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"Wildflower" Jessica Williams

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Pic base (if caw): Aliyah (WWE)

Characters real name: Jessica Williams

Characters stage name (if different): "Wildflower" Jessica Williams

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Age: 34 (9/17/88)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130 Lbs.

Trained by: Brandy Danielle

Wrestling Style (submission, striker, high flyer, etc): Speed, High Fly, Athletic / Gymnastics

Entrance Music: War Cry by Diamante

Entrance Description: <span style="font-family:'google sans', sans-serif, Roboto;font-size:16.25px;">"War Cry" hits as purple, pink, baby blue lights dance across the stage. Out walks Jessica as the crowd greets her with loud cheers. She waves to them and skips down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans at each side. She walks up the steps and climbs the top rope lifting a fist towards the air. She closes her eyes and welcomes the cheers, before jumping off to stretch against the ropes.</span>

Alignment (Face, Neutral, Heel): Face

Favorite Weapon: Steel Chain wrapped around fist.

Nicknames: The Next Generation of Awesome

Finishing Moves (min 1, max 2)
1. Asai DDT {Southern Justice}
2. Lionsault {Sugar and Spice}

Signature Moves (min 2, max 4)
1. Missile Dropkick
2. Frankensteiner
3. Various counters into DDT
4. Backflip elbow onto opponent leaning on turnbuckle

Common Moves (min 5, max 😎
1. Handstand hurricanrana
2. Running bulldog
3. Sidewalk slam onto extended knee
4. Standing Dropkick
5. Diving crossbody
6. Spinning back fist
7. Kick to the side of the head, using the front of her foot, which can be lethal
8. Snapmare into stiff kick to the back

Submission Moves
1. Undertaker's Hell's Gate {Ignorance is Bliss}
2. Del Rio's Armbar {Room Service}

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