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Hollie Holt © -versus- Challenger


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The scene is seen taking place at a abandoned warehouse where there was a chair seen sitting in the middle with three lights seen shining on down to the chair. A person was seen speaking into the nearby camera and say.

Mystery Person: You see, life definitely throws us curveballs like no other. I am deciding to throw a curveball and no one seen it coming. Who am I, you may be asking yourselves?

The person is now seen sitting down in the lighted up chair and say with a wicked smile on that said person’s face.

Mercy Black- Tyler: It’s ME! Merxy Black- Tyler to save the days you lowlife skanks. I just seen a open challenge for the WXW Zero Fear Championship so I decided to answer the calling. I am not a male. I am not a female. I am Merxy Black- Tyler, trolls. Now getting focused on the current, reigning and defending chump herself , Miss Hollie Holt. Don’t get it twisted. I do have a little respect towards you but it’s high damn time that a non binary person such as myself hopefully become the new WXW Zero Fear Champion. I don’t have and zero fear in my bones and body. I can’t wait to go all shades of violent to you and rearrange your pretty face. It will and should be MY title to claim. People may crash and burn and that will be your fate, Miss Holt. I am Merxy Black- Tyler and I approve this message. I see you at the upcoming Stardom show.

Mercy evily laughed as Merxy was seen leaving the warehouse to go meet Merxy’s life partner Dean Tyler for dinner and some passionate sex.

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