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  1. Picture Base * Tiffany Stratton Ring Name * Marleigh Morgan Real Name * Serena McKeon Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Toronto, Canada Height * 5'1" Weight * 130 Blood Type: Birth Date * 7/11/2004 Debut Year * 2021 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency * Always Gimmick * Spoiled Rich Bitch Motivations * Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Fighting Styles * Technical Similar To Wrestler * Bryan Danielson and Asuka What does he/she do when seeing blood? * Throws up Entrance Description * As her theme plays, she walks to the ring ala Tiffany Stratton, complete with her poodle, Chloe, in one hand and her designer purse in the other. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Charlotte esque blue and white trunks, blue and white sports bra, blue and white boots. Standard Moves * Anything of Danielson's Signature Moves * Hurricanrana Primary Finishing Move * Crossface Secondary Finishing Move * Fujuwara Armbar Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * All Championships & Accolades * Brief Biography * Additional information that commentators can mention? *
  2. Create-A-Lunatic Picture Base: Deonna Purrazzo Ring Name : Legion Real Name: Tarja Kingston Also Known As: The Queen, Queenslayer, Hometown/Billed : Tokyo, Japan Height : 5'3" Weight: 138 lbs. Blood Type: A- Age : 32 Debut Year: 2008 Alignment: Heel Cheating Tendency : Rarely Fighting Styles: Strong Style, High Flyer, Techincal Similar To Wrestler: Deonna Purrazzo Entrance Theme Song : Burn Butcher Burn by Joey Batey and Joseph Trapanese into the Mirror by Halocene Entrance Description: The screen begins to flicker, as the lights go out in the arena. A video appears, of a man sitting on a rock, looking out at the camera holding a lute. He begins strumming as he begins singing, a jingle of three coins is also heard, as a woman is seen walking next to him. The lute player gets up and follows the woman, as she turns her red eyes pierce through him. He picks up his music, as he sings. What for d'you yearn? It's the point of no return After everything we did, we saw You turned your back on me What for d'you yearn? Watch that butcher burn The woman turns back looking through the people, two people are raised into the arena. The one woman kneeling keeping her head down, as she lifts her hand up, then dropping it, red pyro goes off as the lute player finishes his sentence. Burn, butcher, burn Burn, butcher, burn Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn Legion then stands up, looking out her black jacket hitting the ground, Ms. J standing behind her. She then turns around handing Ms. J her coins in her hand, then the Mirror begins playing. Legion begins her descent down the ramp, as she stays focused on the ring, occasionally giving a high five. Legion stops at the bottom of the ramp pointing as Ms. J climbs up onto the ring apron holding the ropes open. I am the killer, you are the mirror Why do you smile while you’re watching me bleed I’m just a sinner, you are the winner Forcing me down until I’m on my knees And the saddest scene plays on the screen Again and again and again I am the killer, you are the mirror Why do you smilе while you’re watching me bleed Legion goes over and climbs up the stairs, and through the ropes Ms. J is holding open. She then does a twirl, showing herself off to the fans she then turns to Ms. J looking at her, motioning for her to get off the apron. Legion then smiles as she takes her jacket off passing it to Ms. J as she looks up the ramp awaiting her opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear: Ring Gear here Standard Moves (10-15) * Strikes -Bicycle Kick (Standard, Running, Discus, Ripcord) -Bicycle Knee (Standard, Running, Ripcord) -Kamigoye Knee Strike -Muai Thai Knee Strikes -Shotei Palm Strike -Leg Sweep -Backfist -Thigh Knee -Rolling Elbow -Forearm (Discus, Standard) -Bicycle Pump Kick -Corner Back Elbow -Sliding D -Lariat (Short-Arm, Discus, Ripcord, Running, Corner) -Corner Yakuza Kick -European Uppercut Slams -Russian Leg Sweep -Arm Drag -Japanese Arm Drag -Belly-To-Back Facebuster (ala Roderick Strong) -Suplex Variations (Tiger, Dragon, Butterfly, Brainbuster, Snap, German, Half-and-half) -Neckbreakers (Corkscrew, Running, Fisherman’s, Hangman) -Snapmare -Dragon Screw Leg Whip -Backdrop Driver -Backbreakers (Sideslam, Butterfly, Tilt-A-Whirl, Chokeslam, Uranage) -Uranage -Uranage Sideslam -Powerbomb (Standard, Sit Out,Double Underhook) Weardown Submissions -Rear Chinlock -Top Wristlock -Arm Wrench -Bow-and-Arrow Stretch -Side Headlock -Side Headlock Takedown -Grounded Headscissors (sometimes with Arm Trapped) -Grounded Front Facelock Heavy Submissions -Keylock -Paradise Lock -Arm Trapped STF -Peruvian Necktie -Ankle Lock (sometimes grapevined) -Dragon Sleeper -Surfboard -Triangle Choke -Guillotine Choke Arm Based Attacks (to set up for Storytime) -Arm Wrench Pele Kick -Running Arm Punt Kick -Old School -Hammerlock DDT -Hammerlock Lariat -Hammerlock Dragon Sleeper -Double Knee Arm Breaker -Double Knee Drop on Arms -Arm Wrench Mat Slam Combos -Shotei Palm Strike/Shotei Palm Strike/Spinning Backfist/Legsweep -Snapmare/Bicycle Knee/Leg Drop -Arm Wrench Mat Slam/Arm Knee Drop -Swinging Neckbreaker/Rollthrough/Snap Suplex -Running Knee Lift/German Suplex/Rollthrough/German Suplex -Arm Drag/Arm Drag/Bicycle Knee/Corner Yakuza Kick -Forearm into the corner/Corner Yakuza Kick/Sliding D Signature Moves (5-10) * 1. Queendom Come Description: Hammerlock Back Suplex directly leading to storytime 2. Starlight Road Description: Stiff Savate Kick Primary Finishing Moves * Storytime Description: Double Fujiwara Armbar Secondary Finishing Moves * Shattered Realms (Stomp) Title Histories & Accolades * 2x PWSR Women's Champion 2x WWH World Tag Team Champion (w/ Harlow Michaels) 2x WWH Asylum Champion 1x WWH Underground Champion 1x WWH Paradox Tag Team Champions (w/ Jacoby Spencer) 1x Zion World Heavyweight Champion (First Ever) 1x WWH Women's World Champion (Final) 1x WWH Demolition Champion (Final) 1x Zion YouTube Champion (Current) 1x EHWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion (Current) Brief Biography * We used to think that the world was a one dimension object, where the people did not understand. We came to an understanding that we did not have to explain ourselves and our work would speak for itself. But we came to the sense. We are Legion, we were not born this way, so if that’s what you were expecting, then you are sadly mistaken. We were born Tarja Marie Kingston, we tend not to talk about ourselves because from time to time no one wants to hear it. We had an older brother named Ryan, and were part of Dystopia Wrestle when it opened 11 years ago and when it closed. That’s when Starlight & Tarja vanished from sight, everyone had forgotten about them, forgotten what she had done. But then she returned with something eerie following her. Tarja was there but sleeping per say. But Starlight was just not enough, and then that is when Knightmare was born. When Knightmare was not enough, then we awoke, and thus the Legion was born. Since that point, we’ve been beaten, broken, fallen on barbed wire, crashed through tables, fought in cages, bled in cages, won 4 titles, and no one has been able to figure out the code, the solution or the way to take us down. Can you determine the code? If you want to know more you can try and ask. .. Managers: Danae, Kassandra and Ms. J
  3. Picture Bases: Seth Rollins, Adam Cole, Cora Jade, Damian Priest, Dominik Dijakovic, Jake Hager, Gigi Dolin Faction Name: The Age of Fall Faction Members -Dan Anderson w/Gage Atlas -Jay Reynolds -Roxanne -Lucian Reinhardt & Clint Carter w/Shyla Brooks Combined Weight: 1,083lbs Alignments: Tweener Similar To: Entrance Description: "We Are One" by 12 Stones begins to play throughout the arena and Dan Anderson along with Gage Atlas make their way out first, Dan doing some showboating. They are soon joined by the rest of the Age of Fall, the group standing on entrance way. After a few seconds of standing on the stage, soaking in the crowd's reaction, the group making their way down the aisle. One by one, the Age of Fall enter the ring, walking to the middle of the ring. Dan stands in the front while the others are behind him and they all hold one finger up, slight smirks on their faces as pyro goes off. Signature Moves -Super Kicks Finishing Moves -Triple Powerbomb
  4. Wrestler's pic base: Triple H (2002 with beard and long hair) Ring Name: Vin Halsted Real Name: Vincent Sanzio Also Known As: Halsted Hometown: Chicago, IL Height: 6'4" Weight: 260 lbs. Blood Type: A Positive Birthdate: July 22, 1985 Debut Year: 2003 Alignment: Heel Alliances: Joe Cranston, The Enforcer Cheating Tendency: Whatever means necessary Fighting Styles: No specific style, as Vin is capable to mix it up between Hardcore, Lucha, Old School, Power, Shooter, etc. Similar to Wrestler: a mix of Triple H’s tactical abilitiy, AJ Styles’s high-flying, Bryan Danielson’s technician attributes, and Kenny Omega’s crossover styles Current Entrance Music – Avenged Sevenfold's "Hail to the King" (Previous Entrance Music includes: MegaDeth’s “Kill the King”, Korn's "Coming Undone", Korn's "Blind", Korn’s “Evolution”) Wrestler's Entrance: Blue strobe light over the white smoke. Gold sparks fly all around him as he stands at the top of the stage in the midst of the smoke. He stretches his arms out as the crowd chants “Hal-sted”. He spins around once before sauntering down the aisle. He wipes his feet before climbing into the ring to take the center for one more spin and outstretched pose. Ring gear: Simple black tights with “VH” on the thighs, black knee pads, white boots with “VH” on the sides, white elbow pads. Standard moves: Superplex (various styles – belly-to-belly, belly-to-back, etc.), Flying elbow, Sunset flip (top-rope or running), Plancha (various styles), Moonsault (various styles – BME, Corkscrew, Asai, triple, etc.), Running Powerbomb, Sunset flip Powerbomb, Triple Powerbomb, Sit-out Powerbomb, Senton Bomb, Rolling Thunder, Flying Body Press, 450 Splash, Flying Splash, Jackknife Powerbomb, German Suplex (w/ or w/o bridge), Brainbuster (w/ or w/o cradle), Northern-Lights Suplex (w/ or w/o bridge), Spinebuster, VanDaminator, Superkick, Suicidal Dives (over/through/off of the ropes), Powerslam, Hurricanrana, Texas cloverleaf, Fujiwara armbar, Impaler DDT, Hangman Neckbreaker (from the turnbuckle or standing), Swinging Neckbreaker, T-Bone Suplex, Belly-to-Belly Suplex (overhead throw), Death Valley Driver, Tombstone Piledriver, F5, Jackhammer, and a jumping Piledriver, Dragon Suplex, Dragon Sleeper Signature Move(s) & Description(s): Fade Out - Avalanche Brainbuster; Mass Confusion - Double Underhook Jumping Piledriver; Welcome to the Southside - Package Piledriver; Faced - Second-rope Pedigree (aka... "Pepsi Plunge") Primary Finishing Move(s): Halsted Hangover – somersault Stunner from the turnbuckle Secondary Finishing Manuever: Fahgetaboutit Bomb – top-rope Powerbomb Favorite Submission: CTFO (Choke the f*** out) - rear-naked choke Title Histories & Accolades: A champion in every federation he’s ever stepped foot in (SWA, NCW, EWF, ECWF, RWO-SNME, GFCW, DWF, HHW, CWI, IWFF, NWA, WFW, DHWF, PHW, TCW, ASE, AUW, KPro, FCPW, XWF, GTW and a member of the Federations Hall of Fame, HHW/CWI Hall of Fame, and the ASE Circle of Legends. Brief Background: Vin Halsted witnessed his father get murdered in a robbery gone wrong at the age of 12 while living on the Southside of Chicago. His mother decided to move closer to his relatives in Long Island but Vin opted to stay with a family friend named, Mr. Han, so that he could stay in school and be trained by him. He paid his way through college by bouncing at local dive bars and working as a low level collector. He was discovered by Joe Cranston and was recruited to join HHW. Vin quickly rose the ranks and attracted the attention of numerous promoters. He would go on to attain title after title and accolade after accolade. He took on a personal assistant named, Scarlett, in order to manage his contractual needs and a head maid named, Angelina, who tends to the Halsted Manor. Mr. Han moved in and became his butler when he decided to build Halsted Manor. It started out as a humble estate and it has since grown into a massive castle-like compound that houses multiple studies, grand halls, a private movie theatre, a huge fieldhouse with a training facility that Dorian Yates designed, a labyrinth, a second home for Joe Cranston and his son, Caden, and so much more. Motivations: Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people.
  5. HD diamond


    Butch Ethan stone Ethan stone sanford,North Carolina 5,9 228lbs B 03/09/99 2018 heel he likes to use weapons as his main way to cheat Like taekwondo based with a bit of bruiser type moves aleister black,buddy murphy people like that He walks out starts patting/hitting his head then screams and bursts out of what seems like a psychosis and walks slowly to the ring being very jumpy his gear is very worn out and stiched up Punches/knee combos,drop kick, running knee, running closeline, gut kick suicide dive, ripcord knee, roundhouse kick, side whip kick and jumping knee strike black mass(for butch it’s called the TTS) single knee facebreaker(the demented knee strike) he’s a 2x evolve champ and has won over 20 championships in promotions in north carolina Butch is a very crazy character the way he acts can be compared to wwe dean ambrose and he loves to have extreme matches and once you cross him you will feel the pain, he is a relentless heel who uses weapons at every chance he can, he also loves a good challenge
  6. Picture Base Patricia Velasquez Ring Name * The Goddess of the Dead Necra Octavian Kane Real Name * Necra Octavian Kane Also Known As The Queen of Death, The Lady in Black, Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Crawling Chaos, The Creeping Death Hometown/Billed * The Grove Atlanta Georiga Height * 5'11 Weight * 127lbs Birth Date * 11/01/? Debut Year * 2005 Alignment * Tweener Cheating Tendency * Sometimes Gimmick * A child born of a Goddess and a Demon, she a force that is worse than death itself.The head of a cult of Nepthys that has become world wide in certain sects. Motivations * Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people. Fighting Styles * Technical, Submissions Similar To * Undertaker, Chris Benoit Entrance Description * Different each show Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Different each show Standard Moves * 1. High Angle German Suplex with Bridge 2. Russian Leg sweep Facebuster 3. Guillotine Crusher 4. Trap X Arm hold 5. Face Slap 6. Flying X Knee hold 7. Cyclone Whip 8. Cobra Claw 9. Space Rolling Elbow 10. Somersault Kick 11. Shining Triangle 12. Sledge Hammer 13. Body Knee Lift 14. Face Claw 15. Flying Mare 16. Sweep Kick 17. Frankensteiner Whip 18. Eiji Rush 19. Small Package Hold 20. Orca Special - German Suplex into a back flip, into second german suplex. Signature Moves * Crook and Flail" Cutthroat Neckbreaker "The Serpent" Fullbody Grapevine Ankle Lock Primary Finisher's Name: Pegasus Device Primary Finisher's Description: Full Nelson Camel Clutch Finishing Moves * The Mummification" A Cross arm Backcracker. "My Fair Lady" twisting version of unprettier Brief Biography *
  7. Picture Base Isla Dawn Ring Name The Mother of Monsters Rene Volkov Real Name Rene Volkov Also Known As The Good Doctor Hometown/Billed Moscow Russia Height 5'9 Weight 132lbs Blood Type: Unknown Birth Date Unknown Debut Year 2021 Alignment Heel Cheating Tendency Not Often Fighting Styles High Flyer Similar To Wrestler Rey Mysterio Entrance Theme Song "Parasite Eve" by Bring Me the Horizon Entrance Description "The house lights go down, as green and black spotlights go over the crowd. As the tron comes to life with strange looking shadows and creatures that seem to be in strange pods. A strange chant is heard over the loud speakers as "Parasite Eve" by Bring Me The Horizon begins to play over the loudspeaker. The scenes change to more labatory looking places and a strange island where we see Rene floating in what appears to be a tube. She opens her eyes as the scene changes to her matches. On the stage a strange looking pod as Ragnarok steps out from behind it as the door opens. Rene steps out and starts to head down the ramp way toward the ring with Ragnarok following behind. She reaches the ring and waits for the match to begin. Wardrobe/Ring Gear Black pants with a tight fitting purple and black top. A pair of low cut flat boots adorns her feet. Standard Moves (10-15) * Snap Suplex Moonsault Swanton Corkscrew Plancha Frog Splash Shooting Star Press Crossbody Springboard Suicide Dive Missile Drop Kick 540 DDT Avalanche Moonsault Side Slam 450 Splash Double Rotation Moonsault Standing Moonsault Signature Moves (5-10) Onodi - Eclipse Roundoff - Diving Double Foot Stomp Stuck Landing - Reverse 450 Primary Finishing Moves * Straight Down - Red Arrow Secondary Finishing Moves * Double Aerial Twist - Phoenix Splash Dismount - Coast to Coast Title Histories & Accolades Brief Biography Not much is known about the mysterious Rene Volkov. She is a scientist with a private island somewhere off of the coast of Japan.
  8. Picture Base * Austin Theory Ring Name * Zane Maritato Real Name * Alex Maritato Also Known As: Italian Stallion Hometown/Billed *Little Italy, New York Height * 6’2 Weight * 242 Blood Type: A Birth Date: January 9, 1998 Debut Year *2019 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency *Often Fighting Styles *Entertainer & Technical Similar To Wrestler * Austin Theory Entrance Description * He represents the Violent Generation proudly with his entrance alone. Spelling out the “TVG” once he hits the stage before walking down it. Flexing his biceps with a shit-eating grin. Then he enters the ring by sliding under the bottom of the ring and standing in the middle which his hands over his head and legs parted to look like an “A” before once again flexing directly for the camera Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Wrist tape, wrestling tights, and wrestling boots. The tights have a horse head logo on the legs, a horse head on the front, and the word “MARITATO” on the back in gothic font with “TVG” on the boots to show he belongs with the stable Standard Moves (10-15) * Dropkick. Russian Leg Sweep. Sleeper Hold. Middle rope ax handle, standing leg drop. Powerslam. Arm trapped crossface. German Suplex. Bulldog. Back Suplex. Diving Coss Body. Signature Moves (5-10) * Swinging Neckbreaker. Queensbridge (Heel Hook). Bronco Buster. Hatchback (Capture Suplex). STO. Primary Finishing Moves * Trinità (Chimera-Plex) [German suplex followed into a dragon suplex and finished with a straight jacket suplex] Unisphere (Panama Sunrise) [Sunset Flip Piledriver] Secondary Finishing Moves * Italian Ice (Koji Clutch) Mariato-Plex (Crossface Chickenwing Suplex) One Man Stampede (Leaping Double Foot Stomp). Title Histories & Accolades * Brief Biography *He’s the oldest child of James “Little Guido”/”Nunzio” Maritato and the only one to get the wrestling bug. He got into wrestling at age 21 after his parents insisted that he become a “wrestler with a college degree.” Luckily for Alex he fulfilled their wish to the maximum and went to college on a wrestling scholarship to Cornell University with business management and leadership degree. His grand plan is to become a pro wrestling promoter when he retires. He’s Italian American with Italian heritage on his mother and father’s side.
  9. Picture Base * Dustin Rhodes (Red and Black gear) Ring Name * "The Ice Blood" Konrad Raab Real Name * Konrad Raab Hometown/Billed * Cologne, Germany and Chicago, Illinois. Height * 6.4 Weight * 201 Blood Type: AB Birth Date * 20/10/66 Debut Year * 2012 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency * Quite often since he wants to collect blood from other people and even cut himself open. Fighting Styles * All Rounder Theme Song * Violence Fetish by Disturbed Entrance Description * Violence Fetish by Disturbed plays over the sound system as Konrad comes out through the curtain with his flanged German mace with him, acting erratic with an angry look on his face, rising the flanged German mace in the air, wearing red and black face paint on the right side of his face with a red and black suit hoodie over his head he wears with pieces of ice blood designed all over them. He also has a penguin, walrus and a polar bear stitching on the left-hand side of his chest on his gear, stating Stop Climate Change. He also wears black boots along with Red and Black Gloves on his hands before he crouches down on the floor with the flanged German mace in front of him, looking at the ring with evil intentions. Phillips: “From Cologne, Germany, he is The Ice Blood, Konrad Raab!” After the announcement, Konrad picks up his flanged German mace and slowly walks to the ring with a massive amount of boos before Konrad runs up the steps and goes underneath the ropes. As he's in the ring, Konrad without showing any sign of acknowledgement from the fans, lays the flanged German mace on the turnbuckle, then sits in the corner of the ring with the crowd booing him, having a nasty look in his eyes, flicking his fists as if he's already ready to fight, with ring staff taking Konrad's flanged German mace away, waiting for the match to start as he takes his hoodie off from his head. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Red and black face paint on the right side of his face with a red and black suit hoodie over his head he wears with pieces of ice blood designed all over them. He also has a penguin, walrus and a polar bear stitching on the left-hand side of his chest on his gear, stating Stop Climate Change. He also wears black boots along with Red and Black Gloves on his hands. Weapon Of Choice * Flanged German Mace Standard Moves (10-15) * 1. DDT 2. Armdrag 3. Suplex 4. Spinebuster 5. Lou Thesz press 6. German Suplex 7. Spear 8. Boxing punches 9: European uppercut 10: Elbow Drop 11: Back suplex 12: Armbar 13: Rolling German Suplex 14: Clothesline 15: Release German Suplex 16. Double Arm German Suplex 17. Arm Trap Chickenwing German Suplex 18: Everest German Suplex 19: Release Everest German Suplex 20: Crossface chickenwing 21: STF 22: Anaconda Vise 23: Triangle choke 24: The Cologne Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf) 25: Sharpshooter 26: Boston crab 27: Top rope elbow drop 28: Superplex 29: Body splash from the turnbuckle 30: Powerbomb from the turnbuckle. 31: Knee drop from the turnbuckle 32: Top rope clothesline 33: Diving spear from the turnbuckle. 34: Diving senton Splash 35: Enzuigiri 36: Dropkick 37: Superkick 38: Frankensteiner 39: Frog splash 40: Flying neckbreaker 41: Emerald Flowsion 42: Double knee facebreaker 43: Moonsault 44: Moonsault to the outside 45: Shooting Star Press 46: Hurricanrana 47: Muscle Buster 48: Double Underhook DDT 49: Inverted Death Valley Driver 50: Vertebreaker 51: Biting 52: Chokehold. 53: Chokeslam 54: Fireman's carry slam 55: Powerbomb 56: Jawbreaker 57: Powerslam 58: Gutbuster Signature Move * The Iceinator Signature Moves Description: Chokeslam Powerbomb Primary Finishing Moves * Blood Infection Finisher Description: Sunset Flip Piledriver The Frozen Pin Finisher 2 Description: Bridging German Suplex The Ice lock Finisher 3 Description: Ankle lock Secondary Finishing Moves * The Ice Storm Secondary Finisher Description: Handspring Cutter Title Histories & Accolades * •WEW Universal Championship •WEW Titans Championship •TWE World Heavyweight Championship •Starrdom Global Championship •GZWA Tag Team Championship with Samuel Chapman •WWH Wildcard Championship •2X Rebellion Pro Ballroom Championship •2X Supreme Championship Wrestling Television Championship •EHWF Junior Heavyweight Championship •UGWC Cross-Hemisphere Championship •Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground Championship •AWS Underground Championship (Current) Brief Biography * Back in March 2021, he had turned for the worst when he discovered his wife cheated on him with another man on top of his discovery what his dad did to Konrad as a child, brutally beating Konrad since he was five which his father has now passed away. Also, he learnt more about his past on him being bullied he recieved both in and out of wrestling and also he brutally beaten a man who tried to grab hold of Konrad, mocking him. He had no idea until now what he did back then. Of course his career was sliding downwards so he became a guy who wanted nothing, but to fight everyone around him with major anger issues. Konrad hid his anger for so many years, until a lady named Minerva came back into his life and told him to let his anger out. Konrad was always afraid of his anger, but with all of those things, he lashed out on every person around him. Very explosive and now things are so bad that Konrad has been told to get some help by his wrestling friend, Dakon Theron, the only friend he has in professional wrestling in his eyes. Now he has his own psychologist who has never seen Konrad wrestle who met Konrad for the first time a few weeks ago, Aaron Tyrone. He really wants to see Konrad wrestle and the only place Konrad will allow Aaron to see him wrestle is Asylum Wrestling Society. Because Aaron told Konrad he needed a hell a lot of help, Aaron put Konrad in the Asylum while he can wrestle and being a part time NASCAR driver in Xfinity and Cup Series at the same time. Aaron is getting Konrad to sign with Wednesday Night Insanity due to him being in an asylum, while wrestle in other companies as well. His goals is not to only make himself and other wrestlers bleed, making himself and others feel pain as a way to help him cure of his past, but also to win titles as well.
  10. The Samoan Dynasty Members:Isa Manu,Titus Manu,Alex Manu & Mark Manu
  11. Members pic Bases Jimmy Uso (Mark Manu) & Jey Uso (Titus Manu) Type of Group * Tag Team Name: The Samoan Dynasty Members * Mark Manu & Titus Manu Combined Weight * 500 Alignments * Face Hometown American Samoa Similar To * The Uso's Entrance Description * "So Close Now" by David Dallas blasts throughout the arena...Mark Manu & Titus Manu walk out on to the stage as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp....Mark Manu & Titus Manu climb into the ring then they wait for their opponents Signature Moves * X Marks The Spot (Double Superkick) Finishing Moves * Samoan Flight (Double Splash off opposite corners of the ring) Samoan Destroyer (3D)
  12. Members pic Bases Sasha Banks (Jasmine Rodriguez),Bianca Belair (Aliyah Ford) Rhea Ripley (Sabrina Rossi),Thunder Rosa (Carmen Sagrita) ,Liv Morgan Yim (Aimee Rossi) & Naomi (Raven Ford) Type of Group * Tag Team/Trio/Faction Name:The Wrecking Crew Members * Jasmine Rodriguez "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi Aliyah Ford Carmen Sagrita Aimee Rossi Raven Ford Combined Weight * 760 Alignments * Heel Similar To * Tamina & Natalya Entrance Description * "Bleed it Out" by Linkin Park blasts throughout the arena....The Wrecking Crew (Sabrina Rossi,Jasmine Rodriguez,Aliyah Ford,Carmen Sagrita,Raven Ford and Aimee Rossi ) walk out on to the stage as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp....The Wrecking Crew jump on to the apron then they they all climb into the ring as they wait for their opponents Signature Moves * Flapjack/Cutter Finishing Moves * Straight From Heaven (Suplex)/Frog Splash -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Picture Bases * Shannon Douglas (Torrie Wilson) Dina Dudley (Traci Brooks) Type of Group * Tag Team Name: The Violent Generation Members *Shannon Douglas & Dina Dudley Combined Weight * 282 lbs Alignments * Heel Similar To * Dudley Boyz Entrance Description * Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley walk out on stage with their "Down with The Sickness" theme music playing with the swagger of a pair of runway models. Cool and composed faces while walking down the ramp as if it was a catwalk with Shannon flipping her hair. But once they get into the ring that’s where the differences between the two ladies shine. Shannon stands on the turnbuckle facing the camera with her arms spread wide and talks a little trash to the crowd while Dina strikes the classic “3D” hand sign that one of her mentors D’von Dudley did. Then they stepped right to the center of the ring. Signature Moves * Flapjack Hart Attack Finishing Moves * 4D (Douglas Dudley Death Drop): (Powerbomb (Dina) / Neckbreaker (Shannon) combination)
  14. Picture Bases * Matt Kurtis - Lance Archer | Dom Kurtis - Sage Northcutt Type of Group * Tag Team Booking Preference * Matt and Dom both compete in singles and as a tag team Name * Bluegrass Mafia [BGM] Members * Matt Kurtis | Dom Kurtis Combined Weight * 497 Alignments * Tweeners Similar To * Good Brothers | America's Most Wanted | Outsiders Entrance Description * "My Old Kentucky Home" by Villebillies and Nappy Roots is heard as highlight footage of the Bluegrass Mafia shows on the monitors and Matt and Dom make their way down the entrance ramp exchanging high fives and fist bumps with their fans. Dom then does a rope flip into the ring as Matt steps over the ropes. Dom and Matt then meet in the center and flip off their opponents. Signature Moves * Backbreaker hold/Driving elbow drop | Double back elbow followed by double elbow drop | Double Super Kick| Irish whip/Uppercut combination | Double suplex |Bear-hug/Running lariat combination Finishing Moves * Bluegrass Reality Check [BRC] | Magic Killer
  15. The Kingdom

    Raven Ford

    Real Name:Raven Ford Ring Name:Raven Ford Date of Birth: March 13,1986 Hometown/Billed From:Phiadelphia,PA Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Naomi Favorite Weapons:Ladder Entrance Music: "Unity" feat. J-Frost Entrance Description:"Amazing" By CFO$ F/Trinity Fatu blasts throughout the arena....Raven Ford W/Aliyah Ford walks out on to the stage as the crowd boos then Raven Ford W/Aliyah Ford walk down the ramp then she climbs up on the apron then she climbs into the ring then she motions for the fans to kiss her ass Fighting Style:High Flyer Year Debuted: 2022 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) See Ya Bitch (Jumping hip attack to an oncoming opponent) Signature moves Bootylicious (Inverted headscissors stinkface, to an early oncoming opponent with theatrics) Diving crossbody Enzuigiri Modified falling inverted DDT Sit out jawbreaker Snap suplex Spinning heel kick sometimes to a cornered opponent Springboard sunset flip Splits Leg drop Finishers Ford Excursion (Headscissors crucifix choke hold) — 2014–present 1-95 (Split-Legged Moonsault)
  16. Real Name:Gabriella Rivera Ring Name:Gabby Rivera Date of Birth:October 21,2002 Hometown/Billed From:New York City Height:5'1" Weight: 115 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Diamante Favorite Weapons: Police Baton Entrance Music: I Am Proud, I Am Powerful" by Mikey Rukus Feat. Blass 89 Entrance Description:I Am Proud, I Am Powerful" by Mikey Rukus Feat. Blass 89blasts throughout the arena....Gabby Rivera W/Angel & Mateo Rivera walk out on to the ramp as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp then she climbs into the ring as he brothers walk around the ring Fighting Style: Lucha Libre Year Debuted: 2022 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Arm drag, as a wheelbarrow bodyscissors counter Big boot to the head of a bent over opponent Diving crossbody Dropkick to a seated opponent Hurricanrana, sometimes from the top rope Multiple pinning variations Bridging floatover pin, as an arm drag counter La magistral Schoolgirl Sunset flip Springboard corkscrew arm drag Stunner Suicide dive Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown Signature Move(s): Boricua Plex (Bridging German suplex) Finisher(s): Pride of Puerto Rico (Sunset flip powerbomb)
  17. The Kingdom

    Isa Manu

    Real Name:Isa Manu Ring Name:Isa Manu Date of Birth: March 4,1991 Hometown/Billed From:American Samoa Height:5'10" Weight: 150 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Tamina Snuka Favorite Weapons:Barbed Wire table Entrance Music: "What You Think " by CFO$ Entrance Description:"What You Think " by CFO$ blasts throughout the arena....Isa Manu walks out on to the ramp as the crowd boos then she walks down the ramp then she climbs into the ring Fighting Style: Powerhouse Year Debuted: 2022 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Bodyslam Chokeslam Dropkick Superkick Knife-edged chop Leg drop Spear Running Lariat into a cornered opponent Running Big Boot Swinging Neckbreaker Vertical Suplex Signature Move(s): Isle of Samoa (Rock Bottom) Finisher(s): Samoan Sunset (Splash off the top)
  18. Superstar's Picture Base/CAW Description: Rhea Ripley Enter the superstar's picture base or a very detailed description. Superstar's Ring Name:Sabrina Rossi Superstar's Nicknames (If Applicable):"The Forgotten One" Superstar's Real Name:Sabrina Rossi Superstar's Birthday:October 31, 1996 Superstar's Debut Date: 2018 Superstar's Height: 5'8" Superstar's Weight: 150 Superstar's Hometown/Billed From:Brooklyn,NY Superstar's Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Ruthless Heel Superstar's Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Often Superstar's Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): Superstar's Personality:She is the brute force of The Bloodline Superstar's Fighting Style: (ie. Technical, Brawler, High Flying, Sumo, Martial Artist...etc.): Technical/Powerhouse Superstar Is Similar To:Rhea Ripley Superstar's Signature Match:Hardcore Superstar's Favorite Weapons:Anything Superstar's Entrance Music: "Brutality " by Ash Costello Superstar's Entrance Description:"Brutality" by Ash Costello blasts throughout the arena...."The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi W/ The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter & Aimee Rossi of Hard Knox walk out on to the stage then they walk down the ramp and she climbs into the ring and jumps on to the middle rope and does a back flip off of the middle turnbuckle then she gets on one knee and she Superstar's Ring Attire: 20 Moves: Missile Dropkick Blue Thunder Bomb Big Boot Hesitation Dropkick Missile Dropkick Delayed Vertical Suplex Northern Lights Suplex Pop Up Toss Headbutt Shinbreaker Signature Move(s): Brooklyn Net (Regal Stretch) Finisher(s): Greetings From Brooklyn (Pumphandle Powerbomb) Brooklyn Bridge (Standing Inverted Texas Cloverleaf)
  19. The Kingdom

    Aliyah Ford

    Real Name:Aliyah Ford Ring Name:Aliyah Ford Date of Birth: June 1,1996 Hometown/Billed From:Phiadelphia,PA Height: 5'7" Weight: 150 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Bianca Belair Favorite Weapons:Anthing and everything Entrance Music: "Bodak Yellow" by Card B Entrance Description:"Bodak Yellow" by Card B blasts throughout the arena....Aliyah Ford walks out on to the stage as the crowd boos then Aliyah Ford walkd down the ramp then she climbs up on the apron then she climbs into the ring then she motions for the fans to kiss her ass Fighting Style: Technical/Striker/Powerhouse Year Debuted: 2017 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) K.O.D. (Kiss of Death) Spear 450 splash Fallaway Powerbomb Delayed Suplex Gorilla Press Slam Powerslam Olympic Slam Muscle Buster Signature Move(s): Whirlwind (Blue Thunder Bomb) Finisher(s): Elevator Drop (Glam Slam)
  20. Superstar's Picture Base/CAW Description: Sasha Banks Enter the superstar's picture base or a very detailed description. Superstar's Ring Name:Jasmine Rodriguez Superstar's Nicknames (If Applicable): Superstar's Real Name:Jasmine Rodriguez Superstar's Birthday:April 1, 1996 Superstar's Debut Date: Superstar's Height:5'5 Superstar's Weight: 115 Superstar's Hometown/Billed From:San Diego,CA Superstar's Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Ruthless Heel Superstar's Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Often Superstar's Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): Superstar's Personality:She is the brute force of The Wrecking Crew Superstar's Fighting Style: (ie. Technical, Brawler, High Flying, Sumo, Martial Artist...etc.): Technical/Powerhouse Superstar Is Similar To:Sasha Banks Superstar's Signature Match:Texas Bull Rope Superstar's Favorite Weapons:Brass Knucks Superstar's Entrance Music: "The Phoenix" By Fall Out Boy Superstar's Entrance Description: "The Phoenix" By Fall Out Boy blasts throughout the arena....Jasmine Rodriguez W/ Aliyah Ford & "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi walk out on to the stage then they walk down the ramp then Jasmine Rodriguez climbs up on to the apron then she enters the ring over the ropes Fighting Style: High Flyer Year Debuted:2013 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Bow and arrow stretch Frog Splash Camel clutch Diving crossbody Diving double knee drop to a trapped opponent across the turnbuckles Hurricanrana Japanese arm drag Monkey flip Meteora Multiple forehand chops Multiple pinning variations Roll-up, sometimes while bridging Crucifix Small package Wheelbarrow victory roll Reverse chin lock with bodyscissors Running high knees, to an opponent in the corner Springboard arm drag Straight jacket hold Suicide dive Super frankensteiner Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown Finisher(s): The Golden Gate Bomb ((Double knee backbreaker transitioned into a crossface) Death Sentence (Straight jacket neckbreaker slam)
  21. Ring Name: Aimee Rossi Nickname: Birth Name:Aimee Gail Rossi Billed From:Brooklyn,NY Height:5'3" Weight:110 lbs. Blood Type:AB- Alignment:Heel Fighting Styles:Technical/Submission Similar To Wrestler:Liv Morgan Tendency To Cheat: No Motivations: Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting., Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best., Honor; they want to feel like they earned honor for themselves and for their family. Signature Weaponry: Table Signature Match:Death Match Gimmick Description: A wild child but can mix it up with employing slow and technically methodical styles too. Her arms and legs are very dangerous, she has major knockout power with every part. Ring Gear: A black sports bra, black AC/DC t-shirt, black wrestling boots with red/black soles & laces, long horizontal striped socks (usually black and white or red), black knee pads and a numerous amount of colored hair extensions to fill a rainbow. Theme Video: Description: "Venom" by Eminem begins to play on the public address system, the sounds of the music engulf the arena and intermittent flames burst out from the ring posts. Fog rolls in and slow strobe lights flash as "The Mistress of Chaos" Aimee Rossi W/"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi, make their way out backstage then they pause as "The Mistress of Chaos" Aimee Rossi lifts up her fists in the air, then continue towards the ringside area. Aimee Rossi leaps onto the apron and flips over the top rope into the ring. The music to fades out. Standard Move: Back handspring tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, sometimes as a counter out of the corner Belly-to-back suplex Drop toe-hold to an oncoming opponent Handspring back tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown Jackknife hold Leg-feed enzuigiri Matrix evasion Monkey flip Running one-handed bulldog, sometimes followed by a kip-up Running two-handed bulldog to a kneeling opponent Single leg dropkick, sometimes done repeatedly in succession Sitout hip toss STO double stomp while opponent in on all fours Primary Finisher: Promise You'll Feel It -or- PYFI (Springboard Complete Shot) Paradoxical Shift (Modified double knee facebreaker) Secondary Finisher: Chaos Screw (Phoenix Splash) ChaosBuster(Blockbuster) Debut Date: 12 May 2016 Titles Won: N/A Accolades: N/A Picture Base: Liv Morgan Biography: Aimee Rossi is the sister to "The Forgotton One" Sabrina Rossi and student to "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter
  22. Picture Base/CAW Description: * Thunder Rosa Ring Name: * "The Unbreakable" Carmen Sagrita Real Name: * Carmen Sagrita Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Tijuana,Mexico Height * 5'3" Weight * 120 pounds Blood Type: B- Birth Date * January 1, 1991 Debut Year * 2021 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency * Absolutely Gimmick * Motivations * Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Fighting Styles * Powerhouse Similar To Wrestler * Thunder Rosa What does she do when seeing blood? * She loves it. Entrance Description: "Born For Greatness" By Pap Roach blasts through the arena then Carmen Sagrita is seen walking out on to the stage as the fans boo then Carmen SagritaScott down the ramp and she climbs on to the apron then he steps over the top rope then she climbs into the ring Wardrobe/Ring Gear: Wrestling trunks and a top Standard Moves * Inverted DDT Dragon sleeper Diving Double Stomp Complete Shot to Koji Clutch Blue Thunder Bomb Cannonball Swanton Bomb Rolling Cutter 619 Signature Moves * Tequila Shot (Fireman's Cutter) Primary Finishing Move * Welcome To Hell (Sunset Flip Powerbomb) Secondary Finishing Move * The Thrill Seeker (Cradle Kneeling Reverse piledriver) sometimes while spinning) Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * Don't need a custom championship All Championships & Accolades * None Brief Biography * She was trained by "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter and her family
  23. Picture Base * Lita Ring Name * Sarah Frost Real Name * Sarah Johnson Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Atlanta, GA Height * 5'4" Weight * 130 lbs. Blood Type: Birth Date * 4/23/1982 Debut Year * 2010 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency * Often Gimmick * A high-flying hardcore woman Motivations * Sarah wants to be one of the top women AWS has been, and wants to be a champion. Fighting Styles * High-flyer Similar To Wrestler * Lita What does he/she do when seeing blood? * Smirks and becomes hardcore Entrance Description * The lights dim purple, as "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd plays over the PA, and out comes Sarah Frost through the curtain. The crowd boos her loudly, as she slowly makes her way down the ramp, putting her hand up, letting the fans know that she doesn't care about them. She then climbs the steel steps, and enters the ring, as she poses for the crowd Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Standard Moves * Side Russian Leg Sweep, Dropkick, Monkey Flip, Boston Crab, Drop Toe Hold Signature Moves * Hurricarana Primary Finishing Move * Ice Cold(Top Rope Moonsault) Secondary Finishing Move * Frostbite(DDT) Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * Deeppink All Championships & Accolades * WWH Sanctuary Champion Brief Biography * Sarah Frost grew up without a mother, and grew up by her father. She always the tomboy back in school, but would be the one who would get into fights. Now that she is older, she is a wrestler, and wants to be at the top of the chain. Additional information that commentators can mention? *
  24. The Kingdom

    Alex Manu

    Real Name:Aleki Manu Ring Name:"The Samoan Titan" Alex Manu Date of Birth: Decemer 5,1995 Hometown/Billed From:American Samoa Height: 6'3" Weight: 250 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Roman Reigns Favorite Weapons:Taser Entrance Music: "Ruff Ryders' Anthem By DMX Entrance Description:"Ruff Ryders' Anthem By DMX blasts throughout the arena...."The Samoan Titan" Aleki Manu walks out on to the ramp as the crowd boos then he walks down the ramp over the guard rail then he climbs into the ring Fighting Style: Powerhouse Year Debuted: 2021 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Bodyslam Chokeslam Dropkick Forearm Smash Knife-edged chop Leg drop Lifting Complete Shot Running Lariat into a cornered opponent Running Big Boot Swinging Neckbreaker Vertical Suplex Signature Move(s): Fatality (Spear) Finisher(s): Samoan Choke (Guillotine Choke) Samoan Bomb (Pop Up Samoan Drop)
  25. Picture Base * Custom Ring Name * Cage Eames Real Name * Carlos Eames-Greene (took stepfather’s surname at age 2) Also Known As - The Beast of The Bayou Hometown/Billed * New Orleans, LA Height * 5'11" Weight * 201 lbs. Blood Type: AB+ Birth Date * May 6, 1988 Debut Year * 2011 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency * Most of the time Gimmick * A wrestler with a known anger problem, his power and brawling styles are preludes to a sinister submission prowess. Motivations * Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Platform; they want fame and believe using fighting as a stepping stone is the way to go. Fighting Styles * Brawler, Submission Similar To Wrestler * Ciampa, Brock Lesnar What does he/she do when seeing blood? * Fights to produce more blood, enough to make the opponent pass out. Entrance Description * "The Rocky Road to Dublin" by Dropkick Murphy's hits the PA system. The lights go off as a green light floods the arena, smoke engulfs the entrance and figures emerge from behind the smoke to reveal The Hooligans who walk towards the ringside area, sometimes stopping to sign autographs and sometimes not. They each circle the ring and climb the opposite stairs, entering the ring and saluting the fans with their signature right hands forming fists and sticks them into the air. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * black tights, black boots, elbow pads, knee pads and black wrist tape. Standard Moves * All sorts of punching and kicking attacks, lawn dart against cage or wall on smaller opponents, triple german suplex, rope hung ddt, ddt. Signature Moves * Big Boot, Ankle Lock, Chops, Hammer Fists Primary Finishing Moves * Bayou Blaster (Electric Chair Driver), Bayou Plunge (Package Piledriver into a pin, holding both legs) Secondary Finishing Moves * Eagles Claw (Claw Hold), Sharpshooter, Piledriver Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * Royal Blue All Championships & Accolades * N/A Brief Biography * Coming soon.... Additional information that commentators can mention? *

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