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Mike Dimter -versus- Dante Stark -versus- Captain Silver Tongue -versus- ​​​​​​​Jigsaw -versus- Ace Sky -versus- Fetu w/ Manaia

Eliminator for a future AWS Championship Match Six Pack Elimination Match


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Eliminator for a future AWS Championship Match
Six Pack Elimination Match
Mike Dimter -versus- Dante Stark -versus- Captain Silver Tongue -versus- Jigsaw -versus- Ace Sky -versus- Fetu w/ Manaia

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(**Note, Locuro as mentioned his picbase is the wrestler Delirious*)



 Ace was born on March 16th 1983, he has lived an exciting life, full of epic epoch moments . However he will tell you despite hard work there was also coincidence.
 Ace is his real first name, it is ironic for a child prodigy to be named that, especiallly from first glance it seems accurate, given his high IQ of 190 and his athletic accumen as well as a pro wrestler. However Ace believes he had more energy rather than athleticism. He grew up undersized in Texas where they love everything big. Unlike his father who was a coward, Ace had some sass probably from his mother, he just really knew that he was raised to respect everyone and be polite, if people did not concede with that, especially over something he can't control as his height, He just knew he could not be pushed around. It did not make him a jerk, he is a bit behind in social skills as is normal for someone with a high IQ, it seems to be a balance in a way, Ace has always had deal with duality of his personality,  one side easy going, optimistic and his other side of being quite scrappy and attention-seaking. 

Since he was 2 years old he was obssessed with outerspace, pro wrestling and martial arts. He started pursuing his goal of becoming a pro wrestler very quickly. In 1987 at four years old on  April 3rd he began training in soccer and on the following day gymnastics. He was a fan of the cruiserweights and luchadors, he figured those sports  were suited best for him to learn. On the 17th of March, the day after his 5th birthday he began training in martial arts in Taekwondo, he grew up a big fan of Bruce Lee with his older brother Arlo, a pacifist musical prodigy who was a big fan of martial arts and all the media associated with it. On Ace's 10th birthday, his younger twin brothers got to black belt at the average time of 16 years old. On May 6th 1989 he began amateur wrestling, he was soon the stand out in the lightest weight class.  The intenet was in it's infancy still . you could learn everything in an encylopediac way, except for pro wrestling. However backyard wrestling became a controversial craze, Ace was able to find kids a few years older, teenagers of 14-17 who had their own backyard promotions. Ace joined one closest to him in hometown of Housfortunately which was pure coincidence being in the same place. He had a trampoline already which was what most " rings" were unless big shows where they would use boxing rings( which should never be used as pro wrestling rings) and soon building rings themselves. Ace picked Sky as his ring name, making his debut on May 8th 1993.  He did a lot of dangerous aerials somehow escaping unharmed, his saving grace was his preference for technical wrestling, he wanted to be a pure technical wrestlers, those guys even though on the smaller size were respected by their peers. Ace never intended to be an American TV star wrestler, given his size it did not seem possible, but he figured if he got to Mexico or his pipedream of wresting in Japan that would fit him better. 

In 1994 he got advanced placement being able to skip junior high to attend college as both a student and assistant professor.
He was 11, he looked like he was seven years old, he would wake up in his dorm room, get on his blue skateboard that had  Marvin The Martian from Looney Tunes on it while listening to Blink 182's album Buddha on his Walkman. 

It was tough to fit in at first, however he soon found some students were stoners and he was able to help sell their stuff to students in his classes, some mariujana and some magic mushrooms which was great for students because they were using aderall and ritalin for studying. 

In 1996 he told his parents of his plans to run away to Mexico or Canada to get professionally trained however cooler heads prevailed as his parents convinced him to find a local place, that was the indepedent promotion in Galveston called Galveston Championship Wrestling, they had a training program called Fight Zone. After his farewell backyard match on Septmber 6tht 1996.

He took four months to procure the tuition money himself through chores at home saving his allowance, helping his neigbors out with mowing their lawns, cleaning their pools and tutoring their high school age children for the SATS. Plus some of his Bar Mitzvah money. He began training on January 20th 1997,  His main trainer Mike a 15 year pro and 35 year old liked him due to his coachability from his athletic background and his overall attitude. Despite being cockier than his usual self due to his backyard wrestling background which made him a black sheep in the locker room, he was excited about everything others hated. Bumping drills , setting up, tearing down and cleaning the ring, he did enthusiastically for free. 

Ace befriended Damian, who is 2 years older than him despite being three years apart it would seem since he was born December 16th 1980; Damian is a couple inches taller than Ace and about 60 pounds heavier , they became fast friends due to Damian being a human enclopedia on Japanese and Mexican wrestling, in the ring they became rivals as Damian would change into Locuro, a Luchador that is the epitome of insanity. . 

In March on his 14th birthday GCW announced they would finally have a cable access show, it would air on Sundays at 4 in the morning and be pretaped on thursday through saturday, unfortunately Ace and Damian were to young, the only stipulation the cable access network had was every wrestler on the show must licensed professional at 18 years old being the youngest required age. The state athletic commission was very strict. Ace and Locuro started sneaking in during morning and afternoon times before taping to face each other and train, however Mike caught them quickly, luckily he appreciated thier enthusiasm and let them continue as long as they made themselves scarce during show time. On March 29th they were having their first live to tape show for the cable access show
On Ace's 15th birthday he got Ace a birthday gift from MIke, a try out match for their pro licenses for Ace and Locuro. Three members of the commission were judges, they were dismissives and disrespectful of the two wrestlers for their lack of size, however soon their jaws were dropped and they got their licenses and faced off against each other in their pro debut match on . 
the 29th.

They did not compete against each other exclusively but they did continue their rivalvry as they toured the rest of the south west.
They did so well, both were recognized in the most popular insider-wrestling newsletter as talents from Texas in 1999. However in the first week of March withf it's release was the same that Ace's childhood bully J..T. Douglas, a tri-varsity athlete had published his first hit piece as a sports columnist with the news that Ace was selling drugs to students at college.  Ace avoided legal trouble as he was a deliquent still at 16, he got kicked out of college and it went on his academic record, jeapordizing his goal of ever working for NASA. He went full into wrestling, his parents being hippies themselves did not punish him , they just told him to accept what the college was doing him, and what happened to his academic record.  in 2000 he lived in a van as he switched to touring the midwest with Damian, again not wrestling Locuro exclusively however continuing their feud. Ace was becoming quite the commodity as his stood out with his unique triple threat style of pure technical wrestling, Japanese and Mexican based cruiserweight wrestling and his martial arts background. Armbar afficiando, moonsault maestro with very educated feet.

He got on his first international tour in 2004 which was taking place in UK and Europe from October 16 to December 27th.
There he finally got to compete in rings that were well kept and his technical-cruiserweight style was appreciated more than in America where audiences seemed to really go for the high risk offense. After that tour, he was working the east coast indies and got his chance to wrestle in Japan for niche cruiserweight promotions, finally achieving his goal. He made his debut in Japan on January 5th 2005. In 2006 and 2007 he made a few exurcsions back to the states however in the West Coast states, his reputation was solid and he was hired by the top American promotion, however despite being impressive he had shoulder and leg injuries that he would use mariujana to deal with medically not habitutally, and this was fine for a while as he could pay off fines for a while, they had marketed him incorrectly as a clean-cut superhero type and he was not fitting that with this scandal, as it leaked to dirt sheets. A motorcycle injury on his 29th birthday, destroyed his right foot permanently. The promotion he was at allowed him to train and heal however they released him a year later, he went to Peru to the Peruvian jungle on a spiritual retreat, where he given plant based physchadelics legally and medicinally from monks, this sparked his spiritual rebirth and he returned in 2013.

For the past 10 years he has combined his spirtual philosophies with his philosophies as a pro wrestler and martial artist as a modern shaman. However this remains a challenge as with his personal life that is quite hedonistic.

In the past three years Ace is one of the top requested free agent wrestlers, he's very respected by his peers, veterans and younger wrestlers. Ace is prepared to take on anyone and prove that he not just the best wrestler in this universe but multi-dimensionally. 

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*His palms were sweaty, as he rubbed them together and then clinched them together. He sat there, outside of the courtroom, on one of the uncomfortable wooden benches riddled throughout the courthouse. His head was down, and his eyes were closed. He had never, not even on the night he finally got his shot at facing other others, felt so incredibly nervous. Suddenly, the courtroom doors opened. He looked up and saw his lawyer. He looked like a lawyer, with the slicked back dark brown hair, the attentive hazel eyes, the ever-prominent rose-colored nose, and his politician's grin. He took pride in what he wore, so it seemed. Today in particular he had decided on a slim fitting navy-blue suit ensemble, his solid navy-blue tie laying down against his white button-up. His shiny brown brogues helped give the outfit a nice pop. The lawyer beckoned his client*

Lawyer: It's time, Mr. Payne.

*Jigsaw looked past his lawyer into the courtroom. He adjusted all the parts of his own outfit: the black blazer and slacks, the lighter gray button-up, and the classic bright-red tie. He clenched his toes as he clenched his fists, before attempting to relax and get up. Into the courtroom, he went his lawyer just behind him. As he walked to his stand, he saw who was on his opposite. Of course, he knew who would be there, but still, seeing them immediately heightened his temper and lowered his mood. She looked back, and they caught each other's eyes. So many years ago, such a moment would make his heart flutter. His first and only true love. But now? It made his heart harden with an ice-cold vengeance. He looked away. The bailiff announced the judge as the portly justice made his way to the bench*

Judge Jones: Good morning. The following hearing of custody after divorce concerns Mr. Payne, and Angela Gabrielle Grace …

*As the judge went through his spiel, Jigsaw’s eyes strayed back to the opposite stand. She sat there, looking so very uninterested. With a slight stray of his gaze, he saw DKM. He looked not uninterested, but rather angry. Jigsaw understood why. It raised his mood. The proceedings went on*

Judge Jones: Now, Mr. Payne, you are aware Ms. Grace and Mr. Morbid have filed a restraining order against you …

*No, he was not aware. He looked at DKM then at the judge, who took notice of his face of confusion*

Judge Jones: Well, maybe you don't know. According to the order …on Wednesday, June 28, 2017, you went to Ms. Grace’s and Mr. Morbid’s residence where you tried to barge into the home, looking for your child. They report you would not leave and continue to try to force your way through the door and them. Neighbors have corroborated their reports. There are also reports of a car keying potentially having something to do with you. However, charges have not been followed and an investigation has not been pursued. Now, Mr. Payne, I’d like to hear you say it, why did you try to barge into their home?

Jigsaw: I didn't try to barge into their home. I was trying to see my kids. They have been keeping them from …

Judge Jones: Mr. Payne, at any point, did you put your hand against the door to try and push it open?

*Jigsaw took a breath, and speaks*

Jigsaw: Yes, your honor.

Judge Jones: At any point, Mr. Payne, did Ms. Grace and, or Mr. Morbid ask you to leave and if so, did you?

Jigsaw: Yes, your honor. No, your honor, not at first.

Judge Jones: Well, Mr. Payne, I understand your child wasn't there, but you believed they were. Why would you act in a such way if you thought your child was there to see it? Not a great role model, I dare say. Along with that, Mr. Payne, you have a few things going against you here today.

*Jigsaw’s blood began to heat*

Judge Jones: Not only, Mr. Payne, have the child resided primarily with Ms. Grace and Mr. Morbid, but you also have chosen the wrong job.

*Jigsaw’s face flashed with as much confusion as he had internalized*

Judge Jones: You, Mr. Payne, have chosen the job of a modern-day gladiator. I cannot, in my right mind, not only take this child from the home they have built but also put them in the place of either an ever-changing home, or never seeing their guardian. For these reasons, along with your criminal past, Mr. Payne I leave, the children in the custody of Ms. Grace and Mr. Morbid.

*It all seemed to happen almost at once. How he slammed down against the table he sat at, exclaiming “Bullshyte!” How he ranted and raved in an impulsive and uncontrollable tirade. How the bailiff was ordered to drag him out of the courtroom, and proceeded with his orders. How he screamed his promises to his child in the congregation that he'd get them one day, in his safety and protection. How he cursed the judge’s name. How he spat with passion in the direction of Gabrielle and Dominic. How the metal handcuffs felt around his wrists, like old times*

Jigsaw's Voice: I want to play a game, put the pieces together and you might figure out who I am ...I am what you feel, but can not see. When my Mother took a pregancy test, it came up Inconclusive. So, Who Am I?? No matter what, I'll be there Friday Night!!



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"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter is seen standing in the hallway when Laura Andersen walks up to him 

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Laura...How are you 

Laura Andersen :I'm Good

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:What's up??


Laura Andersen:I was wondinding if i could get an interview with you about your eliminator match?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Sure


Laura Andersen:How do you feel about being in the eliminator match?

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Actually i 'm quite shocked...i mean Charlie and I haven't had the best relationship as of late i know he only put me in it for pity but that don't matter to me neither does the world title 


Laura Andersen:looks at him shocked

Lauren Andersen:Why not??


"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:See i can count just on one hand that a company i work for has actually given me a real shot at being the top guy with the top prize and i have been here and been there...this is my 19th year in pro wrestling and i have been in plenty of companies but did they really want me as their champion...The answer is no so if i win then i win and when i lose i know it will be because the top brass in this company don't trust me enough to be their guy..Hell I have been in companies that Charlie has ran for 10 years and that's because i am a loyal son of a bitch 

Lauren Andersen:Alright...Next question...Is it true The Kingdom is making a come back to AWS??

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Yes and before you ask your next question....I can see the wheels turning...The members of The Kingdom will be revealed when i want them to be revealed 

Lauren Andersen:What do you think of your opponents

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter pulls out his phone then he looks to see who his opponents are then he looks over at Lauren Andersen

"The Bad Ass:Dante Stark sounds like a rip off of Rick Starks from AEW 





"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Captain Silver Tongue sounds like a rip off a Captain Lou Albano

"The Bad Ass" Mike DimterJigsaw I have seen and he's probably my only threat in this match

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Ace Sky seems like he's too green to be in this high caliber of a match

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Isn't Fetu and Manaia The Bullet Club Firing Squad rip off?? i mean these kids are not too bright when it comes to gimmicks The Bluegrass Mafia Firing Squad...How original??

"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter phone rings then he answers it as he is walking away

Scene Fades

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[Scene fades in as we find  Fetu and Manaia standing outside of "the Show" Chad Kurtis office talking to Matt Kurtis]

Matt: Hey Fetu are you ready for you solo debut

Fetu: Hell yeah unc

Manaia: Hell yeah my bro is going to make a statement in his match 

Fetu: Exactly going to remind everyone that "the mafia" is the force to be reckoned with

Matt: Damn strait "the Mafia" is the force!

Fetu: I am the unknown element in this match which is one reason I have the advantage.

Manaia: Preach it Bro

Fetu: Truth is I look at you I will be facing Dimter, Stark, Silver Tongue , Jigsaw, and Sky and feel like I need to write a thank you note to the bookers

Manaia: They don't have a chance. The victory is yours!

Fetu: I am not trying to disrespect  Mike Dimter or Stark or Tongue or Jigsaw or Sky but they ain't in my class. I am the best kept secret in AWS!

Manaia: They can't touch you bro

Fetu: What my opponents must realize is I was trained for hardcore! They must realize I am battle tested! And they will acknowledge I am better then they are!

Manaia: Acknowledge the Mafia!

Fetu: Anyway enough of the talk. I will let my action speak for here on out! 

[Scene fades out  as Matt huddles up with Fetu and Manaia]

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