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Sabrina Rossi


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Superstar's Picture Base/CAW Description: Rhea Ripley

Enter the superstar's picture base or a very detailed description.

Superstar's Ring Name:Sabrina Rossi

Superstar's Nicknames (If Applicable):"The Forgotten One"

Superstar's Real Name:Sabrina Rossi

Superstar's Birthday:October 31, 1996

Superstar's Debut Date: 2018

Superstar's Height: 5'8"

Superstar's Weight: 150

Superstar's Hometown/Billed From:Brooklyn,NY

Superstar's Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Ruthless Heel

Superstar's Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

- [x] Often

Superstar's Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply):

Superstar's Personality:She is the brute force of The Bloodline

Superstar's Fighting Style: (ie. Technical, Brawler, High Flying, Sumo, Martial Artist...etc.): Technical/Powerhouse

Superstar Is Similar To:Rhea Ripley

Superstar's Signature Match:Hardcore

Superstar's Favorite Weapons:Anything

Superstar's Entrance Music: "Brutality " by Ash Costello

Superstar's Entrance Description:"Brutality" by Ash Costello blasts throughout the arena...."The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi W/
The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter & Aimee Rossi of Hard Knox walk out on to the stage then they walk down the ramp and she climbs into the ring and jumps on to the middle rope and does a back flip off of the middle turnbuckle then she gets on one knee and she

Superstar's Ring Attire:de4qrra-15020dbd-c17b-4b6c-bbff-e0ff7be1

20 Moves:

Missile Dropkick
Blue Thunder Bomb
Big Boot
Hesitation Dropkick
Missile Dropkick
Delayed Vertical Suplex
Northern Lights Suplex
Pop Up Toss

Signature Move(s): Brooklyn Net (Regal Stretch)

Finisher(s): Greetings From Brooklyn (Pumphandle Powerbomb) Brooklyn Bridge (Standing Inverted Texas Cloverleaf)

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