castamere” begins playing quite loudly, thunder cracks and as rain begins to fall in the area. There are two women there, both in black robes, walking along the path of the black forest, one carrying a torch of blue flame, the other carrying a torch with a silver flame. A White wolf with red eyes follows behind them for a moment then moves around then, trotting to the far side of the fire. The blue torch bearer drops her torch into the fire and in the arena blue pyro shoots up from the stage. As the first woman moves to her left, then the silver torch bearer moved to where she was, and she tossed her torch onto the fire, as Silver flames shoot up on the stage. The video then cuts out while “the Rains of Castamere” continues to play. The Silver and blue Flames shoot up from the stage once more, as the two women appear on the stage. “the Rains of Castamere” finishes, as “Lilac and Violet” by Miracle of Sound begins playing. Lilac flowers And berries where we lie Behind these violet eyes A fire Tragedy's child Born into cruelty and crooked form The hateful twist of rejection Bends my heart The two women then turn and face each other, as they flip down their hoods as they turn their heads staring into the ring. The robes fall to the stage, as Kassandra turns first, grasping her wrist flexing her hand, followed by Danae who comes over resting her arm on the shoulder of Kassandra, looking smugly out to the crowd. A loud boom is heard behind the two, as a new banner drops, revealing the logo for the House of Wolves. The two women begin to walk down to the ring side by side, as they are focused on the ring. Lilac flowers And berries where we lie Behind these violet eyes A fire No price or power Can ever satisfy Behind these violet eyes A fire The two give the occasional high five, as they make it to the bottom of the ramp. Kassandra and Danae look into the ring, and then go opposite ways, as Kassandra goes left, and Danae goes right. They climb up onto the ring apron at the same time, the ring announcer looks at the two of them as they step underneath the bottom rope. The Ring announcer puts their microphone up as the two women look at them. “At a combined weight of 326 lbs. representing the Hive, they are the team of Kassandra and Danae, the House of Wolves!” Kassandra lifts her hand with Danae’s as they look out at the fans. They spin in a circle, then look up the ramp, as the two watch for the opponents coming. Kassandra then goes over to sit on the turnbuckle while Danae stands in front of her. Signature Moves : 1. Double Suplex 2. Spinning Spinebuster followed by a Backstabber 3. Samoan Drop followed by Diving Neckbreaker 4. Assisted Swinging Side Slam 5. Wheelbarrow Facebuster followed by a Double Knee Facebreaker 6. Delayed vertical Suplex combined with a Lariat 7. Double Spinebuster 8. Double Dropkick Finishing Moves : Wolves End (Shatter Machine (Flapjack (Danae) while Kassandra hooks the opponent in a Double-Knee Facebreaker.))
  6. Create-A-Manager Picture Base: Raquel Rodriguez Ring Name: Ms. J Real Name: Unknown Alignment: Heel List of Manager's Clients: Legion, Kassandra and Danae
  7. Create-A-Lunatic Picture Base: Deonna Purrazzo Ring Name : Legion Real Name: Tarja Kingston Also Known As: The Queen, Queenslayer, Hometown/Billed : Tokyo, Japan Height : 5'3" Weight: 138 lbs. Blood Type: A- Age : 32 Debut Year: 2008 Alignment: Heel Cheating Tendency : Rarely Fighting Styles: Strong Style, High Flyer, Techincal Similar To Wrestler: Deonna Purrazzo Entrance Theme Song : Burn Butcher Burn by Joey Batey and Joseph Trapanese into the Mirror by Halocene Entrance Description: The screen begins to flicker, as the lights go out in the arena. A video appears, of a man sitting on a rock, looking out at the camera holding a lute. He begins strumming as he begins singing, a jingle of three coins is also heard, as a woman is seen walking next to him. The lute player gets up and follows the woman, as she turns her red eyes pierce through him. He picks up his music, as he sings. What for d'you yearn? It's the point of no return After everything we did, we saw You turned your back on me What for d'you yearn? Watch that butcher burn The woman turns back looking through the people, two people are raised into the arena. The one woman kneeling keeping her head down, as she lifts her hand up, then dropping it, red pyro goes off as the lute player finishes his sentence. Burn, butcher, burn Burn, butcher, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn Legion then stands up, looking out her black jacket hitting the ground, Ms. J standing behind her. She then turns around handing Ms. J her coins in her hand, then the Mirror begins playing. Legion begins her descent down the ramp, as she stays focused on the ring, occasionally giving a high five. Legion stops at the bottom of the ramp pointing as Ms. J climbs up onto the ring apron holding the ropes open. I am the killer, you are the mirror Why do you smile while you’re watching me bleed I’m just a sinner, you are the winner Forcing me down until I’m on my knees And the saddest scene plays on the screen Again and again and again I am the killer, you are the mirror Why do you smilе while you’re watching me bleed Legion goes over and climbs up the stairs, and through the ropes Ms. J is holding open. She then does a twirl, showing herself off to the fans she then turns to Ms. J looking at her, motioning for her to get off the apron. Legion then smiles as she takes her jacket off passing it to Ms. J as she looks up the ramp awaiting her opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear: Ring Gear here Standard Moves (10-15) * Strikes -Bicycle Kick (Standard, Running, Discus, Ripcord) -Bicycle Knee (Standard, Running, Ripcord) -Kamigoye Knee Strike -Muai Thai Knee Strikes -Shotei Palm Strike -Leg Sweep -Backfist -Thigh Knee -Rolling Elbow -Forearm (Discus, Standard) -Bicycle Pump Kick -Corner Back Elbow -Sliding D -Lariat (Short-Arm, Discus, Ripcord, Running, Corner) -Corner Yakuza Kick -European Uppercut Slams -Russian Leg Sweep -Arm Drag -Japanese Arm Drag -Belly-To-Back Facebuster (ala Roderick Strong) -Suplex Variations (Tiger, Dragon, Butterfly, Brainbuster, Snap, German, Half-and-half) -Neckbreakers (Corkscrew, Running, Fisherman’s, Hangman) -Snapmare -Dragon Screw Leg Whip -Backdrop Driver -Backbreakers (Sideslam, Butterfly, Tilt-A-Whirl, Chokeslam, Uranage) -Uranage -Uranage Sideslam -Powerbomb (Standard, Sit Out,Double Underhook) Weardown Submissions -Rear Chinlock -Top Wristlock -Arm Wrench -Bow-and-Arrow Stretch -Side Headlock -Side Headlock Takedown -Grounded Headscissors (sometimes with Arm Trapped) -Grounded Front Facelock Heavy Submissions -Keylock -Paradise Lock -Arm Trapped STF -Peruvian Necktie -Ankle Lock (sometimes grapevined) -Dragon Sleeper -Surfboard -Triangle Choke -Guillotine Choke Arm Based Attacks (to set up for Storytime) -Arm Wrench Pele Kick -Running Arm Punt Kick -Old School -Hammerlock DDT -Hammerlock Lariat -Hammerlock Dragon Sleeper -Double Knee Arm Breaker -Double Knee Drop on Arms -Arm Wrench Mat Slam Combos -Shotei Palm Strike/Shotei Palm Strike/Spinning Backfist/Legsweep -Snapmare/Bicycle Knee/Leg Drop -Arm Wrench Mat Slam/Arm Knee Drop -Swinging Neckbreaker/Rollthrough/Snap Suplex -Running Knee Lift/German Suplex/Rollthrough/German Suplex -Arm Drag/Arm Drag/Bicycle Knee/Corner Yakuza Kick -Forearm into the corner/Corner Yakuza Kick/Sliding D Signature Moves (5-10) * 1. Queendom Come Description: Hammerlock Back Suplex directly leading to storytime 2. Starlight Road Description: Stiff Savate Kick Primary Finishing Moves * Storytime Description: Double Fujiwara Armbar Secondary Finishing Moves * Shattered Realms (Stomp) Title Histories & Accolades * 2x PWSR Women's Champion 2x WWH World Tag Team Champion (w/ Harlow Michaels) 2x WWH Asylum Champion 1x WWH Underground Champion 1x WWH Paradox Tag Team Champions (w/ Jacoby Spencer) 1x Zion World Heavyweight Champion (First Ever) 1x WWH Women's World Champion (Final) 1x WWH Demolition Champion (Final) 1x Zion YouTube Champion (Current) 1x EHWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion (Current) Brief Biography * We used to think that the world was a one dimension object, where the people did not understand. We came to an understanding that we did not have to explain ourselves and our work would speak for itself. But we came to the sense. We are Legion, we were not born this way, so if that’s what you were expecting, then you are sadly mistaken. We were born Tarja Marie Kingston, we tend not to talk about ourselves because from time to time no one wants to hear it. We had an older brother named Ryan, and were part of Dystopia Wrestle when it opened 11 years ago and when it closed. That’s when Starlight & Tarja vanished from sight, everyone had forgotten about them, forgotten what she had done. But then she returned with something eerie following her. Tarja was there but sleeping per say. But Starlight was just not enough, and then that is when Knightmare was born. When Knightmare was not enough, then we awoke, and thus the Legion was born. Since that point, we’ve been beaten, broken, fallen on barbed wire, crashed through tables, fought in cages, bled in cages, won 4 titles, and no one has been able to figure out the code, the solution or the way to take us down. Can you determine the code? If you want to know more you can try and ask. .. Managers: Danae, Kassandra and Ms. J
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