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  1. The scene is seen taking place inside of The Michaels Family 's locker room where Dean Tyler, " The Dangerous One" is getting ready to face Benjamin Finn Maddox. He says into the nearest camera. Dean: I'm so sorry for me being silent. I've been dealing with family issues lately. Benjamin Finn Maddox, you are a very talented wrestler and you don't give a damn who you hurt. But, if you hurt my cousin Destiny, we will have problems. Let's go our there and give the fans their monies worth. See you out there. Dean is seen finishing up getting dressed and say a prayer to get him by.
  2. The scene is seen taking place inside of the Anarchy pay per view inside of the Asylum Wrestling Society 's umbrella where there's going to be a triple threat match for the Vacated European Championship title. One of the said three ladies that's going to be going after the said title is the woman who is known as " The Rich Bitch " Destiny Michaels. She's facing Roxanne and Sarah Frost for that sad title. She takes a deep breath and say. Destiny: You know, I really don’t mind being a underdog. I mean, the entire fed is against me saying that I can't really do anything. They say that others deserve to be the winners and champions. What about me!!?? What about Destiny Michaels?? Well, fuck them all. I'm going to show them up and prove to myself that I'm very much capable of being a champion here at AWS and it starts now. She looks in the mirror and say. Destiny: Roxanne, why don't you go right back to the Red Light district and sell your body to who ever wants to fuck you. You are just a pretty face. That pretty face will be bloodied and be scared up. She takes a few sips from her Core hydration water bottle and say. Destiny: Sarah Frost, you poor soul. You are doing this for your late father and mother? How sweet! How touching! God, you are really making me really sick. I can't wait to put my hands on your throat and see you gasp for your everlasting breath. I be so 100 percent happy to have you join your late parents up in Heaven. When the smoke clears, it will be me becoming the new European champion even if it kills me. She bawled up her fists and with strong force, smashed the mirror in front of her see it shatter into a million pieces. She evily smiles as the scene fades into darkness.
  3. Dean Tyler is seen getting ready to wrestle the cocky Hunter Riot at the upcoming Turmoil show. He said to himself. Dean: Hunter, I'm going to be on the hunt and you are right in my sights. It's going to be a riot if you try to beat me. I know that you are obsessed with my cousin Destiny Michael's. Treat her really good or else, I'll cut you up alive and skin you. I'm " Dangerous " Dean Tyler and I 100 percent approve this promo. He's seen evily smiling as his new lady love Lindsay Flare is seen walking inside of his locker room to wish him luck with a playful kiss on his lips as he was seen holding her in his arms.
  4. The Tyler Family

    Match Two

    Destiny Michaels versus Sarah Frost
    The night has come! The woman who is known in the AWS fed as “ The Rich Bitch” Destiny Michaels is seen in her locker room getting ready to face the losing Sarah Frost on the upcoming Flashpoint show. She looked right into the mirror and say to herself with a wicked smile seen seeping through her baby blue eyes. Destiny: I already told the damn AWS federation universe that I was going to win my debut match. It felt pretty great that happened to me but now, I got a loser already whining about “ woe is me!” Who am I talking about? She takes a few sips from her Core hydration water bottle and say. Destiny: It’s the loser Sarah Frost. Ugh! She is wanting to get the win for her daddy? How sweet! How touching. Oh boo hoo! You can go ahead and try to get the so called “ win” for sweet daddy. I am going to get the win for myself. I want to make our encounter a really cold one because I am going to freeze any chances of her get the win over me. It will be a long cold “ winter”, that’s for sure! I can’t also wait to see her cry to her daddy saying that she lost to me. I am ready to be the Women’s Champion and show the fed why I am that capable of doing just that. Time to let the entire Flashpoint show that I am wanting to be the ice queen. In the immortal words of Poison Ivy from the Batman and Robin movie said it best: As I told Lady Freeze as I pulled her plug, this is a one woman show. I plan on being that said woman. Ta! Ta! The blonde haired woman was seen evily laughing and smiling at the same time.
  5. The Tyler Family was. sitting there and very pissed that their opponent's world Elite haven't showed up or even made an attempt to show up despite Dean Tyler Dating Lindsey Flare. - Tyler Family Spokesperson- My clients are pissed that World Elite has chosen to know show. They think they have nothing to go with. They wish World Elite had some balls instead of ovaries, so world elite get ready because you are going down. The Tyler Family will be victorious. And we will make world elite. So obsolete.
  6. Destiny Michaels is seen in her locker room getting ready for her 2nd match at the AWS fed. It’s against the returning Aliyah Ford. She is seen putting the finishing touches and sees that a camera crew is seen coming inside of her locker room. She evily smiles and says. Destiny: Hello there, you losers! It’s me Destiny Michaels and I did get my debut show win so I am now getting ready to wrestle on the Turmoil show and it’s a doozy. You see. She’s seen taking a few sips from her Diet Pepsi and continued onto saying. Destiny: I now get to try to make Aliyah Ford, the returning ho in a Rose Thorn match. OOH !I am so ready to whip Miss Ford with the Rose thorn and see her bleed crimson red. I don’t like playing games. Hell, I am not called The Rich Bitch for nothing. Poor people like you are so beneath me. She giggled and took a final look in the mirror and say. Destiny: It is going to be my destiny to beat you and force you to kiss my feet. Enough of the talking. I see you later IN MY RING! She was seen texting a special someone to watch her match. She sent the message and said a prayer for her to get her second win.
  7. When Destiny Michaels was seen finishing getting dressed for her debut match, her ears was perked up when Lindsay Flare spoke up about the triple threat match that was due to be happening on the AWS Flashpoint show. The blonde haired woman was heard saying. Destiny: Miss Flare, it's about damn time that you spoke up, you pipsqeak. You got so damn butthurt by what I said did you? Does it look like that I give a surefire damn. Nope! I can't wait to see you crash and burn. Your World Elite buddies sure won't be to save you after the beatdown that I plan on inflicting you. It will be my sheer pleasure of seeing you fall down to me. It will be my Destiny. See you trolls in the ring. She was seen evily smiling and laughing at the same time.
  8. The night has arrived! There was many ladies that was seen getting ready to wrestle on the upcoming ASW Flashpoint show. One of the said ladies that was seen getting ready to wrestle in her fed’s debut is the woman who liked to call herself “ The Rich Bitch” Destiny Michaels. She was seen finishing looking at herself in the mirror and say to herself. Destiny: Well, ASW Flashpoint trolls!It’s me, Destiny Michaels here getting ready to face two other losers in my debut match. Let’s see who is going to be my very first victim, shall we? She seen that Miss Sarah Frost already spoken about the triple threat match. The blonde haired woman was seen evily smiling and say. Destiny: Well, Miss Frost! You did’nt want to say anything about me or Lindsey? I know why. It’s simply that you are THAT scared that either me or Miss Flare is going to beat you. I am going to be the one to freeze any damn chance of seeing you try to beat me. It’s not Winter, oh no! It’s AWS Flashpoint and you are in my sights. I really do not miss. She is now seen taking a few sips from her Diet Pepsi bottle and say. Destiny: Miss Flare, I am wanting to be the one to put out your fire and see you burn baby burn. You may try to use your womanly wiles and try to get the upper hand. That will not happen. When the bell rings, I can’t wait to run all over you. Ta! Ta! She finishes getting dressed and say a prayer to get her the win.
  9. Ring Name: Destiny Michaels Real Name: Destiny Tyler- Michaels Also Known As: Picture Base: Scarlett Bourdeaux from WWE Alignment: Babyface, Tweener, Heel: Tweener Hometown:Cincinnati, Ohio Gender: Female Height:5'7 Weight:135 lbs Age: Birthdate:July 4th,1992 Fighting Styles:High Flyer, Brawler, Hardcore Similar to Wrestler: Scarlett Bourdeaux, Maryse Entrance Theme: Night Songs by Cinderella Entrance Description: The song Night Songs by Cinderella starts to blast over the PA system. When the lead singer starts to sing, Destiny starts to come on out doing a sexy dance. She walks past the fans and goes into the ring. She flips her hair and sexy smiles as she waits for her opponent to come down. Basic Moves: Signature Moves: Bitchslap, Trash Talking, Frog Splash Finishing Moves:#1:Destiny 's Web(Modified Cross Face Chicken Wing ). #2: DTM(Modified Diamond Cutter) Biography:She's the cousin to Dean and Sami Tyler. Extra information that you want the commentators to mention?:
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