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  1. Brooklyn, Michigan. Friday 4th August. (Off-Camera) It had been a few weeks since anyone had last heard about me in AWS. Of course, I was now the AWS UltraViolence Champion. I hadn't been a top champion since two thousand and sixteen when TWE was around, and I was the Heavyweight champion. So it's been so long since I've had this much attention. I got it a lot already when I was primed to be a NASCAR Xfinity Series title contender, but more so now with the UltraViolence championship around my shoulder. My life since then had changed dramatically, and not with anything to do with Diamond Rose either. Of course, I just remembered I had a match against Kevin Hunter because he's so forgotten in AWS. I didn't need to talk to John about Kevin Hunter and told him on the phone because I had all the information from the past. As I said, my life did turn around even before that match with Hector; I didn't tell anyone about it because my focus back then was only to win the UltraViolence championship. I've had phone calls a lot with Aaron, though, because I still had anger issues and wanted nothing more than to beat the shit out of people. The anger was still in me, and my new lady friend, Jasmine Williams, was unaware of it. She had dark skin with black dreadlocks, although her hair was black and curly, and she was thirty-two years old. She hadn't seen my anger, and I feared telling her my situation. I met this lady friend at a wrestling festival where she was a stripper, making money for the X-Games event she was competing in for her skateboarding vert and street competition she does as a job. I was lying on the sofa in my motorhome, cuddling up to her as we watched a romantic film. We kissed. I had to tell her my real reason for me to do wrestling as there was more to it, and I hadn't discussed it because we were getting to know each other. Especially since she would also expect these visits from Aaron and John in the future. John wasn't coming today, but Aaron could, so I knew I had to warn her about it and doing it now as I was shaking. Konrad Raab: "I know I've not spoken much about me and my anger issues since we have gotten together, and I know you've not heard or seen my anger yet, but I do have them." Jasmine Williams: "You're just a big softie to me. So affectionate towards me." Konrad Raab: "I have because you made me less angry than anyone has. But I still have anger issues. You don't see it, but I do, and I've been so happy that I've not been angry as much. I'm starting to understand that. But I've had a horrible past with my dad and being shut down by wrestlers not wanting to get to know me." Jasmine Williams: "Well, to be fair, we've only just started dating, and the fact is, you've been nothing but wonderful to me." I had admittedly treated Jasmine differently from my ex because I wanted her to show me the nice side since she deserved that after being there for me without asking her to. She just came up to me that day and asked to hang out, but in a way that she didn't see me as this big celebrity of a wrestler. Konrad Raab: "But there will be, at times, I have to be inside an asylum. I'm currently seeking help for my anger, and this place, the Asylum Wrestling Society, is where I get help. So you see and hear Aaron coming or John because they are helping me get better. I got so much shit to work out, even when I've admitted I hate myself to you already." Jasmine Williams: "Oh, Konrad. I know I've said I will help you understand yourself as a man. I thought us being together has helped that." Konrad Raab: "Oh, trust me, you have helped a lot in stopping me from having sex with random hookers now; that was the stability I needed in my life, even if I wasn't looking for love because I needed to sort out my self-hatred for myself." It's true; I had trouble with how much I hated how different I was from everyone, especially wrestlers I had nothing in common with. It's one of the reasons why I couldn't see myself dating one. The other reason was that I hated being in a relationship with someone I worked the same job with. It caused gossip in the locker room, which I didn't need. Jasmine Williams: "We will figure it out, and I think your age has something to do with that and your struggles to fit into the modern world." Konrad Raab: "Yeah, it is those things I struggle with. I hate living in times like this where the only people I work with I have anything in common with is the drivers. It's almost a blessing I have friends in the racing world." Jasmine Williams: "Indeed. So, you're telling me you go to Asylum sometimes to wrestle?" Konrad Raab: "Yes. Like I got to go in one this week to have sessions and have a match. They are always a day before, but during NASCAR season, a guy named Aaron comes to me and discusses to improve my mental stability, which I'm unstable." Jasmine Williams: "I already told you I could handle seeing a man being violent, especially in your case, to be constructive. I said as long as you don't use your violence and anger on me, it's fine." I nodded, knowing she was right; I did warn her about it, and the whole thing might've been out of the blue, but at the same time, I will tell a story to Jasmine about this particular match I'm having with Kevin Hunter. Konrad Raab: "Anyway, I told John not to come because he usually gives me info about wrestlers I lack knowledge with, but seeing Kevin Hunter is still new to AWS and that I know the ins and outs with him, I didn't need it this time." Jasmine Williams: "Oh, I don't think you've ever spoken about your wrestling career that much with me." Konrad Raab: "No, I haven't because up until now, it's never been relevant. It is in this case, so I'll tell you. Kevin Hunter and I long met in a company called World Elite Wrestling. We had a few matches together, even when I was the Universal Champion. I still have the original title belt because I never lost it." I hate talking about the past because some parts of that life were at my worst, even when I was an overweight slob. That's something Jasmine doesn't know about me yet. Anyway, I'll continue the story. Konrad Raab: "One time, he beat me because we had fought each other so many times, even a week previously, that he caught me. It was the WEW boss's fault for making us face each other again without the title being on the line, but this guy, the only thing he wanted, was to be a Heavyweight Champion. It continues that he wants this title and hasn't done shit in AWS to get it. Maybe I would've agreed in the past in WEW that he deserved it, but the guy is so full of himself on top of his unrealistic death views." Jasmine Williams: "Sounds like a horrible human being." Konrad Raab: "It's more stupidity than anything, and looking at his previous video, he hasn't changed at all. Still, the same guy I saw in WEW. But yeah, to say you'll murder someone is stupid and unrealistic. I beat the living piss out of him." I was worried the anger I showed would scare Jasmine away from me because I did have feelings for her, but not enough to say the famous three words, as it was too early. She cuddled me tighter after hearing that, and I laughed at Kevin's comments half of the time, but I could understand because she wasn't a wrestler, just a wrestling fan. Konrad Raab: "It's alright, babe, don't worry. He won't do shit to me or you." Jasmine Williams: "It's not that. I just got slightly turned on to see your anger come out." Konrad Raab: "Really? That's good to know. He was the former Universal Champion who always wanted the top title. While I agreed with him back then, I don't now, and I'll put this bitch in his fucking place." Jasmine Williams: "That's my man." She showed me so much support that I kissed her lips, and then we turned the film and TV off, went into the bedroom, and closed the door behind us. I'm happy Aaron didn't come today because I didn't want Jasmine to see me at my worst. Anyway, I had a blast with my new lady friend and went to sleep together until the alarms sounded, not for fire or security breach, but alarm for drivers to get ready to race. So I got up and went to my changing room area to change into my overalls, helmet, gloves and boots to get on the track to do practice and qualifying times for Xfinity Series. -------------------------------- Brooklyn, Michigan. Sunday 6th August. (On-Camera) It's been the first time since back in World Elite Wrestling days I was going to face this dude, and the first time since I joined Asylum Wrestling Society, I was facing someone I knew. It was why I didn't need John this week. Anyway, I walked out of my motorhome and got the camera set up, bringing the chairs I have to sit outside since it's been raining all day, and I put the special waterproof bag over the camera so it doesn't get damaged by rain. I even put the special waterproof bag on the chair too. I had the camera facing me, and I pressed the record button and then sat down to look at the camera. Konrad Raab: "I won this UltraViolence championship, and no, it's not my fault Hector got distracted by Diamond Rose coming out. I focused on what I had to do and won the damn match. I had nothing to do with it; you can take that quote in. Today, I'm facing a familiar face I've known and fought for many years in Kevin Hunter. I see that you haven't changed a bit. Now granted, when you made the challenge for the title, there was no champion. Now you got me, motherfucker, and I'm not the nice robot weakling you saw in World Elite Wrestling; you know where we had so many matches together that one time you beat me? It was because we fought each other the week before and ran out of material at this point to say anything about you. Do I respect you? Somewhat, yes for that." How would Kevin approach me honestly with his thoughts of being a world champion and what he'd have to say about me since it has been years since we last fought? Would he remember the times we fought in WEW? Konrad Raab: "However, I don't respect you being nothing but full of yourself. What is the fucking deal with you actually thinking without doing jack shit in your entire AWS career, not even a win, that you will win AWS UltraViolence Heavyweight Championship? I had to earn to get this title, you know. I didn't fucking demand after one loss to go for it. Why can't you learn to earn a fucking shot of a title? Why do you think you're above and beyond the Underground and Legacy titles? Because you beat me in the past? I'm a whole different animal, you could say right now. I've not been beaten here apart from one that I was responsible for the loss. Still, however, you aren't going to repeat anything over that one poxy win you had over me in AWS and fuck out of here with the whole EHWF nonsense because I have done my goal of being a Junior Heavyweight champion and moved on." I almost forgot I sometimes joined that company and had a few matches with Lord Raab for the tag titles, but we couldn't go under the balance name anymore since I changed a lot since then, and it's why we left. Konrad Raab: "It's hilarious that you have to get Lucifer Mordecai or anyone to talk for you because you're incapable of speaking for yourself. What makes you think you can beat me if you can't beat James Walker? You know me damn well that I'm a whole different level than James Walker, even though he's in the same company as my twin brother now, but you can't be this stupid to use other people to talk for you, the same crap you pulled in WEW. Speak from your mouth, not using a poxy manager or tag partner to do so for you, you lazy bitch." I always shook my head with Kevin, resorting to having a manager or tag partner speak for him, and I grit my teeth at the anger I was already showing Kevin because he pisses me off, and he still does. Konrad Raab: "Also, another thing that pisses me off about you is you honestly think you're putting bodies in a body bag? You stupid idiot, because you won't do such a thing unless it's a buried alive match, but this isn't that match. You're not going to murder wrestlers in the ring, and the fact people take you seriously for saying that is beyond a fucking joke. I make you look like a joke by beating you out of you and sending you to an actual hospital because I've grown over the last few years of actually being capable of hurting you." How could I forget to bring my AWS UltraViolence title out here? Shame on me, so I briefly went into my motorhome, got my title from the anger room I created, then closed it as a lady was still asleep and placed it around my shoulder. Konrad Raab: "I didn't see you be a devil towards James during your time. Last I checked, James was the one who knocked your scrawny ass out and couldn't get up. You're not a devil, you're a Frankenstein compared to the animal I am, and you can ask all the AWS wrestlers here and tell them what I've done since I came here. I was the Underground champion, but then I lost it and focused on capturing the UltraViolence championship. I had to go through many people to win this in the elimination chamber to earn my shot for the title. That's how I got it, and you came along in your first actual video you did for the match and said, I will capture the title without earning anything to do so." I spit on the grass, knowing how much bullshit I had to hear from Kevin, and that's from addressing James Walker. Konrad Raab: "You never killed anyone because you'd be arrested for doing that shit. You put people in hospitals, but not in bodybags, not inside of a morgue, but just in a hospital bed, you unrealistic stupid fuck. I will show you just how much I've changed by unleashing a whole world of violence you've never experienced before when it comes to me. I used to hate the thought of being violent, but my mind is consumed by it, and I thank a former lady in my life for having this change within me to beat the fuck out of wrestlers. But you're already fucked, and knowing you, you'll say the same exact shit because you're not creative with your words; you can't think other than in your stupid mind you'll murder someone when we know, you're weak ass couldn't even beat me, let alone trying to kill me." I grunted as I did need a drink. Luckily, I opened a can of no-sugar Rockstar Energy drink and drank half. Konrad Raab: "I will beat you black and blue. I will beat you alone without needing anyone to help me talk because I don't need my tag partners if I have any or manager to speak for me. You're well and truly fucked with your body being too fucked to a point I will end up doing the same that happened with James Walker, except I will make you injured, I won't make you walk, and you sure as hell can't do anything that I can't in the ring. I will batter the shit out of you and soak in the injuries you will suffer from the hands of me because you're too stupid to think of anything realistically and too stupid and lazy to actually earn a shot when you should be focused on capturing the Underground or Legacy title before facing me. You're fucked, Kevin and you won't be able to do anything about it." I pressed stop on the camera and took the camera and the chairs back inside as it was raining again, closed the motorhome door and played my Playstation Five console with Heat Five game inside to play more of the Michigan round in a Cup Series car.
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    AWS Ultraviolence Championship El Diablo Hector Venegas versus Konrad Raab

    Main Event - Ultraviolence Championship Match Triple Tiered Cage
    Nashville, Tennessee. Saturday 24th June. (Off-Camera) I had a night of sleep with the track doctor around, and I feel that my sex addict therapist would come today to make up for missing the meeting with me at Portland due to having other business. I woke up with the track doctor looking at every minute of what I did due to the suicidal behaviour I was having. I know it won't look good with Gerald Smedley coming over, and I got qualifying and race to do today, but I had plenty of time in the morning to talk to Gerald. I would see Aaron next week in Chicago, mostly about wrestling. I went for a piss, washed, brushed my teeth, and sprayed deodorant under my arms. Despite the track doctor looking out for everything I do, I came out and had pieces of fruit to eat because that's all I felt like eating. I entered my bedroom and wore my team shirt, boxer shorts, jeans, socks and trainers. I came out, and I went to sit on the sofa and went straight to sleep again because I was so exhausted and didn't want to care about anything; even part of me didn't want to drive, or if I did, I wanted to get killed. As I slept for an extra hour, I heard a knock on my trailer door, and the doctor that was inside with me opened it and allowed Gerald in, and he looked at the other doctor, knowing it wasn't Aaron and he had to ask as I crawled up like a cat on the sofa. Gerald Smedley: "What's going on?" Track Doctor: "I was told to be here to keep an eye out on Konrad." Gerald Smedley: "Cos of his activities?" Track Doctor: "No, because he's threatened suicide. We found unopened beer cans and a lot of painkillers, wanting to die." That was the last thing Gerald wanted to hear as I still was crawled up like a cat sleeping, and I didn't care about life or anything right now. Gerald looked shocked and disbelieved at what he had heard from the track doctor. Gerald Smedley: "Do you mind walking somewhere for half an hour, nothing related to what you said?" Track Doctor nodded, backed away, and left my trailer, not returning for half an hour. I knew right away I had to explain to Gerald what was going on with all of that, and I couldn't hold back as I sat up and said. Konrad Raab: "I'm divorced." Gerald Smedley: "I knew this would happen, honestly, with the number of women you knocked around lately, to put it into professional terms." Konrad Raab: "No, nothing to do with that. It was my decision, Gerald, that I had to let her go because I said I needed to love myself, and I don't in reality; that's not even the worst part. She said she never wanted to see me again. My life is over; how am I supposed to go home next week, be in an empty house, and cope?" It was clear that Gerald was getting the picture. Granted, my sexual activities could've been a thing if anyone had told my now ex-wife. I just wanted to die and get my life over and done with. I had nothing, nothing that would keep me happy. Gerald Smedley: "I'm sorry, Konrad. However, it's not the end of the world. I mean, I'm concerned more than ever with these sexual activities you're doing. You're going to have sex with women every day, and I know that's slowly started, but you're going to get worse." Konrad Raab: "I can't help it, alright? No need to kick a man down when they are depressed and want out of this world because of their sex addiction. I have nothing to do but fuck other women, especially now." Gerald Smedley: "There are other constructive ways to combat this than going around and paying for sex. It's perilous and will affect how you wrestle if things don't change rapidly." He was right; that title match has caused me nothing but stress from the beginning. Gerald and Aaron knew that because I wasn't ready and I kept being sick and more so after being divorced of the pressure I faced of failing to win the big one. Konrad Raab: "I know you're right on having to focus on winning the Ultra Violence title, and I do want to win it because AWS needs consistent champions. But I'm just not in the mood to be happy about it when my life is over. If I win the title, what will it do for my future? Will it get me, girls?" Gerald Smedley: "That's the problem, Konrad; you're overthinking what happens when you win the title if things are going to change. It will be good for your wrestling career. I know it's hard on you, but please, don't go around and have sex with many women because it only worsens the situation. I mean, not having sex at all also makes things worse at the moment." Konrad Raab: "Then what do I do to keep my urges under control? Because I need sex more than ever." Gerald Smedley: "You need to think about yourself right now, and you're not thinking clearly, knowing you need sex to make yourself happy and secure with the only thing you enjoy. You need to do other things apart from sex because otherwise, it will affect your careers in wrestling and racing. You need to think past relationships right now and think the title you're going to go for in a month will be the biggest achievement you've done this year." Konrad Raab: "Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry, I'm just uncontrollable right now with sex. I crave and want desperately to feel loved and cared for and people giving a shit about me. Having sex and people to talk to is the only way I communicate. I know you aren't wrong about me winning the title and leading great things for me, especially the hard work I had to do to win the Apocalypse Chamber." It's a true statement. Although the drivers are more than reasonable to me, partly saving my life the other day, I can't always go to them for relationship advice because they have relationships and are busy doing their own things outside of racing and worrying about me. Gerald Smedley: "I can't help you there; better off asking Aaron for that, but I just want you to know that having unprotected sex is dangerous and can kill you, and your chances of being champion can go because of how unhappy you are being lonely. It's not a bad thing. Please rethink before doing the activity." I nodded as Gerald couldn't talk much to me today because I was so out of it, and it would get worse with Aaron and John around me. Gerald wasn't talking about wrestling; it wasn't his job, it was John's, and that's why he was hired to speak about that because only Gerald nor Aaron knew anything about wrestling. I shook his hand and let him go as I squeezed my fist, went to the anger room of my trailer, put on some gloves, and let every ounce of anger out until I collapsed on the floor because I used so much anger. I eventually woke up when the track doctor returned and put water over me. I then walked around the paddock, trying to be myself and being happy, which I had to do because of the fans. Then I had to go and see the team about the qualifying and race today and put on my overalls, balaclava, gloves and helmet to go out and do fast times before going to race against other NASCAR drivers. --------------------------- Chicago, Illinois. Friday 30th June. (Off-Camera) I just got home from Buffalo, New York, after dealing with an asshole who's been bothering me for months elsewhere and done a lot of damage, and that's what mattered more than the loss did. Anyway, I hated coming home because the house was so empty without a loved one to love and cherish around me. While waiting for Aaron and John, I dumped pictures outside my garden of me and my ex-wife before I pissed all over them, which lasted a while. After I pissed on the pictures, I dug in my jeans pocket after zipping my jeans up and pulled the lighter out and lit the images. I see them in smoke, fizzling away, and then I put the fire out on my foot before it spreads to other parts of my garden and my home. The fire eventually went out, and I felt a bit better doing that, even though the interviews made me forget about the lonesomeness I was going through. I used to love coming home, but now I dread the thought of it, even though I will have sex with a woman on Sunday because it is the only thing I enjoy about my life right now. Of course, John Hunter Nemechek, Sammy Smith and I went to Germany and cleaned up damage to roofs of houses and flats we helped rebuild, and they got to know a bit more about my country. That was for another day, however, as I got cans of peach sugar-free Rockstar Energy drinks, and they are having problems getting to my house because the roads are closed off for Chicago Street Race. However, there was a ring on the doorbell as I got to the phone headset and let them in. I opened the front door and shook their hands. They entered my home since they'd never been to my main American home before and immediately knew where the living room was. They took a seat, and I heard them opening the Rockstar Energy drink cans. I closed the door and went to sit on the sofa, opposite them with a drink of my own, only it was lime flavour, although Aaron looked more concerned than John, because although he hadn't been here before, he noticed how empty my house looked. I was still pissed off about the situation. Aaron Tyrone: "I never thought I'd come here and not see a single picture of Luiza." Konrad Raab: "That's because we had a divorce, Aaron, and before you ask, had nothing to do with women I was having sex with. It was, at first, a mutual decision between me and her because I needed to love myself before I could love someone else, but what hurt me the most is she never wanted to see me ever again. Yeah, that's why my house is empty, and it is fucking empty. Just like my life is empty." Aaron Tyrone: "No, it's not; you got the Xfinity Series title to look forward to and the AWS Ultra Violence title to look forward to. You're not alone and have all your NASCAR friends around you." Konrad Raab: "Aaron, I'm not just a NASCAR driver anymore. I'm a NASCAR, short track and dirt car driver. But why does it feel like I come home and get nothing but sadness and anger? I almost fucking killed myself last Sunday, and I would have if I didn't have NASCAR drivers behind me." That was a hard thing for me to tell Aaron as well, harder for him to admit that I nearly killed myself in Nashville on Sunday because of how hard this divorce has been on me, even though it was my decision. Still, it hurt me more than Luiza never wanted to see me again. I never wanted relationships with wrestlers or their family members ever again. I would date anyone but those in combat sports or wrestlers. Aaron Tyrone: "Konrad, we need to get you under control. I'm sure Gerald has spoken to keep your urges under control, but you need not think suicidal. Sure, it's all downhill now, but when you find someone, they'll make you the happiest guy on earth. Please don't tell me that you will do illegal street fighting to get all of your anger out?" Konrad Raab: "I've thought of it many times because I need to do something other than having suicidal thoughts. I just want to die; no point having all this money, all this success when you got fucking nobody to share it or celebrate with." Aaron Tyrone: "You don't need to celebrate achievements with other people. I see what you mean by needing to love yourself. You need to start being positive about yourself." Konrad Raab: “How can I?” Aaron Tyrone: "I know it's hard right now, but at the same time, it's the only thing you got. Doesn't winning the shot for the AWS Ultra Violence title mean anything to you?" I nodded because, sure, it did mean a lot, but at the same time, I didn't care about winning the title. Still, I know I need to care because of the situation with Hector Venegas I was facing again for some reason. Still, this time, for the AWS Ultra Violence title, I had been extremely passionate about it. John Cunningham: "Of course, it does to Konrad. You only have to look back a few weeks ago at how badly Konrad wants to be Ultra Violence champion. I've not seen that dedication with Hector Venegas or heard him say he wants to be a champion as badly as Konrad. That is the thing. Who gives a damn about you having nobody to share the moment with you? That's silly." Konrad Raab: "Celebrating alone sucks." John Cunningham: "Not for winning a major championship like this, it's not. It will be well worth the achievement, and you deserve it way more than Hector does, and that's saying something. Having a divorce with Luiza is the best thing for you, to be honest, Konrad, because you're focus is only on the title, not worrying about your divorce. Get that right out of your head before Hector exposes that." I know John is correct, and it's why he was hired; even Aaron agreed with him as I was a psycho in the ring. If I could do that sort of damage I did with a wrestler last week, god knows what I'll do to Hector and maybe worse with the title on the line. Aaron Tyrone: "He's right, and your personal hygiene is a real concern too. I can smell body odour on you. You can't even take care of yourself. You need to show care for yourself. Show yourself love." Konrad Raab: "I hate myself. There's nothing loveable about me. Maybe when I become a champion, I can love myself again. I just want to batter the living shit out of Hector, and I want to do illegal street fights and beat people there because apart from sex, violence is the only other thing that makes me happy." Aaron Tyrone: "Have you been self-harming?" Konrad Raab: “Of course I have.” John Cunningham: "Let's not get off topic here about Konrad's quest to be a champion and a man who loves himself. Konrad's goal is to be happy and proud he's achieved something in wrestling, and the title is that goal right now for Konrad." I hear these two talk, and I know they are trying to help me keep focus. I know Aaron and John are trying to help, but this isn't a day to prevent me from doing things I want to do to make myself happy. I don't know anything about myself, let alone love myself. It killed me inside that I admitted I had nothing about myself I loved. Feel empty. I swallowed hard to bang my fist on the wooden table and growl. Aaron Tyrone: "Calm down." John Cunningham: "Save that anger for that title match, and I know it's some time away, but you got to keep it under control. AWS doesn't want a criminal to go to jail before their big title match, especially a big name like yourself." Konrad Raab: "I know, and it hurts. I want to do illegal street fighting, and I can't because of the arrest. I want to win the AWS Ultra Violence title so badly because there's nothing else to do in wrestling now other than to win it. As you said a few months ago, I'm the only AWS wrestler capable of leading the company. I don't see that with Hector. He's not passionate, or he cares about the title at all." Aaron Tyrone: "See, that's it. Use that passion for your anger and go out to win for yourself, don't let anyone, including Hector, get in the way of that. I think we're done here. Please, don't think of committing suicide or say you got nothing to live for because you have." John nodded and slid a couple of pictures of the future Konrad, wearing the AWS Ultra Violence title around his waist and the other on his shoulder, to encourage and give me confidence as John pats my shoulder. John Cunningham: "You have all the tools in front of you and know where you stand. You worked hard and long for this opportunity. Don't let it slip away because we know you're the best wrestler in this company and the only person capable of leading it. Good luck, and see you in a few weeks. I hope you've been seeking a tag partner because we need to see you overcome your fears of trust and tag matches. Konrad Raab: "I might've been seeking one out, and you'll soon see who it is." They were right, and of course, it's ironic that after the race, I could do the video in my safe space, where I felt right at home, Atlanta, Georgia. They left with empty Rockstar Energy cans, which they seemed to enjoy. I threw the cans in the recycling bin and continued spending the day alone in my home, doing fuckall other than to hug my dog, Frankie. ---------------------- Atlanta, Georgia. Sunday 9h July (On-Camera) It was strange for me to do a video much earlier than expected because I knew the Wrestlestock Festival and Rise To Greatness PPV events would be hectic these next two weeks. I know they need all of my focus as well. Today, I'm thinking more about the other title match and one I can focus on compared to the next two weeks. I got a spot to talk about one title match tomorrow and the other place being on the day for the other match in what seems like another title match. But this was on my mind way too much, mostly because I had nothing but pure focus on winning the title match and one I knew I was having for months and knew if I had left it to talk about at Pocono, it would have me lose focus. So today's a great day to show that punk bitch about his so-called lack of patience for me to address him so late last time. Time to get down to business, managing the AWS Ultra Violence title match while sitting outside my trailer with tins of red paint beside me. Konrad Raab: "Hector, we meet again. I hope our match might've toughened you up, and it has, considering you're coming down my neck again. But I hope it's not just because of the title that you want to face me again after the brutal beating you had from the hands of me, good if so, because I make stars like you a million bucks, as I said to Scotty Paine last match I had and gave him a beat down he's never had before. He left the company because of me." I was happy that Scotty couldn't handle the beatings he had, and I loved having face paint on my face, even though I got to take it off when the race came around later tonight. Konrad Raab: "I don't know how I underestimate you if I don't talk about you until later. I'm sorry, I have a life that doesn't revolve around wrestling all the time because that would get boring, wouldn't it if you didn't have side hobbies to keep you occupied. I can address you whenever the fuck I like, and that was one of the most stupid things you can say about anyone. I want challenges, but from that statement, you are impatient and stupid for saying something like that because who cares if I spoke late? It doesn't mean I don't want challenges, you stupid fuck." I always wondered why that was an issue for anyone in wrestling on how long they took to talk about someone. I looked behind me and saw my winning Xfinity Series trophy I won last night in a race. Konrad Raab: "Fact is, I listened to you with the last video you did, and you don't seem to have a single ounce of dedication to wanting to win the Ultra Violence title. I never saw in your eyes that you wanted to win this title. Me? I've been saying it since before I won the Apocalypse Chamber match. Because there's no other goal for me to achieve besides the top belt. The last time I held a top title was two thousand and sixteen. That was long ago, and I'm a much better wrestler now than I was back then. Because I evolved and adapted to the wrestler I am now. Violence and hurting people, and I've never been happier to do that consistently, especially now with how I feel outside of wrestling too." Of course, the environment of being in Atlanta was where I felt most at home, even more so than Chicago did at times. That's a world of trouble for Hector, and I will call him Hector because calling the guy El Diablo is false for now, although I expect him to beat the shit out of me. Konrad Raab: "I'm not underestimating that you will come and take my fucking head off. I expect extra intensity and aggression from you, especially with this Triple Tiered Cage Match we're in for that title. I have no idea what that match set-up will be or be like, but it won't look pretty for you because, unlike you, who likely have everything, I have absolutely jack shit in my life. Nothing other than to beat the shit out of you and win the title. Nothing stops me from capturing that title; I worked too long and hard. I get you were a top champion, but apart from you stating that I saw nothing of how desperate you are to win it. Maybe you are because of the beating I gave you last time, but if not, defending the title is the only thing stopping you cos you got fired; I'm sorry you'll never get to defend it again when I'm winning this match." I had no reason not to look confident in winning the title as I smiled, especially since the guy hadn't done anything else to get a title shot other than to face me. Konrad Raab: "You said you were in a gang to survive and provide for your family? You lazy bastard. I had a job that I provided for my family because I was a German TV star before that and didn't need to be a part of a gang to get money, nor survive to do that. As I said, you could've had a fucking job working in the boxing or MMA school to provide and survive for your family; instead, you used a gang to do that. It's an easy and cheap way of selling illegal drugs. I never sold illegal drugs the entire time I was in a gang because I didn't need money; I needed to beat the shit out of people who weren't disciplined like MMA and Boxing was. You've been wrestling longer than me, but that's because of what I said; you always had wrestling schools. I had to come to America to be a wrestling star because no wrestling organisation in Germany existed back then." Although I did boxing back in the day, I didn't enjoy sticking to the rules and being a wrestler made me better at it. I was angry at Hector for being lazy, and I poured red paint all over myself, reminding me what I hadn't discussed. Konrad Raab: "I'm going to beat the living daylights out of you in that cage, and you aren't going to walk pretty because this title match wasn't for you to win. No, you can beat me down and bring the extra anger, intensity and everything you want to give me revenge for, go on, bring that shit. I encourage it if anything. I worked too long and hard to give up on this chance to be the top champion this organisation needs. They need a champion that will make AWS the biggest thing they'd come to. You're not that guy Hector. People will come and beat the shit out of me when I'm the champion. People will come from different companies to beat the shit out of me, and it's because of me that Asylum Wrestling Association will grow. I can't see you doing that either because it takes more than being the top wrestler; it's also if you'll bring wrestlers to face you for the title." That was another reason I needed and wanted to be a champion. The only benefit Hector will get out of it is if he beats me, and then what? He's not going to grow the company; he won't bring wrestlers from other companies to face me. Anyway, I was speaking with anger but constructively, and I saw what Aaron talked about the other day of saving my hate for the world to Hector. I pour more red paint on myself. Konrad Raab: "I'm going to make you so blooded up, as you see with this paint here, that you won't get a chance to let all the anger and aggression you have for me. You might've changed to El Diablo for that reason, and I want to see that before I comment. I want you to be a fighter that will take me down and bloody me up, and I won't be angry; I'd be smiling. I will hurt and beat the shit out of you. I will use the cage as a weapon to be effective too. I can beat you down so many ways with and without weapons to get your ass down. I'd use fire if it came to it, considering I burn and cut myself consistently, especially more recently when I'm angry and mentally feel pain. Because the only feeling I've had lately is anger because there's nothing in my life apart from winning races that have made me happy. As I said, I got nothing in my life, so what are you going to do to someone who has nothing to lose that will use aggression and beat the fuck out of you without a care in the world?" I hated feeling pain mentally because it did my fucking head in, and the divorce I had knocked it into me, and I showed Hector the cuts and scars I got before I got back to business, even if I was wearing the Brad Rogers Racing shirt for the race later. Konrad Raab: "Therefore, I have no choice but to beat you and crave the title I've spoken about since even before I won the Apocalypse Chamber. It's the only thing out there I need to do. I need to win this title because I'm too good for the other titles, maybe apart from the tag title, but that's for another day. I want nothing more than the Ultra Violence title around my waist, and I will do everything to get it; even if I can't stand or I can't lift you, I will fucking die to win the title. That's how far I'd go because I don't care if I won the title and died in the ring; I'd be happy with that. Of course, it's all about survival, and you thought the beatdown was bad when we first wrestled; it's going to get twenty times worse when there's nothing to get in my way to stop me from winning the title." I wouldn't bring my divorce into the discussion because it had no part in the match, and I let Hector guess why I was angry and had nobody by my side, and it only gave me greater focus. Konrad Raab: "As I said, Hector, I hope you do punish me and seek revenge since I embrace it, but it won't be enough to win the match. The best part is that you will still be a bigger star than any male wrestler on the roster. That's how good I view you, even without knowing what you'll do to me. I know I will be hurt and battered, and if I bring that out of you, I've done my job of making you a million bucks. You starting wrestling earlier than me is not going to make you champion. Beating me will, of course, but that's not going to happen because my sole focus is to beat the shit out of you and pin you after I use every weapon and cage to batter you to win the match because I can and will do so. I need and want to do it to benefit AWS and myself. It's Burned In Blood's time to win the AWS Ultra Violence title because it's calling my name, and nobody should hold the title before me because I put sweat and tears into seeking the title. It's all I want and need in my life because my life is hanging on the balance, and I need to win the title for myself, my life and the wrestling business because I'm the best wrestler in this company." That was all I had to say as I turned the camera off to wash the face paint off my face and go straight to meeting children waiting for me to get autographs signed by other NASCAR drivers, including myself.
  4. Portland, Oregon. Thursday 1st June (Off-Camera) You can't see anything, but you hear noises coming from me and a woman moaning as I release a part of me into her body. The moans stopped a minute later, and we were exhausted from what we had done together. Two minutes later, you can see us together on the first corner of the Portland Raceway grandstand before she left, knowing I had to see three people as I was due for my therapy of hell, as I liked to call it. As soon as I thought about the therapy and the match I got straight after the Xfinity Series Portland race, I thought about the Asylum Wrestling Society, especially Sammeal McBane. I've been disappointed in Sammeal McBane as of late for not making any attempt to call me out or say anything about me, knowing I'm his next challenger for his title, and it was starting to bother me because it came across as if Sammeal doesn't give a shit about AWS or the Pinnacle title he holds. Anyway, I left the grandstand and went to the woods to take a leak that hadn't lasted long. After that, I went back to the pit lane area, knowing I had a job to do here on Saturday of improving my road course racing, the one weakness I had in NASCAR right now, the main reason along with being a threat to the championship I was in Xfinity Series. Still, I would improve on it before leaving for Eugene, Oregon, for the match against Scotty Paine. I met with Aaron and John, noticing that Gerald wasn't there who somehow found the trailer I was heading back to; maybe they remembered what it looked like the last time they saw it at Dover. That race seems a long time ago now, though. I unlocked the trailer, and they followed me in the trailer, and John closed the trailer door behind me. As they sat in the living room, I entered the kitchen and opened the fridge to grab three sugar-free Rockstar Energy drinks. I closed the fridge and gave them cans of sugar-free original Rockstar Energy drinks. On the other hand, I got myself a Strawberry & Lime sugar-free Rockstar energy drink. Aaron and John widened their eyes at me at the new product I gave them as Aaron asked a question. Aaron Tyrone: "Ah, these are your new NASCAR sponsors?" Konrad Raab: “Yes they are. Where's Gerald?" Aaron Tyrone: "Oh, he had to work in Chicago, so he couldn't come here." That was a shock that him not being here, but in a way, good because I rather talk about the wrestling business and keep my other fun hobby asides from wrestling and racing away from these discussions as what I do with my life outside of wrestling and racing is none of their business, well apart from my violent tendencies. John Cunningham had to sit there for now and listen to what Aaron and I had to say. Aaron Tyrone: "Haven't you been busy?" Konrad Raab: "Damn right, I've been busy with work; of course, I'm always busy." Aaron Tyrone: "No, I'm not talking about work; obviously, I know you're getting paid to wrestle and race, but I know damn well without me asking you, you've been having sex with different women nonstop, haven't you?" Konrad Raab: "That's none of your damn business." Aaron Tyrone: "It's my business when you admitted you had those issues a month ago. Also, you've been doing it; it's quite clear from your aggressive temper." Aaron needs to shut his fucking mouth. I wanted sex with different women because I got the attention and love I needed. Sure, I got two women in my life pregnant, and they were great, but I needed more. In fact, I don't regret what I do with other women because it makes me feel better and happier. I somewhat wanted Aaron to drop the topic altogether. I sighed, getting tired of the discussion. We all drank bits of the energy drink. Aaron Tyrone: "Sign number one, you're sighing. You've not taken your tablets. Your body language shows me you are tired of discussing your problem." Konrad Raab: “Can we move on?” Aaron Tyrone: "No, because you're still doing it. You need to stop using this method to feel loved and get attention. Especially I also know you're using those women to get them pregnant." Konrad Raab: "Because I ask them if they want to get pregnant, and most do. Now can we move the fuck on before I beat the shit out of you?" I wanted to hit Aaron because this was not the day for Aaron to piss me off. He knew I wasn't in the best mood because I spoke angrily, even if sex with other women made me happy. However, thankfully, Aaron talked about the anger I was processing. We all took sips now and again each time we spoke about something; even if John was silent, he drank some of the energy drink too. Aaron Tyrone: "I see you got anger issues still going on. What are you so angry about?" Konrad Raab: "I fucking hate road course racing, and before you ask, it's mandatory on my NASCAR contract that I do all the road course races." Aaron Tyrone: "I didn't realise this race was a road course track. I was wondering why you were here and not in Illinois." Konrad Raab: "I suck at this fucking racing. That's why I wanted you to shut the fuck up, knowing you'd piss me off on a day I didn't need it." It wasn't entirely his fault, I knew it was to my benefit to answer, but I knew I'd get stressed about it, knowing this weekend was already hell for me. I feel bad for being aggressively angry at Aaron, but at the same time, I couldn't help it. Aaron Tyrone: "I didn't know; I'm sorry. I discuss this with you when you aren't racing on a road course track. How're things with your eldest son going?" Konrad Raab: “It's fine. We talk weekly on the phone, as I do with my other kids. Although I need to spend more time with Jamie, I'm so busy with wrestling and racing. I want to make time with him." Aaron Tyrone: "Then make time, Konrad. I understand wrestling and racing are important, but your family is even more important. You know what I think you should do? Let Jamie see you wrestle; let him see you race." Konrad Raab: "He's seen me race at Phoenix, remember? But yeah, I suppose I could invite him to attend more races and wrestling matches." Aaron Tyrone: "Also, it will help you not to go out and have these wild sex encounters; it won't make you feel lonely. You could also have a friend to talk to in the Asylum Wrestling Society company. I know you hate having wrestling friends, but you do need to overcome your fears of trust." I've heard this enough, and maybe Aaron was right, but there was one problem. Konrad Raab: "There's nobody in AWS I can trust." Aaron Tyrone: "I'm sure there is, Konrad. You have to find them; they have to find you too. You need to make friends with someone to move on from your past, especially if it leads to you being in a tag team someday." Konrad Raab: "Ugh, fine, I fucking will, but later on." I fucking hated that fact about me having to move on from what happened elsewhere that traumatised me for life. Thankfully, John stepped in to talk about wrestling and AWS. John Cunningham: "You're opinion on Scotty Paine?" Konrad Raab: "I've seen him around way before AWS. Yeah, back in WWH, he was wrestling there for a while, along with TWE. I never wrestled the guy, mostly because I wasn't known for hardcore wrestling, but that changed when I ended up enjoying hardcore wrestling." John Cunningham: "Ah, never knew that part of you. I now understand why you've embraced the hardcore wrestling idea. It seems you don't need my advice on Scotty, then." Konrad Raab: “Nope, none at all. Also, I'm getting fucked off with Sammeal McBane ignoring the shit out of me. Heck, since he won the Pinnacle title, he hasn't done any matches; he hasn't said shit about me, hasn't even said shit about anything wrestling-wise. Fuck, we're all working harder than he is." John nodded his head because if there's one thing in the world that pisses me off, it's wrestlers who are champions, acting entitled not to do anything, not even to show up to shows and address shit to wrestlers, including myself. It led me to be angry about that as well. Pisses me off he refuses to acknowledge me as a threat or even a wrestler at all. John Cunningham: "I agree. I must admit, I don't know what Charlie is doing with not booking Sammeal in matches. Hopefully, it changes sooner than later because even with you stating that you seem ready to lead the company." Konrad Raab: "Unlike Scotty Paine. He, along with Sammeal, actually seems more occupied with this ECWF company than with AWS. I wrestle in SupremeCW and UGWC, but I focus on what I do here, not mentioning irrelevant SupremeCW and UGWC stuff here. Nobody cares about those companies." Aaron Tyrone: "It seems we've turned a corner. Wow, John was right; I didn't think it was possible, but how you speak about Sammeal not being dedicated to being a champion shows how much you want to be. I never thought you'd have the passion for it. I'm impressed and shocked." Konrad Raab: "Well, someone around AWS has to; nobody else wants to win the big one. Anyway, I'm done; I must focus on the rest of the weekend." Aaron Tyrone: "Providing you don't go out, having sex with different women, of course." We all finished our energy drinks that I was heavily promoting as they threw the cans in the bin and left my trailer. I had every intention of having sex with that same woman I saw earlier because she wanted more of me in her. So I left the trailer and saw her waiting behind the bushes, and well, I went and had sex with her again, especially since I needed to release stress out of my system for this race I had to do that was already stressing me out. -------------------------------- Portland, Oregon. Friday 2nd June. (On-Camera) Today, I wasn't busy with racing as it all kicks off tomorrow, but cars were going around this Portland International Raceway as it was practice for a series called ARCA Menard's Series West Coast. It's for future young drivers competing for a shot to be NASCAR drivers in the future. However, I was deemed too old to compete in the series, so I jumped straight to the Cup Series before last minute decision last year to also do Xfinity Series. Turned out to be an excellent decision for me, considering I needed to get better at road course racing I suck ass at. That's not important for now as I focused on the camera while sitting in my trailer with other drivers from Xfinity Series who also had their trailers here. Konrad Raab: "You know, I hear Scott talk an awful lot last time I heard him do his video about another company that, granted, he and his former opponent are a part of, but notice how he spoke more about the happenings in the other company than AWS itself? Notice that he only puts himself over? Sometimes I go overboard completely trashing opponents, admittedly, but never the lengths you go to with that Scotty. You're a legit piece of shit." Almost to a point, I want to take a shit on him because he literally is like a pile of shit the way he approaches wrestling. It makes me sick, quite frankly, despite his multiple titles. I quiver at the thought of it. Konrad Raab: "Have you ever thought you want to grow this company by making other wrestlers better by facing them in the ring? No, of course, you haven't because you think you too fucking good to make them stars and see them grow because without the future talent, this place has wrestling, and this company dies. Every match I've done with the talent, I made them like a million bucks. Every match they had against me, I beat them to ensure they'll improve from their mistakes to improve as professional wrestlers. You've never done such a thing. You don't even care about your title because you barely seem to want to defend it since everyone is below your fucking level. You're champion because it's another title tally you can add instead of having a purpose for the belt. That's how I view you, Scott. That's how you've shown everyone that you only come to the business for yourself." Even I wasn't this scummy to wrestlers here, even with the amount of experience I have, I know better to make stars better, even going to lengths to put them over. Still, Scott has way more experience and doesn't do anything to improve wrestling. Does nothing to enhance the sport. Konrad Raab: "The video you did has to be the worst fucking thing I've ever heard. I mean, do we give a damn about what goes on in ECWF? No, because it's irrelevant to this company. You not once spoke about TJ or even the AWS Parental Guidance title you hold, being stupid as fuck, even naming the PPV the one you work for instead of Psycho Circus. I work in two other companies, one, I have to go straight after I've beaten your ass black and blue, and I never talk about them when I'm focused on you because nobody gives a shit what I do over there." I quiver at what the guy said about mixing the companies up. I bash my hand on the table in the living room on my notepad that I needed to use for the next opponent I needed to write about that's irrelevant to AWS. Konrad Raab: "I get it, you've won multiple titles, but you're not as good as you claim to be. I was far from impressed by your work in WWH and TWE. You barely did a damn thing over those companies, so how you won so many world titles is beyond me. Still, the difference between you and me is I've legitimately gone up against real threats in companies that are far bigger and better names than you, not ones you face in that trash ECWF company. There's always someone in this business that's better than you. Hence why I never believe any wrestler is the best in the world because there isn't anyone. Hence why I've said I'm the better wrestler in this company because I can beat the living shit out of you, especially how you destroy talent consistently in terms of how you address them, and that's not a good thing as a pathetic experienced former world champion wrestler you are." I spit on the floor before I went outside of my trailer and poured some red paint I had underneath my trailer as I wasn't going to spray red paint in my trailer now. I had two more filled up for later on during the day. Konrad Raab: "Are you asking me how I became a number one contender for the Pinnacle title? Watch Apocalypse PPV to learn how motherfucker because I won it fair and square, even if I was in a bloody mess. You want to fuck me up? Go right ahead, as if I'm afraid of what you'll do to me because no matter what, I will still be wrestling twenty-four hours later, so you'll do jack-shit to stop me. I embrace the idea of being blooded and busted open. I embrace the idea of wrestling with a broken leg or arm because it won't stop me from beating the living shit out of you. It won't stop me from winning this match because, compared to me, you're not the big star you claim to be. Isn't it sad and pathetic that I've been here a year, and already, I'm getting that much closer to winning the Pinnacle title than you've ever been in your entire AWS career?" Although Scotty may have wrestled to defend that Parental Advisory title at the Apocalypse PPV, it didn't mean he couldn't have competed in it and try to outlast everyone to get the title. I drank my other juice sugar-free Rockstar Energy drink. I know I needed to address Sammeal, also. Konrad Raab: "I feel mental pain every day, so that quote will be utterly irrelevant to me because I love psychical pain; look at the scars and burns I've literally covered myself with, look at the cuts I inflicted and other wrestlers have with the cuts, burns and scars and tell me how I don't feel pain you stupid piece of shit. I don't think you understand what pain actually means. I do, and I have no problems cracking your fucking head with weapons, and even with my fists and legs, I have to punish you in ways no man or woman would ever do in AWS. Because I'm a ruthless bastard." I never understood Scotty's other quote he uses a lot. Was it to prevent him from swearing? I smirked, knowing how stupid Scott was. Because he was so stupid, I poured more red paint over myself. Konrad Raab: "What's the big deal of the word you consistently use, Hades? What the fuck is that word supposed to mean? That makes no sense at all. I'm an angry son of a bitch that will knock your pegs down to another level. The same goes for Sammeal McBane, who's shown that he doesn't care about being a champion in AWS, either. He's a lazy motherfucker who sits at home, wondering if he gives enough fucks to acknowledge me as his next title contender. Making me pissed off at his lack of care in showing me that I'm a threat to his Pinnacle championship. He doesn't give a fuck about wrestling, either. No champion should be satisfied with sitting at home and not defending a title. Is that what people view you as a champion too, Scott? I certainly see it. When I was Underground champion, I ensured my title was defended nearly every other week, and people remembered me for it." I'm still bothered by Sammeal being happy not to show up and address me face to face. But I still had a lot more to say to Scott. Konrad Raab: "I'm sure you've been hit with every single hardcore weapon in your life, but I bet you've never met anyone that holds the flanged German mace to smack you in the head with. Because that's what I do, and no problems with doing so either because you're not on my level Scott as much as you claim I am. Your achievements might be larger than mine, but my achievements weren't in companies where there were barely any wrestlers that were threats. This company isn't one of those places. I will bust you open, I will hurt you in many ways you've never experienced before, and you'll be leaving in the pool of your own blood. If you want to leave me in the pool of my own blood, go right for it because I'd love that." I bet that would make Scott shake in his leaf, knowing I'd love the thought of him beating the shit out of me, leaving me to go to the hospital, but it won't happen. Especially knowing I'd wrestle with whatever damage he'll give me anyway. I nodded my head before speaking for the last time. Konrad Raab: "I'm Burned In Blood for a fucking reason, and I wouldn't have any problems setting you alight, especially how disgraceful you are to your opponents. I'm ready to go to the next level because, unlike you, I've earned it and earned the right to be viewed as the top star of AWS because the future of this company needs me, not you and certainly not Sammeal. Sammeal, you better be watching what I'll do to Scott here. Because I'm ready for you and ready to take the belt from you, I'll send you a message using Scott as a battering ramp. You are in a world of being fucked, Scott. You don't want to be in the ring with me. Nobody does, and nobody is ever the same after facing me. Maybe once you lose to me, you'll learn that you don't treat your opponents like they are worthless ever again. Prepare to be Burned by Burned in Blood." I spit on the floor as I managed to hold the other red tin of paint for my next opponent I was going to write about today also due to lack of time I will have tomorrow and Sunday. But my focus right now was to improve my road course racing and beat and win over Scotty Paine as the camera went black.
  5. ^ Did a fantastic RP as Diamond Rose.
  6. Dover, Delaware. Friday 28th April (Off-Camera) I was all alone as I wanted a couple of people in my life, socialising with other NASCAR drivers and even making friends with some I hadn't spoken to. Mainly because the start of me having sex therapy was going to start today. Ever since I admitted my problem to Aaron, I was somewhat relieved that I had told someone outside of my eldest son I recently discovered in my life, Jamie. God knows how many women I've had sex with during my time away from them, as I couldn't count, including the two loved ones in my life. I couldn't stop this feeling, and I have already had sex with four female fans alone today. It was my happiness, and I didn't care if I knocked them up. I always asked for their age before I had sex as I didn't want to break the law. I feel happier when I do so, and knowing I would risk getting diseases, I didn't care to be honest, because when I'm not thinking about wrestling, when it comes to violence or racing, sex is on my mind. I think my loved ones know about my addiction to sex, but while having sex with them was always good, it wasn't enough for me sometimes. I better hope the sex addict counsellor wasn't female because god knows what I'd do if I ended up masturbating in front of her, leading to sex. I rushed to the bathroom as I had only just returned to the trailer from having sex with a female fan and needing to pee. It was always a relief when I was pissing after sex, and while I was pissing, there was a knock on the door of my trailer. A minute later, I flashed the toilet and zipped my jeans up before I went to the door. I opened it with three people outside the door, Aaron, John, and I assume the male sex therapist; thank god it was a male one as I could control myself with them. I took them to the dining table, and they took a seat. I got four glasses while breathing in and out after intense sex with this female fan. Male sex counsellor: "Hello, Konrad; I'm Gerald Smedley, your sex counsellor. Seems like you've been busy, haven't you?" Konrad Raab: "What makes you think that?" Gerald Smedley: "For one, you're out of breath. It could be from running or gym workouts, but I highly doubt you've been doing that. Also, I can always tell when a man has sex by smelling a sweet odour, and I can smell that odour on you right now." Konrad Raab: “So fucking what? I enjoy having sex with women because it gives me satisfaction and happiness. They are happy too." Of course, I knew Gerald would call me bullshit, but every sex I had with a woman, I never saw them cry or be angry with me. I finished making cups of water for each of the guys and placed them on the table before I sat down and drank a cup full of water with them as I was still exhausted from the great sex I had with that last woman. Gerald Smedley: "Maybe at that moment they are, but do you think they are happy once they walk away from you? Do you realise the consequences of your activities? You know, getting diseases that could cause you to pass it to other people?" Konrad Raab: "I have on the diseases front, but I was never loved enough as a child. I can't help myself because apart from beating the shit out of people in the ring with violence as a wrestler and racing cars around, having sex is the one thing that makes me happy." Aaron Tyrone: "What did I tell you that there are far better things to do with your time than having sex with women? There's so much you can do to de-stress yourself. I feel you're doing this because something in your life has scared you, and you're not prepared for it." I shook my head at how much bullshit Aaron came out with; although he did say there were better things to do than to fuck every woman I see, there weren't. I tried everything, heck, there was one thing I haven't admitted to Aaron that may clear things up while John was sitting there, waiting to bring up wrestling-related stuff, but I wasn't ready for that. But I knew I had to respond to the stupid comment. Konrad Raab: "I'm prepared for everything, don't be fucking stupid." Aaron Tyrone: "I suppose your eldest son wasn't something you weren't prepared for because of your sexual activities?" Gerald Smedley: "Oh, this has been ongoing for quite some time. Tell me, Konrad, how often do you play with yourself?" Konrad Raab: "A lot more than you think." Gerald Smedley: "Do you go to strip clubs?" Konrad Raab: "Yes, occasionally." Gerald got me; that was the one thing I did want to admit. I go to strip clubs to get some satisfaction from women. Especially when most of them are so beautiful, and it's hard to control myself, especially sometimes without them looking, I touch myself. Aaron Tyrone: "Well, that's still not good to admit that. As I said, you need to find a way to get around your addiction because it's obvious you crave it. You seem to think it calms you down and makes you happy, but it doesn't." Gerald Smedley: "I have medication to control your urges for sex with me that I've already prescribed." Gerald searched for the medication in his bag, got them out, and slid them to me as I looked at them and nodded my head, accepting because god knows how many, even today, I knocked up because of my sex drive going up. Of course, John shook his head. John Cunningham: "You're opponent this week on Asylum Wrestling Society has gone through many of the same issues as you, Hector Venegas. He's also been stabbed in the back and betrayed by his tag partner. Seems to be in a gang too." Konrad Raab: "Finally, an opponent that can fucking relate to me. Brilliant. I shall kick his fucking ass and then focus my attention on the Pinnacle champion himself." John Cunningham: "Good, I was starting to get worried you forgot about the title opportunity you have on the line. I do understand you want to take your time preparing such a match." Konrad Raab: "I have been focused on other things like Jamie being my son that's still new to me in discovering my past because I am a sex addict. I want to win that fucking Pinnacle championship. It's still on my mind consistently. I need to watch Sammeal's matches to prepare myself for him. I felt he's a bigger threat than Vin ever was to me." I still remembered the new Pinnacle champion, Sammeal McBane, who I wanted to face more than the other dude. Vin was the only champion because he was the top at the time. But there were better wrestlers in the company, and Sammeal was the only one I felt was on my level. However, John snapped me out of it really fast. John Cunningham: "Don't you see the actual competition in front of you?" Konrad Raab: "Don't be ridiculous; of course I do. After all, we both have the same problems. Even the gang stuff, I joined a gang myself in my time because I just wanted to let my aggression and anger out in Germany. I nearly killed a guy. But the guy has got more experience than me, well, obviously, because wrestling in Germany back then was impossible. You couldn't go in unless you had a lot of money which I had, but no wrestling school." John Cunningham: "We're aware of the story. I believe that it's true that you had to leech off your ex-wife to get in. Is that why you dated her?" Konrad Raab: "Yes, because I always wanted to be a wrestler but could never find how to. So I saw a homeless girl being my ex-wife and took her in. Because I knew she was a wrestler that could get me into the wrestling business. Anyway, enough of that; I will beat him, no matter what this fucking idiot says about me. Now go; I need time to myself again before racing." Gerald Smedley wanted to warn me before he and Aaron left. John, however, already left the trailer I was in because all NASCAR drivers have to be at the track in case races are postponed to Monday, which the Cup Series race is rumoured to be on Monday due to weather. Gerald and Aaron drank all the water in the cup. Gerald Smedley: "You better be resting and having time to yourself without having sex with women fans you've been doing, and no more strip club visits either. Take your tablets now." Konrad Raab: "Whatever I hear you." Gerald nodded his head, giving me that stern warning I needed, but I wanted to have sex with a female fan anyway because it did give me a sense of happiness, and they went. I felt very well-rested after that fantastic time with that female fan. Also, the aggression of wrestling was coming at me fast. I couldn't wait to beat the fuck out of wrestlers again. Missed that feeling that I hadn't had since facing Travis Pierce last week. I rested, fucked another female fan and then got into my overalls to get on the track to do some Xfinity Series practice and qualifying runs before spending time with my other loved one the rest of the day. ------------------------- Dover, Delaware. Sunday 30th April (On-Camera) Twenty minutes ago, the announcement came in as I sat in my trailer motorhome that the NASCAR Cup Series race was cancelled until tomorrow afternoon. I had some time to gather my thoughts about my opponent, who somehow, from the information I was given on Friday, was returning to the Asylum Wrestling Society. This guy had many of the same past as me, even in wrestling. It was the first opponent I fought in a long time that could relate to my issues. However, we were opponents and had to beat the shit out of each other, which we will. My loved one went out to get something to eat and go shopping as I had time here and had the camera as I sat on the table, looking intense. Konrad Raab: "Hector Venegas, you and I have a lot in common, and there are things I've not spoken about yet of my past regarding the gang stuff. Coming from where you are, I don't know why you were in one, but I was invited into a gang back in Germany because I wanted to fight to be honest and martial arts and boxing were far too disciplined for me. Wrestling wasn't big in Germany then, so I joined one to beat people up because I had intense anger. What's your reason for being in a gang? Supporting your family at eight? I had to support and defend myself at that age without any family support because my dad treated me like shit, and I couldn't defend myself." I seethed because this kid had no fucking excuse when he could've easily been a wrestler, but I was in a situation I couldn't because there was nowhere to go to learn wrestling skills or anything in Germany at the time. Secrets that were very, very hidden that I had to tell to send this kid a fucking message as I gritted my teeth and banged my fist. Konrad Raab: "At that age, you could've been training to be a fucking wrestler because there were plenty of wrestling schools in America at the time, and people like you piss me the fuck off because I wished I weren't part of a gang, but I had to be in Germany to defend myself. Back then, if there were wrestling schools at eight years old, I would've joined them instead of being in a gang. I lived with my parents, but they didn't fucking care enough about me, and I had to fight all on my own just to be a fucking man. I had to do duties in the army because my dad wanted me killed, but I was scared to fight. I did it to prove I was a man." It was hard to talk about the past, especially the last thing I would bring up. Konrad Raab: "I was so mad that I nearly killed someone. I fucking snapped, and I stopped myself because I didn't want to be in prison, and it was then I realised I needed to change my life. But I couldn't get there even with all the money I had because even if I got to America, I still needed a wrestling school. There weren't any good recommendations then because there was no internet or anywhere to search for this information. " I decided to jump straight in with the discussion about the team betrayal because I needed to make a valid point. I still bit my lip, gritting my teeth as I drank some water. Konrad Raab: "I get the betrayal of the tag partner thing. God knows if anyone understands that; it's me. I was in a massive stable called The Jackals because I was defending someone I loved so fucking much, but I was called a dead weight by three other members, and it fucking hurts. I get you going through all of that when you got attacked by Jason Taylor. It couldn't have been easy to figure out where you go from there because it certainly wasn't when I was dogged out by Tommy, Drake and Kandis." It still fucking painful to talk about, and I still haven't managed to get my fucking hands on Kandis for some god knows the reason I haven't, but that's for another day. Konrad Raab: "That's irrelevant, but the point is that I came here and first chamber match, I was a runner up, only got beaten by Summer, then a few months ago, I won the chamber and now got myself the pinnacle title and why? Because there was no other goal left for me to achieve in Asylum Wrestling Society. You may have won titles here, even titles that got taken away from you for some reason. But you have never fought me. I wasn't here last time you were around. Have you seen the run I had since I lost the Underground title? It lit a fire in me, and I won every match I've had here. If there's someone that you can truly test yourself with, it will be me. Also, look at my body for the scars, cuts and burns I've treasured as a wrestler here and in my past too. Some I inflicted on myself." Of course, I realised I had yet to speak much about Hector, but with a lack of information apart from his past on his biography, I couldn't really say much else. I realised he was a high flyer type wrestler, but that was something I had to develop over time with my career in wrestling. I took my shirt off to show off the wounds and burns I had inflicted on my skin and from others, including my dad. I put the shirt back on and focused on the camera. Konrad Raab: "You may have been around the business longer than me, but that's because Germany didn't have any wrestling schools, and I didn't know how to get in the business; otherwise, I'd be wrestling a lot longer than you, but in those ten years, I have done more than most wrestlers have in ten years. But that Pinnacle title is the one I do need because I haven't won a heavyweight title since two thousand sixteen. It's been that long, but that's why I'll beat the living shit out of you to prove that I still have what it takes to be a top champion here. Even if our paths are somewhat similar, you chose to do your actions, while I had to do the actions I did because of no wrestling schools in Germany at the time." It was so hard for me to figure this wrestler out. I was curious to know what his motives were. I didn't know what goals he wanted to achieve. It could be the Pinnacle title he wants, but I still needed to figure out what. Konrad Raab: "I want Sammeal McBane to watch every wrestling match I have since I'm next on his list. However, you're right in the way of that, and even if you have returned, you do not deserve to face me in a match. No, because the past means jack-shit when this company has changed so much since then. Do I feel you're a threat? Yes, but not very much when I'm on top of the ladder right now, and everyone in Asylum Wrestling Society fucking knows it. I will rip you apart and use my strength to beat the holy shit out of you. I aim to use weapons. I aim to find every possible way to beat you because I need to prove to myself, Sammeal and AWS that I belong here. I have the fucking passion to raise this company to the top. I don't think you have that right now, Hector. I don't think you will return and want to be Pinnacle champion as much as me." I was angry and loved what I said to the guy, even with what he's done, and I wasn't going to underestimate him a single bit. I had to top things off pretty soon. Konrad Raab: "Because you'll come back and don't know what to do. No such issue for me because I will wipe the floor with you, I will bust you open, and I will fuck you up with blood and possibly burns all over your body because I'm so fucking starving and passionate about being the Pinnacle champion. I will pin or submit you because I crave violence and pain I will give you. I will win because people like you shouldn't face me in your first match. Nobody fucking should want to face me. Tomorrow night, you will be brutally fucked and destroyed, and I will be happy about it. Prepare to be burned by Burned in Blood because I'm extremely flammable to every opponent around here." I laughed as I put things to bed when it came to addressing Hector as the camera went to black, which was good timing with my loved one that I would never tell anyone I have coming back and spent time together which we had no choice because it was pissing down with rain outside.
  7. Cologne, Germany. Sunday 2nd April (Off-Camera) It was so good to come home because I hadn't seen my home for many years now, and the fact I got the chance to perform in front of my home crowd was something I hadn't had since two thousand sixteen when I fought against an up-and-coming star at the time, Xavier Reid and he won that match against me. But it was meant for him to win, and he's won many titles since I made him a hall of famer of a specific wrestling company. Sadly, none of the wrestling companies I'm a part of want to travel outside of America or the UK in the case of one company. Anyway, I was cleaning up my home as it got pretty dirty since I hadn't been back here for years. But I always wanted to keep a place in Germany as a place to stay in case European tours happen, which in this case, I did. Although I debated with AWS staff about wrestling on the Cologne show since Night Rider is out of action with some injury, there was no way I would allow these Cologne fans not to see me wrestle. I've wrestled in Japan enough times in my career; I even lived there for a bit. I instead pick Cologne to wrestle over Japan any day of the week. So we got that sorted. Anyway, as I was cleaning my home, I had a doorbell which was odd to hear the sound again because I hadn't heard it in so long. I stopped cleaning and opened it, and it was my psychologist and wrestling talk guy, Aaron and John. Aaron Tyrone: "Wow, what a great home you live in here." Konrad Raab: "Well, when I come home, that is. Please, take a seat." I took them in the living room as I needed to prepare since I flew straight to Cologne and not long after just arrived since I had to do the Xfinity Series race in Richmond, seeing I was a title contender for that after all. I closed the front door and did some shopping before I started cleaning the place, knowing it would be dirty. But I finished it up and went to the fridge to get a couple of cans of coke for them, and I got a large metal bottle of water from the fridge I made myself since I refused to touch plastic. I sat down and got down to business. Aaron Tyrone: "Obviously, things are a lot different this time that you only get put behind bars eight hours before you wrestle since we want you to promote for the event before then." John Cunningham: "Well, because Charlie, the AWS boss, told me to about promoting the event, which is why you're not in yet. We know you've only just got here, but tomorrow, until three in the afternoon, you got interviews to do here, as I'm aware you're a massive star here." Konrad Raab: "I am as it's not only where I was born, but I did a lot of things with the TV, music contests, game show and sports events I used to run, even played poker and made a few pieces of music myself." Aaron Tyrone: "Ah, that's why you got some golden discs on the wall. Makes sense now." It wasn't something I talked about much, if at all, because I prefer to leave things in the past, and I did need to move on with my career, so without any choice since I was with my ex-wife at the time done wrestling. Many people said I wouldn't last long as a wrestler, but I put my fingers up at them and am now known for being a wrestler and a NASCAR driver. However, Aaron wanted to get down to talking about something very noticeable. Aaron Tyrone: "So why aren't you going for the Pinnacle title yet?" I knew this was where I would make up bullshit because I was not going to tell them the real reason why, although this reason was valid as it did come up during my time in Phoenix. Konrad Raab: "I got things to sort out in Phoenix, Arizona first. I was going to go for the title, but there was this kid, Jamie telling me I'm his dad, and then I had all the DNA tests done, and he's legit my son. I've not been able to focus since then. I feel I'm an absolute failure to that kid; he's got kids of his own." It wasn't bullshit; I had to spend a lot more time with Jamie, especially when he told me before I did the COTA race that he wanted to become a professional wrestler, which another son of mine, Sebastian, wants to do as well. I banged my head on the coffee table. Aaron Tyrone: "Wow, that must've been one hell of a shock." Konrad Raab: "It was, considering it happened when I was here with this lady, Mila. I was an irresponsible twenty-year-old at the time, being so drunk because my work was causing me stress, and I spoke and sat with her for hours. Then as drunk people do, we had sex, and then the next morning, I had to leave for work after vomiting for fifteen minutes without realising I could've been with her if I had left a number." Aaron Tyrone: "Why didn't you search for her?" Konrad Raab: "Because when I returned to the abandoned house, she was gone. Little did I know she only came to Germany to sort businesses out by opening her restaurant here. So, of course, I knew I wouldn't see her again. I got a confession to make to the pair of you that will not leave this house or anywhere except when we have these therapy sessions on why that incident happened." Aaron Tyrone: "You know everything you say to me, and John is confidential." Of course, I knew that, but I always worry about some wrestler from any company I'm a part of listening in and hearing about my dark secret, something I'm fucking ashamed to have. Still, sometimes, you must tell people you hate talking about yourself with the truth. Konrad Raab: "I'm a sex addict outside the ring." Aaron Tyrone: "Oh god, it's worse than I thought. Were you not loved enough as a kid?" Konrad Raab: "No, and that's partly why I fuck every woman I see, including Mila. I wish I could control it, but I can't. I mean, if you take me out of this house and you saw me talk to a woman who would ask me to pay her to have sex, I would. I've got such a high sex drive that I can't control myself." Aaron Tyrone: "Konrad, you know this is unhealthy; what's Luiza going to think when she hears you being a sex addict?" Konrad Raab: "You are not telling her fucking anything about that. It would make me feel guilty even more. I can't help it because I seek love every single day. I crave for human intimacy to keep me happy. To feel love and security in my life." I knew what they would say, and I feel ashamed to admit I have this issue. Mostly because I craved love and affection so severely, I resorted to having sex with any woman I saw, even if one asked me to pay her. Half of the time, I was drunk when I had sex with random women, but it made me feel temporarily happy that I got their love. If only they knew how much AJ was more than my best friend, I couldn't tell anyone that, even if Luiza agreed with that part. I drank some water as I was sweaty and felt pain and ashamed. Aaron Tyrone: "You're going the wrong way about that, Konrad. You got more than just the violent addiction to sort out. Having sex with any woman you like is only making the situation worse. We need to get you a sex addict therapist as well." Konrad Raab: "I just thought it would be a way to feel love and secure again. I don't know how many kids I've brought into the world because I'm so out of control." Aaron Tyrone: "You drinking alcohol is also out of control. All of this is you trying to figure out a way to cope with stresses at work, and it's not working, Konrad. No wonder you aren't ready for the title shot because you got a lot of shit to sort out." All John could do was slap himself in the face after hearing all of the issues of my sex and alcohol addiction all at once and knew that was why, on top of sorting things out with my son, were the things that stopped me from going for the title. I was mentally unprepared for it, but I told them a big lie, and I feel good about it, although it wasn't a lie about the discovery of my son and being a sex addict. John was going to talk, but Aaron shook his head. Aaron Tyrone: "You need help, Konrad. You can't feel that sex is the only way you get love. It's only going to make you hate yourself more. Same with alcohol drinking. Granted, you don't drink alcohol when you do wrestling or NASCAR races, but still, you need to tackle it before it leads to something worse like you fucking the female roster." Konrad Raab: "I haven't done that because I don't mess around with that line of work or in NASCAR. Just women I don't work with is an issue." Aaron Tyrone: "Next time we talk, I'm bringing in a male sex therapist to get you under control because this is not healthy or normal. John, take things away." Of course, it was hard for John to ignore anything I said about my personal life, primarily because he was only meant to be there to talk about wrestling, but it was hard to move on from anything but what I confessed to them and only they know about it. It only made the pair of them drink coke because of how scared I made them feel by telling them like I wasn't in any way shaking or paranoid telling them in the first place. John Cunningham: "Anyway, what are your thoughts on Maverick Hart?" Konrad Raab: "I don't know, I've never watched tag team wrestling because I refuse to take part in that horseshit show, and I refused to take part in them cos they are bullshit." John Cunningham: "Just as I expected an ignorant ass hat to say. You should pay more attention to tag wrestling Konrad. Luckily, I brought a video of Maverick's last match with the team so you can study overnight, and maybe you'll have more to say about Maverick." Konrad Raab: "I'll make this kid a welcome to the solo's division he will never regret, regardless of what he can do in the ring. That isn't going to fucking matter because tag team stuff is irrelevant, despite him being a former faction champion. That doesn't mean shit in the solos wrestling world." That I always thought the tag or faction tag belts were utterly worthless. Sure, it's to make you have a big break in wrestling, but I never needed tag belts, heck I was never a part of a team for too long to get a tag belt, although I did win one with Samuel Jackson back in GZWA; I tend to forget all about that because again, I prefer it stays in the past. John Cunningham: "One thing I say, though, he will be devoted to being a Canadian. He loves his country. He's very uptight about that, so that could be something to use to piss him off. Maybe involving his tag partners of Hilda Stark and Aurora Starr in your ammo too. I suggest watching this match, and you get to know him more with his skills and abilities in the ring." Konrad Raab: “Yeah, I got it. Canadians think they owe the world something, it seems, with this dickhead. If only he knew that personally, being a part of a team keeps any wrestler from filling their potential. But the guy wants to make a break on his own, and what a perfect test for him than to face me in a match, huh? John Cunningham: "Indeed, and gives him a chance to prove to himself what he can do by himself when going against you. I think this match should've been made before the title match anyway." Konrad Raab: "I've been the Underground champion, done that, you know no need to hold it again. I will give this kid a nightmare he will remember for the rest of his life. Now leave." I just got bothered right there, and I knew it was the end, or for now, because I hated talking about my past and my previous stuff. The nerve to think Aaron would've contacted Luiza, and that wouldn't fucking shock me, but I would fucking kill him if he ever did tell her. They left my home, and I could get a bit more cleaning done before I put the video in the machine and watched the last tag match Maverick was in and got more than enough info to work with for my trash talk tomorrow. ---------------- Cologne, Germany. Monday 3rd April (On-Camera) So here I am in the alleyway of my home city because I don't trust you fucks to do videos in my own home for it to be attacked. I loved coming home and smelling like I belonged here, like it was really my home. Chicago and Atlanta have been good to me, but Cologne is where I was born, and it's such a fucking honour that Asylum Wrestling Society chose to select my home town as a wrestling venue. Of course, I had to fight to get myself off Japan show to switch to this one, but even so, I didn't care about not being a part of the main event; I didn't need to be. I had another load of interviews to do, but I didn't have one until two hours later, so this was the only time I got to do the video against Maverick Hart. I found an abandoned chair in the dumpster behind me and sat on it like nothing was wrong with it. Konrad Raab: “Don't worry, Maverick, I won't flat-out trash you. Of course, a bit, but not as much as usual. Why? Because the crowd are going to be more behind me than you. With every move you make in the ring, the crowd will boo the living shit out of you. Especially if you preach about being a fucking Canadian wrestler, which you'll likely drone on about, considering you're so passionate about your country. Well, too bad I got to say this, but fuck Canada, and Germany is a far better country.” I knew that one thing I wanted to do was to piss the kid off but knowing me, this would get a massive reaction from the crowd and be cheered, which is precisely what I was expecting. Konrad Raab: “Kid, I know you've not wrestled since you lost the faction titles against The Internet Technology team, but this is your biggest break. You've not wrestled a solo's match in your entire life, so should you be scared? Yes, because you've never been in a situation where the villain will be more liked in this match than you'll ever be. It will hurt you so badly that I will step into the ring in Germany and beat the living shit out of you. You were always held back from being in a tag team because you were much better than those stanks you hung around with Hilda and Aurora Starr.” Of course, I had to be a bit of an asshole, although I knew my reasons to compete against Maverick, to get him to gain experience from me, seeing that I had more experience than he did in the professional wrestling world. I like sitting in the alleyway, feeling the cold for a change, although I had a lighter in front of me that I put close to feel the heat. Konrad Raab: “How come I've never heard of you until recently if you've been wrestling for twelve years? I don't buy that, considering it would mean you'd be in the business longer than me. Still, unlike you, the problem is that there were no wrestling schools in Germany, as I explained in the story from my last video against Sal if you're bothered hearing about it. I won't get into that because I'd be repeating myself on tape, but you are mistaken if you think I'm going to take it easy on you because fuck no, I won't.” It made me so happy to be in my home city and doing what the fuck I wanted; I guess that's the perks you get if you go to your home city. I loved it here, and I loved being at home. If only I could've stayed here for a week but couldn't because I had to do this stupid dirt race for NASCAR. Konrad Raab: “Even though I'm a little kinder today than usual, I'm still going to beat the shit out of you because it's who I am and what I do in the ring. Plus, I don't know what the fuck you're going to say about me, but for someone to call you a cosplay wrestler is the stupidest fucking thing I've heard. We're all fucking wrestlers in this company, and I know you take this business seriously, but not as seriously as me. I'm extremely violent and ready for a fucking war because I will treat you as my enemy as always with all wrestlers I face in the ring, friend or not.” I really wanted to say a lot more, but there's such limited information that I couldn't talk much, if anything, about him. Still, I had to do my best, even if I ignored that he had ties with wrestlers I couldn't talk about, seeing I'd never heard of them, nor did I want to pay attention or acknowledge them. Konrad Raab: “The point is you may act tough, but you're no match for me. This match will make you better and a star, but nothing else because I'm making you the most hated guy in Germany, and you will be booed, you will get chants of you suck, and people will chant my name. Notice I've not poured red paint over me? Because this isn't the right time for it when I want to embrace the light of my home country.” I paused briefly as I meant what I said about not pouring red paint over myself today because I couldn't be so evil and despicable. I did have a few more things to say. Konrad Raab: “You should be fucking happy to face me and take full advantage of me, but I will take full advantage of your stupid maple leaf ass. I will spit on the Canadian flag and be cheered for it, maybe even burn it because I want you to be pissed off so I can do everything I can to beat you to win. That's what I will do because I will win in front of my home city fans and have fans walk home happy that their home city guy won a match in front of his home crowd.” Another short pause and I was just too excited not to stop talking because it was a one-off opportunity to impress my home fans. I drank all the metal bottle of water. Konrad Raab: “You're in for a rude awakening because you don't stand a fucking chance against me. I will beat the shit out of you until you don't move. Prepare to be burned by burned in blood because you will be by the end of this match, and I will aim to make you bleed and have burns in my home town, and you won't like it. You'll hate my guts, and you'll hate the German fans once I'm done with you, bitch.” I wipe my hands dry with everything I've said to the kid, and I had an hour to kill before I had even more interviews to do, although I do fancy doing something well, not going to say as I turn the camera off.
  8. Atlanta, Georgia. Wednesday 8th March (Off-Camera) Before, I had to go to Dallas, Texas, for a wrestling match elsewhere and to race in Phoenix, Arizona. On Monday, I permanently brought this holiday home to get away from everyone and relax if I get stressed out or need time to myself. I loved it here, and the place was enormous, with more than enough bedrooms and bathrooms for reasons I won't get into. It was brand spanking new, and I was already relaxing with a lot of furniture already in as I had planned it all before I moved into my second home. It also was a memory when I won my first-ever race in NASCAR, and I wanted to come here to soak up the memories. Where I could be happy, and I was delighted, technically, with winning Apocalypse Chamber and the Xfinity Series Las Vegas race. However, there was one slight problem with what I won, mentally, because I've been out of the Heavyweight title contention for so long, I'm not there with it, which is why someone close to me phoned up a sports psychologist. Aaron and John are reasonable people and have helped me a lot, but I couldn't tell them what I felt mentally. So I told the sports psychologist to come here instead of the NASCAR track or at my house. My holiday home was the best, especially as I was still getting used to things. There's so much more for me to do here than in Chicago which I only live there because of a wrestling company that wrestles there weekly. The house was modern with red and black tiled walls and overall very modern, which I had to get used to seeing it's two thousand and twenty-three. I already hated this society where I didn't belong. I did have a balcony with cameras for the doorbell in case I couldn't hear the door, with a large pool and chairs to relax. I also had my room with a NASCAR complete simulator machine in case I needed to either learn new tracks like the Chicago street race coming up or work on things like the Bristol dirt race and road courses. When I was relaxing, a doorbell went off as I got up from the chairs on the balcony and walked back into the house to answer the door. It was a man I was expecting, my sports psychologist. He was in his forties, with a moustache and blond hair. Konrad Raab: “Are you Mr Russell?” Russell: "Yes, call me Peter." Konrad Raab: “Come in.” I was nervous, well I was since I won the Apocalypse Chamber and it was nice to get away from talking to Aaron and John because although they are good people, I couldn't always see them all the time and certainly when I'm a home town hero. He closed the door and was the second person to visit my holiday home beside someone close to me. He took his shoes and coat off because he respected the new house. He came to my living room, where I had a large TV and saw how big the place was; he even saw the balcony with a pool, skateboarding park and ramps for someone close to me and even a small race track. It also came with a gym. Anyway, we sat down on large sofas, already feeling at home. I did put glasses of water earlier for Peter and for me. However, I was shaking like a leaf, not to mention I'd vomited twice already because of the nervous wreck I was in with the pressure of the title shot I got coming up. Peter saw straight away. Peter Russell: "So we know why I came today, and I'm glad I did, looking at you. You should be happy to get a shot for the Heavyweight title. But you look like you saw a ghost, frightened of the shot you got." Konrad Raab: "That's because I am. You have to understand that I've avoided this particular career my entire life because I always feel I need to win, which scares me. After all, if I fail, I never get the chance to go for the Heavyweight title again. I get so stressed about it, and that's the pressure. I've already vomited twice today alone. That's how much getting this shot scares the shit out of me. I don't know how to handle pressure like this." Peter Russell: "Wow, it's more serious than I thought. You seem to have major anxiety when it comes to this. How long did you say the last time you had a heavyweight title shot?" Konrad Raab: "Two thousand and eighteen when it comes to one-on-one situations, and I never demanded or asked for it. My best friend I had in wrestling, Alistaire Allocco, offered the shot to me. That's how rare I go for it because it scares the living hell out of me. I'd be a laughing stock, a joke for winning this shot and then lose it." I was almost going to cry. After all, I could not handle the stress I already went through, especially since I couldn't speak because I didn't know what to feel. Peter seems to understand what I'm going through, and it was one of my bad days when I was already depressed earlier today that I won't get into it. Still, Peter wrote down in his notes what I said. It hunted me severely. Peter Russell: "Just because you think you'll fail doesn't mean you will. I hear what you're saying. This match you got coming up, it's clear you're not ready for it. I think you've been trying too hard to avoid the situation because it's well outside your comfort zone." Konrad Raab: "It is. I look at Vin and wonder how he got through the stress of being a Pinnacle Heavyweight champion with the high pressure to perform. Honestly, I don't even know why I said I had no choice but to be going for the belt." Peter Russell: "It's because you believed in yourself. Honestly, you had no other goals in wrestling because you've done them. I saw that video you did for the match. I saw it right through your eyes; you wanted it. But at the same time, I also see a man crawling on his hands and knees for the help of the pressure you face. I see you holding your chest. We all need to get outside of our comfort zones. This match will do it for you." He was right; I had already been told earlier in the week I'd been in a closed box for too long for not unveiling who I am. But at the same time, Peter was right that I had been in my comfort zone for too long to avoid getting the Heavyweight title shot. I mean, heck, I never felt confident in myself. I drank some water, as so did Peter when I was talking. Konrad Raab: "I don't feel ready for it. Everyone says I should take the shot right now, but I don't think it's enough time until I get over the failing pressure and the stress I have for the match. I feel like I don't want to do it. I don't feel like I can perform at the highest level." Peter Russell: "That's what I'm going to help you with, and that will include a lot of gym work, things that will get you to do things outside of your comfort zone." Konrad Raab: "Fine, but please do not tell Aaron or John about this. I want some help because I can't handle this. When wrestlers usually win Apocalypse Chamber, they go whoo, I won a title shot, and I'm confident to go for it, but that would be a fucking lie for me. Because I'm not. Maybe wrestling against Sal Kulina might help me, but I have no motivation to go through the Pinnacle Heavyweight title match." I had to think about this if I was to do it, but I'm hoping AWS will allow me to delay my shot for the title because I don't want to go for it right away. Not at all. Peter finished his water while I still got mine left. So at least, he understood that. Peter Russell: "I promise I won't. I will make sure you will be ready. I agree, if you do it in the next two months, it will be too soon for you. I say within five months; you will be ready for the Pinnacle Heavyweight title in terms of mentality. I know you got to prepare for Sal Kulina, but don't treat the match like you've already beaten him, despite him using that approach already for the rumble, which cost him." Konrad Raab: "There were things he said that pissed me off, and I'll address it to the piece of shit. However, I'm not stupid to do that, considering I've learnt from my mistakes, plus, this isn't the company for me to do that. I'm confident in beating Sal but not mentally for the Heavyweight title. I always feel sick and feel I'm in danger when I do something I'm afraid to do." Peter Russell: "I will come to see you weekly to discuss it and even to do gym work to make you go through hell, seeing you're so unconfident. Although you are with Sal, it's not for the Heavyweight title. I will go now, I have other clients to see, but it's nice to meet you. Call me anytime you need to chat or if things change regarding your shot for the Pinnacle title, and we'll find ways to prepare you for it." Konrad Raab: "What do I do in the meantime?" It made Peter pause for a minute because he didn't know how much I was affected by this, and I didn't know how to think or prepare when he was not around me. Peter had the answer after thinking things through. Peter Russell: "Write down what you feel when you think about the title match, do some yoga or meditation to help you overcome things, and you also need to visualise the title match." Konrad Raab: "What do you mean visualise the title match?" Peter Russell: "Because you aren't confident, you must tell people you are. I know it's not what you want to hear, but you must act like you are. There will be techniques you can do to work on that, but I will also work with you for the next five months. But please try not to panic about it and not make yourself sick if you are stressed. I will see you next week." I shook hands with Peter. Peter stood up and went to grab his coat and his shoes to put them on before he left, leaving me to think about the comments he said about how he became a wrestler, and everything else pissed me off. Peter opened and closed the door as I lay on my sofa, relaxing, soaking in what I achieved in NASCAR in Atlanta to gather memories, before thinking about Sal Kulina on the comments he said I couldn't get over. ----------------------------- Atlanta, Georgia. Friday 17th March (On-Camera) With the rain falling in Atlanta, I knew qualifying for Xfinity Series wouldn't happen. It ended up being cancelled anyway, so instead of doing a video that I do at the racing track. At the same time, I brought the holiday home; I found something I would need in case I'd have to do videos for my matches when I wanted to have time to myself, an abandoned shelter. It wasn't big, but it was perfect for what I planned to do with it. I spent the whole day building it to my liking with flames designed plank wood with flame fluid, lighter, and my mace stuck to the wall, although not what I'd use to take to matches, just replicas of them. I looked at the camera that I had to get permanently. I always find something to do my videos in because I didn't trust any wrestler to know where I live to cause shit to my home. Of course, this was my home town, so I had the crowd behind me, but I knew I would only have a little time to do a video in Germany. I wanted to spit out facts to this fucking punk that pissed me off. Konrad Raab: "Well, haven't you got some fucking mouth to trash all of your opponents in the match, or ones at the time that were confirmed, huh? How did that go for you again? Oh, right, you still lost. Granted, I saw your efforts in the Chamber, Sal. I saw potential in the ring, and that's no bullshit. Heck, I see you doing well against Night Rider. Before you go on about my loss to him, to be frankly honest, I made myself lose to him to move on to bigger and better things. Did he beat me? Yeah, and clean, but it benefited him more than me." I smirked, knowing I was telling the truth as I also had my trusty tins of red paint I also always carry around with me because it's who I am and what I portrayed to be. Konrad Raab: "But you must be bullshitting if you think anyone buys into the shit of you given pro wrestling skills for free. There is no way anyone can get into the wrestling business by being unprofessionally trained and not perfecting skills with the star potential I saw in the rumble. Because if you weren't unprofessionally trained, you wouldn't have lasted as long as you did in the rumble. Everyone was trained by someone and put in hours of skills to get where they were. But do you know why that comment pisses me off in particular? My German fans know all about this." Prepare for me to put this fucking asshole on a blast as I placed the camera directly to my face so the prick could hear every word I was saying because I was shaking so heavily, and I got angry by most things. Konrad Raab: "Because unlike you fucking Americans that got so many wrestling schools around you, I had a lot of fucking money, but there were no wrestling schools in Germany. I had to get into the business in the hardest and harshest way possible. I had to join a wrestling company being a backstage worker to get into professional wrestling. I had to trash a champion wrestler to get my way in the business because there's no way I could've done that back in the days when Germany wasn't known for wrestling until my twin brother, and I came to change things; you little shit." Maybe I was too harsh, but it was the brutal truth. Germany had nothing until me, and my twin brother came along. It made me so angry that this fuck can waltz right in and act like they are so fucking good at wrestling. Konrad Raab: "I was a cocky son of a bitch because I had to be to get the match I wanted against a top champion. Sure, I was beaten in ten minutes, but it was the only way I could get into wrestling. I had nothing but boundaries in my way to getting into a wrestling school, let alone becoming a professional wrestler. I had to win a match against another champion to get into a wrestling school, and I did. I had two fucking years to improve my wrestling skills. Do you see how that's fucking insulting and disgusting that is to me that you think you've not been trained at all in your life with all the wrestling schools around you, and you act like a fucking drop of sperm gave you skills?" It makes me sick when I hear that little shitbag speak about how he found getting into wrestling so quickly without any trainers training him. If only he had lived in Germany back in two thousand and eleven, and of course, now, they got wrestling schools and even wrestling companies there, but there wasn't one when I started. Konrad Raab: "Seriously, fuck you for that comment. Fuck you for thinking any professional wrestler can come to the business and walk in to win matches. Honestly, that's the only fucking problem I had with you, and it disgusted me, especially when you compared CTE to sex. How fucking stupid are you? I ended many wrestlers' careers with CTE injuries, which are not the same. I already want to give you a mother fucking concussion for saying shit like that and see how CTE is like sex because it's not. You think me retiring legends in wrestling with CTE injuries are worthless?" God, I wanted to see the potential in this guy, but all he's done is piss me off. I poured red paint all over me. It reminded me too much when I started wrestling, but I grew from those days and learnt so much more about the business, especially about injuries. Konrad Raab: "You have a long fucking way to understand this fucking business, pal. I wouldn't take Night Rider so lightly either because even if he did beat me clean in matches, he's a wrestler that you will have more than enough issues to tackle. He would've ripped your ass up as I have here. You legit got nothing to say that will hurt me. You're here for the entertainment side rather than the actual wrestling itself. A talented wrestler but mocks it for sex and sperm jokes. I hate guys like you. It only wants me to burn you alive. It only wants me to beat the living shit out of you until you realise how fucking stupid you were with comments like that." I know I did have to address the match I won and the fact I was going to be wrestling in Germany, but it hadn't been necessary until now to realise what I'd done and show the punk bitch what I had to do to get where I am. I gripped my fists hard and put the camera back after being right in my face with it, even with paint dripping on me. I poured some more now. Konrad Raab: "You see, I made you into a right shitbag for even making the kind of comments I have towards your disgusting ass. Am I proud of the opportunity for the Pinnacle Heavyweight championship? Damn, right I am, especially since I much have preferred actually to have the title on the line in Germany than facing you because I would fucking love to win the title in front of my home fans. I will be keeping an eye out on Vin in everything he does, but you also need to start studying Night Rider as well. Because of the way you're acting, you aren't going to last ten minutes with him. I will show you the world of Asylum Wrestling Society because you need some lessons or two about the huge welcome you get, despite toughing it out in the Chamber. I was better because I wanted the shot way more than your fucking ass did. Also, I didn't choose to come here; I was here by force by my psychologist to wrestle because I'm fucking crazy." I would take a breath, and sure, I was pissed off, and I was going to end things on a note that I wanted to take him seriously, but this idiot took that chance away. Konrad Raab: "I'm so going to batter the living shit out of you. I will make you bleed in ways you don't want me to do. I'm going to clock your fucking head with my mace, and then I'll make you burn because you'll wake up to the realisation of where the fuck you're at and how a fucking CTE feels. You are well and truly fucked, Sal. Because you will be hurting and bleeding, and I know I will with the fight you'll give me, but I will be better because I am the better wrestler." I had one more thing to say to Vin, along with finishing things up with Sal, addressing the German fan's situation as well. Konrad Raab: "I got my eye on you, Vin, don't worry, maybe you watch what I'll do to fucking Sal to see the hell you'll step into when I face you for that title. However, I will be a fucking blessing to the German fans when I knock this Sal punk off his feet and win because I can, and I will deal with this little shit. I also know you'll shit on the German fans, too, and I will be more than happy to knock the consequences out of you for doing so. Prepare to be burned by Burned In Blood, bitch because you will get it." When I finished the video, I left the abandoned shelter and locked it up. I had to buy an extra load of keys and a padlock to secure the place. Once I did that, I returned to the Atlanta Motor Speedway circuit and hung around with some friends and my best friend in NASCAR.
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada. Thursday, 2nd March. (Off-Camera) It's been a long time since I've been inside a counselling room in the Asylum Wrestling Society, where nothing has changed, apart from the screams I hear from more wrestlers than usual. It was a day before I had to do Xfinity Series practice and qualifying. Granted, neither Aaron Tyrone nor John Cunningham unveiled his last name to me a couple of weeks ago via text didn't know about me being a title contender in Xfinity Series this year. So I was wearing my Brad Rogers Racing shirt with jeans because I'm going straight to the track after this meeting. It wasn't me that demanded to see them; it was the Asylum Wrestling Society staff themselves. So I entered the Boneyard in a locked room and sat down with Aaron and John looking at me as if I were an oddball. I shrugged it off as it was all business like it would be when I race in the Xfinity Series this weekend. Aaron is my counsellor, while John was a guy who told me AWS wrestling stuff since Aaron didn't know much about wrestling. Aaron looked at me with a sigh before he cleared his throat. Aaron Tyrone: "Welcome back to Asylum Wrestling Society, Konrad; it's been a long while, hasn't it?" Konrad Raab: "It sure has since I lost the Underground title, and then I got attacked by some stupid thugs who I doubt are around anymore." Aaron Tyrone: "I wouldn't get ahead of yourself with that just yet. I want to talk about you and your struggles with mental health. Luiza, your wife, has been telling me disconcerting things about you. What's all this about fire you want to inflict on everyone?" I was at a standstill, unsure why Luiza would tell him about my new addiction, my way of inflicting anyone's pain with flames, what made me truly happy in life since nobody wanted to take things to the limits regarding fires these days. I will because I hate everyone in this company, even if some have come in my absence. I shook my head. Aaron Tyrone: "Are you telling me that Lu.........." Konrad Raab: "No, she's right. I have wanted to inflict flames on my opponents. Why? Because as much as I love my mace, it doesn't do enough damage as I want to do on my opponents. So I use fire. Heck, well, I inflict burns on myself." Aaron Tyrone: "This is going many steps back then forwards, Konrad. Why haven't you been updating me on things and don't use your NASCAR career as an excuse." Konrad Raab: "Because I don't fucking want to. I enjoy giving myself psychical pain, including the burns I get. You tell me to stop, and I won't because mental pain is far fucking worse than you can imagine." I was fuming about Luiza telling Aaron about my flames addiction, but I know it was because of her protection and if anything, I blame Aaron for phoning her for what's been happening to me. This is why I didn't fucking want to tell Aaron half of the time because I knew he would stop me, and I simply couldn't. I can't stop something else, and Aaron notices it immediately. Aaron Tyrone: "Stop swearing. You are getting worse with that. I somewhat think you got Tourette's syndrome, am I right?" I just nodded at this point because it was clear to Aaron I needed to get back into action; anger was boiling inside of me that I wanted to fucking clock Aaron's head off. Still, I forgot that John Cunningham was in the room, and he shook his head, but I sensed he knew something was going on that he was not telling me. Aaron Tyrone: "That can easily be fixed with medication." Konrad Raab: "No, it fucking can't. I got it for life. I'm literally out of fucking control. Heck, I'm struggling to fit in this modern society. I can't accept that women can show off in their underwear." Aaron Tyrone: "I heard all about that. It's OK that you hate modern society and how it doesn't match your standards. But you got to find a way to cope with that. I know it's hard for someone your age. But my main concern is the burns you've inflicted on yourself. Can I please see them?" John was uncomfortable and in shock that he heard me do something like that to myself. So I took my shirt off, even if I was meant to wear it to promote my team duties, but it was for help after all, and he saw that my body and torso part were at least covered in burns. Aaron shook his head. I put my shirt back on and sat down. Aaron Tyrone: "This tells me you are self-harming to make yourself happy. That's not a good way to tackle your emotions, Konrad. Heck, you went drinking non-stop for three days as of late as well. You're not living, you're trying to kill yourself, and that's not good." Konrad Raab: "OK, seriously fuck you. I can do what I want to my own body. I'm angry; how else am I meant to express it if I couldn't be in the ring?" Aaron Tyrone: "There are other activities besides wrestling and racing, like listening to music and doing Tai Chi. You have not coped well, and we need to do many more of these sessions because you're extremely sick. I mean, you can't speak without saying one swear word. You need to stop burning yourself and inflicting violence onto yourself." Konrad Raab: “Fuck off Aaron. Just fuck off.” I was about to launch myself at Aaron to beat the shit out of him. John stood up and put me against the wall as I kicked and screamed angrily at Aaron, telling me not to do this and that. It was my life now. But the security came in for John to take a seat and electrically shocked me before I fell to the ground as they left the counselling room. It took me a minute to get up and sit back down. John Cunningham: "Look, what you're doing is not good if you're going to lead this company in the future." Konrad Raab: "Leading Asylum Wrestling Society? What the fuck are you talking about? I lost the fucking Underground title." John Cunningham: "That you have, but while you still see you're angry and wanting to seek revenge on the guy that took you out, not only he's not here anymore, but there is a reason I said that." I was silent as I wanted to hear more about what John had planned, although it left Aaron nervous for some reason; seeing John was the kind of guy that was talking about wrestling, I let him talk, even though whoever attacked me and left was a fucking coward. The room felt colder each time, but I couldn't use a lighter in this place; it was forbidden. John Cunningham: "Asylum Wrestling Society has suffered from a lack of main attraction talent since you been gone. We've been waiting so long for you to return because AWS needs you now more than ever. But hearing you self-harming yourself, that's not a good look." Konrad Raab: "Wow, you expect me to buy this bullshit?" John Cunningham: "It's not bullshit. We need you to compete in a match you nearly won last year because we at Asylum Wrestling Society feel this is your only goal to achieve, Apocalypse Chamber Match. I won't lie, these competitors will test you, but we need you to act more responsibly. But we can't see any of them lead the company to the future. You got to earn it and the only way you will is by competing in the match and winning it." I couldn't believe what John was saying. I had never felt like being able to be responsible or leading a company in my entire life. But I was afraid for the first time because I sensed where this was going. I felt I would be put in a situation I'd avoided my entire life. But at the same time, I need more to achieve beyond what he was trying to explain. Konrad Raab: "I understand what your trying to say. I have no choice but to go up. Fine, whatever I do to dish damage on my opponents, I do the match. I won't lie; part of me was gutted last year because I came close to winning, but I couldn't deliver it." Aaron Tyrone: "Are you sure Konrad's ready for this? After all, he's only returned from a concussion he suffered." John Cunningham: "We have no other options, this is the only way forward, and the only person that can make themselves go to win the match is Konrad. No one in the company is a main event attraction like Konrad right now." Aaron nodded because he knew John was right, and I believed him. I couldn't ever see whoever Summer Bliss's title contenders were leading the way at any point, and nobody in the Chamber match was fitting for that rule because they've only come in. Konrad Raab: "I'll compete in the chamber because I want to beat the shit out of people, need to prove to people I'm fucking deserving to be in AWS and most importantly, for the first time in my life, I believe that I can win this match. Excuse me; I got a driver's meeting to attend with Xfinity Series stuff and my team." Aaron Tyrone: "You may go now, but we will have many more sessions." John Cunningham: "We've already entered your name in the Chamber before we spoke to you because you need to win; there's no other route." Konrad Raab: "I said I do it. I'm going to be known as Burned in Blood Konrad Raab. No more games, people are going to get burned around me, and nobody is going to fucking like it. Now let me the fuck go. " Ironically, John calmed me down, but I needed to get going because I'd get fined a lot of money, and I don't race at all if I don't attend the Xfinity Series driver's meeting. Hence, after having some positive news about my future in the Asylum Wrestling Society, I grabbed my stuff and left the facility to head to the Las Vegas track to attend the drivers meeting for the Xfinity Series. ---------------------------------------- Las Vegas, Nevada. Friday, 3rd March. (On-Camera) This time, I chose to come back after doing NASCAR Xfinity Series practice and qualifying because I had to due to what the AWS staff said to me, but I wasn't going to explain to these fucking idiots who are new to the company. I'm inside of a cage here in the Boneyard, having a camera looking directly at me while I sit on the bed. There's nothing but a toilet, bunk bed and a sink. The smell was horrific like someone did a poo in here. But I loved it, that's the worrying thing, although I brought plastic buckets with no handles of red paint since I wasn't allowed to bring tins in here. I was in a mood to beat the shit out of people, and having multiple people doing so would bring the satisfaction I missed so much. Konrad Raab: "That's right fuckers, I'm back, and I'm already unimpressed with the names I've heard of in this match, but I'm not even going to name them because I've not heard a single fuck in this match. Heck, I know damn well none of you were here to come to assist with your mental health. I fucking am, and it's the only reason I'm here where I can express beating the shit out of people, where I can express what I feel about the world and society today. Nevertheless, my return purpose is to start where I began my AWS career, Apocalypse Chamber." I was going to explain to these fucking idiots how the match works. Still, so far, none of these names even stick out at me at all, and that, on top of it being a horrible thing for these idiots, really bad when they aren't aware of the hell they are going to be in, especially with the ideas I have in mind. Konrad Raab: "Because all of you are new to this match, let's get one thing straight, you eliminate competitors from the match by pinfall, submission or a knockout. That's what makes this match different from any other boring bullshit rumbles: you can unleash your violence or lack of it for many of you pricks. The only reason any of you are in this company is to win extra titles to your name, not for me, not this year. Last year, I made a debut here, and I didn't care for what title I was going for. No, because as a new star, while the idea of the Pinnacle title was there, I didn't care what title I got. I was happy to get a title shot." I smirked, knowing what I was told and why I was going to be in this match, and I had to say these worthless fucks because they had no business being in the match, none at all other than to make themselves a name. I'm already a name in AWS, the only one who's been here consistently and performing consistently. Konrad Raab: “Not this year. I have a very different approach to this match. After the Apocalypse Chamber, I got the shot for the Underground Championship because I came that fucking close to winning the match that Summer Bliss, the only wrestler at the time who was better than me, outlasted and won the match. I was fucking bitter and angry about how it all went down. I won the Underground Championship, but all these other belts you can win are worthless to me. I have no choice but to go out and win this match. All of you are in it and have no fucking chance against me. None whatsoever." I started pouring the plastic bucket of red paint all over me, the only thing closer to blood than anything else. Paint drips all over me, feeling the victims everyone will be in the match. Konrad Raab: "None of you knows what this match can do to your bodies. All of you assume, oh, we wrestle to our best. No, you can use weapons, and I got plenty of those in mind to use on all of you fuckers. I will use my Flanged German Mace across your fucking backs and skulls and, most importantly, the thing you knew me as The Ice Blood? That guy is dead and buried. Because now, I got a whole new set of tools to play with. Ones that nobody would ever do in the wrestling business or even attempt to fuck around with, flame fluid and lighter. Oh yeah, I will go out there and do more than just pinning, submitting and knocking your asses out. I will make you all bleed, and I will also make you all feel the burn I will inflict on all of you. After all, it's a no-disqualification match, so I can do whatever I want, especially since I have a fitting purpose you will find out none of you wants to be in." I laughed maniacally, ensuring they understood what I was saying because I didn't intend to fight with skills. They will be there, but to destroy and beat the fuck out of my opponents to gain a more straightforward win is a goal and that included the next thing I wanted to talk about. Konrad Raab: "So you see, none of you deserves to be Pinnacle title contenders. You all say you are, but I guarantee you that none of you in this match have the desire to lead this company forward. Nobody even sees any of you in this Apocalypse Chamber match as guys that will lead the company forward or even attract main event attention. I'm that guy, and the Pinnacle title is the only fucking thing I want to win in this match because there's no other option for me, unlike you fucks." I poured a second load of red paint all over me with the plastic buckets as I continuously hit myself in the head with them before I slid them under the slot for the staff to take them away as they did, and I went back to talking about match business. Konrad Raab: "I need to win this match, and fuck the pressure on me doing so because if you fall into it, you can forget winning the match. Why? Because none of you truly believe in yourselves. Faking it because your egos are so fucking high of the Pinnacle title being on the line that you think you'll win it. It's fucking reality on me believing in myself that you worthless fucks will be too burned and blooded up to win the chance to be Pinnacle title contenders. Besides the names in the title match, apart from the Pinnacle champion herself, I've outlasted both last year in the Apocalypse Chamber." I was going to ask all of my competitors a question that would really piss them off and might be worth considering and even get the Pinnacle title contenders and champion herself the attention they need. I was pacing inside the locked cage before I sat down to look at the camera with paint dripping down. Konrad Raab: "What makes you all think being here for such a short amount of time that any of you can beat everyone in the Apocalypse Chamber and then feel without even facing the opponents in the Pinnacle title match beat Vin Halsted, Necra Octavian Kane and Summer Bliss for the Pinnacle title? The answer I will give to you when I beat the shit out of all of you with blood and burns because none of you are going to get out of the match without blood or burns covered all over your bodies." I had to be quiet for a bit as I got a plastic cup I left on the side of my bed and filled it up with water to drink. Konrad Raab: "None of you will win the match even because this match is set for me to win. I have to win; no other fucking option for me to achieve. AWS needs me to win, and I need to win for myself because there are no other goals for me to achieve other than to win this match, other than to face Vin, Necra or Summer for the Pinnacle title and, most importantly, win the championship that all of you will fail to do. I won't, and you'll see what a truly dangerous motherfucker I am because none of you are dangerous. No, none of you are psychotic or demented enough to be in this company, let alone wrestle in this match. Will you make me taste my own blood or burn my body to win the match?" It would take someone to do just that for me to lose, but I can't lose, not when I came close to winning the match last year. I growled at the thought of last year's moment, how much it set me back, but not this year. Konrad Raab: "Of course, you won't because none of you in this match will be hungry or have the determination enough for anyone to be convinced you'll win. Everyone will be convinced I'll win because I can and will. It's every person for themselves, and I will not only win but make sure every bit of weapon shot and even the flames I'll inflict on you will be a memory of the day when I overcome my mistakes from last year and turn them into strengths to win Apocalypse Chamber and win the shot for Pinnacle title." Maybe I was talking a lot more than last year, but this was a no-way-out situation for me, especially mentally, and the only way I would get out of it was to win this match. I needed to go to bed soon, especially since I needed a lot of rest if I was going to win the Xfinity Las Vegas race and then, twenty-four hours later, win the Apocalypse Chamber match. I got anger and intensity in my eyes. Konrad Raab: "Because I can and will prove it in the match. Suppose any of you have anything to say about what I said, I will immediately hit back, even if I'm fucking exhausted from another sport I got to compete in tomorrow because I'm fucking hungry and dying to win this match. Prepare to be burned by Burned In Blood, who will overcome all of you worthless scumbags, win this match for the title, and then win the Pinnacle title." For now, I was done addressing my purpose in the match, and if nobody attempts to hit back at my words, this is it for me. This match is for me to win, not for anybody else. On the other hand, I turned the camera off, went into my red paint-stained bed, and fell asleep after an exhausting day of doing practice and qualifying runs for the Xfinity Series race tomorrow.
  10. Ridgeway, Virginia. Friday 28th October (Off-Camera) A day after Konrad tackled wrestling and climate change protest business in Washington DC, he came to the other job nobody in Asylum Wrestling Society did; well, they got the clue with the Formula E race, but that was just a one-off race. However, his other part-time job was a NASCAR driver. He was getting paid for it because of his performances with solid results on ovals. The one thing Konrad still needed to do was to win NASCAR road course races. It's a sunny day at Martinsville Speedway, at the pit garages, currently interacting with a man he considers his best friend in the sport, AJ Allmendinger. He was a man that Konrad told his issues outside the ring and being Konrad's best man at the wedding he had. They had a good old talk during the day on what Konrad did and what he will encounter next Sunday on top of other general things. He could trust AJ with his life on talking about anything. Suddenly as Konrad and AJ generally chatted about different things, especially on AJ's focus on the championship, he could be in the top four drivers for tomorrow night; two guys came towards Konrad. Konrad's psychologist, Aaron Tyrone and the guy who mostly does wrestling discussions with Konrad, as Aaron had no experience in that area, John. Aaron sighed, and AJ looked at the pair as he shrugged his shoulders while Konrad spoke to Ty Gibbs, another guy Konrad's close friends with. AJ Allmendinger: "Can I help you both?" Aaron Tyrone: "Not with you, with that man talking to a little kid over there." AJ Allmendinger: "Oh, you mean my best friend Konrad? Hey Konrad." As AJ shouted Konrad's name, he turned around and realised that AJ didn't want to talk to Konrad but saw the guys he gets therapy time with. However, what was concerning to them was Konrad was holding a weapon he carries around with him everywhere now. They were shocked that Konrad could make friends. Alright, it was just in NASCAR, but both John and Aaron were still surprised. Konrad Raab: "It's been a long while since I've seen the pair of you." AJ Allmendinger: "Who are these dudes?" Konrad Raab: "Oh, this is my psychologist I speak to with my real-life problems, Aaron Tyrone, and this guy who discusses Asylum Wrestling Society matches with me, John. Guys, this is my best friend, AJ Allmendinger." Konrad introduced them to AJ as AJ shook hands with them, although for AJ, it led to a few answers about Konrad being inside of an asylum. Still, AJ knows more about Konrad than everyone in NASCAR. However, Aaron had other plans, even with the concerns about the mace in Konrad's hands. Aaron Tyrone: "It's nice to meet you, AJ, but me, John and Konrad need to go to talk somewhere privately." Konrad Raab: "I'll catch up with you over the weekend, my friend." Konrad pats AJ on the back. AJ nodded at Konrad, understanding that Konrad had to do his therapy session and walked away. Konrad knew precisely where to go. It wasn't in his motorhome. It was in his unique hauler where things for cars and overalls are placed, but there was another room in the hauler suitable for meetings. Konrad pointed the Brad Rogers Racing staff to leave his hauler as he closed all the doors and automatically locked them so nobody could get in. At the same time, Konrad, his psychologist and Asylum Wrestling Society media guy, was known as, but more for talking about Konrad's matches. Aaron got to it, his first concern of the day, as Konrad put the mace on the table. Aaron Tyrone: "I've been extremely concerned about you as of late. You've stopped contacting me about what's been going on with you. First of all, are you alright?" Konrad Raab: "I still have these REM nightmares, and well, I almost fucking hit Luiza, but she said when I woke up, I didn't when I asked her. These nightmares of my dad aren't going away. Now it seems anyone I become friends with gets killed in my dreams because of my dad." Aaron Tyrone: "So I wouldn't say you're right?" Konrad Raab: "In terms of that, fuck no. However, I've loved the violence and pain I've inflicted on everyone as of late. I love how much blood, violence and pain I give to wrestlers and wrestlers doing the same back. I've become addicted more than ever." Aaron shook his head; it wasn't something he was expecting out of Konrad at all. Konrad turned all, but the lounge meeting area lights off as he sat down since that's where the light switches were. It wasn't anything John could say as he was more experience with the wrestling side of things and wasn't allowed to report anything on the media Konrad said about his sessions. Aaron Tyrone: "Oh, Konrad, how I thought you were getting close to you being better, but we aren't at all. I've seen the matches you've done elsewhere on TV, and I'm not impressed. You've slipped up into you being more bloodthirsty, hurting and pain than ever before. I'm glad we've caught you here today. You need to stop this behaviour." Konrad Raab: "What if it makes me happy outside of racing? When I'm wrestling, I want to hurt people. I want to make them suffer. All thanks to my new friend, flanged German mace, I've been enjoying destruction; I've been enjoying the fact I've ended the careers of two wrestlers as of late, one of them being in the hall of fame. I love hearing them in pain, seeing their blood, and tasting their blood too." Aaron Tyrone: "You need to think of something outside of wrestling you do that you would benefit from. I don't mean NASCAR either." Konrad Raab: "Oh, you mean reading a book or shit hobbies like that? Sorry, but making others suffer, being covered in their blood and beating the shit out of them is my enjoyment. Heck, I get fucking turned on about violence and blood I'm able to give to wrestlers. It's my source of happiness, and you wonder why I didn't contact you?" Konrad already didn't like where this was going because he enjoyed the violence, pain and suffering he makes wrestlers have right now. The aim was to hurt wrestlers, the sickening smile on Konrad's face when he thought nothing but to give them pain, but Aaron was going to say something that would trigger Konrad, and Konrad wasn't going to like it. Aaron Tyrone: "Oh, I suppose you want to continue to be like your father, acting a lot like him, as I keep mentioning. You're dangerously a lot like him with your brutality and bloodthirsty behaviour. Also, that mace, where in gods name did you even get that thing?" Konrad Raab: "Oh right, I'm so like my dad that wants to beat and try to kill my own family. Oh, fantastic, you piece of shit. I love to see people squeal in pain, and I aim to do the same to Knight Rider, who hasn't done shit for my Underground belt." Aaron Tyrone: "I knew you would be like this. Which is why I phoned Luiza. She has cried on the phone to me, telling me you need help, even to a point she said, she recalled you crying in the night, wanting to kill yourself." Konrad seethed with anger and hated being angry at the NASCAR race track. Still, it was at that point on the phone call with Luiza and the thing she told about Konrad killing himself that had done it for him as he raised his fist and suddenly knocked out Aaron as he smiled and laughed, especially since there was a bit of blood on him as he wipes it on his chest as pride. Konrad Raab: "That's much better." John: "So, getting onto the topic of Knight Rider, what do you think of him?" Konrad Raab: "Why is this piece of shit getting a title shot when he's only had one match in AWS? Why does the staff think oh, you won one match; let's give Knight Rider a shot at my belt. From how the guy approaches matches, he's one big fucking pussy. Did you hear how respectful he was to Sarah Frost?" John: "Oh, so you have done some research? Good because I was worried about your NASCAR stardom you'd negl............" Konrad Raab: "I will never neglect wrestling. As NASCAR bosses know, wrestling always comes first; this is just something I do that takes my mind off wrestling. But my mind is on wrestling right now because you brought it up. How much I want to put this so-called self-centred big star bastard that he's far from being in a body bag." Aaron suddenly woke up, blinking his eyes. However, he remembered why Konrad did NASCAR now, it came to his suitable attention, and he could accept that as he nodded his head, even if he was out of it for a few minutes. It was good Konrad didn't resort to the mace, and it was something Aaron wanted to bring up. Aaron Tyrone: "More importantly, that mace is very dangerous. You can't use that on wrestlers because it can kill them." Konrad Raab: "Do you want to take away something the only male family member that cared about me gave me? Do you want to remove something that makes me stand out from every wrestler? No, you do not. I can't live without my mace. My grandfather gave it to me, or my mum said when I found it in the house. I will not go into the ring without my mace." John: "You want to use it on Knight Rider, don't you?" Konrad Raab: “Of course I do. I always want to use my mace on wrestlers, and it did gain me an advantage last time, and I've been blasting everyone with it, even in the other company. I love it. I love hearing them cry in pain; it satisfies me." Aaron Tyrone: "This isn't good, Konrad; you can't blame your past on others, especially using that mace to get your point across." Konrad Raab: "You haven't got better solutions. You can't fucking stop me from using it. I will cause everyone to live in hell because everyone else has made my life a living hell. Knight Rider won't get a chance to put me in a body bag when I have this thing around me, when I crack his fucking head with it, no matter what you say." Aaron shook his head at Konrad's amount of language; it was a big problem that was getting worse as well. Aaron remembered the anger Konrad showed was a form of Konrad's protection, and he still couldn't express other emotions. At least Aaron knew why now the mace was so crucial to Konrad. John: "I heard he will say that he's bigger and stronger than you." Konrad Raab: “So what? That's just generic fucking shit. I don't care how big the guy is. I can use my agility as well, you know. I wanted to be more brutal and hurt wrestlers because of doing something new, and I needed to overcome my fear. I'm enjoying it, and now wrestlers understand why I'm angry, and they wished never to see me in this capacity." John: "Of course, you've beaten guys bigger than him." Konrad Raab: "Exactly, and Knight Rider is the most undeserving Underground title contender I've had to face. At least Tory Funk had done something more than winning one match to get a title shot, and this guy thinks he's in the top tier of wrestling just from one match? He's in for a rude awakening." Konrad smiled, and the session went on for a bit, which was understandable, considering they hadn't met since after Konrad got married in August. Suddenly, Konrad's phone went, and he had to pick it up in case it was NASCAR guys, and it was about NASCAR as he put the phone down. Konrad Raab: "If you excuse me, I got to prepare for practice and qualifying laps in Xfinity Series. Don't worry, John, I'll be ready for that son of a bitch, and I brought the title with me." Aaron Tyrone: "Alright, but I will find you because we need to talk more about your mental stability this weekend." Konrad Raab: "Fine, I fucking get it." Because his team called him, John and Aaron had to leave as Konrad unlocked the doors to get out and then locked them again. Konrad changes from his regular clothes to his cooling shirt and overalls, which were Halloween theme this week, and puts gloves on and his racing boots. He also brought his helmet and went straight to Brad Rogers Racing garage to talk before walking into the pit lane to get ready to do some laps in the car. ------------------------------- Mexico City, Mexico. Sunday 30th October. (On-Camera) There were a lot of places Konrad could go to once he arrived from Virginia to New Mexico. Luckily, he had a private plane to get to and from places. Konrad may have temporarily taken time out from his NASCAR career due to NASCAR going on a short break, but his other job as a professional wrestler certainly wasn't. It was a never-ending cycle, especially when you're an Asylum Wrestling Society Underground Champion. He found a perfect warehouse, abandoned in the middle of nowhere and had to lay out fake blood on the floor with skeletons he grabbed from a shop nearby and placed them around. It would barely be long, but longer than his opponent will most likely speak of Konrad. Of course, he has the belt above him and his trusty friend, flanged German mace, lying next to where he was going to sit. He had to buy a wooden chair from a shop also. He took four beer crates and placed the camera on top. It was the early hours of Sunday morning when everything was dark, and the lights weren't working. So he had an LED light on him. Konrad Raab: "Thank god, I'm facing somebody new because I'm getting tired of beating the shit out of Dory Funk all the time. Do you know how many opponents I've fought since I've been here? Four in the chamber and two out of the ring. That's seven opponents I've fought, and I'm not fucking happy about it. I bet I'll be facing Knight Rider again after this match because that seems to be a repeat occurrence with this company. It makes me sick and glad for this change." The only reason, after later discovery, he lost was because he was bored of facing Dory. It was a change Konrad needed to have, and he knew that facing Dory Funk got him nowhere and didn't grow him as a wrestler. However, he smiled, knowing someone new had come along. Konrad Raab: "So, Knight Rider, what the fuck is wrong with you? You're the biggest fucking pussy I've had to face for someone who's so big and so bad. You were soft as fuck during your weak-ass interview, and for your information, women have tits, not balls, if you want to use that comparison. I will give you credit for two things: I'm facing someone new, and you've dominantly defeated Sarah Frost. Not much of a challenge, considering I've seen her wrestle elsewhere before, but you're complete trash from the get-go." Konrad would shake his head as he listened to the interview Knight Rider did, even if it was just a quick rewatch because of the lack of time in Konrad's life. Now, at least until February, he will have more time to focus on wrestling as he looked intense in front of the camera and had to focus on Knight Rider and his interview comments. Konrad Raab: "Why do I say that? Because you haven't proven anything as you being the main event wrestler. Acting like you're the biggest attraction in wrestling before your first match is a fucking joke. As I said, I might be the horrible sick son of a bitch, but I'm certainly not an arrogant ass hat who thinks he's top shit. You're not even the main event level wrestler, not even with your fucking generic I'm bigger and stronger than you quote. Do you think I give a rat's ass how big, fast and stronger than you are? No, because I've taken men down bigger, stronger and faster than you every week. You're not the only wrestler with those abilities, you stupid prick." Konrad could only shake his head because he even found Knight Rider worse than Tory Funk, who at least gave him some different words of brutal towards Konrad. He also had two tins of red paint in front of him. He picks one of them up, takes the lid off the red tin paint, and pours it all over him, even with the small dim light he has with the camera reflecting it. Konrad Raab: "Heck, you never even wanted to brutalise Sarah Frost or even come close to saying it. I've been brutalising every opponent that's come before me, and I was the second-best wrestler in that elimination chamber. I was only in it not because I wanted to be in this company, not because I needed to be in it on my terms, someone needed me to be here, and I was here by force. I was here because I'm such a sick fuck mentally. I'm not well, and you will see why the fuck I'm not. You will see why this company if anything, encourages my need to be a violent, brutal fuck, something you've truly not experienced and something you're not ready for." He was on about Aaron Tyrone, who told him to go into an Asylum because of what he had just said, and at times, Konrad doesn't like the situation he was forced to be in and evilly laughs, cackling at the camera. Konrad Raab: "You want to say you give your opponent nightmares? I have nightmares every fucking night, and I am scared to sleep because of my father. I have dreams about when I do and attempt to hurt those close to me. Do you honestly think you intimidate me with your scariest nightmare crap? You're in a world of pain, the pain of your hell because you won't be able to handle me in the ring; you won't be able to handle a guy that will give you so much pain that you won't be able to be on your own two feet once I'm done with you. I love blood; I love causing people to bleed, which is why I pour red paint over me to smell your blood and the fear you will have when you face me. You've done absolutely nothing to face me for that Underground title behind me. What makes you think you're able to beat me?" Konrad laughed as he poured another set of red paint all over his face, even with his mace dripped with red paint and the wooden brown-stained floors covered with red paint. Konrad looked at his mace before the camera, covering everything on his body with red paint. Konrad Raab: "I'm not Sarah Frosts of the world; I'm the guy you want and don't want to face. Let me explain, if you want to get to the main event, you want to face the best male wrestler on this roster, me. Nobody on the men's side is better than me in the ring. You have to beat me to prove your worth, especially with this title on the line, too, one I've had to defend multiple times since I've been here. At the same time, you do not want to face a guy labelled as a monster, a sadistic man who's always out for war and your information; I have no friends in the wrestling business. Why? Because I'm a horrible bloodthirsty bastard that will easily tear your fucking head off, causing you to bleed, causing you to wish you never want to face me in the ring ever again." Konrad picks up his mace to show as he places it on his lap, with red paint still dripping from his body. Konrad Raab: "You have a long road ahead of you, and you have to truly beat me if you want to be in the main event. Because you aren't ready for the task, you aren't ready to be the Underground title because you haven't proven to anyone you are ready for this title or main event. It's an insult; you arrogantly act like you're better than everyone, and it only makes me want to use this mace on your head because you're so stupid. I make wrestlers like you better in the ring. But at the same time, you've pissed me off, and I make sure that not only do you get better, but make sure you never make the main event. You'll never beat me because your passion isn't there for this belt. You have no passion to tear my fucking head off, and I want you to. I want you to make me bleed and brutalise me. Exactly what I want to do to you." Konrad bashes his mace on the floor multiple times, hearing the sound of Knight Rider's head on the mace. Konrad Raab: "I love to hear the sickening thud. I will use this mace on your head; I love to hear you scream for mercy because you will when you face me. I have no problems dumping your body in a body bag, whatever is left of you covered with your own and my blood on your body because, admit it, you're not even on my level when it comes to the nightmares and the skill of wrestling I will put you though, and you won't like it. I'm incapable of feeling pain because I love it. I'm an emotional fucking wreck, and I can't control them. It only makes me dangerous, and I'm the most dangerous opponent you've had to face in your life. I will be winning because I'm the best male wrestler here, and you're the up-and-coming star, but not at the levels of where I am right now. Prepare to be Iceinated by your still Underground champion after your broken body in a body bag after I've caused so much damage to you with my mace." Konrad finishes things up right there and then as he breathes in and out before he gets up from the wooden chair and turns the camera off.
  11. Konrad's in his haunted house he brought to do wrestling videos in Chicago, Illinois, three days before facing Dory Funk, where he has blooded windows, skeletons plastered all over the home, screaming coming from out of nowhere, wooden floors covered with red paint. There was a wooden chair in the middle of the haunted house. He had pieces of blood on the wall on tissues, labelled with many names, including some of the wrestlers in Asylum Wrestling Society. He sat down with an angry look on his face, with two red tins of paint with the mace sitting in front of him. Konrad Raab: "Let's go over this shall we? I'm still at a loss how you beat me. There's no other way of looking at it because losing to you is the most embarrassing loss of my life. It's a joke I lost to you, and most importantly, it's a joke I lost to you for that title you did jackshit for. You beating me was an absolute fluke; you weren't even the best wrestler in the match. You didn't even defend well, you just made a move, and I couldn't kick out of it. I insulted myself by losing to a piece of trash that isn't better than me in the ring." Konrad could not give himself pride in losing to wrestlers. It was one thing to lose to some of the top wrestlers, but he never felt that with Dory Funk, he never felt embarrassed, ashamed of himself, and it only made him angry. Konrad poured more red paint over himself, with anger without any source of reasoning about how he lost. There was no explanation for it. Konrad Raab: "You can falsely pretend you've beaten me, despite what happened in that joke of a match and the records, but you didn't; you just did a move and beat me without doing much in the match. However, well fucking done on making me angrier for the pathetic excuse you are as a wrestler. Sure, you caught me once, but things have changed. Big fucking time. Last time you fought me in the ring, I didn't have this." Konrad picked up his mace to show in front of the camera. Konrad Raab: "This is the deadliest weapon the wrestling world has ever seen; it's called a flanged German mace. What a lot of guys on horses used in medieval times, which will be a massive advantage for me because I can cripple you in a matter of minutes. You failed to beat me down. You couldn't beat me with your arms tied behind your back because I'm far more dangerous, and more so now I'm coming for your fucking head. I'm taking back a championship that I shouldn't have lost in the first place, that Underground championship. That title should be around the waist of the best wrestler, not a wrestler who's a one-hit wonder with his fluke lucky win over me." Of course, it did mean Konrad had to take a slightly different approach to the match. Sure, he hated losing and, most importantly, giving credit, but he couldn't. He couldn't give credit to someone he shouldn't have lost to. He pours more red paint all over himself and looks dead set on the camera. Konrad Raab: "I don't give a shit what you'll say to me, but I have to take your fluke ass seriously now because I wasn't before. You can say I'm making excuses, but the match spoke for itself. I'm not making excuses when your ass is going to be brutally beaten. Your tag buddies will carry you out of the match because I'm ready for a massive comeback and beat you with an inch of your life. So much so that you won't be standing on your own two feet because that Underground title means more to me than it does to you, especially since you're more focused on tag quest than retaining the Underground title." So much hatred Konrad had for his opponent and knew he had to be careful, so much so that he was blinded to his disgust and his power of wanting to destroy Dory literally. Konrad Raab: "You got lucky once; it's not going to happen again because you will regret it fast, and this time, the results will be different. I'm going to take you fucking seriously, despite me shitting the hell out of you. It's how much I hated that match; I hated losing to trash that didn't deserve to be champion. I'm going to make you work for it harder than ever, but only you're going to be dropped like a ton of bricks, more so with my new friend." Konrad raised his flanged German mace. Konrad Raab: "I guarantee you that the odds aren't in your favour; they aren't because I will brutally and viciously beat you, and I won't be stopped until I'll throw you inside of the pit and burn you. You are well and truly fucked on Monday night, and this Ice Blood will be the new Underground champion again. No question about it. Prepare to be Iceinated by the new Underground champion because you can't do anything to stop this ice-cold blood killer from damaging you with my flanged German mace." Konrad stood up and kicked the camera for it to turn off automatically.
  12. Konrad being seen after the Formula E Climate Change charity race. London, England. Thursday 4th August. (Off-Camera) There was two more laps to go on the special charity Climate Change race where Konrad with the quick tips he was given by AJ Allmendinger on how to drive a single seater and the team gave Konrad some pointers after they did practice and qualifying sessions. Konrad was close on overtaking a driver for fifteenth place from another team. He saw his team mates were extremely fast and were in the top ten. Konrad unlike his NASCAR career wasn't racing for wins, it was to help them raise money and to get ahead of NASCAR competition on racing in the streets. The fans were cheering from the temporary grandstands. Konrad's team mate Nick won the race and Konrad managed to capture fifteenth place on the last lap. Konrad does a few burnouts, mostly because it was what he was used to when he won races. He then drives the car back to the pit garage and got out of the car. He debriefs with the team about his performance and where he needed to work on when it came to street and road courses. They notice something that not even NASCAR bosses could figure out, Konrad lacked a lot of corner speed. Konrad nodded and had to write it down on his phone for things to work on for Watkins Glen race. However as he walked out to the garage, he saw Aaron and John standing there. Konrad shook his head. Konrad Raab: “What the fuck?” Aaron Tyrone: “I was going to ask you the same thing, until we figured it out. I never knew with that big speech you did that you take Climate Change seriously.” Konrad Raab: “I do, what's your god damn point?” Aaron Tyrone: “It's just I see you being this horrible piece of work, but seeing you doing something nice for once in your life, it completely changed me how to view you. I also know you were contacted at the last minute after your wedding to do this. That's how we knew you'd be here. Because I doubt you want anyone to come to your house.” Konrad Raab: “No way. Nobody, but my family and my closest friends are allowed to go anywhere near my god damn home.” The drivers stood around, hearing what Konrad had to say, having no idea he was one angry man, especially after he just driven a race for forty laps. Konrad looked up. Konrad Raab: “Sorry about that, we'll take our discussions away from the garage area.” Aaron, John and Konrad walked away from the pit garage and went into the special VIP suite they specially made for Konrad. They sat down and Konrad feels better from being able to talk private discussions away from the other drivers and Aaron hears Konrad granting, mostly because of his anger issues. Aaron Tyrone: “Hm, I think we may need to test you for Tourette syndrome at some point. Mostly because you can't seem to stop swearing and shouting a lot.” John: “I didn't really think about that, but I also notice in the sessions you have with Konrad that he grants and swears pretty much non stop.” Konrad Raab: “Oh wonderful, another therapy course. I just want to hurt someone, don't you both get it? I'm an angry person and I haven't been angry in a while, but I don't want to do anymore tests for my conditions. I'm tired of it.” Aaron Tyrone: “I understand you are Konrad, but this whole swearing stuff, you need to tone down swearing. I get your angry at the world, but you got to understand it's over the top. I also get your angry because your afraid of hitting Luiza. However, it doesn't excuse you for swearing so much. We think you got that just based off your actions.” Konrad sighs, not wanting to hear any of it, but Aaron nods to drop the topic altogether and Konrad shakes his fist, wanting to beat Aaron down, but John shook his head and tells Konrad to sit down as he does. Especially when he heard his dog Frankie whimper. Frankie rushes straight over to Konrad and forces Konrad's hand to stroke him. John: “Is this the dog Konrad was talking about?” Aaron Tyrone: “It was. You trained him well for Frankie to know when you let your anger out. So Granted, we see it calms you down when you have Frankie around you.” Konrad Raab: “I don't feel like I'm talking to myself and I did when I was on my own before wrestling matches. Frankie and I, we're very very close somehow, despite still not comfortable, but I'm starting to wonder if the whole not talking back thing is starting to get me closer to Frankie.” John: “If that's the way you feel, that's a good thing. I think you needed to have someone that could listen to you, without saying anything back. Frankie is that tool and seems to come to you when you get angry or you get upset about anything.” Konrad nodded as he got a drink of water from the fridge and takes a sip of his glass to drink and John as Konrad was going to say something asks a question very much related to the match. John: “What do you think of Dory Funk?” Konrad Raab: “What, again? I've already beaten this idiot already. I've been here for a few months now and it feels like I'm not getting different opponents. I was the runner up of the Elimination Chamber, I should be facing the person that beat me in it.” John: “She's champion and so are you.” Konrad Raab: “So? They couldn't find anyone else, but Dory to face me? Konrad shaking his head, spitting on the wooden floor from his disgust and folds his arms cross to his chest, being unimpressed with the situation and with him almost swearing a lot more, but that shine of him not swearing for five minutes went. Konrad Raab: “Fine, I'll beat this piece of shit again. His stupid team and family legacy. I mean why aren't I facing the rest of his team? It feels like he's the only guy I can't avoid. He's done nothing to face me for the title. It's one thing if he beats me, but another when he hasn't.” Aaron Tyrone: “Konrad, you can't say who deserves title shots and who doesn't. I know it sucks you have to face him again, but you can't underrate him like that, especially we're going off to your home country which we better do right now. We can have more discussions when we get there.” Konrad Raab: “No we aren't because I'm going to spend time with my wife the rest of tomorrow because I need to show her the town. Then I come to you lot on Saturday and talk things through. Right let's go.” They all got up from the special VIP home they made for Konrad as they left the circuit to get a taxi to Heathrow and while they are in a taxi together, John has last few words to say. John: “By the way, you did a great job in that race today. You caring so much about climate change has change how I view you also. Sure, you've sworn and got angry, but you have a kind heart in you somewhere, just wish you show it all the time.” Konrad Raab: “No, never again in wrestling because it got me killed. Let me have peace and quiet so I can focus being with my wife and show her my home town tomorrow. Then I'll come back to Berlin to do these stupid discussions.” The taxi took longer than it usually would as there's heavy traffic which it was usually all the time when traffic was involved. But they made it out of Central London to head to Heathrow which John pays the fee for the three of them to head back towards Konrad's private plane to head straight to Berlin, Germany. -------------------------------- Down in the dark alleyway streets of Konrad's home country. Berlin, Germany. Sunday 7th August (On-Camera) Konrad had to get a little creative this week as he refused to use his home as a place to talk trash, it would expose him and he would also refuse to do videos in Cologne, so he does them in Berlin. It was late at night with pretty quiet as Konrad was in an alleyway, but there was a spot on the wall that he pretend to put blood on it and there was an weapon behind the metal chair Konrad was sitting on with the camera in front of him, but it wasn't a weapon anyone had seen in wrestling before. Konrad didn't want to waste anymore time. Konrad Raab: “Oh hello Dory Funk. We happen to face each other once again. I honestly wonder if there's no other competition around this place. I had enough praising your ass because you think you need a team to leap ahead of yourself. The amount of teams I've been apart of are non existent and you'll never ever see me be apart of a team because I'm a big man that's more than capable of doing things myself.” Only smirking was Konrad as he seems to love the idea of being outside in the dark alleys on his own without anyone being homeless, sleeping around him, especially when the sun had been out and Konrad drank water from his metal bottle since he refuses to touch plastic. Konrad Raab: “It shows you're incapable of wrestling at times if you love to go out for alcohol each week. Oh sure I like a good drink as well, but I can barely drink it because I'm racing nearly every weekend. You don't seem to want to improve yourself at all on your own. You don't act like you want to earn a shot for this belt I hold. It's funny because the last time you fought, you got cheered out of the building, now your going to get booed out of the building because you may think, oh it's pressure on Konrad. No it isn't you dumb fuck, I can handle pressure just fine. Does it look like I'm nervous? No and I'll never be.” In fact Konrad relishes the chance to be a wrestler in his home country and doing his best for himself which he knows he'll easily do that. Konrad Raab: “Of course I love making people bleed, it's exactly who I am and you may pull something out of the bag, but I'm the best damn male wrestler in this place. I love the idea of a pit fight where I can do anything I want. I love being put in dangerous situations, but you aren't going to walk away from the match unscathed. How can anyone take you seriously when during your video, you got pissed? It's making you a big fucking joke. Do you see me with a beer in hand? Of course you don't because I'm fucking serious about wrestling, your team name is called The Violent Generation, but I've not seen anything violent from you guys.” Konrad scratches his head as he pours a metal tin of red paint and pours it all over the concrete as he imagines blood on his body. Konrad Raab: “You should be worried about me because you know I'm going to fucking break you in the ring. I'm going to make sure you're not going to be able to walk once I'm done because I will fuck you up and if you want to bring your stupid team to the win, I will beat the hell out of them too because I don't need to join a stupid team and be held back from winning titles. I'm the lone wolf that can do shit whenever they want and won't see it coming. I can beat everyone on your team. I can handle beating the shit out of them.” Konrad took a quick break as he pours another tin of red paint all over himself . He also takes a moment to drink his water. Konrad Raab: “Everyone that's in a stable or a tag team have done shitty things, but we're not going to talk about that because tag teams are a joke. Real wrestlers want to win titles for themselves and you don't have that going for you at all. You're trash and there's nothing you can gain from doing that. I am outright a better wrestler than you, despite you may have something in stall, but I'm not losing to some punk that I've already beaten this year. I'm going to hurt you so bad that you won't be standing. I'm way more of a violent maniac.” Konrad holds the title on his lap as he moves onto the weapon he had behind his chair the entire time, It was a flanged German mace that he shows on camera. Konrad Raab: “Don't think I won't use weapons because I clearly will to beat the hell out of you and you that this time, you won't be able to stand. I will destroy you so bad that you won't know who your parents are the rest of the day because I've not lost a singles match yet and I don't intend to when the fans are going to be cheering for me and booing for you. This pit fight is something I'm going to enjoy and I may very well use this flanged German Mace on you to bleed. It's going to be the same result as you don't have any other reasons to win this Underground championship and you never will.” Konrad shook his head and tuts as well as he focuses back on the camera with the red paint, still dripping all over Konrad. Konrad Raab: “Because you won't be surviving against me at all and all this I'm not worried is bullshit because you are and the last match proved that. I'm going to beat you until you aren't moving. I embrace darkness and Chaos so it's only me going to win this match and I'll laugh when the fans boo you and they'll cheer for me. You're team work doesn't mean shit in the regular light. You need to go back to the line after this match because I will make you bleed and even injuries that Paramedics will have to pull you from me. You will never come close on beating me, not when I;m wrestling in Germany. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood because you aren't going anywhere but the bottom after I pinned or submitted you to retain the Underground title which you'll never come close to achieving until you leave the team and be an individual wrestler.” Konrad had a big smirk on his face as the camera goes to black.
  13. Inside of a counselling room with Aaron. Gdansk, Poland. Wednesday 23rd June. (Off-Camera) Each time a wrestling event happens in the Asylum Wrestling Society, all wrestlers must see their counsellor. However, Konrad has two in his original one, Aaron Tyrone and his other one, mainly because they had to oversee everything within Asylum Wrestling Society, reporting on Konrad's behaviour, John. They were in a room together, and without hesitation from Konrad, he looked directly at Aaron. Konrad Raab: "You made my fiancee get a fucking dog? What's wrong with you, Aaron?" Aaron Tyrone: "Oh yes, that little surprise I have done with your fiancee was to benefit you. It was because we agreed that you don't do enough of putting someone else first apart from your kids, but your kids aren't always around." Konrad Raab: "Yes, because me going around America and the world improves that, does it? Oh, how I thought I found someone who would understand me, but you don't." John: "Well, he isn't wrong; dogs can improve your mental health. You needed a dog to talk to when your fiancee was not around. I understand what your saying, but at the same time, you can always have people look after dogs. It's because you must often exercise without resorting to doing illegal street fights." Konrad shook his head, knowing that John and Aaron were wrong, but in their case, they were right; Konrad did need to go out more than just illegal street fighting. However, Konrad pointed out the other things he does in his life. Konrad Raab: "I already go out for general shopping and gym work, thank you very much." John: "But you don't do anything else with your life when you aren't with your kids and your fiancee." Konrad Raab: "Whatever. But for Aaron to do that without agreeing with me first? That's just shitty of you." John: "Can you please talk to us without swearing at us?" Konrad Raab: "No, because I'm god damn angry at Aaron for doing this behind my back and trying to surprise me with something I now have to be responsible for. All because Aaron has convinced my fiancee to be soft, making the public see how soft, and gentle I can be when that crap has got me killed in real life and wrestling." John was wildly shook up by what Konrad said; he had no idea about Konrad's past, mostly because he refused to open up to John when Aaron wasn't around. Aaron nodded his head at John, knowing Konrad's statements were factual. Aaron Tyrone: "I know that, but I think because you haven't told John like I've told you to do on your own that he's lost in the woods. I know your dad tried to beat you, and the bullies in school have threatened to kill you with your dad encouraging them, but it doesn't mean you need to have a balance. That is the problem." Konrad Raab: "Don't you think I tried to be nice? I almost committed suicide multiple times because of this. You have no idea how wrestlers have threatened to kill my ex-wife. No idea a wrestler killed mine and my ex-wife's unborn child. No idea my ex-wife slept with Ian, that bastard. Since I became a piece of garbage, I've had none of those threats, and I prefer it that way. I prefer wrestlers threatened by me. I should've been that long time ago." John: "Then what happened apart from your dad and these bullies threatened to kill you and do so?" Konrad Raab: "Well, there was one incident in Germany that I almost killed someone. He was bothering and poking me so much that I turned around and knocked him out. I used a bracelet with spikes and punched him so many times while wrapping it around my fist that it made me think how evil I was. But at the same time, where did being nice to people get me to? It got me nowhere, and I was fed up of being treated like garbage." They saw two different sides of Konrad as he was shaking, fearing about connecting with people, especially the incident with his team saying he was a weak link and never belonged in the group. It made him ashamed of himself, but there was more to the story. Konrad Raab: "I went to live in Norway with my auntie for a while because I knew what I did was wrong, but I was so intoxicated because I was stressed with my job and being threatened by a stalker as well who tried to rape me. I ran away a few hours after it happened, and when the incident was forgotten, I returned four years later and turned things around." Aaron Tyrone: "Wow, I didn't know at all about your life. You keep it so hidden from me. Have you told Luiza?" Konrad Raab: "Long time ago, but what I can't get my head around is telling her about this problem I'm having. Guys, I'm afraid of some parts, and losing Luiza is one of them. If I tell her, I'm so worried about losing her. I love her, and you both may never see it, nor the public, but I do. She is my weakness." John: "We can understand, Konrad. It must've not been an easy time of your life, on top of everything else going on. I didn't know you tried to be nice, but it ended badly. I guess because, since that incident, you bottled so much up that one day, you snapped. It's why you're having this Rapid Eye Movement disorder, although your age has a huge part in that on top of your life." Konrad nodded his head, and he couldn't believe he could open up, although a part of him was afraid, shaking his entire body, even gritting his teeth, only showing signs that even Aaron had never seen before. He writes down everything of Konrad's body language on top of what he has told everyone, which he couldn't even have John on his own at all. They tried for a couple of sessions without Aaron, but Konrad didn't say anything. Konrad Raab: "Of course, you didn't, John; I wouldn't say it in front of you because I don't trust you. I don't like you." Aaron Tyrone: "I know you feel I lost your trust, but that's something else you need to work on too. I understand when you trusted people, you get kicked in the balls and make you not trust people again. I understand, and we need to give you a lot of therapy to make this work again. I know you're scared of telling your fiancee of your REM disorder. But she needs to know." John: "The fact you haven't, despite continuing to sleep with her, is very concerning that she can get hurt." Konrad Raab: “I don't hurt her. I'm always tired because of my fear of attacking her. I can't sleep, knowing if she gets hurt, I will lose her. You don't understand how scared I am of losing her. Because if I lose the one thing, the one thing that makes me stable, I'd go and break the law, I go and put myself in prison, get killed or kill myself." Konrad was trying so hard not to cry or get emotional, but instead, he bangs his fist on the table because anger is his protection; he goes to Aaron and beats him down. It's the only emotion that he uses, and then John and the security guards come swarming in and pull Konrad off with a taser that drops like a ton of bricks. The security leaves the counselling room as Konrad picks himself back on his feet and walks over to the chair. John: "Do you think Konrad's anger is a form of him protecting himself?" Aaron Tyrone: "I do because that's why he fights a lot. It explains a lot that anger is a form of protecting himself from crying and his fears. He has never cried to me, but to his fiancee, he has, according to her, because well, Konrad wouldn't admit this to me." Konrad Raab: "No, I fucking wouldn't." John: "OK. So what do you think about Deaglán Murphy, your opponent this week? I know you both don't talk about that, and Aaron isn't qualified for it, but this is my job to do so." It took Konrad a long while to think, mainly because while he knew about the announcement of his match with Murphy, he hadn't paid much attention to him or knew he existed apart from the name. Konrad, not to look like an idiot, shrugs his shoulders. Konrad Raab: "I don't know, do I?" John: "OK, maybe this information can help you soak in some memory." John slid a folder across the table to Konrad, and he went to read over it. He saw that, much like Konrad, he has a brother or some family relation in wrestling. He looked it through and saw all the information about them being in a tag team, something Konrad was ultimately against and shook his head. Konrad Raab: "Ah, typical of management to make me face someone in a tag team. Wonderful, but I can take on this shithead with and without his tag partner. I'll cause them to blood and pour mess all over the god damn ring, especially Deaglán. An Irish wrestler, hm? An Irish wrestler that can take a beating? Ah, please, he doesn't seem to be a threat to me, especially when he hasn't had any wrestling matches." John: "That's where you're wrong, Konrad. He's been around, but mostly in tag matches. The guy only started using the Murphy last name. He just changed his name from Declan McGinnis to Deaglán Murphy. I suggest you read it through again." At least Konrad made a mistake during the discussions now than in his video on Sunday night. He looked through and saw other bits and pieces of him, digging through and seeing what matches he had done, and he has done a few in AWS, but shook his head, not impressed. Konrad Raab: "This is funny; this guy tried to win tag titles and blew it. Well saw that he won the Parental Advisory title in a gauntlet match last year. Then he somehow lost it to Mike Dimter. He seems to be complete garbage to me, but who knows. Maybe he'll be a worthy title contender." John: "Funny you say that considering you are, but the winner of this match gets a choice of what match they want." Konrad Raab: "Oh, good. Anyway, I need to head back to America to wrestle, race, and come back on Monday to wrestle. I'll be ready, don't worry about it." Aaron Tyrone: "Don't forget, you need plenty of sleep and rest. I will see what I can do to get you a special dog permit for you to require to bring your dog along since I know your fiancee is seven months pregnant now." Konrad Raab: "Whatever." Konrad got up and left without saying goodbye as he didn't have anytime to with his match against some random wrestler tomorrow and then race at Nashville over the weekend. Aaron and John continue talking about Konrad away from him. ----------------------------------- Time for someone's head to be bashed into. Somewhere between flying from Nashville, Tennessee, to Poland. Sunday 26th June. (On-Camera) There was no time for Konrad to do his video in a locked cell setting; luckily for him, an AWS cameracrew was on Konrad's private plane because he needed to fly to and from specific locations when he brought the plane and the pilot. Not many people knew Konrad had lots of money on him; even being a NASCAR part-time driver gives him just a bit more money. He looks directly at the camera while sitting on the plane on his chair. Konrad Raab: "What a wonderful view from the window with the clouds, huh? That's because with me travelling from Nashville to Poland. It's one of the countries I've never been to funny enough to visit the country nor to wrestle there. Anyway, so I'm facing against some peep squeak who most likely be just like Troy, ignoring everything I've ever done in the rumble and then before I faced him, been handed with the Underground title because some idiot left; the company." He pauses for a few minutes as he drinks some water on the plane, looking outside since Konrad wasn't allowed to have alcohol because the lunatics weren't allowed any source of alcohol. However, he drank a bottle of champagne, but not that it would affect Konrad much, mainly it was only one bottle, and it would be gone by the time he got to Poland. Konrad Raab: “So Deaglán Murphy. What can I say about you? Well, not very much when I've not heard a peep out of you for some time. Not heard a peep since last year. I give you credit, kid; you were the Parental Advisory champion for a while. Not bad, considering I feel you are so much better than being in a tag team with your family member and other members in your group. I'm glad you have people you can rely on." Seething with his anger because he felt he was better than Deaglan, but at the same time, Konrad always wanted a fight. While he got his worst part of doing videos out of the way, he jumped straight into it. Konrad Raab: "But I've been the best wrestler since I got into this place. I beat the living shit out of Troy, and it will be the same with you. I agree with the comments you said about Richard Dweck offering no substance. It was disgusting how he disrespected the roster, but will you completely ignore the fact that I came in and nearly won the Apocalypse Chamber? Are you going to deny that I'm the best male wrestler in this company? You shouldn't ever wish to face me, considering of all the people you lost to, you lost your title to Mike Dimter?" Konrad had to laugh because he knew the weakest member of the roster was Dimter, and he shook his head. Konrad Raab: "How in gods name could you have allowed yourself to lose to the weakest and shittest member on the roster? If Mike and I ever fight each other, I'd squish him like a god damn bug. He has nothing of substance to say either. You might be a tough son of a bitch, but I'm the one that can make you bleed. I'm the one that can make your career end because I'm a dangerous wrestler and one nobody has to face. I feel sorry that AWS management put you against me on curving you up, leaving you blooded in the ring because I love collecting blood from my victims." Konrad rocks back and forth on his chair, smiling and smirking because of his confidence, and there wasn't anything that would prevent him from saying things. Konrad Raab: "I don't know who the fuck you're going to be dealing with in the ring because I'm not just a wrestler that's going in and win; I'm a fucking lunatic that will rip you apart. My life is all about fighting because I do it every single day as a source of mental pain removal from my life. Fighting is the only thing that makes me happy in life, apart from being a NASCAR part-time driver, but I enjoy beating the hell out of scraps that deserve a beating. I will show you that you aren't getting anywhere near this Underground title. Make this a preview of what will happen to you when I give you a taste of what you'll experience from The Ice Blood." It only got Konrad super excited about beating someone for their blood, and the excitement of fighting he hadn't done since Thursday was coming to him. He drinks more water to soak down the alcohol and eats a vegan burger. Konrad Raab: "You have no idea the hell you're stepping into because I won't allow you to think that you'll beat me because you've been champion before. If you can't beat Mike, what makes you think you can beat me, being levels above Mike. Levels of violence you'll never be able to reach in your god damn life. I'm going to leave you battered and broken in the ring, and you'll love me for it. I already decided on what match we'll have, but you will wait and see what that match is." Konrad smirks, knowing he already has this win in the bag. He gets excited about the violence he will unleash on his opponent. Konrad Raab: "You want to cut me up and bring me to a hospital? Go for it, I embrace that shit, but you won't be taking me to a hospital. One company tried that, and I beat them down, so I carry wounds I still have from battles stuck in me because psychical pain doesn't hurt as much as mental pain does. You'll learn in due time that nothing you do to me psychically will be as bad as what people in my life have done mentally to me, and I will fucking break you. I will be beating you with your blood lying in the ring and pinning you for the three count or make you scream like a bitch because that's the Ice Blood way of doing things. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood because you won't see it coming, but everyone, including me, can." Konrad turns around and watches something on the mini TV he has in his private plane while eating his burger before having a short sleep on his aircraft. A few hours later, the pilot arrives in Poland as security guards take him and his belongings back to the lorry to take to Konrad to the Asylum in Poland.
  14. Aaron's review on Konrad's wrestling progress and AWS staff on by. Syracuse, New York. Sunday 17th April (Off-Camera) It has been extremely hard for Aaron Tyrone who's Konrad's psychologist to even convince Konrad to allow him to see him wrestle. Eventually they worked out a deal for Aaron to be allowed to see Konrad Raab wrestle as one of his clients. As he realised, everything Konrad had been saying was spot on. Konrad had performed better than majority of the opponents in the match, although he still doesn't approve of Konrad being addicted to violence and blood. Konrad had come to the back with blood covered all over his face with paint smudged and one of the AWS staff applauds Konrad on his way back to the locker room and while he closes the door to get changed, AWS staff member and Aaron talk about Konrad's successful trial in the Chamber. AWS staff member: “Seems like Konrad has past the test. I totally think it was a good idea of you to bring him here.” Aaron Tyrone: “That man needs a hell of a lot of help. I had been looking for Konrad to be in an Asylum for a long time.” AWS staff member: “He does look like he's a complete lunatic in and out of the ring. I hear him talk to himself and get angry in a cell we've put him in, thinking violent thoughts.” Aaron Tyrone: “Really? I wasn't aware he talks to himself. Was it all full of anger and hatred?” AWS staff member nodded right at Aaron, leading to another new discovery of Konrad's behaviour is more than just violence on other people. Aaron jots down everything the AWS staff member told him. Aaron sighed with a not a so certain look of confident on his face, feeling he had been failing big time. Aaron Tyrone: “God, that's bad. I wasn't aware Konrad had done that. Maybe I need to see his behaviour in a Asylum room for myself during the weeks he'll be here.” AWS staff member: “I also noticed the scars he has on his body, does he cut himself?” Aaron Tyrone: “Yes. He says he does it because it helps him relief emotional pain. He wasn't always like this though from what he told me. It's just he got sick of the well rubbish and pain he went through as a child from his dad beating him since he was five years old, bullying he gets in and out of wrestling that he completely snapped.” AWS staff member: “It's a good thing you've brought him here. We'll make sure Konrad gets all the help he needs. You're welcome to work here as well to help Konrad's road to recovery. He has so much hatred and violence to everyone around him.” Aaron Tyrone: “Well, he has family and a future wife to take care of, but that's not what's the most concerning. He's got twins on the way as well.” AWS staff member startles back at Aaron, after hearing all of that, being completely unaware with what Aaron had just said. Although this was more for AWS staff to know more about Konrad's past, while he was having a shower and getting changed, although Aaron is concerned that Konrad is already having a sharp weapon to cut himself, although the sharp weapons are always taken from clients when they walk into an Asylum. AWS staff member: “Wonder why Konrad's taking so long to come out, I hope he hasn't been doing what you've been suggesting.” AWS staff member and Aaron go straight to Konrad's locker room without knocking and saw he already taken a shower and getting changed. But they have seen what Aaron was concerned about, cutting himself. Konrad doesn't even flinch or even notice Aaron and AWS staff looking at him as he found a barb wire, most likely from ring side. Konrad Raab: “That's it my delicate part of my body, help me relief my pain.” Suddenly, as Konrad was going to cut where his heart was, an AWS staff member and Aaron immediately rush towards Konrad and AWS staff member took the barb wire from Konrad with Aaron seeing another thing he had no idea about, he spoke to his body and AWS staff member gives Konrad a sturn warning with Aaron shaking, knowing what he had encountered with Konrad before. AWS staff member: “I know you're new here, but when you walk back to the locker room, never ever take any weapons from ringside.” Konrad Raab: “I don't give a fuck what you say, I need to do what I have to do. You don't know what hell I've been going through all of my forty five years of life.” Aaron Tyrone: “You know I do, Konrad. That's not the disturbing thing I've seen today either. You're actions are exactly what I've been suspecting, something that John needs to hear and you need to hear it too, you're a psychopath.” Konrad Raab: “Yet, how can I be when I don't kill people?” John: “Psychopaths don't have to kill people to have that name. You're in ring actions of violence is great, that's what this company is for, to cure patients like yourself, but at the same time, you must never take weapons from ringside ever again.” Konrad Raab: “Who the fuck are you to tell me to not do shit and all this psychopaths don't have to kill people shit?” Aaron was completely embarrassed with Konrad's behaviour of his actions, mostly because he hadn't won the Elimination Chamber match which is another source of anger too as John the AWS staff member had chucked the weapon right out of the locker room and closed the locker room door. John: “For your information Konrad, I'm one of the doctors that will be helping you, along with Aaron here. I'm John. I know all about you, especially the discussions Aaron has told me about you. Tell me Konrad and I got to say it Aaron, how do you expect to take care of your twins when they are born into this world when you do the stuff you do?” Konrad Raab: “What the fuck has that got to do with you? Don't you dare judge me on being a bad father. I don't do violence or cut myself when my kids are around. How dare you think I'm already a bad father when you don't fucking know me.” Aaron Tyrone: “He does have a point Konrad and even Luiza has told me her fears of you being a father to those kids. It isn't good for you to do all these illegal street fights and talking to yourself about violence and your body on the flesh you'll do to yourself, while your due to be a father again.” Konrad literally stood up and because he had no idea who John was, he rushed straight over because of his father role being called out and he screams before security step in the locker room and catches Konrad off guard from tackling him, kicking and screaming on the floor. Konrad Raab: “Let me go, nobody gets away with me being called a shitty father.” Aaron Tyrone: “He didn't say that of a sort, he was just as concerned about it as I was the last session we had before it brought you here. It was just a concern that if you do illegal street fighting and cutting yourself when your kids are around, how would they react? You'd be putting their life's in danger too.” Konrad Raab: “I don't even cut myself in front of Luiza, let alone my kids. I've told you that Aaron. I love being angry and hated.” John: “I know you do and you've passed the test, we really want you to be here, but you got to stop cutting yourself. It's not going to help you through the process.” Konrad Raab: “I still don't know who the fuck you are, coming in here, telling me what I shouldn't do. I've gone through with enough shit of my life. Cutting myself makes me feel better from emotional pain I've gone through. When I feel emotional pain, I get angry and think of what I want to do to myself. It beats trying to commit suicide.” Although that had been something Konrad had done in his past, although not anymore because he had a family and that was more important to Konrad than anything. But it wasn't the answer Aaron or John were looking for and John needed to bring something up with Konrad's habits. Konrad was not interested. John: “I understand how you feel Konrad, the stuff Aaron has showed me over the past few days is horrible and sickening of what you had to go through your childhood, but you have to understand your here because you're in need of help. From watching you on the monitors, you don't get enough sleep and you not only sleep walk, but your extremely violent in your sleep, screaming and shouting. You collapse yourself to sleep.” Aaron Tyrone: “Oh goodness, I wasn't aware of that at all.” John: “Konrad has one of the most extreme cases of sleep walking I've ever seen since I've been doing this job. He has Rapid Eye Movement. I wonder if Luiza has ever experienced him doing that?” Aaron Tyrone: “I think she has, but Konrad will never admit that to me. I didn't even know he had this condition that made him so violent. Maybe these nightmares he has triggers it all.” John: “We had to put a needle in Konrad just to calm him down because he's so explosive. In fact, I feel the needle we put in him only embraces his love of pain. He just loves to be in pain all the time.” Konrad Raab: “You damn right I do. I've had enough of hearing this shit from the pair of you. I'm done and I'm going home.” Aaron shook his head, realising the time when he looked at his watch. Aaron Tyrone: “It's past ten at night for you to leave here. You need to go back to your room and sleep there for a night. You can't leave.” Konrad Raab: “Fine, I'll find a way out of this place.” John: “There is no way out, Konrad. You can try as hard as you can, but everything is locked up tight in this Asylum. You will be booked in more matches, but you'll start out in Insanity which is perfect for the stuff you do to prove you have what it takes before we move you up, even as you being a Underground title contender. Guards, take Konrad back to his room.” Security were luckily still in the room as they place a straightjacket on Konrad as he was taken via security back to his room since he wasn't allowed to leave the asylum facility, due to the safety of other clients and Konrad spits right in John's face, mostly because of his anger, screaming from the top of his lungs. John: “Since it seems he talks to you about his life more than he does with me, I get you a job here. It's clear he doesn't trust anyone, but you, but I'll always have security with you just so you be safe. Welcome to Asylum Wrestling Association to you too and you will also get paid and a place to sleep here when you have therapy sessions with Konrad.” Aaron Tyrone: “Thank you, it's a pleasure of doing business with you.” Aaron and John shook hands before Aaron goes back to a room in the Asylum and decided tonight was a day for lots of sleep, before the next day, he stays up the entire night and watches everything Konrad does on the monitor and sees John hadn't been lying on Konrad's actions being so explosive and it was to be discussed at a later date. ------------------------------------------------------ Time to beat down this Funk punk all to myself. Chicago, Illinois. Wednesday 10th May. (On-Camera) Konrad had come back to his abandoned home, a special place where he always does videos for his matches. A place covered with blood stained windows, skeletons planted all over the room, victims of Konrad's blood wall of fame and even at times, the screams from the abandoned home come through. A wooden floor that had been covered with nothing, but red and a touch of gold paint from the paint Konrad spilt on his body and even the metal chair he recently brought had been covered with just red paint. Konrad sits in front of the camera and starts talking. Konrad Raab: “So Tory Funk, I've read all about you, despite you thinking I wouldn't have the time to. I've read you're in a tag team with some other guys known as The Violent Generation, great tag name by the way and believe you have new members. How I enjoyed the days of being apart of The Jackals, the most feared and dangerous team in Supreme Championship Wrestling, until Drake, Kandis and Tommy thought I was deadweight and I'm still overcoming the pain of them telling me that, knowing I was the only member that had won a solo's title in that company. Apart from Tommy, the other two are nowhere anymore. I did better than they had in the ring since that company. So I didn't need to be with them that got me to be a better wrestler out of it." Konrad laughed evilly as he always does and gets straight into it. Konrad Raab: “The point is you've been in AWS a while and I'm glad that you are able to find trust in a team. No really I am because it's not easy to come here and find yourself teaming with a weak pathetic bunch of creatures that try to do things for you. But you have been wrestling on your own, that's all well and good for you. We were meant to be facing some female talent, forgotten her name already, but glad it's just me and you because having a woman in our blood thirsty match will ruin that. I believe you will be a violent wrestler towards me and do everything to get that win.” Konrad had only spoken the truth and he quickly moved on from what Tory had said in regards to that, but Konrad didn't know what Tory said about him as that information wasn't to be exposed yet. Konrad Raab: “But you are indeed fucking pathetic. What have you done since you been to AWS that you've accomplished apart from putting a team? You've lost a chance to become pure champion multiple times, you were the tag champions for a while, but you lost the belts and you certain did not deliver at Elimination Chamber either. I've done more in one match of being in Elimination Chamber than you've done in your whole career. There's even rumours of me being an Underground champion already. But I don't believe in that until it happens.” Konrad shook his head on the disgust he gave to Tory Funk and not even believing in sharing names with top wrestlers of the world, especially he had never met them. Konrad looks at the tin of paint on the floor and pours some all over his body, dripping paint on the floor. Konrad Raab: “You forming a team only makes you weak. It shows you can't do anything by yourself. If you even think about having one of your members try to win the match for you, I will beat the living shit out of them as well. I was the runner up of the Elimination Chamber and I'm your biggest threat, especially as you already know, I love to place the flesh of blood, not only onto you, but to me as well. I cut myself a lot because I'm in emotional pain everyday and emotional pain hurts a lot more than psychical. I'd rather have my leg being broken into pieces than crying because of what I've gone through my entire life.” Konrad hadn't even gotten into the details of Tory Funk's life, mostly because there wasn't a lot he could talk about that he could discuss as he pours more paint on his body. Konrad Raab: “You can claim your the most violent son of a bitch all you want, but it will have little to no effect on who's winning this match. You claimed to have a TV title match, but you lost it. It seems the only achievements you can do is when your in a team. You can't win titles by yourself because you suck and it leaves you exposed on you being incapable of being on your own. Plus people stab you in the back which they will eventually because all teams don't last long and you have to depend on yourself to get things done and I won't hesitate to beat the shit out of your team all on my own without help because I don't need to be in some pointless tag team to help me because I'm not going to be in anyone's fucking shadow when I'm here for success, well more to get help for my horrible past. I've been beaten, bruised psychially and especially mentally more than you have in your entire life.” Konrad still had a bit more paint in the tin and pours more on his body until it was completely empty. Konrad Raab: “You see this paint? It resembles my love for blood and this is the closest thing that you'll ever see me being covered with blood like this. In fact, if you see me pour paint on my body, that's the worst for you because I'm the most violent bastard you've ever fought in your entire career, possibly your life. I'm going to rip you fucking open and I'm going to prove that your bandwagon team can't do anything to stop me from busting you open. Because I'm the second best wrestler in this damn company and sooner than later, I'll be the best wrestler this company has seen in months. I'm going out there, beating the living shit out of you, covered with your blood and mine because I expect you to cut me open and pin you because you are an insect to me. An insect ready to be destroyed. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood.” Konrad laughs with an intense look on his face as the camera goes to black.
  15. Konrad's counselling session with Aaron. Chicago, Illinois. Tuesday 12th April (Off-Camera) Hard times have hit Konrad as he's in the building of Chicago Cognitive Behavioural Treatment Centre, somewhere he regularly visits since a month ago to tackle his explosive behaviour, but not only that but his anger issues. Since March last year, Konrad had lost the plot with everything because of his career falling flat, and he was known to drink a lot of alcohol because he wasn't happy. They sit in the office, looking directly at each other in the eyes, even with Konrad fidgeting his hands, as he always does as a sign of nerves. It is also a sign of him being ready to get into action if things ever get heated like they usually do. However, today was different as Aaron nodded his head at Konrad, who had always felt comfortable wearing the red and black face paint. Aaron Tyrone: "So, how are things with you?" Konrad Raab: "I've lost my anger more than once lately. For some reason, all I want to do is be angry. Just feel my life is collapsing to my knees." Aaron Tyrone: "That doesn't sound good at all. What makes you want to explode on everyone, and why do you feel your life is collapsing?" Konrad Raab: "It's more people still taking the piss out of me in wrestling, especially those who don't even know what I've been up to. I've lost control of myself. So much so that I'm beginning to enjoy being angry." Konrad had changed so much with his life with his ex-wife and being with his children. However, Konrad hadn't gotten into that part of his life, apart from being divorced in his life. He already shakes his fist on the table. Aaron Tyrone: "It still didn't answer the question of why your life is collapsing." Konrad Raab: "I feel it is. With me not able to do anything about my past, I have to live with the fact I have to cope with my dad torturing and beating me my whole life. It made me feel the hidden anger I bottled up wasn't worth it." Aaron Tyrone: "Could that be why you've wanted to end your life on more than one occasion and enjoy being angry?" Konrad Raab: "Yes, but I'm angry at the world with people treating me like a piece of shit. It didn't help or benefit me. But I have problems if I enjoy anger a lot. Aaron, and hear me out when I say this, I got to be honest, and you better not do anything when I do." Aaron saw the tension of Konrad being very shaky, having his left fist on the table, leading to having him have his right fist on the table. It was apparent Konrad wanted to fight Aaron but was unable to. However, what struck out was Konrad having something to say and Aaron, who looked severe at Konrad. Aaron Tyrone: "I'm all ears." Konrad Raab: "Sometimes, wrestling isn't enough for me to let all of my anger out. So much anger I let out that I go and do the one thing I never want you to report me for, illegal street fighting. I love fighting. It's an addiction I've had ever since I discovered my ex-wife cheating on me. I go out and do illegal street fights because it's the one place in the world I never feel restricted from doing anything. I love to fight, and I thrive on it. Boxing and MMA restrict me from doing what I want to do to people, and wrestling does sometimes restrict me from beating people." Aaron Tyrone: "I understand, but at the same time, you realise you'll be arrested potentially if you're caught doing the stuff you do regarding your illegal street fighting?" Konrad Raab: "Yes, but I love it. I love beating people and being a bully. I do it all with anger and the intent to hurt people. I love to make them and myself bleed. So much so that I feel I'm a god damn vampire. I love having blood sprayed on me. I love cutting myself and my opponents open, making them bleed." Aaron Tyrone: "Because of the hell you've been put through when you were younger?" Konrad nodded, admitting that he was doing it to make himself feel better. It's the one thing he had grown a lot to doing as of late, and it wasn't good, not in any way, but even to go the lengths of being a vampire? That was a new one on Aaron. Aaron heard everything Konrad said, and it got him super curious. Aaron Tyrone: "So you are a psychopath. That's very clear as day to me, and you have a mind that is very well not you. I hear you want to be a vampire? You don't look anything like a vampire to me. But this addiction to fighting and blood, that's not good." Konrad Raab: "Oh wonderful, thanks for telling me I'm a psychopath once again. I love fighting and violence. I don't fucking kill anyone, as much as I want to at times, but I back the fuck off once I know they are well and truly done for. If there's fighting in the alleyway with gangs, I watch them beat people down, and I sometimes join the gang to fight. It's the joy of violence." Aaron Tyrone: "All of the things you will get arrested for. I appreciate you don't use knives or guns to kill people or beat people to death, but you will eventually get to that stage. You will eventually begin to hate yourself more than you do right now. How does that feel, knowing you got kids and they see you wa................." Konrad Raab: "Don't you dare bring them into this. Having my kids with me is the only time I don't fight because I'm fucking responsible around them. I don't fight or watch fights with them around, and I have them home bi-weekly. I got them for Easter this weekend. The last thing on my mind with them around is fighting." It became clear to Aaron that it was an issue when he was on his own. More when he had the freedom to have fresh air and enjoy fighting both as a spectator and to be a fighter. It was a severe problem. Especially Konrad admitting even if he doesn't have tenancies to kill people, the thought of him doing so was there. Aaron Tyrone: "OK, I'm sorry. I only said that so I could help you. I'm glad you act normal around them. The last thing we need is for you to encourage your kids to be violent and become bullies. I hate to say this to you, but since you were honest about you doing the illegal street fighting, now it's time, to be honest to you." Konrad Raab: "Like I've not heard anything worse, but go ahead." Aaron Tyrone: "I need to see you wrestle and do these illegal street fights to see how you are like." Konrad Raab: "No way. I don't want to be treated hand and foot like the rest of these fucking idiots. No, I want to do shit on my own, thank you very much. I trust myself, not other people." Aaron Tyrone: "OK, but I need to see you fight to see how far you go. It doesn't have to be at Supreme Championship Wrestling; it can be anywhere. I want to be honest to you that you will have to be admitted into an asylum." Konrad Raab: "Oh, so my freedom gets taken away as well? Fucking wonderful, knew you were fucking useless." Konrad threw the chair across the room and went straight for Aaron, but little did he know that a security alert went, and they jumped in and pulled Konrad away from Aaron; more, he didn't like the sound of him being admitted in an asylum. The problem was Konrad couldn't stop. He couldn't stop kicking, and punching people and Aaron saw Konrad having a smile on his face, seeing blood from the punch he gave to Aaron. Aaron Tyrone: "Oh, I get it. You did that because you want to beat me? You can't seem to handle the truth is your issue, Konrad. Also, how do you know I was planning to put you into a normal asylum. No, you need a lot of fucking help and one you will benefit from. I saw a wrestling company called Asylum Wrestling Society, and I believe they are looking for more admissions." Konrad Raab: "Yes, taking away every right of me living free is exactly what I wanted to do, fantastic Aaron." Aaron Tyrone: "You're looking at it all wrong. I've admitted you there because you get the time to go and do your NASCAR racing and wrestling in other companies, they are aware of that, but you do need to go in because you need consistent help. You get to wrestle there, even if it means at times living there." Konrad Raab: "You lying piece of garbage. Let me go, guards." Konrad was struggling to get free, and he wanted to beat more sense into Aaron, who saw Konrad having this pent up anger, and the worst thing was he enjoyed it. Aaron thought it was going to do Konrad a lot of good, a place where he would have to wrestle and get the help he desperately needs, but at the same time, have the freedom to go where he wants. Aaron Tyrone: "I got the contract to prove those freedom plans exist. Look." Aaron picked the papers up and showed them right in Konrad's face, who tried to be free and fight Aaron again. Konrad licked the blood from Aaron's face since the security guards had grabbed Konrad's arms. Konrad looks at the papers, and then for the first time since Aaron brought up the asylum discussions, he relaxes, and the security stands at the back of the room. Konrad Raab: "See, I love getting angry." Aaron Tyrone: "I also see you love blood too. Does it satisfy you when you bust someone open?" Konrad Raab: "Yes. I love placing blood on my wall and feeling victorious with it. Like a trophy I take with pride." Aaron Tyrone: "You are very sick and need a lot of help. I will still be your therapist, but you need to relax and stop thinking of violence, pain, and blood. You're going to Asylum Wrestling Society and wrestle there. Your first match will be in the Chamber match." Konrad Raab: "Fine, you can see me wrestle there, but you're banned from coming to other wrestling shows, alright?" Aaron nodded his head; clearly, Konrad was forbidding Aaron from seeing him compete in Supreme Championship Wrestling specifically but wasn't with Asylum Wrestling Society for some reason. More so that, Konrad knew when he starts there, Aaron would be far from being hurt, and Konrad not feel responsible for it. Still, it was the life he had to accept, no matter how much it hurt Konrad. It was best for him, and Aaron knew it would benefit Konrad more than a regular asylum. Konrad was allowed to go back home. --------------------------------------- Being forced to wrestle inside an asylum wrestling company, but gladly take the challenge on. Chicago, Illinois. Wednesday 13th April. (On-Camera) It's been hard for Konrad to overcome when his psychologist forces him into an asylum. Although Konrad got special permission to leave when he had to because of other wrestling venues and NASCAR races, he was allowed to come in and out, knowing he'd have to sleep in one for a day or two inside the asylum. However, today is where he usually does all of his videos for matches in an abandoned warehouse. It's where someone covered the windows in blood, skeletons on each corner of the room and the blood of victims he has placed on the wall. But there's one crucial thing Konrad has with him, the Underground title. He holds the belt close to him before he puts it behind him. He sits down on the metal chair with the floor covered in red paint, looking directly at the camera. Konrad Raab: "I didn't expect to be here for you useless fucks. First, it wasn't my idea to be in this asylum, nor was it the companies. I was forced to be here by my psychologist, who, according to him, would benefit me by being here and seeking help for my anger issues. I've become one truly nasty fucker you do not want to mess with. Because I don't know who the fuck I'm facing in a match, nor do I want to know, in these situations, I end up talking about myself so let me introduce myself to those so-called lunatics who the hell I am for those who don't know me already." He breathes in and out, giving him time to catch his breath, especially since he gets angry very quickly and doesn't know who he will face in the battle royal. Looks with intensity at the camera. Konrad Raab: "I'm Konrad Raab, a wrestler who's been in this business ten years, and currently, as we speak, I'm the Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground champion. I have to be the one representing the company in this type of environment. Although it was bullshit how I was forced into this situation, I will take it because I love getting involved in violent matches, brutally beating the shit out of everyone in my way." It was clear that Konrad was relishing the forced opportunity to show how much of a lunatic he could be in the ring. He hadn't long been this hateful and vicious, but at the same time, it's to leap him forward for the future. Konrad Raab: "Most importantly, I intend to not only make you all hate me but hate the way I collect blood from my victims, and anyone who's stepping in this match against me are victims of what pain and suffering I will give to you all. I don't care who you are or what companies you're from. I aim to treat every one of you like pieces of shit. Because you see, it's never been all happy roses; I've been bullied, abused, mocked, and taken the piss on and even been viciously beaten by my father, who is dead. So you may know me, may not, but I aim to cause so much pain that you will eventually not like me. Why? because I feel psychical and emotional pain every single day." Konrad had the one thing he always does when he does these types of videos: to pour red paint all over his body as he laughs evilly, surrounding himself with the sounds of screams, licking his lips. Konrad Raab: "So the only way to remove that pain is to beat all of you, making you all bleed and make all of you cut me open to remove my pain, and I will be happy. So Apocalypse Chamber match is where I make my start, huh? It sounds like my cup of tea, as the saying goes. From the information I was given, it's not about how both feet must touch the floor garbage; you can eliminate anyone by pinfall, submission or knockouts. Inside of a lunatic elimination chamber, something I have been in a few times before, but the difference now compared to back then is I will thrive off using the chamber to crack people open. I won't hesitate to make everyone bleed from the chains I'll use to wrap around my fist and punch them." It was pure addiction for Konrad to have the sense of blood addiction in his nature, and he realises the case of his thoughts could be spot on as he pours more red paint on his body. He imagined that the blood of his victims was all over him. Konrad Raab: "I bet some of you in this match aren't labelled as lunatics or even come close to it. The only reason why most of you are in this company is because of the chances of being a champion or having a title shot soon. The tag titles are the only title I will refuse flat out because of being backstabbed back in October. Other than that, I don't give a shit. As of right now, I don't even give a shit what you wrestlers have to say to me because this is every person for themselves. We all are hungry and should be violent enough to go and hurt every single one of your opponents to win." Although he's hyping the match, he enjoys the taste of paint he eats, feeling that his opponent's blood is covered all over his black and red suit and himself. He heard the screams, nodding his head with a smile. Konrad Raab: "I will do everything it takes to win because that's what I'm forced to come here to do. I will beat the living shit out of you weak, vulnerable souls. I will hurt and make you all scream in pain. Most importantly, I want all of you to make me taste my blood. Because you see, when you cut me open, when you do everything to hurt me, I will laugh and enjoy the pain. I would even cut my own body to make myself happy. I will cause violence on every one of your sorry souls who dare to enter a match with me." From the title list he saw on the website, he remembers that there was a title a lot like Konrad's that he's holding right now. He has up the Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground title to the camera. Konrad Raab: "I feel even more sorry for the poor soul if they face me in a match of them holding the Underground title. It's fine because this is the title where I retired a legend from professional wrestling, Lucas Knight, in Supreme Championship Wrestling. I've recently successfully defended this title as well. I worked my ass off to get to the point of being the Underground champion, and it'll be an honour should we face in the match, but I will be the better wrestler and a better Underground champion. But I want more than just this title; I want to be the top champion, and I have to go through god knows how many of you idiots are in the match to make you all scream in pain. I won't also hesitate to break bones in your body, hearing the screams as I do in this abandoned warehouse I brought to do my videos." Konrad laughs at the screams, turning to the blood wall of fame he had a collection of victims he had, with Konrad going from legends to even some that were wrestlers for a while to some who still wrestle for the company now. Konrad Raab: "I'm going to beat the shit out of all of you, and none of you will be able to stop me from destroying every single lifeless body in the ring. I will be more than likely to bring weapons to the ring with me, even the lightbulbs that nobody but myself can handle being cracked open with the lightbulbs, hearing and seeing you all scream and being cut open. I want nothing more than to eliminate each of you with the methods given and be the new title contender for whatever top belt there is in the Asylum Wrestling Society. I'll embrace the violence and me being a raging lunatic, beating the shit out of all of you because I can and I will. I will be the most violent fuck you'll ever see, and I will be winning. Prepare to be Iceinated by The Ice Blood." Konrad nodded his head, being done with everything he had to say, as the camera went black.
  16. Picture Base * Dustin Rhodes (Red and Black gear) Ring Name * "Burned In Blood" Konrad Raab Real Name * Konrad Raab Hometown/Billed * Cologne, Germany, Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia. (Mostly lives in Chicago, Illinois, due to a wrestling company that wrestles there weekly. His Atlanta, Georgia, holiday home he recently brought is a place for Konrad to isolate himself from everyone when he needs space to destress and to soak in memories of him winning his first-ever NASCAR race there.) Height * 6.4 Weight * 201 Blood Type: AB Birth Date * 20/10/66 Debut Year * 2012 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency * Quite often since he wants to collect blood from other people and even cut himself open and inflict burns on himself and other people. Fighting Styles * All Rounder Theme Song * Feuer Frei by Rammstein Entrance Description * Feuer Frei by Rammstein plays over the sound system as Konrad comes out through the curtain with his flanged German mace with him, acting erratic with an angry look on his face, rising the flanged German mace in the air, wearing red and black face paint on the right side of his face with a red and black suit hoodie over his head he wears with pieces of flame blood designed all over them. He also has a penguin, walrus and a polar bear stitching on the left-hand side of his chest on his gear, stating Stop Climate Change. He also wears black boots along with Red and Black Gloves on his hands before he crouches down on the floor with the flanged German mace in front of him, looking at the ring with evil intentions. Announcer: “From Cologne, Germany, he is Burned in Blood, Konrad Raab!” After the announcement, Konrad picks up his flanged German mace and slowly walks to the ring with a massive amount of boos before Konrad runs up the steps and goes underneath the ropes. As he's in the ring, Konrad without showing any sign of acknowledgement from the fans, lays the flanged German mace on the turnbuckle, then sits in the corner of the ring with the crowd booing him, having a nasty look in his eyes, flicking his fists as if he's already ready to fight, with ring staff taking Konrad's flanged German mace away, waiting for the match to start as he takes his hoodie off from his head. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Red and black face paint on the right side of his face with a red and black suit hoodie over his head he wears with pieces of ice blood designed all over them. He also has a penguin, walrus and a polar bear stitching on the left-hand side of his chest on his gear, stating Stop Climate Change. He also wears black boots along with Red and Black Gloves on his hands. Weapon Of Choice * Flanged German Mace, Flame Fluid and Lighter. Standard Moves (10-15) * 1. DDT 2. Armdrag 3. Suplex 4. Spinebuster 5. Lou Thesz press 6. German Suplex 7. Spear 8. Boxing punches 9: European uppercut 10: Elbow Drop 11: Back suplex 12: Armbar 13: Rolling German Suplex 14: Clothesline 15: Release German Suplex 16. Double Arm German Suplex 17. Arm Trap Chickenwing German Suplex 18: Everest German Suplex 19: Release Everest German Suplex 20: Crossface chickenwing 21: STF 22: Anaconda Vise 23: Triangle choke 24: The Cologne Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf) 25: Sharpshooter 26: Boston crab 27: Top rope elbow drop 28: Superplex 29: Body splash from the turnbuckle 30: Powerbomb from the turnbuckle. 31: Knee drop from the turnbuckle 32: Top rope clothesline 33: Diving spear from the turnbuckle. 34: Diving senton Splash 35: Enzuigiri 36: Dropkick 37: Superkick 38: Frankensteiner 39: Frog splash 40: Flying neckbreaker 41: Emerald Flowsion 42: Double knee facebreaker 43: Moonsault 44: Moonsault to the outside 45: Shooting Star Press 46: Hurricanrana 47: Muscle Buster 48: Double Underhook DDT 49: Inverted Death Valley Driver 50: Vertebreaker 51: Biting 52: Chokehold. 53: Chokeslam 54: Fireman's carry slam 55: Powerbomb 56: Jawbreaker 57: Powerslam 58: Gutbuster Signature Move * The Burninator Signature Moves Description: Chokeslam Powerbomb Primary Finishing Moves * Burn Blood Infection Finisher Description: Sunset Flip Piledriver The Burn Pin Finisher 2 Description: Bridging German Suplex The Burn Lock Finisher 3 Description: Ankle lock Secondary Finishing Moves * The Fire Storm Secondary Finisher Description: Handspring Cutter Title Histories & Accolades * •WEW Universal Championship •WEW Titans Championship •TWE World Heavyweight Championship •Starrdom Global Championship •GZWA Tag Team Championship with Samuel Chapman •WWH Wildcard Championship •2X Rebellion Pro Ballroom Championship •4X Supreme Championship Wrestling Television Championship •EHWF Junior Heavyweight Championship •UGWC Cross-Hemisphere Championship •Supreme Championship Wrestling Underground Championship •AWS Underground Championship •AWS UltraViolence Championship (Current) Brief Biography * Back in March 2021, he had turned for the worst when he discovered his wife cheated on him with another man on top of his discovery what his dad did to Konrad as a child, brutally beating Konrad since he was five which his father has now passed away. Also, he learnt more about his past on him being bullied he recieved both in and out of wrestling and also he brutally beaten a man who tried to grab hold of Konrad, mocking him. He had no idea until now what he did back then. Of course his career was sliding downwards so he became a guy who wanted nothing, but to fight everyone around him with major anger issues. Konrad hid his anger for so many years, until a lady named Minerva came back into his life and told him to let his anger out. Konrad was always afraid of his anger, but with all of those things, he lashed out on every person around him. Very explosive and now things are so bad that Konrad has been told to get some help by his wrestling friend, Dakon Theron, the only friend he has in professional wrestling in his eyes. Now he has his own psychologist who has never seen Konrad wrestle who met Konrad for the first time a few weeks ago, Aaron Tyrone. He really wants to see Konrad wrestle and the only place Konrad will allow Aaron to see him wrestle is Asylum Wrestling Society. Because Aaron told Konrad he needed a hell a lot of help, Aaron put Konrad in the Asylum while he can wrestle and being a part time NASCAR driver in Xfinity and Cup Series at the same time. Aaron is getting Konrad to sign with Wednesday Night Insanity due to him being in an asylum, while wrestle in other companies as well. His goals is not to only make himself and other wrestlers bleed, making himself and others feel pain as a way to help him cure of his past, but also to win titles as well.
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