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Jensen Lane © • versus • Mike Dimter

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  • 3 weeks later...

Mike Dimter is seen walking out of a cab outside the home of his girlfriend Julieta Ochoa in Chicago,Illinois then he knocks on the door

Mike was greeted with the sound of friendly Spanish and English language behind the door before Julieta opened it. 

Julieta: "Mike we've been expecting you baby," She greeted with a sweet yet wholesome tone to her boyfriend and fellow AWS wrestler.

Mike wraps his arms around Julieta as he pulls her in then he kisses Julieta's lips 

Mike Dimter:I'm happy to be here

Julieta: Come in, come in. Mom, dad Mike's here! 

The Ochoa house was clean, neat, and had a feeling of warmth with hints of Hispanic culture. A Mexican flag here, a picture from an Puerto Rican artist there, with a family portrait in the living room being the crown jewel which was a telling sign that family was dear to Julieta.

Mike walks into Julieta's parents house as he looks around then he takes  Julieta's hand

Mike Dimter:Mr. & Mrs Ochoa...it's a pleasure to meet you both

Julieta's parents may have had the lines and signs of maturity and age in their faces but it was clear where their daughter got her beauty from because they still looked beautiful despite being logically older than their daughter and her boyfriend.

Mr. Ochoa: Nice to finally meet you too young man

Mrs. Ochoa: Our daughter's told us about you but we couldn't wait to see you ourselves. Lets go to the living room.

Mike walks into Julieta's living still holding Julieta's hand as they sit down 

Mike Dimter:Mr. & Mrs Ochoa...it's a nice place you got here

Mr Ochoa: Nuestra Casa. We've had it for about as long as Julie's been alive. 

Mrs. Ochoa: Yup. And if you give me a couple of minutes I can show you pictures of our little Julie.

Julieta: Nope. Nobody wants to see pictures of me as a kid thank you.

Mike Dimter looks at Julieta with a smirk on his face then he looks over to Mrs.Ochoa 

Mike Dimter: Sure Mrs.Ochoa… I’d love to see picture of Julieta as a child

Julieta shook her head and laughed

Julieta: Increíble...

Mrs. Ochoa: I'll be riiiight back~

Mr. Ochoa: And while mi amor is doing that you're doing that you can tell me about yourself. What are you interested in outside of the ring, aside from my daughter.

Mike Dimter:Watching sports like basketball football baseball & hockey… I also train wrestlers who want to become pro wrestlers …. I also love going to sporting events

Mr. Ochoa: You're my kind of guy. So is my daughter one of your students? Because I know she wrestles for AWS. How did you two meet?

Mike Dimter:She’s actually one of my friends students & we met when I went to visit my friend at his training facility and I saw Julieta & I also wrestle for AWS

Julieta: Yeah I'm in Mike's corner as a manager while I'm training for my first match. 

Mr. Ochoa: I've seen some AWS matches and I like what I see. I also like you got yourself a business in the wrestling business teaching wrestlers. Just don't let my girl steal your thunder eh?

And while Julieta's father warmed up to Mike her mother and her grandmother came into view with her a large book that had the word "JULIETA" on the front

Mrs. Ochoa: I'm back with the pictures~ With Julie's grandma who wants to see you too.

Mike Dimter stands up

Mike Dimter:Very cool and nice to meet you ma'am

While Mr and Mrs. Ochoa were more vocal and welcome even at first glance Julieta's grandmother was more observant. Sizing Mike a bit before replying.

Grandma Ochoa: So you're the man my granddaughter's dating hm?

Mike Dimter looks at the grandma

Mike Dimter:Yes i am

Grandma Ochoa kept her gaze while looking up at the AWS wrestler.

Grandma Ochoa: With how mi nieta kept talking about about you before today I thought you'd be latino but you're handsome. But if you break her heart you'll have a whole family hunting you down. Got it?

Julieta: Well I do have older siblings

Mike Dimter smiles at the grandma

Mike Dimter:I won't hurt her...She's too amazing

Grandma Ochoa: That's all I need to hear. Now lets sit down so my daughter in law can share these pictures. I was about to watch CMLL when you came in.

Mike Dimter takes the pics from the grandma as he sat down and started turning the pages looking at childhood pics of Julieta

Mike Dimter:Babe you're so cute

Julieta grinned and kissed Mike on the cheek,

Julieta: I know~ Oooh and that's me with my siblings, all seven of them.

Mrs. Ochoa: We had to take multiple family pictures that day because we all couldn't fit in the shot.

Mike Dimter takes Julieta by the hand as he continues to look over the family photos then he looks up at her parents and grandparents 

Mike Dimter:You have raised an incredible woman who I’m happy to call my girlfriend

Julieta looked at Mike with pure love in her eyes with her hand in Mike's

Mr. Ochoa: She's our girl. Una princesa. Treat her right and you won't have a problem with her and us.

Mike Dimter pulls Julieta closer 

Mike Dimter:You have nothing to worry about

Mike Dimter looks at his watch and realizes they have to go 

Mike Dimter:I don't mean to be rude but Julieta and I have to get on a plane because i have a match for the pinnacle championship 

Mr. Ochoa: Well ok...Good luck 

Mike Dimter and Julieta stand up then they leave The Ochoa home then they walk to his car and he opens the door then Julieta enters the car then he shuts the door and walks over to the driver's side then he gets into the car and starts the car then he drives off 

Scene Fades


Gidget Stephenson is seen standing in backstage area of the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA

Gidget Stephenson:Ladies and gentlemen. In just a few moments i will be interviewing "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter about his upcoming Pinnacle Championship Match 

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter and Julieta walk into the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA

Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....May i get an interview with you??

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Sure 

Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....How do you feel going into the pinnacle championship match?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I feel confident that I am going to walk out the new pinnacle heavyweight champion 

Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....Who's this??

Julieta:I'm Julieta...I'm a wrestler here

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:She's also my girlfriend/Valet 

Gidget Stephenson:Welcome to AWS


Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....Do you think you are going to win the pinnacle championship match?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I feel confident that I am going to walk out the new pinnacle heavyweight champion 

Julieta:You tell them babe

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter W/Julieta walk away 

Scene Fades

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