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  • Hall of Legends


    Danny Greene Jr.
    Eric Herrera
    Mike Sanzone
    Rich Anderson
    Mike Dimter
    Sandra Brown
    Donny Messer
    Lindsey Strange
    Greta Williams
    Scott Irvine
    Tariq Mohamed
    Terel Walker
    James Brown
    Brian Decker
    Jeff Lucarelli
    Carlos Saleh
    James Michau
    Pete Siddorn
    Joe Bates


    Justice Orton
    Eric Herrera
    Salmia "Mia" Russo
    Maxx Morphine
    Mike Dimter
    Johnny Red
    Necra Octavian Kane
    Ambros Nocturne
    Rachel Storm
    Summer Bliss
    Vin Halsted
    Marina Avgeropoulos (Day)
    Jessica Tendonin
    Serenity Hunter
    Sebastian Kane
    Scotty Paine
    Zoey Epsilon
    Hannah Stanton
    Red Dragon
    Denise De'vil
    Lindsey Callaway

    Tag Teams & Factions


    The Violent Generation
    The Fallen
    Daughters of Darkness
    World Elite
    Society of Destruction
    The Angels of Darkness
    House of Paine
    The Russo Dynasty
    Intensity & Desire
    The Bloodline

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